6ix9ine's Girlfriend Says Offset DMed Her, Cardi B Responds

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6ix9ine's Girlfriend Says Offset DMed Her, Cardi B Responds
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Dec 3, 2019




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Comments 60
DomisLive NEWS
DomisLive NEWS 8 months ago
Pray for offset y’all
Anthony Ponce
Anthony Ponce 5 months ago
Pray for da baby yall lol 🙏
Piper Rose
Piper Rose 7 months ago
Nasty you desperate fool! Apologize for being disrespectful!
Abba Gad
Abba Gad 7 months ago
My boy you the best batter then tmz love you keep this my boy God bless you
Funny Videos
Funny Videos 7 months ago
Marcus Pulinario
Marcus Pulinario 8 months ago
@todd 1 no what?
silvia pauletig
silvia pauletig 3 hours ago
I think the girl is looking publicity,let her have that Cardi cos we dont respect hoos that mess with married man😂
Gemma Reid
Gemma Reid 3 days ago
You can tell cardi is lieing he holding his baby for his life
Smacked him at the back of the head lol I can see that
Fiona Mwende
Fiona Mwende Month ago
They ain't called goons
Savinyah Taylor
Savinyah Taylor Month ago
Offset said doesn't give a shit about cardi
incognito bae
incognito bae 2 months ago
Cant blame offset jade is pretty
Disx parity
Disx parity 2 months ago
This dude offsett slick asf lol
Symply lauretta
Symply lauretta 2 months ago
we need to pray for offset,he married Yo hacked really he hacked him self We know he tired to fuck one of his baby mama again been married to cardi B "offset is gay Yo.
joys fredolin
joys fredolin 2 months ago
Good game..😒
97 Dynamo
97 Dynamo 2 months ago
Sasha Dose TextingStorys
She just a gold digger 6ix9ine go back to yo baby mama
Johnson Terro
Johnson Terro 2 months ago
Fake , Cardi did it to Look like that hahahah
Anatii Munjoma
Anatii Munjoma 2 months ago
She lying
NbaAnthony 3 months ago
Why would cardi b take offsets twitter?? Are you fuckin dumb🤦
Mary Deherrera
Mary Deherrera 3 months ago
Offset smoke and dm women for fun , then back track he look afraid of card.ib .
Mary Deherrera
Mary Deherrera 3 months ago
These girls are trying to tell on offset and don't appreciate it.
Blanco the talking dog
Why all the talking
Aaihyme Plush
Aaihyme Plush 4 months ago
He mostly was doing his thank and wifey off to the rescue, cause that's what us women do in the beginning of a marriage or throughout a marriage.
Junior Thompson
Junior Thompson 5 months ago
Offset was REALLY hacked
Elise Graziano
Elise Graziano 5 months ago
Idk why I have such an affinity for Cardi, she's not perfect obv. I think it's because she has a daughter now, so she KNOWS what real love means and to be separated from your own child has got to be painful. I don't wish that on anyone. She's on top of the world right now and I hope she takes the necessary precautions for her and her baby to be safe. I like offset but I know how dudes are and I hope she just stays focused on her and her daughters future. A mother daughter bond is nothing to mess with. Stay straight for babygirl. X
Mary Deherrera
Mary Deherrera 5 months ago
He don't know what to buy her now she got everything.
Mary Deherrera
Mary Deherrera 5 months ago
Card.ib like women too , offset has money and give her expensive gifts ,so she igore him.
Tanner Cox
Tanner Cox 5 months ago
I’d cheat on cardi b too. She be thinking she’s hard and she can’t even write her own songs
Tussy Pop
Tussy Pop 5 months ago
Cardi bird looking ass dude gone always get smacked, cause bird brain won't leave him 😂
EL PASTY GUERO hfa 6 months ago
"Talkin ish"? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 fuckin lame
Trena Marshall
Trena Marshall 6 months ago
He’s making such a joke out of her. Why is cardi b sooo dumb??? This guy is with her for money n fame. He does this because he’s not attracted to her.
XO Conceited
XO Conceited 6 months ago
If some one hacked his ig why would they just text one girl they text everyone eles. Thats why i think that ig shit was him
#ToNeCitY SaToWn
#ToNeCitY SaToWn 6 months ago
Nigga said lil bad shit activity
Amber Blount
Amber Blount 6 months ago
Cardi With out that Make up and with make up Face look Nasty. F up Face and teeth. And lier
Donald Tramp
Donald Tramp 6 months ago
Why did Cardi marry a cheater? You don't marry cheaters!!! Was she desperate to get married??
Wexponz 6 months ago
Offset is not gay
Agility 6 months ago
tbh , he probably tweeted that out to be able to say he got hacked
Chris Muniz
Chris Muniz 6 months ago
2020 ... I GOT HACKED !
Chris Muniz
Chris Muniz 6 months ago
Offset could be hitting another female in the other room and tell cardi b .. that's the TV' she be like OK
Chris Muniz
Chris Muniz 6 months ago
Chris Muniz
Chris Muniz 6 months ago
🤣🤣 oye you stoopid
Tee Green
Tee Green 6 months ago
Cardi just don't let him burn you sis condoms for offset
red eyes big smile
red eyes big smile 7 months ago
All type of Lil Nas x activity 😂
19kClutch 7 months ago
She can’t be talking wit her android emoji ass
Joe Mcdaniel
Joe Mcdaniel 7 months ago
She snitching too?
Peak supream Novacaine
69 girl is a rat clout chaser just like he is
ERICK MARTINEZ 7 months ago
Real see real offset won’t do that. O bitch just wants attention and the way cardi handling it is real . They just laughing about it . Offset is a real one
George Smith
George Smith 7 months ago
Dam Cardi b a sucker hun👌
RedRizz 7 months ago
Lil nas activities loool
-- 7 months ago
I'm saying a Cheater is Always a Cheater. SMH. Facts.
Iglesia Matthews
Iglesia Matthews 7 months ago
When she said he has a cold and he sniffed 💀💀💀💀🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Cinthia Eubanks
Cinthia Eubanks 7 months ago
....simple as that 😆😆😆😆😆okayyyyy bitchhhhhh
Jay E - Z
Jay E - Z 7 months ago
Who gives a shit. Bring on Hustle n flow s2 lol.
Claude Stevens
Claude Stevens 7 months ago
She looks deformed!
David Osorio
David Osorio 7 months ago
Offset is smashing
xo_jordans_wrld 7 months ago
He ain’t cheating you know cardi b crazy if he cheats one more time he might die 😂😂 y’all better pray he ain’t cheating
John 2k
John 2k 7 months ago
Most y’all people are weak And brainwash to believe everything. Adults be acting more like kids an commenting the most stupids shit.
Cassandra Gray
Cassandra Gray 7 months ago
Obviously it wasn’t him Jesus Christ give dude a break an let them move on how they see fit !!!
Piper Rose
Piper Rose 7 months ago
Oh my goodness it’s crazy almost every body I know has been hacked in the past 48 hours 😂
Give it a chance Don't hurt to look
Swere cocain ppl when they stop be like I'm sick oh I got food posing bitch get ur ealy breakfast line and get on with it
millie poppin
millie poppin 7 months ago
im 15 and i can see that most of you thots in these comments are so haters, like how tf is cardi stupid. if the nigga say he didnt cheat he didnt. simple
AzK ClanYT
AzK ClanYT 7 months ago
Nas X activities 💀💀💀
Rhywyn 7 months ago
cardib is r e t xr d e d
ZAENARO Da Skum 7 months ago
Like lil nas x😭😭😭😭dom u funny af
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