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Apr 18, 2021




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Comments 97
Loretta Holliman
Loretta Holliman 3 minutes ago
Aaaa can I get a Split of that ?
Cody Eudy
Cody Eudy 9 minutes ago
I kinda wanna get in da ring a practice wit you
Cody Eudy
Cody Eudy 10 minutes ago
Yo jake gotcha hat
Scared 42 minutes ago
bruh you annoying
Zikara Kakashi
Congrats!🤗 🎈
Overdrive Hour ago
I really couldn't care less
Zach Jury
Zach Jury Hour ago
I saw one 100 dollar bill😂
Finn Crotty
Finn Crotty Hour ago
u just trying to be corner magreger u think u the real hipe
LEVI 999
LEVI 999 Hour ago
This man just fighting everybody and all of them are like or 30 or ass at boxing lol 😂
MajorMaj Hour ago
Retire me please.
AidenPlayz 2 hours ago
Sergio juarez
Sergio juarez 2 hours ago
He would get pimp slapped in a mma fight
gerard . A
gerard . A 2 hours ago
Never watch your channel neither your videos , but hearing about you remember me the movie idiocracy , you should watch it maybe you will learn something !!!!
gerard . A
gerard . A 2 hours ago
Never watch your channel neither your videos , but hearing about you remember me the movie idiocracy , you should watch it maybe you will learn something !!!!
Spooky Boi
Spooky Boi 2 hours ago
Lmao the one time he goes up against an actual boxer he gets his ass beat.😂😂
blanco brazyy
blanco brazyy 2 hours ago
I seen 1s
Brandon Kipling
Brandon Kipling 2 hours ago
Pxssy scared of may
Dylan risky
Dylan risky 2 hours ago
I used to think u where cool 4 years ago ) now u look like misha flexing 1 dollar bills and going down bad welp it’s best for u to stop trying be cool and be a normal person 😑👌 ) I wheezed when he said ima flex on y’all now ( get help
Jamie Hepburn
Jamie Hepburn 3 hours ago
Jamie Hepburn
Jamie Hepburn 3 hours ago
And l am a boy k
Dahja Short
Dahja Short 3 hours ago
Is he cranking us,because he must know that we can see that’s dollar bills.Either he’s fuckin with us or I really do feel sorry for this guy.
Jesse Luna
Jesse Luna 3 hours ago
This man acts like his life was a real struggle, if like he were from the hood. Acting like he made all his money from boxing, no jake u made all yo money from lil 10 year olds with they parents phone
Jesse Luna
Jesse Luna 3 hours ago
He probably finna it use that money to pay other people to lose a match against him
Dahja Short
Dahja Short 3 hours ago
This guys as delusional as Trump.Though’’s are all ones with maybe a few 20’s thrown in here and there.Poser!!
Random Edits_
Random Edits_ 3 hours ago
All 1s
Marián Micko
Marián Micko 3 hours ago
Gif me 4milion
ice age baby69
ice age baby69 3 hours ago
Sir thought r all ones
The Swollen Testicle
Lol I also flex with $2,000 in my front yard... 🤡
M Midas
M Midas 3 hours ago
This be the guy who turned into a dog for 24 hours smh
Samuel Scrase-Field
Did we ask tho
Did u reseve the money poor guy attack mafia bit*h
iEnVy_Shade 4 hours ago
How bout them turtles
Mihir 4 hours ago
“Landscaping” a highschool job didnt mean u came from the trenches💀
A. Med
A. Med 4 hours ago
What was the point of this video? Ohhhhhh validation for insecurity, got it
SmileyFN 5 hours ago
Flexing all the 1 dollar notes you’ve ever found, interesting
Joe's boxing
Joe's boxing 5 hours ago
Sonia Sanchez
Sonia Sanchez 5 hours ago
Jake Paul why did you run over the baby turtles😡
cranberry juuce
cranberry juuce 5 hours ago
You were gasping for air after you caught that punch by Mayweather
EKawaii potatoE
EKawaii potatoE 5 hours ago
SpeedyTwist2513 5 hours ago
who asked
Kelsey W
Kelsey W 5 hours ago
leave h3h3 alone
shiro gameplay
shiro gameplay 6 hours ago
Instead of loving people and using money, people often love money and use people
AmnDx 6 hours ago
gotcha hat
Jesse-James Campbell
I wont to be a fight like you jake and i use to do kickboxing and judo but i stoped.I REALLY WANT TO DO BOXING LIKE YOU JAKE AND YOU INSPIRED ME
GW1023 6 hours ago
Gotcha hat
dre alvarez
dre alvarez 6 hours ago
i cant believe cowards have a life in this society he just a bitch who can't take criticism
SM music
SM music 6 hours ago
All 1s my guy 😂
Liz Lorenzo
Liz Lorenzo 6 hours ago
🏧🏧🏧🏧🏧🏧🏧🏧🏧🏧🏧🏧🏧🏧 Let’s goooooooooo ! I wanted to stay humble and sing victory at the end
Nukez YT
Nukez YT 6 hours ago
All ones 😐🤦‍♂️
Someone 6 hours ago
wana fight
Hunter Steeves
Hunter Steeves 6 hours ago
I followed you one your third vid I think was call me maybe GONE RONG
sean 7 hours ago
sean 7 hours ago
Rodney Keeling
Rodney Keeling 7 hours ago
Whoopty fucking do. The hired entertainment has some money... so what? Keep making content for us to watch when we're bored and have nothing better to do.
S4M_ 0993
S4M_ 0993 7 hours ago
Fight Tommy fury and last more than 3 rounds and we will see if you are a boxer you big dosser
Jeremiah Gutierrez
Jeremiah Gutierrez 7 hours ago
Fight a real boxer
judd 7 hours ago
can't even believe this type of guy is famous tsk tsk tsk, making stupid people famous
Not Tilted
Not Tilted 7 hours ago
At the beginning I saw a single 100 dollar bill and the rest were 1s 😂
Orion Corona
Orion Corona 7 hours ago
Bro have you guys seen that video of jake Paul acting like Connor 😂😂😂😂
Sstormy *
Sstormy * 7 hours ago
I saw one 100 lmao there all 1's 🤣🤣
maxwell Norby
maxwell Norby 8 hours ago
There is like 200 dollars there.
Broz B4 hobos
Broz B4 hobos 8 hours ago
“I used to landscape for 10$ an hour” so did every other teenager ever
SiahDaBandit 9 hours ago
The man with no name
Jake Paul would loose a fight to a goldfish with autism
Emmanuel Kariuki
Emmanuel Kariuki 9 hours ago
Lui Felix
Lui Felix 9 hours ago
Biggest pussy around
It’s the Family
It’s the Family 9 hours ago
i love you
Asaad Graves
Asaad Graves 9 hours ago
I thought u said u would pass pewdiepie u obviously didint bc ur stuck and no 1 likes you but yeah
Alexander French
Alexander French 9 hours ago
And i care because
Synx Fc
Synx Fc 9 hours ago
Jesus Christ loves you
Mir Shahnawaz
Mir Shahnawaz 9 hours ago
Me after seeing this:Kaun hai ye log,kaha se aate hein ye log
Daniel Araújo
Daniel Araújo 9 hours ago
That's a whole lotta 1's...
Sebastian jsrq82
Sebastian jsrq82 9 hours ago
congratulation you were born in generation 0 neurons any medrio who can reach the top in the world of posturing and the ridiculous of those without neurons
Gokul Pranesh
Gokul Pranesh 10 hours ago
If you ever feel useless remember that jake paul's videos has a like button.
Clash With Josh
Clash With Josh 10 hours ago
Jake you were right I saw one of your videos like 3-4 years ago or whenever team 10 was and you said “I swear you’re going to be a Jake Pauler one day you watch” and I was like nah but I was wrong I’m 100% a Jake Pauler now lmao.
Reese Crowe
Reese Crowe 10 hours ago
Ya there 1 dollar bills but there’s a hole bunch of them retire Dylan Dennis jake
Josif Farrant
Josif Farrant 10 hours ago
This guy is gonna get dropped by Floyd 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
IjustACTpro 10 hours ago
Jake you should disguise and sneak into the match on june 6
koulz 10 hours ago
Jake Paul fight magic puss
dumb kid lol
dumb kid lol 11 hours ago
buy me gaming pc
alucard croft
alucard croft 11 hours ago
SM _Playz
SM _Playz 11 hours ago
This you? Guy who bullies people in high school
alucard croft
alucard croft 11 hours ago
Fight tommy fury you coward
alucard croft
alucard croft 11 hours ago
You're a coward jake
Úlfar Kristmundsson
Jake Kirby
Jake Kirby 12 hours ago
Happy birthday stylus early birthday
What 13 hours ago
Jake the type of guy to say "1.3 million PPV buys" as he empties a small bag full of one dollar notes.
Chris madissoo
Chris madissoo 13 hours ago
He got a lot of money still some people can’t even afford to get that bag He was playing with em like it was nothing
Tewbre 13 hours ago
🤣 I see dollar signs! This man really sad! LMFAO
sleazexd 13 hours ago
Bro said he came frm nothin & had to finesse out the gang way
Z9 13 hours ago
Everyone be talking about the $1 bills but no one is mentioning the oversized shirt.
Francisco Dionísio da Silva
Bruh xD
Brendan Daniel
Brendan Daniel 13 hours ago
get this guy of youtube
Natalie Tai
Natalie Tai 14 hours ago
Lol clown
MrFlopyFlo 14 hours ago
LT95 3250 0491 0719 4594 BIC: REVOLT21 SHARE SOME DOLARS WITH ME thank you
masakan emak
masakan emak 14 hours ago
Sip juga bocah peler satu ini hahahahaha
Papadoc Fpv
Papadoc Fpv 14 hours ago
That's what I expected, won't get in the ring with Liddell. It's only about money, or you would want to prove yourself. Jake "HA HA" Paul, the problem child becomes a joke, now lives in single duplex garage, broke, but still gets laughs!
Octavius Rex
Octavius Rex 14 hours ago
You can buy a hat now instead of trying to take one
Payne Huggins
Payne Huggins 15 hours ago
Alternet title: Man tries to flex with what seems to be about 5 thousand dollars
Katy Perry - Electric