6IX9INE "Billy" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for "Billy" by 6IX9INE.
Listen to 6ix9ine’s debut mixtape, Day69: 6ix9ine.lnk.to/DAY69
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Shot by TrifeDrew
Mixed and mastered by Wizard Lee
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Mar 4, 2018




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Comments 100
Asher Basher
Asher Basher 17 minutes ago
Rage Elixir fan
Rage Elixir fan 36 minutes ago
Fuck ya bitch tell 69 nice 👍 ya ya ya. Every body likes him
i2ay Hour ago
Treyway seems happy
Grainger Buck
Grainger Buck Hour ago
6ix9ine: “Y’all know where 6ix9ine at” Hint: Between 68 and 70
TOXIN iNorze シ
69 Best
Aneeq Smith
Aneeq Smith 2 hours ago
69 7 shots shots, 7 shots. yet at the end i hear 4, explain.
Tommy_fareskh132 2 hours ago
0:42 just spamming it sounds like his a tigeer xd
Mad Spy
Mad Spy 4 hours ago
I don know why I cry after listen to this lol One love from Japan to you 69
NC Fresh
NC Fresh 4 hours ago
This song wants to make me tell the barber I didnt like the cut
spiker spiker
spiker spiker 5 hours ago
Kto z polski łapka w gurę
Logan Fletcher
Logan Fletcher 6 hours ago
How is this not age restricted and one of emenems songs is age restricted lol
Revenant Stylos
Revenant Stylos 9 hours ago
Revenant Stylos
Revenant Stylos 9 hours ago
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 12 hours ago
Eddie Bryant,jr
Eddie Bryant,jr 13 hours ago
Djdjd did do you think you would have it is the one that I was on a CERTAIN time india you have a GUN
DeddiYaBoi 13 hours ago
The dogs are probably saying " *watdefok* "
Wilmar Marín
Wilmar Marín 15 hours ago
This song makes me want to buy a gun
N A O K I 17 hours ago
Gta San real life
Cash Culberson
Cash Culberson 19 hours ago
Nigga's shut up it's one of my favorite songs
Flavia Alessandra
Flavia Alessandra 19 hours ago
💯👹😠😡🤬👹👺(*_*)=_=❤️💔💋💯💢❗❓⁉️‼️⭕❌🚫🚳🚭🚯🚱🚷📵🔞🔕🔇🅰️🆎🅱️🆑🅾️🆘🔞🔕🔇🅰️♨️🈵🈴🈹🈲㊗️㊙️🉐 no⛔🛑
Sean OConnor
Sean OConnor 20 hours ago
What an absolute bellend = the UK
kevin_ Assburger
kevin_ Assburger 20 hours ago
When you burn ur hand and u get a black spot on your skin
Josh Stephen
Josh Stephen 20 hours ago
“Whole squad full of killers I’m a killer too” Man sounds like he’s tryna convince himself 😂😂
Jair Obando
Jair Obando 21 hour ago
69 i love your songs
Jair Obando
Jair Obando 21 hour ago
Jair Obando
Jair Obando 21 hour ago
This beat is fucking 👍
Jair Obando
Jair Obando 21 hour ago
This beat is fucking good
Roberto Trivera
Roberto Trivera 21 hour ago
mom:why dont you go outside with the other kids otherkids:
All ddin M.
All ddin M. 22 hours ago
Hollows Hq
Hollows Hq 22 hours ago
BG Gamer dz
BG Gamer dz 23 hours ago
2020 who
olo Day ago
Masno gang
Edanur Avcı
Edanur Avcı Day ago
Shay White
Shay White Day ago
DOG is Vibing!! Miss the old 6ix9ine!!! BUT FIRE SONG AND ALWAYS WILL BE!!
Jxhdon Henriques
Brh he would of been the best but no he has to snitch 🤦🏾‍♂️
Akseldis Day ago
Gta online be like
naty nega
naty nega Day ago
I work in Shou shop I was being robbed like 4 times each costs 500 but this music make s me feel alive
naty nega
naty nega Day ago
Ya me too
Will_thememegod _
Lovely bloke and very touching lyrics
Hardy Hashim
Hardy Hashim Day ago
1 entry
Cosmin Negoita
If people could just get past the bullshit and drama and just enjoy the music. That'd be great.
Debbie Craig Edwards
That one person when he hears this song thinks can can talk gangster *grows up*gets shot
This song make me wanna do shit
Erika Washington
Mom: there such a good influence. Them:
Bryson Bamsch
Why do I actually think this song is okay?
Carlee Semblante
Six nine come to my house I live in Manteca
Vojtech Kroupa
I like the ear rape version more
Vojtech Kroupa
Chæl Day ago
why does 6ix look like a feminist transwoman who bought the wrong haircoloring product
Enrique Adarmes
florida streets be like
korrekt 17
korrekt 17 Day ago
This is family related This is just for kids Don't you worry
Not Lmfaq
Not Lmfaq Day ago
Velocifi 2 days ago
0:47 they all just standin there like🧍🏾🧍🏾🧍🏾🧍🏾🧍🏾🧍🏾🧍🏾🧍🏾🧍🏾
christina Georges
When ur n word pass ends in one day's
BlackDot 2 days ago
If you didn't hear this song at a lit party full volume on big speakers you haven't truly heard this song
pbc hype
pbc hype 2 days ago
At 1:46 there a guy that looks like Tupac a little but the skinnier version
erika kandracova
erika kandracova 2 days ago
me:*sleeps in 24 hours* me:*summons 6ix9ine*
DeBBaY SO2 2 days ago
Gta online in real life
Sad vibes Can’t get over u
When u realize 6ix9ine actually good
Mayor Hunkelburg Bisbakel
This song makes me wash my hands without pulling my hoody up🥶🥶🥶
Aura_FN 2 days ago
Who still listens to this in 2020 XD
Allah diyen ateist
Oh shit he were go again real GTA 5 real GTA San Andreas
Curry Alpha
Curry Alpha 2 days ago
Nocapjosh Wavy
Nocapjosh Wavy 2 days ago
i cannot be the only one who noticed the pitbull puppy like leave the dog out of it
Lisa Miller
Lisa Miller 2 days ago
Wtf are you having dogs in the video looking like their about to fight fucking idiot
blxy bruv
blxy bruv 2 days ago
Oh when was 6ix9ine black?
S. S.
S. S. 2 days ago
Poor dog
JEANNE BENSON 2 days ago
this song is lit 6ix9ine is the king of newyork. #King of newyork
checkpoint guido
checkpoint guido 2 days ago
Fuck up
M0t4n 2 days ago
Victor Villazana
Victor Villazana 2 days ago
Only crips can like😤♿➡
Mixu_ 2 days ago
Bloods wildout
neon Jaylin
neon Jaylin 2 days ago
🤮 no hate
Ryder Brewer
Ryder Brewer 2 days ago
When you give the white kid an N Word pass
rab birt⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻5
*This Is More Christian Than God Him Self.*
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Day ago
Not funny
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Day ago
Didn't laugh
Just End
Just End 2 days ago
Dont lie we all used to listen to this shit
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez 2 days ago
What a gentalman to them woman
Pinewood security AKA pinewood military
When you played too much GTA
Abdalkareem Wazwaz
I wish my hood was like this
Enzo Nicoliche
Enzo Nicoliche 3 days ago
Red reaper twin 3
Gta 5 in real life
{kono dio da dio} 2
Imagine palying this on car Bluetooth
Saahen Sriyan
Saahen Sriyan 3 days ago
Why so much violence, aggression, anger, rage murder etc.
Akuma ツ
Akuma ツ Day ago
Because most people on this music video is a gang member, and some of them probably already committed one or even several crimes
Chuga Comedy
Chuga Comedy 3 days ago
This song is best to me every time 😍💕 🔥I love it 🔥 am from Tanzania 🇹🇿
Ahmad Saud Uddin
Ahmad Saud Uddin 3 days ago
This guy ain't spitting bars 'cause he behind them.
Ahmad Saud Uddin
Ahmad Saud Uddin 19 hours ago
@Gebruikersnaam Bedenker I just recently logged in my account for online class.
Gebruikersnaam Bedenker
lil late on this one.
darkos jokos
darkos jokos Day ago
Patty Homes
Patty Homes Day ago
Oulad sellam Fathia
Love 💗💗💝
mojo channel
mojo channel 3 days ago
park3r 3 days ago
I love 69 so much I hope he’s doing ok
6ix9ine music-albums
The graphics in gta 6 seems so realistic 😁
MatPro 3 days ago
playing with dog 0:31
j Forlife
j Forlife 3 days ago
Mom:Why don't you go play outside? Outside:
Justin Y.
Justin Y. 3 days ago
Gta 5 when your mom not home with the boys
buzz kill
buzz kill 3 days ago
I wanted to sing this but my black friend was in the room with me.
AbraKadabra 01
AbraKadabra 01 3 days ago
Such a gangsta but a rat xD
Bryan Sandoval
Bryan Sandoval 3 days ago
The dogs like uhh i just wanna play man wtf 0:31
MC Мадж Underground
MC Мадж Underground
b l u e b e r r y M i l k
1:06 when you step on a lego piece
louisek k
louisek k Day ago
Hahahahahahahah true
Ronaldo Raphael
Ronaldo Raphael 3 days ago
Who’s till here? This is the goat his music represents the iconic gang culture in America 🔥🔥🔥🤙🏼
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