60 Incredible Vintage Photos Of Grocery Stores From Across America

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60 Incredible Vintage Photos Of Grocery Stores From Across America
Music: Track 1 - "Intractable" - Kevin Macleod Track 2- "Just as Soon" - Kevin MacLeod




2 окт 2018




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Monster Inc.
Monster Inc. День назад
The Piggly Wiggly picture, sure didn't look like the one in my home town.
Demetry Blair
Demetry Blair День назад
Piggly wiggly used to be the shit when I was growing up
Edna Perhach
Edna Perhach 2 дня назад
OMG remember so much of this , it was wonderful , you could even smoke , bare feet , get you a small paper bag of candy for 10 cents , soda in glass bottles , take them back empty and get another bag of penny candy or pop sickle .God how we didn't know how good we had it . 😘☮️
Michael Towler
Michael Towler 3 дня назад
Supermarkets are not what is implied when you say vintage grocery Stores. My first full-time job was in a small busy Grocery Store of a large Chain in London before Supermarkets came to England. It was a Grocery, Wines, Spirits Tobacconist, and Provisions, like Cheese, Bacon cut as you wait. everything was behind the Counter and on shelves and Customers would wait while you filled out their list. Plus we also delivered. around the Corner was the ironmongers, butchers, Dairy and Greengrocers.
Rb Smith
Rb Smith 3 дня назад
I remembered Piggly Wiggly in Texas but, what happened? And there’s no digital cashiers until late 80’s.
histubeness 5 дней назад
The first picture looks a lot more impressive in the colorized version, which is seen in another one these same type videos.
clmaynor 5 дней назад
At 1:07, that is Juliette Lewis so that must be a still from a movie of hers.
Gary Plummer
Gary Plummer 6 дней назад
I like the first one ,layed back in the 30,s love all the pics ...very nice thank you...
PROLAG 777 7 дней назад
So cool
Royal Lioness
Royal Lioness 8 дней назад
1:23 Grocery stores haven't had that many cashiers lines open every sense then.
Lloyd Craft
Lloyd Craft 9 дней назад
love all the old signs
Richard Leonard
Richard Leonard 9 дней назад
No one in pj's or their pants below their ass. America has gone to shit
nyneanderthal 11 дней назад
The prices alone makes me want to build a time machine and get the hell outta here.
Tra Lalalala
Tra Lalalala 11 дней назад
That woman in the grocery store. On the right. Is that M L ? From Sikeston?
David P
David P 16 дней назад
One of the pictures taken in 60's period reminds me of the H&B grocers in South Texas at that time. Good feelings!
Wendy O
Wendy O 16 дней назад
The little girl at 4.27 with Shirley Temple curls.
Caitlynn Tucker
Caitlynn Tucker 16 дней назад
So I see they still left the shopping carts in the road >:| damn people.
Vincent Belfire
Vincent Belfire 21 день назад
The thrift mart pic west Covina Ca dated 1959 is wrong. Look to the right and see a white 62 chevy
Cynthia Eng
Cynthia Eng 22 дня назад
My mother would take me shopping at safeway with her...she'd buy me 25 cent tennis shoes from there...I wanted to buy the same tennis shoes for my kids...but they were $50 dollars...WOW I also remember men stopping and starring at my mother as she shopped...she was a beautiful woman...
Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee 23 дня назад
Notice @ :13 and 5:32 N Carolina and Kentucky Kroger in 1947 was serving black folks? Segregation was mostly a myth even in the south. The food in these stores was grown by small family farms, not corporate farms with migrant workers and it was fresh and tasted better. Cigarettes were 15 to 50 cents a pack no sin taxes yet. People aren't fat like today because there was no food pyramid. No one heard of low calories or diet sodas, pure cane sugar not beet sugars, or corn syrups were used. My favorite photo is @ 1:24, but that would be a lawsuit over sexism today. So sad, what a simple wonderful world we left and wound up in this torment in the 21st century we have now.
BrianB 24 дня назад
Soda always tastes better coming out of a glass container.
Arthur Trauer
Arthur Trauer 25 дней назад
People used to either dress well for everyday things, but it wasn’t unusual for folks to go to the grocery store in the pj’s either. I remember my mom smoking while grocery shopping, but the floors were always clean. Five loaves of bread for a dollar, but it was that ballon bread. The store had a soda machine and on the rare occasion I had a dime I would by a bottle of orange soda. I had to stand by the machine to finish the soda because I didn’t have two cents for the bottle deposit. Then you just put the empty into the wooden soda crate on the floor. I miss you mom.
NPC #303
NPC #303 25 дней назад
If people would have never forgot how to teach their kids how to act they would still have glass bottles...
Jerrin Phox
Jerrin Phox 25 дней назад
@1:23 nine cashier open, today if you find three you're lucky.
RollYourRock 28 дней назад
@ 6:47 1962 Chevy on the far right...
mushroom cap dick, the fat bastard
mushroom cap dick, the fat bastard 28 дней назад
Oh WoW! Did you see that sign? Rubbers 1 penny!
PHEB.e 28 дней назад
Can someone do this with a Walmart to see 20yrs from now
charles madison
charles madison 28 дней назад
6:51 on the right-hand side are a '62 Chevy & a '61 Ford ... It sure isn't 1958!
David Johnson
David Johnson 29 дней назад
Hello folks, I remember these days of living. My goodness how things were and how much they have changed.
Don Whitlock
Don Whitlock 29 дней назад
The picture with the ladies in rollers . That was Acceptable back then
Michael Mack
Michael Mack Месяц назад
Wow! I can feel the discrimination.
EF ANDMK Месяц назад
Where did they hide their fat people and couldn't we do that now?
Edward X
Edward X Месяц назад
At 1:07, which one of these gals could be called Ethel???
Sharon Crawford
Sharon Crawford Месяц назад
I was born in 1956. It seems like food tasted better in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.
M M Месяц назад
@8:03 Ralphs is still going strong in So CA.
M M Месяц назад
I used to love going grocery shopping with my mom. Safeway in the late 1960's had a automatic meat wrapping system that was the coolest thing (to me). and I was fascinated at how the checkers could work so fast without looking at the register. I do all the shopping for my family and I still enjoy it.
hogfest 50
hogfest 50 Месяц назад
2.54 mins into this it shows a mother and kids one kid standing up in a trolley in the year 1956 , here in the UK we lived like bloody savages in those times bloody old miserly corner shops up until tesco it was street markets . the us was the envy of the world . from the cars to houses fashion music you had it all just watch an old 1950s english movie to see how crappy how life style was . bloody stupid cars that always rusted away and broke down then the houses the music was crap too .
Joni Michalski
Joni Michalski Месяц назад
Memories Some People Still Do
Gail Doughty
Gail Doughty Месяц назад
Apparently no grocery stores north of Maryland on the east coast.
Marley Von Hoffstein
Marley Von Hoffstein Месяц назад
I grew up in Australia and I remember going with my mother and three siblings to a supermarket called Coles, slogan: "A new world of shopping." This was in the '60s and they had a space age theme with a huge mural of a rocket landing on the moon. Then when my kids were little (2000's) I took them to a supermarket called Franklin's Big Fresh where they had robot cows that mooed when the kids pressed a button, chickens that clucked, sheep that baa-ed, etc. They loved it, but of course they took all that away when Woolworths bought Franklins. Shopping is boring now.
Bryan Wilson
Bryan Wilson Месяц назад
Good ol days if you were white !! I was born in 1949 and we had a town by-law. … a black person could not sleep overnight. When I 5 or 6 … I used to watch men come out of a meeting hall dressed in white top to bottom sheets with pointed white hats. My grandfather was one of them. I never knew at the time. Ontario Canada
M M Месяц назад
Get over yourself.
everlastingcurves Месяц назад
Thanks so much for the pics of Greenbelt, Md!!
mark vacval
mark vacval Месяц назад
At the 6:49 it states " Grocery store parking lot 1959" Well it can't be 1959 when there is a 1962 Chevy in the parking lot. It just makes me wonder how accurate the dates for the whole video are?
The Weeping Willow
The Weeping Willow Месяц назад
I remember bag boys bagging your groceries AND taking them to the car for u...now days your lucky someone bags them...😩
M M Месяц назад
Here in orange county CA we have Stater Bro's grocery stores. They still bag grocery's and take them to your car if needed.
Johnny Botts
Johnny Botts Месяц назад
It's nice that the photos didn't change every millionth of a second like videos have done for the part 30 years. No worries about having an epileptic seizure while watching...
Kristina Clark
Kristina Clark Месяц назад
the kid standing up in the front of the buggy! he's the reason for the warnings on the Wal-Mart carts now! 😂
Curtis Jones
Curtis Jones Месяц назад
I remember back in the 50s ad 60s women's hair styles and glasses looked sooo dorky.
Michael Powers
Michael Powers Месяц назад
And look!, that child isn't strapped in with a 5 point safety harness straps..1:57
Tillik 100
Tillik 100 Месяц назад
More color, more style and character in vintage groceries. Just like cars back in the day had more colors and shapes. Now almost every car is either black, white, or silver and they're all designed with the same shape, can hardly tell the apart now. Groceries are now cold and industrial looking, no style, no color. white, silver chrome, soulless.
jason royale
jason royale Месяц назад
who wears curlers in public anymore? fashion faux pas
jason royale
jason royale Месяц назад
+M M they did back then as well. what's wrong with them?
M M Месяц назад
Now girls are overweight, dress like slobs, wear pajamas in public and act like hoes.
Eileen Kauffman
Eileen Kauffman Месяц назад
These pics make me feel peaceful. THANK YOU SO much for posting.
Sal Vice
Sal Vice Месяц назад
Wow! I wish I could just pick a photo and dive right in
Cathy Holt
Cathy Holt Месяц назад
this is that get you sleepy Zzzzzzzz kind of video
c4barry Месяц назад
Someone contact Project Blue Book! The aliens have clearly landed and they were at Thriftimart in West Covina in 1959 driving a '62 Chevrolet! ( 6:48 far right)
Pat Vavra
Pat Vavra Месяц назад
Watch 'two women fight in walmart' after this. It's hilarious.
The Anthropologist _Forensic
The Anthropologist _Forensic Месяц назад
Wow,,, this makes me so incredibly sad. How we have fallen in less than half a century.
Froylan Malpica
Froylan Malpica Месяц назад
American Glam!!! Jajajajaja since 1960
John Bam Bam Morgan
John Bam Bam Morgan Месяц назад
I sure wish I could have contributed to this video when being made because my family opened a Mom & Pop Grocery store back in 1963 and we offered American, Lebanese and Mexican foods and home made deli. We had people from all over the country driving to shop at our store and we ended up supplying over 100 Mexican restaurants their food for years. We had write ups in the Washington Post and more. Man, I have some awesome pics from early '70's of inside the store. I guess I'll have to do my own documentary. Nice video back in time.
valerie gaylord
valerie gaylord Месяц назад
Cut the music and narrate
Jay Flaboozy
Jay Flaboozy Месяц назад
Was there only white people back then ?
Jay Flaboozy
Jay Flaboozy Месяц назад
Wow I can smell the racism in these pics
Jay Flaboozy
Jay Flaboozy Месяц назад
Marley Von Hoffstein sure Jan
Marley Von Hoffstein
Marley Von Hoffstein Месяц назад
Jay Flaboozy - What about 0:12? Five black men, one white man - and he's smiling.
jorge pearl
jorge pearl Месяц назад
now you choose from your computer, buy online, no people around
Billie Bob Norton III
Billie Bob Norton III Месяц назад
Many of the housewives back in the day were having affairs with the men who worked in the butcher section. The ladies would offer their "meat" for a "meaty treat" from the butcher. He would mark down the price per pound depending on what the housewives would do for him back in the refrigerator. Some women got the prices down to almost pennies per pound. That's where the expression "pound your meat" came from. If the store manager caught the butcher and housewife "doing the nasty" he would insist that the housewife come to the front office so he could have his way with her.....sometimes he would ask that she bring one of her girlfriend neighbors for a threesome. If she did he would mark down some of the items in her shopping cart. Cucumbers were always free!!!!!!!!!!
Marley Von Hoffstein
Marley Von Hoffstein Месяц назад
Billie Bob, you have a very active imagination.
paul williams
paul williams Месяц назад
Subscribed, YT.
Bill Grandone
Bill Grandone Месяц назад
Boy those pictures bring back a lot of memories. I remember when women got dressed up to shop, some stores would deliver without charge, and all allowed credit in my home town because the mines were not working every day. I grew up in the period after WWII when the railroads switched from coal to diesel and most people were changing from coal furnaces to gas or electric, so miner's had it tough. The grocers would write the grocery bill on pads like waitresses use and stack them alphabetically on a set of shelves behind the cash register. Most people would shop on the day after payday and pay part of their old bill and part on the new purchases. I don't know how those grocers made a living but I guess they figured that half a loaf was better than none. Now we have food stamps to help the poor, but what most people don't realize is that it really helped the grocer meet his bills and overhead.
Bill Grandone
Bill Grandone Месяц назад
Canned soda came in stores in the 60's not the 80's,
paul williams
paul williams Месяц назад
This is a seriously clear window into the past. Thanks!
SSGA_tgbuddy Месяц назад
Did anyone remember that in some stores there would be a fruit and vegetable clerk to weigh and price your produce?
SSGA_tgbuddy Месяц назад
Been wondering lately if the more recent generations know what the C with the line thru it even meant.
Tomekkplk Месяц назад
The piggly wiggly, best place to go to pickup chicks
willy jones
willy jones Месяц назад
😔 So nice ... So White 😓 . . .
Bonnie Mcmillion
Bonnie Mcmillion Месяц назад
Wonderful pictures. Simpler times. Thank you.
Angela Hartzell
Angela Hartzell Месяц назад
Women in curlers. Most women I knew as a child did their own hair unless it was a special occasion. If seen on Saturday morning, she was headed out Saturday night. If seen Saturday afternoon, she was setting her style for church on Sunday. Curlers most always were wrapped in pretty chiffon scarves.
Lanny Rafa
Lanny Rafa Месяц назад
before hiv/aids existed. why do black men rape monkeys in the jungle???? they rape goats to.
Havaseet2 Месяц назад
1:27 What the hell happened to watermelons? As a kid in the 60s and 70s, I remember THOSE giant long heavy watermelons. They'd last for days and take up an entire shelf in the fridge. Today they're like small soccer balls and lack flavor.
Mike Frost
Mike Frost Месяц назад
I remember the early 60s. On Friday nights the entire block smelled like hair permanent chemicals. Ah, the good old days.
arabion knights
arabion knights Месяц назад
Shame shame shame. Pretending to be so innocent. While oppressing the black race. America soil has my great grand father's blood all over ir.
J. Mtz.
J. Mtz. Месяц назад
Billy from Tallahassee was sexy af 😍
Sidi Macário
Sidi Macário Месяц назад
Tem muita mentira aí. Em 60 ter um frizer com tampa de vidro...
nobackhands Месяц назад
My parents owned a store...remember it well. Rare to see someone count change back
SilverStrike Месяц назад
Kind of strange just seeing that many shoppers and no one on a phone. Pretty groovy video.
miles pitts
miles pitts Месяц назад
I GREW up in the 50'-60's..my dad had a country store,,guys would hang out and enjoy each other
Alexandria M
Alexandria M Месяц назад
These images are actually rare to come by
Chris Reed
Chris Reed Месяц назад
3:03 Is a Publix Supermarket..Notice the logo on the wall "Where Shopping is A Pleasure" the age old Publix logo..
Home Boy
Home Boy Месяц назад
The USA was such a short lived empire and that’s genuine a shame. The USA was almost the greatest country on earth.
TheBaldr Месяц назад
Cashiers at Piggly Wiggly.. In Matsumoto supermarkets in Japan that what it like, mostly women, but some men cashiers. When they are not helping customer they stand in front of their cashier isle to direct a customer to them.
TheBaldr Месяц назад
That first picture, there are still country general stores like that still open in North Carolina.
Dan Seabreeze
Dan Seabreeze Месяц назад
Didn't see any Grand Union or Pantry Pride grocery stores, remember them? Might be only in Florida, not sure...
My Domain
My Domain Месяц назад
At the most , we can honestly say , there was a time! 🙂
IronheadOfScroteus Месяц назад
I don't think my mom ever went to the store WITHOUT rollers in her hair. It was like the required grocery shopping uniform.
Nia the Gulf Gypsy
Nia the Gulf Gypsy Месяц назад
Love the soundtrack --- Great video, too! Lots of memories! I recall Mayfair Markets in San Diego in the 60's and 70's, Thrift Mart, too! And PET milk products.... Up in Duluth, MN, there was a house about a block from where my husband grew up that the ground level was a small, neighborhood grocer and the family who owned and ran it, lived upstairs. It was still in business as late as about 1995.
Ruthlessnoodle Месяц назад
If youre a cashier you HAD to be great at math and quick!
ChokeMeMistress 2 месяца назад
Where are the blacks?
Mo B
Mo B Месяц назад
Down at the BBQ shack singing old negro spirituals.
ChokeMeMistress 2 месяца назад
Women were so sexy back then I want all of them to choke me
FukAzz RS
FukAzz RS 2 месяца назад
I liked those. Such a mundane task, the people seemed more real to life than in other slideshows
FukAzz RS
FukAzz RS 2 месяца назад
so many carbs... no wonder people got more and more sick
Shotgun93Alexander 2 месяца назад
I don’t see any cram or sugar bombs...
Александр Барсуков
Александр Барсуков 2 месяца назад
Шикарно. А у нас такое позорище :( выкладка товара открытым способом началась лишь в 70х, и то не всех. Входишь в магазин, а внутри очередь за колбасой или мясом, рубили тут же.
Jeremy Lavoie
Jeremy Lavoie 2 месяца назад
Back when, people didn't go out in public with mustard stained sweat pants and Bed head..
leewisowaty 2 месяца назад
When America was great
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