6IX9INE- PUNANI (Official Music Video)

Tekashi 6ix9ine
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Stream / Download: cmg.ffm.to/PUNANI
IG: instagram.com/6ix9ine
Twitter: twitter.com/6ix9ine
Tik Tok: www.tiktok.com/@6ix9ine
Directed & Edited By: Canonf8 & 6ix9ine
Shot By: Canonf8
Mixed and mastered by: Wizard Lee
Cover art: Alex Solis

Nasty x6
Shake It Back, Punani-nani,Fat Punani-nani,
That Tsunami-nami, That Tsunami-nami
Fat Punani-nani, Fat Punani-nani, That Tsunami-nami, That Tsunami-nami
Fat Punani-nani,Fat Punani-nani, That Tsunami-nami, That Tsunami-nami
Fat Punani-nani,Fat Punani-nani, That Tsunami-nami, That Tsunami-nami
Jiggy Little B*tch jiggle on the d*ck, watery, she puckering and sh*t
Guzzle Guzzling
Beat it she a doggy *ss b*tch, muzzle up her sh*t
She just want the ec$tasy and sh*t, trippy in this b*tch
Yeah that b*tch’ll pop it if I tip her, Bend her up d*ck her
Pockets on monopoly big big spender
Big Big Tipper, big big Trigger, big big pockets on my big big d*ck-a
Fat Punani-nani, Fat Punani-nani, That Tsunami-nami, That Tsunami-nami
Fat Punani-nani,Fat Punani-nani, That Tsunami-nami, That Tsunami-nami
Make it Nasty Nasty Nasty. Make it Nasty Nasty Naty
Make it Nasty Nasty Nasty. Make it Nasty Nasty Naty
I know 100 Little N*s, 100 Little N*s, that will really hunt a lil N*, hurt a lil N*
Yous a lil bummy lil N*, dirty lil N*, Yous a lil bummy lil N*, ugly *ss N*
N* act dumb, want to act dum dum, tell em dont act dumb because im dumber
How many shots could a N* duck duck, tell him ducked down before he get BOOM.
Fat Punani-nani, Fat Punani-nani, That Tsunami-nami, That Tsunami-nami
Fat Punani-nani,Fat Punani-nani, That Tsunami-nami, That Tsunami-nami

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Aug 2, 2020




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Comments 60
Мага с дага
Путаны с нами ее путаны с нами
Bradley Huxley
Bradley Huxley 2 hours ago
All that time in prison made him forget how to rap
XXGamerXX Dragon_Lil Yeet
Maluma king Tayna queen
1 day 25 m omg
Brad Lush
Brad Lush 2 hours ago
I found the word Punani going through my mind every time I seen a fat punani out in the streets after watching this yesterday lol
Robert Gamez
Robert Gamez 2 hours ago
Mexico perrrillo ganga💯🤑💯🤑
Руслан !
Руслан ! 2 hours ago
Я хочю его видеть с концертами в чечне
Aicha sabir
Aicha sabir 2 hours ago
اللهم صلي وسلم وبارك على سيدنا محمد 😍
Juugboi 2 hours ago
He’s hanging out with way more Latinos in this video 💪
joel 2 hours ago
Rat and clown in da rapshit
Zero cool
Zero cool 2 hours ago
16th 2 hours ago
This man really out here renting all my cars
erfan hydri
erfan hydri 2 hours ago
chunkylefunga 2 hours ago
He says phat punani for ever person he snitched on.
Axel Gold
Axel Gold 2 hours ago
At 1:37, that shit was the biggest lie I ever read, no cap😂
Pepi 2 hours ago
Seweryn Wolski
Seweryn Wolski 2 hours ago
Pozdro z polski
Chase Klusendorf
Chase Klusendorf 2 hours ago
Eronilda Lima
Eronilda Lima 2 hours ago
Duleta11 2 hours ago
I think he's enjoyng being out of house arrtest
Ricardo Magallon
Ricardo Magallon 2 hours ago
Ilda Mu
Ilda Mu 2 hours ago
Why do I have the felling that that was the biggest shit in my life
ЈАНКУЛА • 2 hours ago
Ruthless Lord22
Ruthless Lord22 2 hours ago
I forgot that pedophiles can easily become famous or be in Congress
Minty Fresh
Minty Fresh 2 hours ago
I hope he doesn't hurt himself by flexing too hard
Milan Rys
Milan Rys 2 hours ago
El Juidero Urbano
El Juidero Urbano 2 hours ago
El mejor tekachi
lildamu181 2 hours ago
Lmfao the guy at 0:45 in the Adidas shirt with the Afro by the right side looks so confused and don’t know were he at 😂😂😂
XD gaB
XD gaB 2 hours ago
Пунани нани
CJ 2 hours ago
Lol I liked his flow at first , but all the songs now straight sounding exact same. Just a hook be different .
Vincent Smith
Vincent Smith 2 hours ago
Where can I get that exact sweatshirt
Gael 179
Gael 179 2 hours ago
Aquí su comentario en español 🤙🏻🇺🇾
Oktawian Szumowski
Oktawian Szumowski 2 hours ago
Psycho Lover
Psycho Lover 2 hours ago
Oh man hes next 😭😭😭
music top
music top 2 hours ago
Перевод Gooba ruvid.net/video/video-kTYRvnKv4PU.html
Joe Reardon
Joe Reardon 2 hours ago
Tell him dont act dumb cause I'm dumber
espoir vivant
espoir vivant 2 hours ago
واشنو هذا اي طلعتولنا فالطوندونس
Carlos n Megan Moraga
Next day...... back in his little Fiona shark compartment
fatoma libya
fatoma libya 2 hours ago
dacuña 10
dacuña 10 2 hours ago
Al fin un video NO-NOPOR
MafionzoR 2 hours ago
my man got nice shoes
have a nice day
have a nice day 2 hours ago
TRONK C 2 hours ago
dam the vato really ghosted the colour red
Cristhian Santos
Cristhian Santos 2 hours ago
A muchos les dolerá ver este video ya esta suelto @6ix9ine 👑🔥💯🚨💣🚀
c k
c k 2 hours ago
So basically a song we don't understand but named after female gentalia 🤦‍♀️ music is sinking lower and lower into the ground
Narges Se
Narges Se 2 hours ago
I am not gonna complain about the shitty music his stupid lyrics or the fact that he used the N word or the way music just stoped but 1:38 is littering and that is not acceptable
BBS228 2 hours ago
Кто из России, ставьте лайк. Посмотрим сколько нас
Klout YG
Klout YG 2 hours ago
Pockets on monoply
Pete Bish Lyrics
Pete Bish Lyrics 2 hours ago
Fanbase strong!!!
Thomas Solstrand
Thomas Solstrand 2 hours ago
New tat
mileshall123 2 hours ago
russian [ hold my vodka
Andy don
Andy don 2 hours ago
mdrrrrrrrr.. 1.40 min... sans dec il faut arrêter ! en 2030 les sons feront 30 secondes ou quoi ?!! plus ça va et plus c'est court ! commercial de ouf ! c'est du foutage de gueule , fais pas le son si c'est pour le faire de 1.40 min !! rigolo va !! et il y a 24 millions de gens qui regardent cette merde !! loll, pas étonnant que le rap d'aujourd'hui pus la merde !
zonder man
zonder man 2 hours ago
Сунанинами × 100500 раз Пунанинани × 100500 раз This guy should to try online english lessons... иначе к нему придёт Настя (возможно не одна) 😏
mss 2 hours ago
Video en español like si lo quieres en español 👍👍👍
Supă 2 hours ago
sixnain e tres
Manewt Shikiel
Manewt Shikiel 2 hours ago
Look at all the comments in different languages. He's purchasing Views
Bxarbie.babbyyyy 2 hours ago
Now he has no excuse to not see his daughter
YaBoiEl 2 hours ago
Ion care imma need everyone to comment something negative under my recent:)
2 hours ago
Yo m g wtf your free m man
SuperiorAxe 1
SuperiorAxe 1 2 hours ago
What is this this comment section. and it’s always funny.
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