6 Vegans vs 1 Secret Meat Eater

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Published on


Jun 30, 2019




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Comments 80
Jubilee 11 months ago
Hey good humans! Hope you enjoyed this episode of Odd Man Out - more coming soon! IMPORTANT NOTE: We absolutely understand how a lot of you are feeling regarding behavior shown in this video and know that this type of behavior is not what we stand for, but we wanted to be honest with what happened on set. Our ask is that even still you all be respectful of the individuals in our videos regardless of whether you are upset with what they said or did. Please do not go personal or invade their privacy - we do not stand by that at all. We do appreciate your passion, but let’s all try to focus it on positivity when we can 🙏
Brianna Brown
Brianna Brown 10 days ago
Did that individual ever apologize for their behavior? It’d be easier to move past it if I knew the person recognized they were wrong and worked on being a nicer human.
tasmin leonard
tasmin leonard 17 days ago
This is the same thing you should've told Erin!
Alexa Mendez
Alexa Mendez 2 months ago
Just please PLEASE dont bring Erin In any episode she was really rude to other people and I feel sorry to one of them just please
Tatjana Becker
Tatjana Becker 2 months ago
Don't ever invite erin to your show. EVERYBODY HATED HER
Selin Sari
Selin Sari 2 months ago
didn't seem like Erin was focusing on positivity but fuck that am I right?
Avvii 3 hours ago
Sour patch kids are vegan, k-erin Suck it
Paige Conway
Paige Conway 4 hours ago
Erin is very unpleasant
Brother Cranium
Brother Cranium 5 hours ago
Pause the video at 8:55
Happy Crasher
Happy Crasher 5 hours ago
you can tell who the vegans are by their general pathetic stature and their awful haircuts.
sloanexox 7 hours ago
9:43 Jaylyn: Wait so we raise our hand if we think he's still in here? Elizabeth: I think THEY might. shes my favorite.
/Amelia /
/Amelia / 8 hours ago
Dude, Erin is so annoying uhg
Notthefather 8 hours ago
Sour Patch Kids are vegan Erin. Shows what you don't know.
Lucy Singh
Lucy Singh 11 hours ago
Erin could’ve won an academy award if she was faking lol
zoey 11 hours ago
Honey is gross
Digital Fear
Digital Fear 12 hours ago
Erin is the most annoying person I have ever seen she gets vegans a bad name
briwatkins79 12 hours ago
Erin is the reason people hate vegans. a vegan , a DJ and an atheist walked into a bar..... I know cuz they made sure to tell all of us there.
Sooshi. P
Sooshi. P 13 hours ago
I thought everyone was cool at first but at one point everyone just started sucking up to erin. Especially that milewki guy. Most likley cuz theyre scared of her. At one point it was just almost all against brandon except for the few who were chill. BRAINLESS SHEEP PEOPLE. Erin was seriously so rude.
Molly Wendell-Pearson
I would've voted erin out just for being annoying
Octive Danger
Octive Danger 13 hours ago
Who else hates Erin
Dilara Yontucu
Dilara Yontucu 14 hours ago
I am sorry you might not like her attitude but erin was right, veganism is not a diet it is a lifestyle. And she sure was coming to people cause she had to make them talk that is the format.
A Ero
A Ero 14 hours ago
Lol if you look at the description Erin doesn’t have any social media because iTs nOT veGAn
Liam Kostas
Liam Kostas 17 hours ago
We could all tell from the start Erin wasn’t the vegan
Jenna B
Jenna B 18 hours ago
Some of these comments are worse than Erin’s behavior. Pretty sure our points have gotten across guys
Harlequill 18 hours ago
Erin has some really dark circles under her eyes. She looks as nutrient-deficient as she is character-deficient. She may be vegan but if she’s not careful she’s gonna be eating a knuckle sandwich.
Aileen Hernandez
Aileen Hernandez 19 hours ago
“I dOnT tHiNk ThAtS wHaT vEgAnS wEaR” Ok, how does your style and your clothes have to do with you being vegan- they were just voting out people for no specific real reason.
WoodyWoods428 19 hours ago
This video proved why a lot of meat eaters don’t like vegans.
Elise Zile
Elise Zile 20 hours ago
I just finished the video for the sake of finishing it. Watching that Erin girl, and with a little bit of Mallewi, I can't stand it. Erin is so aggressive and controlling.
tommy sullivan
tommy sullivan 20 hours ago
Sour patch kids are vegan and most people dont know but alot of the mainstream candies are like skittles, red vines, starburst minis, mamba fruit chew, hubba bubba gum, sweedish fish, liquorice, and jolly ranchers.
Spinny Playz
Spinny Playz 22 hours ago
That ya one in the green was annoying.
Stephanie Crahal
Stephanie Crahal 23 hours ago
Like, are you the vegan police? Chill out, girl. You have to accept all stages of veganism if you want our movement to progress.
KeviBx Day ago
Lmao the short hair one was easily the most out of shape person their, ol eggplant built ass.
Diogo Santos
Diogo Santos Day ago
She is just needing that "MEAT" treatment.
Ulton Day ago
Hope Erin is reading these comments. She needs a reality check.
Zambil ̣
Zambil ̣ Day ago
she's the reason i can't watch AoT happily anymore
May FS
May FS Day ago
If you notice in the description, no Social Media info for Erin available, *winkwink* Hehehehehehehehehehehe...
Payton Douglass
Sour patch kids are vegan☺️ they use a starch and not gelatine and don’t contain animal products.
Emiii mm
Emiii mm Day ago
I’m vegan bc I moved out here lol what?? lol
hey there delilah
" sour patch kids aren't vegan" they ARE sis needs to do her research smh😐
My self-confidence Is non-existent
I would try to kick Erin out just out of pettiness 💀💀💀 like I wouldn’t care about that money if I could just see her face
Inyourlap Day ago
Erin’s middle name must be Karen
Luis B
Luis B Day ago
Erin is the picture of a vegan; annoying, disrespectful and judgemental
Erin is the reason people hate vegans
Alejandra Aniceto
Erin is so damn annoying, i swear, i am so glad she didn't win
Hoohieokala Day ago
i really hope brandon crashes one of erin's yoga classes one day
Shetel Day ago
Erin the vegan police ! 👮
Shetel Day ago
Erin is def one of those vegans that push their views on you . Ewh
Lo En
Lo En Day ago
Wow what was the problem of the bitchy chick in green? I mean first of all, why are you so damn aggressive? Second of all: Why do you choose to invalidate someone who is actually trying? That poor dude is trying to be vegan and just wasn't aware of some stuff and you just made him feel bad for trying to do it right. Wtf. You're literally the reason why so many people can't stand vegans: You're elitist, degrading, ignorant, entitled, arrogant, and think you are better than everyone else just because you think you are the epitome of a "good vegan" or an "actual vegan". You talk down to someone for literally no reason other than the fact that he ate some candy that has animal products in it. Don't you realize that YOU are the bad one out of all of them? Come down from your pedestal you put yourself on and stop being an obnoxious gate-keeper, this only stops people from joining the vegan community cause asshats like you freak them out with your mentality. God, get a personality outside of your eating habit and start treating other people with respect.
Thunderking A
Vladimir Putin
The most iconic names in the meme community: Kyle Karen Erin
It’s me Kia
Erin is soooo annoying 😡😡😤😤
Dharma Rivera
Erin is the vegan version of Karen
claireee 17
claireee 17 Day ago
tbh it would have killed me if Erin was the mole
Diana Delphine
Erin needs to learn how to listen and stop interrupting people
ERIN is the most detested person EVER on jubilee segments. SHEESH, i can see someone bolting in front of a moving train to get away from her. How obnoxious.
Melvin Sogue
Melvin Sogue Day ago
only one real vegan there actually
Lorena Villalba
Los odio
Remedynr Day ago
she doesn't iknow why everyone is telling her about that (that vegans eat at taco bells)...definitely not because she is trying to define each and everyone of them, while policing everything
Remedynr Day ago
"we vote with our dollars" :| Jesus I think it's time to return, come home man, please..it's a mess over here on this planet, wee seek guidance, plz
Pan Day ago
Erin behavior is disgusting and disrespectful
Issa fraud
Issa fraud Day ago
Erin is the reason why people are hesitant to be vegan. Aggression and gate keeping scare people away from even attempting to go vegan.
Ananya Jafa
Ananya Jafa 2 days ago
I came here to read hate on erin.
Breana10969 2 days ago
kash s
kash s 2 days ago
I hope when she went home her mom/husband slapped her in her privileged face.
Erika K
Erika K 2 days ago
I think Erin just made a lot of enemies. Why she gotta do Brandon like that. I don’t care if she is friendly to our environment, she is so mean to him 😢👿👿
Saved 2 days ago
Erin is toxic asf, jeez
Serenia Kelly
Serenia Kelly 2 days ago
How much more Karen can you be?
Nance 2 days ago
You know you f'ed up when Pew Die Pie makes a video mocking you.
Senor Diego
Senor Diego 2 days ago
Erin you toxic and elitist. That's all :)
sofia sofia
sofia sofia 2 days ago
8:56 why does she look like an old lady
Enter Name
Enter Name 2 days ago
Erin was going after everyone and being aggressive, then as soon as everyone was like, "Well, I've seen vegan options available at taco bell," she was like WoAh, why are you coming after me 🙄
clawag 2 days ago
Erin just destroyed her social media life with this video
Dizzy Guy
Dizzy Guy 2 days ago
Lol I hope Karen I mean Erin reads all these comments and realizes how much of a poo human being she is
Meii 2 days ago
Erin is one of those vegans who tried to be superior and dominant by their own "levels of veganism", ew.
Richie 2 days ago
Literally here just for the comments 🤣
Pandora Sith
Pandora Sith 2 days ago
They should have voted Erin out. Such an intolerant human. I could go on... the hate runs strong with this one...
ravioli ravioli fuck you
I would vote her out even if I knew she was vegan.
Roberto Lerma
Roberto Lerma 2 days ago
Erins literally so annoying she was that kid no one liked growing up... and she makes that the focal point of why she’s a vegan and just better then everyone
Olivia Romero
Olivia Romero 2 days ago
Quien viene por Angie Velasco?
Random Guy
Random Guy 2 days ago
ERIN *The Vegan Karen*
Koolaid Jammers
Koolaid Jammers 2 days ago
You can tell erins never having kids
Vera Lucia
Vera Lucia 2 days ago
Tamuno Peterside
Tamuno Peterside 2 days ago
I literally hate Erin
Vishal Farma
Vishal Farma 2 days ago
OG Karen
Sarah Shaw
Sarah Shaw 2 days ago
Erin is the Karen of vegans
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