65+ Being old in rural Japan

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Pia Kieninger and Isabelle Prochaska-Meyer are scientists. In an empirical study “Aged communities and active ageing - A case study of rural villages in the Japanese Alps” (funded by the OeNB, JSPS, OeAD, DIJ and ÖFG) they investigated the daily life of elderly in rural Japan and spend thereto 4 months on site (2013 and 2014). The documentary is an outcome of the research (funded by TIFO).
Short Synopsis:
Demographic change - ageing of society and depopulation of peripheral regions - is affecting many industrialized countries. Japan, with a proportion of currently 25 % elderly of 65 years and/or older, is in this regard a forerunner worldwide. Based on the ethnographic research project „Aged communities and active ageing - A case study of rural villages in the Japanese Alps”, conducted by scientists from the University of Vienna, this documentary focuses on the daily life and challenges in three overaged villages in the Japanese Alps. The story portraits two single-living seniors: the 84-year-old Shimako, a former farmer wife, with a husky deep voice, who still grows vegetables. She regularly meets her neighbors for tea chats and joins the village choir and gymnastics course. Her biggest passion however is gateball, a very popular senior team-sport in Japan, similar to croquet. And there is the 93-year-old Genichi, the oldest man in his village with driving license, who hates sport but loves composing short poems (tanka) on daily events. As he enjoys his freedom in old age, deciding for himself when to get up and when to work, he refuses to live with his son´s family. Also he still cultivates his agricultural field for self-subsistence.
In between the portraits, the narrator introduces general information about the current situation of rural life in Japan and of the three municipalities, regarding local supply, mobility, welfare and communal activities.
Film details:
Country of production / coproduction: Austria
Original Title: 65+ Alt sein im ländlichen Japan
English Title: 65+ Being old in rural Japan
Language: German (narrator) and Japanese
Subtitle: English
Year of production: 2014
Runtime: 35:08
Colour: Colour
Shooting Format: HD, Stereo
Camera: Panasonic HC-V757 & Canon EOS 70D
Frame Rate: 25p
Aspect ratio: 18:9
Original format: AVCHD
Video Signal: PAL
Sound: Stereo
Film type: Documentary
Cutting program: Adobe Premiere CC
Directors: Pia Regina Kieninger and Isabelle
Editing: Stefan Nutz
Narrator: Andreas Danzer
Music: Chika Okabe
Public/Festival Screenings:
07. Austrian Independent Film Festival, (25.-30.09.2015)
05. European Science Film Festival, Vienna, Austria (04.-06.12.2015)
Japanorama, University Vienna, Austria (09.03.2016)

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Jun 17, 2016




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Comments 100
Tom Sikorski
Tom Sikorski 12 hours ago
From one side it’s frightening to see what happens to the mind and body once the irreversible threshold of age has been crossed. On the other hand I admire the spirit of self-care among those people, regardless of physical and mental limitations they have to face every day. I hope in the next 100 years scientists will finally find the way how to cure the illness of ageing.
Harby Mastopia
Harby Mastopia 13 hours ago
now im sad that I wont ever experience this kind of tranquility and peace considering i live in a underdeveloped country
F C 18 hours ago
How is everything so immaculately clean?
Altay Karaerke
Altay Karaerke 9 days ago
09:50 Did I see Turkish delight on the bench/table? ☺️
Mat Nov
Mat Nov 9 days ago
Canada has the same population as Tokyo; We’re doing fine, and i’m sure Japan will be fine as well.✌️🤨
Eric Lloed Hinlo
Eric Lloed Hinlo 10 days ago
i could live in places like this! away from buzzing cars and loud chats ... i wish i could visit japan in the near future
Loy Bukid
Loy Bukid 13 days ago
Beautiful documentary, the activities can be emulated in rural areas in other countries. I'm inspired to head a program like this in the future.
Muhammad Fadli
Muhammad Fadli 14 days ago
Such a beutiful soul .Keep healthy and strong granny.
Juju Tuladhar
Juju Tuladhar 18 days ago
Instead of a very long life, it's good to have an active and happy life as long as you live. Old age care homes are like going to hell. This Japanese style 'being old in rural Japan' is exemplary. I love Japan.
Techx TV
Techx TV 20 days ago
Feels like living in real life anime
Skrooge Lantay
Skrooge Lantay 20 days ago
13,500th like
red says
red says 24 days ago
This place looks like an anime scene transformed to reality. So serene & beautiful.
Akash Srivastava
Akash Srivastava 26 days ago
I'm soon to spend one month in the remotest village of Japan. Probably After 2 Years!
Will Murrah
Will Murrah 26 days ago
Anyone here for AP Human Geography?
ghufron zaida
ghufron zaida 27 days ago
very peaceful it looks like living in the countryside
Joey 27 days ago
Its a sad, but a beautiful story. Active aging certainly has its flaws, but is definitely much better than the wests use of nursing homes where people are crippled by inactivity and lack of hope. The mass migration to the cities is certainly an issue for small villages economic viability for small shops and infrastructure. But, It is a good thing that the elderly there lived a substinence farming lifestyle their whole life, otherwise there would be much more difficulty for them. Truly a great documentary, I am always thankful when people record the lives of people whom we don't have long to learn from.
Rose Mel Mel
Rose Mel Mel 28 days ago
Nice to see them independent & happy
coin paradise
coin paradise 28 days ago
I love japan
Margaret Zoheir
Margaret Zoheir 29 days ago
A very nice documentary, demonstrating that old age should not be an age of isolation, but an age of companionship and independence, where and when possible. The western world could take a few tips from this, instead of isolating elderly in care homes.
rey reyes
rey reyes Month ago
japan takes care of her Old citizens well....sigh
Rafael Arcanjo
Rafael Arcanjo Month ago
I'm young but I'm already crazy to live in the countryside more peacefully...
So far so good
So far so good Month ago
Very interesting video!Sehr gut!Do you have any other video about live in rural Japan?
Mrinalini Rebecca
Japan rural looks like a cify
Martin Aguilar
Martin Aguilar Month ago
How is it to live longer than your children? The hell with that, I much rather live shorter fruitful life, a good 67-70.
elana vlahandreas
I would do this, with a good ductless heater very efficient can heat these old homes I wonder?
Harish R v
Harish R v Month ago
Japan has great tradition of respecting the elders. The same story is happening to many countries as well. Even in Indian bramhin families, it is the same. All our elderly are independent.
Maria A
Maria A Month ago
They lead such productive lives even into their 80s and 90s. They try to be independent and not be a burden to anyone. No sense of entitlement that is seen in other cultures. Amazing model for both young and old all over the world!
Bechay Ramos
Bechay Ramos Month ago
A life that is free of pollution, smoke and noise, i’d prefer that simple life in the sub urban, rural areas or the province that is full of nature.
Wig4 Month ago
4:07 :-) >>> I also was almost last in running at schooltime (always 2nd last ... haha...) NOW, I'm past 60 (63) , I do run many competitions 5K, 10K, 10 M , 1/2 marathon.. and sometimes get 2nd place in the 60+ age category :-) ... Dedication changes life !
StripeCatFlip Month ago
Japanese running out of people.
Siti Setiani
Siti Setiani Month ago
After watching this video I realized that being a farmer is enjoyable and make us into better quality of live by living in rural area, breathe clearer air and eating fresh and healthy stuff first-hand from the field.
E Month ago
Im a westerners, & love almost everything about Japan, although i gather to retied theres very hard to impossible, even if ones financially independent in all areas
Anne Laure Lapaz
I like rural Japan
The best country where nature and technology live in harmony...
GowesLink TV
GowesLink TV Month ago
Beautifull view..
silvermani Sakura
In fact those people are the real Japanese people , show you love and peace and happiness, but people who live in big cities in Japan especially the young people are really fake Japanese people, god bless those old people and protect them, I love from my heart ❤️
Josh Abella
Josh Abella Month ago
All humans get there, no exception. I only hope other countries with very large senior population will get ideas from this video on how to still live proactive and without dependencies to their children.
Marvin Sato
Marvin Sato Month ago
Wow both can still drive..
สหรัฐ พิลาออน
สหรัฐ พิลาออน
บ้าน แถวชนบท น่าอยู่จริงๆ
Ludivina Pilar
Ludivina Pilar Month ago
Nice to listen every morning,
Hernz Co
Hernz Co Month ago
What quiet place
Babe Sarkun
Babe Sarkun Month ago
Long life is a gift From God...always grateful in everyway you will be healthy and happy
jungapo2 Month ago
it would be nice if all countries will build masterplan communities design for the elderlies. these communities will have everything the elderlies need conviniently and have workers supporting or taking care them until their last breath. atleast this is my dream!
Jackie Blewett
Jackie Blewett Month ago
Slow down the english subtitles giving time to read
Billy Billy Shame
Oh ! what a life ,so clean and tidy and calm ideal for healthy retirement ! blessed people in this village.
Shirley Greer
Shirley Greer Month ago
This is a beautiful way of life..thats why they live such long productive lives..wish it was like that here in the US...i wish I grew up there and lived like they do..i bet they have so many wonderful memories and stories to tell..God has truly blessed these people and they deserve the best in life😇🙏🥰❤💯
Patricia Johnson
I found myself relaxing and smiling as I watched this...Living in a small community in their own houses almost made me cry. Friends over the years and those bonds are like family. Their Interdependence and attitudes are just wonderful. And able to have a garden! I live in a retirement home 6 stories tall with 125 residents and most activities are in the rec room downstairs. I miss everything about living in a home of my own. And with people like this? A slice of heaven. I might cry myself to sleep tonight. I study Buddhism. Namaste.
Sumaiya Amin
Sumaiya Amin Month ago
Can I please be allowed to come live there ❤️ I'll work hard and be a model citizen. Absolutely love this place.. it'll make me so happy. I'll give anything to get out of this noisy, polluted, populated place I have lived all my life. Nature is the answer to everything.
Cristyjoy De jesus
I love rural place
Shamna P
Shamna P Month ago
If there's a tourist resort in these villages, it would be good. Many people from other countries would come and this place would be cheaper than cities like Tokyo. And only 2 hours drive from Tokyo... It's nice. This will generate jobs, activities there are will become a very active village.
Methyl Bernadit
Methyl Bernadit Month ago
I cried not because i pity them but because I'm happy to see them live their lives comfortably and joyfully. I love seeing them like this.
Z Cath
Z Cath Month ago
I wish i could come and see Japan..
jagfruit 1
jagfruit 1 Month ago
It's nice for them that many have grown up together and know each other. In the U.S. life is not tribal or village like it's very individualistic so while we do have senior activities we don't typically have towns or villages where people grew up together.
Qasim Chaudhary
Qasim Chaudhary Month ago
Would had been much better in English so most of the people could understand. Can't read such a long documentary. So didn't watched
Prabir Muhuri
Prabir Muhuri Month ago
Life continues by remaining active in old age!
Glenn Lacar
Glenn Lacar Month ago
i wanto live there & to teach elders.my heart is for the elders of jaanese peoples.😷 Arigatou gozaimasu 🙏
Atheeb A
Atheeb A Month ago
The older lady is going to live well above 100. She is more active than a person half hear age.The community and active life style not depending on there children, is the most important factor for longer life.This is how you dream to age.
Gee MeeL
Gee MeeL Month ago
What a beautiful voice has the narrator... Wow...
Tracy Raven
Tracy Raven Month ago
Really enjoyed that.. absolutely brilliant ❤
Wild Traveler
Wild Traveler Month ago
Very interesting research and documentary film. I hope I can make one like this or maybe collaborate with anyone conducting a similar study.
Fairuz Khalili
Fairuz Khalili Month ago
elderly in my country after pension usually stay at home doing nothing or hang out with other elderly in coffee shop, but we still have younger people stay with their parent doing odd jobs, japan i thinks in next 30 and 50 year we will see more abandon town when this elderly died and younger people don't want to live there because don't have jobs opportunity.
Derrick Ng
Derrick Ng Month ago
Adam Prabowo
Adam Prabowo Month ago
what i want in my elderly time
kumar M P
kumar M P Month ago
I'm very much attracted by Japanese culture and village living style... I always watch Japanese vlogs... Can anybody take me to Japan???
Jill Buenavista
Jill Buenavista Month ago
Great content. My dad retired from teaching and is working in our farm, managing fish ponds of Tilapia and cat fish, also he is raising goat, chicken and duck. He said that farming made him more active and strong after retirement. I want to do the same when I reach his age. Nice people in Japan. I wanted to visit rural japan in the future.
diego pavlicic
diego pavlicic Month ago
I love it. Is there any possibility to get something from Okabes music?
Lari Fari
Lari Fari Month ago
"Seniorinnen und Senioren": Der dämliche Gendersprech kann einem die beste Doku verleiden:-(
So far so good
So far so good 2 months ago
So sad I don't understand German.
Femto 2 months ago
what makes this documentary so special..... is that they do not cut out the second the man has finished talking.... which in other documentaries happen frequently. And not just in the ending even in the beginning which makes you feel...... i do not know how to put it maybe soothing or simply having the feeling that the documentary isn't as forward which is a good thing.... you always want a moment of silence between the transition of each individual how talked in the documentary.... (for reference, 8:37 they do not shift to the next scene so fast) this is simply a one in many in this documentary and oh my god does it make a HUGE difference for me when listening. would appreciate anyone's thought on this
THE COUNTRY GOER 2 months ago
I really loved living in the rural areas
Дмитрий Макаров
Японские городки и деревеньки в горах это особенная красота.именно этим они вызывают у меня симпатию.
alexamnarvaez 2 months ago
Some of them are adorable
Guilherme Tonon
Guilherme Tonon 2 months ago
Uuuooooooo !!! Sugoi !!! 😅😅😅
flower girl
flower girl 2 months ago
I would love to live in a beautiful place like this when I grow old - fresh air, fresh food being delivered to your homes, no pressure, relaxing environment, and there are also a lot of old people so generation gap is not a problem.
Zrob 2 months ago
This is beautiful, thank you.
oyu inggrid
oyu inggrid 2 months ago
Rural area is call zero Yen sekattsu. It's means no need to have pay for your everyday cost of live. I don't think so. Rural area is no supermarket no bus or train and no hospital. It's hard to live. If you rich you can have assistend call them come for you is comfortable. If not so dear. You should create your own live there. The Hause is cheaf there even free.
MARILYNANDERSON88 2 months ago
My cat likes this show, beautiful sound of birds, nice voices.
Daniel Bunton
Daniel Bunton 2 months ago
you know what i want having an abundance of space? for my bedroom to be 1.5m from the road
Bonnie Bell
Bonnie Bell 2 months ago
I just luv older ppl.They treat u so nice & kind..This was precious..
DaddelZeit 2 months ago
I think sleeping and sitting on the ground also benefits their mobility. Rural japan is amazin.
Raj Rai
Raj Rai 2 months ago
Very inspirational video .Im 73 , Im still working in the company .Hats off to the Japanese senior citizen .
Arul Charles
Arul Charles 2 months ago
Again reminds me of 'your name' film
genes2311 2 months ago
Everything about Japan is so amazing.... I have never been anywhere like Japan and cant wait to go visit again.
Mony Ly Daily Life
Mony Ly Daily Life 2 months ago
Merci pour le partage de cette superbe Video
Henauder Titzauf
Henauder Titzauf 2 months ago
Great vlog, thanks for sharing, I will subscribe and a high five. NOTE: PLEASE leave your subtitles up for one or two seconds longer. REASON: I am 75+y/o and can’t read as fast as I did in the past. THANK YOU!
Arifin Arifin
Arifin Arifin 2 months ago
Good, god bless you.
Kurt M.
Kurt M. 3 months ago
The morning music would irritate me. What's wrong with just listening to nature? Please create a version of this in English. It's difficult to read the English subscripts and watch the video at the same time.
唐智余 3 months ago
humanity is sparkling in every corner of japan
vinood kumar
vinood kumar 3 months ago
I love Japan so clean and neat even in the villages also
Kervin Capangpangan
Kervin Capangpangan 3 months ago
80 years old and still drives :0
Raier 3 months ago
Looks like Mountainous region in Phillipines
Good Game
Good Game 3 months ago
japan could just build University in the heavy populated by senior citizen. Let the new generation take care of the older generation, btw the senior did everything they could to develop the country so the next generation will get a good life..
Bert Canepa
Bert Canepa 3 months ago
Watching that little lady do her farming; most impressive!!!! (Used to lots of farming myself!)
Paul Nguyen Anh Tuan
We want to study this model to build one in South VietNam, about 15 hectares, paul@thuanhung.group, Thank you !
Paul Nguyen Anh Tuan
How big this area in this video? We want to build one with model as the same, Thank you !
Mutiara Alam
Mutiara Alam 3 months ago
The most disciplined people on earth! Very polite!
Totaminel Baum-Rolf
Totaminel Baum-Rolf 3 months ago
Well I never ! If not for their lowered physical strength they seem to have an amazing life. Where else would U find old ppl living so free and independent ???
kr ashish
kr ashish 3 months ago
This is real life such a calmness and peace ....love to japan
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