60 Incredible Vintage Photos Of Grocery Stores From Across America

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60 Incredible Vintage Photos Of Grocery Stores From Across America
Music: Track 1 - "Intractable" - Kevin Macleod Track 2- "Just as Soon" - Kevin MacLeod




2 окт 2018

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Комментарии 2 297
IronheadOfScroteus 6 часов назад
I don't think my mom ever went to the store WITHOUT rollers in her hair. It was like the required grocery shopping uniform.
Nia the Gulf Gypsy
Nia the Gulf Gypsy 8 часов назад
Love the soundtrack --- Great video, too! Lots of memories! I recall Mayfair Markets in San Diego in the 60's and 70's, Thrift Mart, too! And PET milk products.... Up in Duluth, MN, there was a house about a block from where my husband grew up that the ground level was a small, neighborhood grocer and the family who owned and ran it, lived upstairs. It was still in business as late as about 1995.
Odesse Ode
Odesse Ode 12 часов назад
Fantatic i love old photographs!
Ruthlessnoodle 15 часов назад
If youre a cashier you HAD to be great at math and quick!
ChokeMeMistress День назад
Where are the blacks?
ChokeMeMistress День назад
Women were so sexy back then I want all of them to choke me
Soy Yo
Soy Yo 2 дня назад
I liked those. Such a mundane task, the people seemed more real to life than in other slideshows
Soy Yo
Soy Yo 2 дня назад
so many carbs... no wonder people got more and more sick
Shotgun93Alexander 2 дня назад
I don’t see any cram or sugar bombs...
Александр Барсуков
Шикарно. А у нас такое позорище :( выкладка товара открытым способом началась лишь в 70х, и то не всех. Входишь в магазин, а внутри очередь за колбасой или мясом, рубили тут же.
Jeremy Lavoie
Jeremy Lavoie 3 дня назад
Back when, people didn't go out in public with mustard stained sweat pants and Bed head..
leewisowaty 3 дня назад
When America was great
Lyndon Tree
Lyndon Tree 3 дня назад
No security guards, no cameras, no electric locks on doors, no cashiers behind glass walls... hmm... must have had some demographic change?
mike larochelle
mike larochelle 4 дня назад
Wow! even grocery store music! lol
Stinky Whizzletooth
Stinky Whizzletooth 4 дня назад
Did grocery stores not sell produce in the 40's?
Robert Manders
Robert Manders 5 дней назад
Notice that all the women are 100lbs less than today.
Kathleen Kenyon
Kathleen Kenyon 6 дней назад
My sister and I were always told, "you never get a second chance to make a good first impression". Still use that theory today, and I also try to compliment a woman who is put together even if its casual. No one compliments us women anymore, so I do it as often as I can.The other person seems to really like it, and I feel good afterwards!
catlarry 6 дней назад
At 5:04, Kings Supermarket photo shows TV Guides with Jerry Lewis on cover. Date on magazine was January 19-25, 1957.
tizme me
tizme me 6 дней назад
Thumbnail looks like Juliet Lewis... 1:08
Alda Pellegrino
Alda Pellegrino 6 дней назад
Love this!!
Alda Pellegrino
Alda Pellegrino 6 дней назад
Women actually went to the market with curlers on? Oh, me, oh, my and OMG!!
R.J. T
R.J. T 7 дней назад
Lots of soup cans... from the end caps & shelves to the women’s hair
Cristin Live
Cristin Live 7 дней назад
I was definitely born in the wrong era! So fun to see these photos and did any notice those prices! WOWZA
barney baker
barney baker 8 дней назад
At 6:48 caption is wrong . look to the right you will see a 61 Chevrolet, second car in the isle in picture
Benny Perez
Benny Perez 8 дней назад
Are vintage photos worth any money?
Stopsign32v 9 дней назад
I really wish I could have lived in this America. Before Government aid and the internet ruined the country.
jeffwads 9 дней назад
If you don’t like the music...mute the sound. Some people are simply stupid.
OpinionDay007 9 дней назад
when men dressed like.......and people were so ........not like now, now its all ..... ....Don't worry Kids because in 50 years 2019 will seem like a lost Eden.....either everything is progressively getting worst or everything always seems better when we are young.. no matter what decade we were young in..
Leslie P
Leslie P 9 дней назад
What's with those curlers? Egads..lol
Alejandra Parker
Alejandra Parker 9 дней назад
Peace and Blessings. Sweet memories. My Granmama owned a grocery store. After school my job was cleaning barrels of potatoes..take off the eyes, and cleaning the barrels of beans. My Granmama did not like gossip...but I enjoyed listening n the background to all the gossiping between women ...men gossiped too. A bread company went out of business because the bread delivery man ran over a boy about 3 or 4 years old ..this happened right before my eyes. Other than that my memories of working at the store are sweett and memorable....more so because my Granmama was a force to be reckoned with. 1/13/19 3:23AM🇺🇸
DandL C
DandL C 9 дней назад
Oh id love to see the ingredients in the boxed food
uncletigger 9 дней назад
Well, that IS an amazing photo, the first self service store in the world. Everything starts somewhere.
RIXRADvidz 10 дней назад
yes, white people shopped in lovely modern clean grocery stores, non-white people didn't. even growing up in New Mexico, the little stores run by whites always had plenty of items and were in nice buildings, non-whites that ran a store, could barely keep the doors open for lack of product and facilities. the Divide Exists Still.
RIXRADvidz 10 дней назад
today, Dollar Tree stores vary by neighborhood, in the poor neighborhoods, the Dollar Trees are a half step above a dumpster, in the 'nice' neighborhoods, Dollar Tree stores are as nice as any modern Whole Foods. YES, THE DIVIDE EXISTS STILL
Savoir Faire
Savoir Faire 11 дней назад
The west is the best.
naturebroad87 11 дней назад
Supermarkets= how Americans came to eat like crap and become obese. Before supermarkets people grew/hunted for their food and there weren't dozens of toxic chemicals in the ingredients.
Rodney Wroten
Rodney Wroten 11 дней назад
on time line 605. the lady in middle has to me two different shoes. now days that is excepted but not then
Punkanelly Lovejoy
Punkanelly Lovejoy 12 дней назад
Omg look at all the nasty evil racist white bitches out shopping to feed their white devil families. They should get food poisoning.
Tamara Bossler
Tamara Bossler 12 дней назад
I love it
REMMY MAFIA 13 дней назад
The picture at the :10 mark (country store in NC), looks I'm sure, not unlike the scenario that fateful day back in 1955 in Mississippi, when instead of this white male standing in this picture conversing with the local blacks, there was a brief 'male-less' presence at that store back in 1955, with just the owners wife present. The gathering was probably similar to this pic probably, but the boys maybe got a bit brazen without the presence of a white male, and carried themselves rather cavalierly in the store, which obviously affected the female proprietor, to the point that when a visiting relative of one of the black boys' family, from Chicago, (and thus, not familiar with the racist atmosphere there) disrespected the married older female, by 'wolf whistling' at her. The rest is tragic history. RIP Mr. Till.
Colorodo Strong
Colorodo Strong 13 дней назад
Cashiers at Piggly Wiggly 1:20 were cuties !
Lenny Anders
Lenny Anders 13 дней назад
Oranges for one cent, excellent.
Haute Voltage
Haute Voltage 14 дней назад
badtbss ls2
badtbss ls2 14 дней назад
What’s that beat I’ve heard it somewhere
SIBERIANDEATH 14 дней назад
By the pictures I see the food was as junky as it is today and yet people were not fat, What is going on?
Sky News Daily
Sky News Daily 14 дней назад
Migdalia Madera
Migdalia Madera 15 дней назад
I was looking at the prices omg so long ago when we saw prices like those ,I'm a 50s baby and I remember the stores in NYC still had the kind old man with the glass display candy,the brown bags so you could get your own sugar, beans, coffee with the scoop omg I loved those days ,the old cars people were different then they are today need I explain????,anyway ,the egg cream sodas I just close my eyes and I'm back there.
Daughter of God
Daughter of God 15 дней назад
Would be nice to taste the food back then.. I bet it tasted so much different... maybe even better and healthier. ...
Marilyn Breedon
Marilyn Breedon 16 дней назад
I remember how hot it was in the stores too
Lou White
Lou White 16 дней назад
Wow. People were so ugly then.
Lou White
Lou White 3 дня назад
+nyctreeman No. Those old ugly people hid their inside ugliness well. It's called being two faced.
nyctreeman 15 дней назад
People are ugly today too ... take the average tramp bimbo today with all her makeup, skimpy tight clothes etc ... give her a shower and let her be natural for a week or two and see what she looks like then. And the people today are ugly on the inside too ... which is even worse.
Mr. StarOfTruth
Mr. StarOfTruth 16 дней назад
i wish i could go back in time and do my shopping and bring the groceries back with me to the future..
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