[631] Master Lock 875/975 Decoded WITHOUT ANY TOOLS !

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Mar 4, 2018




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Pinkie Love
Pinkie Love 13 hours ago
bolt cutters work the best
david warihay
david warihay 17 hours ago
these locks can be messed up easy and not usable though...we had two for gate locks ang the guys some how while open moved the numbers maybe while in the 2 position without looking ..and jammed them to where it number wouldn't spin at all...
6 6
6 6 23 hours ago
If they had done this first instead of threatening you and Bill with lawsuits we wouldn't know they are a piece of shit company run by pieces of shit only a moron would do business with, they could have kept my business. And continued to be pieces of shit without my knowledge. I'd rather send my money directly to shenzen bypassing these pieces of shit.
Baleur Day ago
Isnt this just insane? How are these lock manufacturers still in business if they sell products that DONT WORK? I mean.... Jesus christ. Eye opening, and scary. Nothing is safe. Knowledge is power. Even without a tool, just with knowledge, you can get past stainless steel.
Ali Armstrong
You are scary bro I give up on securing my shit lolllllllll thanks for the video buddy
Krakka Jakk711
Thanks for helping us find out how to get in to Julia's house Screw you Julia
Fanos Panayides
Fanos Panayides 2 days ago
Woman goes the police station to report she's being stalked. Cop says: Do you know who is stalking you? Woman: his name is LPL. Please help me. Cop: I'm sorry there's nothing we can do.
Zrayel 3 days ago
Haven't they found a way to use a combination lock that isn't directly connected to the lock mechanism so that it can't be decoded? You'd think it would be possible to do mechanically but then again, that is the main flaw of all of these locks. Add a digital padlock that mechanically changes from the inside would be physically uncrackable (you'd have to somehow hack it). Problem is that we don't have everlasting energy(battery) to make it happen on a standalone lock. BUT they could always have a "key" to supply the power. From there, it would be all about hacking the touchpad!
Aquila 3 days ago
Me: _subscribes to this channel_ . My FBI agent: *insert shame meme* .
Caleb Lawrence
Caleb Lawrence 3 days ago
Out of all things you could be doing with youre life, you choose to play with locks.
ITZLEXI Hour ago
seems to be working out just fine for him
Michael Mendillo
Michael Mendillo 4 days ago
Masterlock must send you chocolates every Valentine's Day I bet !!!! Lol,,, 😁✌
770-Arborist LLC
770-Arborist LLC 4 days ago
good quality content! THANKS!!!
DxrkDesire 5 days ago
Master lock should pay you to stop posting videos
Ro 5 days ago
I’m here because people that watch this channel also subscribe to Louis Rossmann
Alejandro Ruiz
Alejandro Ruiz 5 days ago
Thanks that really helped since my brother locked me in a gate and lucky enough to have my phone and a really helpful locksmith. Thanks for the help!
billy 6 days ago
Did this yesterday. Worked like a charm. Took me about two minutes. Love your channel. Really scary how easy some of these locks are to pick.
xyzdorky 6 days ago
Learnin how to steal peoples shit 101
Harry Martin
Harry Martin 6 days ago
Are there any locks that CAN'T be picked? LOL
Sondre Grøneng
Sondre Grøneng 6 days ago
Reminds me, men and a few mates where having a chat by the lockers our uni, we got to talking about combination locks, one of em mentioned that on 3 digit locks, a very common code is 007. so I picked a random lock, entered 007 and it unlocked. Which is funny because after testing the other locks, none of the other ones worked with 007.
tubad182 7 days ago
What kind of lock pick do you have that is thin enough to get into that gap on the lock?
3:45 to 4:13 I think worked easiest for me
Paul WIENER 10 days ago
How did you make your picking tool. Can show how you make it please.
Gaz Matic
Gaz Matic 10 days ago
Buys it on AliExpress
1jeffr 10 days ago
The lock companies need to hire you as a consultant to test their lock designs.
James H
James H 10 days ago
Great video
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin 10 days ago
made in MameriKKa.
keegi ei keegi
keegi ei keegi 11 days ago
who is here for the tutorial
Fellowearthling16 11 days ago
I wonder how many people are watching these videos to help them with future break-ins or thefts. Not me, making that clear now.
Delfinins Jezus
Delfinins Jezus 12 days ago
Now I know what to do in escape rooms
R3ANIMAT3D_MaN 12 days ago
I've been watching this dude to help me fall asleep
Knjaz Varggoth
Knjaz Varggoth 12 days ago
These are the only locks i can reliably open
duduoshunn 12 days ago
4am and i should be studying; lord what am i doing here?.
Ahmed Sherif
Ahmed Sherif 12 days ago
What am i doing here? Depression is a sob I’m telling ya
Ahmed Sherif
Ahmed Sherif 10 days ago
@Aaron Anderson Thanks m8 ❤️
Aaron Anderson
Aaron Anderson 11 days ago
It's what you make of it. Easier said than done I know. Ever find yourself in the bottom of a hole? Quit digging. Best wishes.
Juan Manzanares
Juan Manzanares 12 days ago
I can’t believe I haven’t seen this channel before. Give me a sec to go and subscribe now...
zumik83 13 days ago
Now and then, there are videos that I don't feel the need to skip further, I just watch it. This was one of those.
Cam Knopp
Cam Knopp 13 days ago
These companies should pay you to check for design flaws before they release them.
Ty B
Ty B 13 days ago
Saw the 10 minute mark and thought, huh this might have given him trouble....... nope took him 1 minute 17 seconds.
JF Guy
JF Guy 14 days ago
I have a Sesamee Corbin lock with rollers like this Mater lock. I have had it for a long time, 15 plus years and I am wondering if there is an easy way to decode it?
iczyje 14 days ago
Does the 175 have the same weakness? Obviously with a tool it would be faster, but if you didn't have a tool, would it be possible to decode that one the same way?
Nittanyburg 20
Nittanyburg 20 15 days ago
Can you do this with any lock like this or only this particular model?
Call Me Chris
Call Me Chris 16 days ago
usually I just bring an rpg with me whenever I go to rob a house or a lock, works Everytime and only takes about a second
John Bielka
John Bielka 16 days ago
I just bought this master lock 4 days ago
TexasRigged 16 days ago
damn you got me hooked now
David 17 days ago
Wow looks so easy!
morgan megurine
morgan megurine 17 days ago
Any lock that’s mainly aluminum can be beaten with gallium
ヅKyroDrippy 17 days ago
5:34 *we can actually decode this by Feel simply by turning these Wheels* BARS😂
Jayden Solves world hunger
(Crime rate raises by 100% percent)
Derpsterio 29
Derpsterio 29 17 days ago
We aren't going to acknowledge the fact that if someone gets into that lock, they can change the code and uh oh, you can't access the possible left over money the thief stole
ellaskins 17 days ago
so at 2.23 you can now open the lock... just use a drill : )
J Rod
J Rod 18 days ago
How is master lock still in business
Chris Lail
Chris Lail 18 days ago
Thanks for also being on Braille recently, that was pretty cool
Vaksai 19 days ago
You have a very soothing voice. Just fyi...
Dparker 25
Dparker 25 19 days ago
I’ve been battling with this exact lock for the past 3 months and I finally got it open tonight, thank you lol
Krosby Phelan
Krosby Phelan 21 day ago
Please don't lock pick me
Semiotichazey 21 day ago
I was chained to the killer's iron-framed bed with one of these babies. Fortunately, I had my phone on me and this video was one of the first hits. Thanks, LPL, you saved my life!
Pen Fold
Pen Fold 22 days ago
So it seems that it would be easy for masterlock to improve this lock, just by making the false gates the same size as the true gates, or by making the true gates smaller. What a shame they didnt
M Piper
M Piper 22 days ago
Wondering why RUvid recommended this video for me?🤔
aggresivcanadian 23 days ago
"This lock cant be bypassed" *whips out dremmel* you shure?
Succ Papi
Succ Papi 23 days ago
Are hands tools?
Love All
Love All 24 days ago
I lockpicking you asshole
Thanuj Mathew
Thanuj Mathew 24 days ago
Finally, something I can actually pick.
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