6 Underground starring Ryan Reynolds | Official Trailer | Netflix

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Ryan Reynolds, Michael Bay and a metric f💥ck-load of dynamite. Only on Netflix, December 13.
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6 Underground starring Ryan Reynolds | Official Trailer | Netflix


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Oct 1, 2019




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Comments 7 512
Armin van Buuren
Armin van Buuren 4 months ago
‘ALL WE EVER HEAR FROM YOU IS BLAH BLAH BLAH’ Thanks for including my track ‘Blah Blah Blah’!
Mister Rap
Mister Rap 4 days ago
Ta bakkes toe
booker dewitt
booker dewitt 19 days ago
kickass soundtrack ever made ign 10/10
Rubêm Dos Santos
Rubêm Dos Santos 22 days ago
"And we don't even care about they say 'cause it's jajajaja blah blah blah blah". Loving Trance so much!!
Help me. What this song??? 1:45
flintlights 6 hours ago
I just finished watching this, and I must say, AMAZING!!!!! Should’ve known it was a Michael Bay film, it had his name written all over it. This was well written and directed! Underground 7 next?
Hans Diamante
Hans Diamante 9 hours ago
I like how even the intro it gets obvious that its michael bay
The 40K Gentleman
The 40K Gentleman 18 hours ago
I like how they already set up for 8 more sequels, I think They are trying to go the Fast and Furious route
Abhimanyu Dhar
Abhimanyu Dhar 23 hours ago
One of the best series from netflix. Keep it up guys👏👏
Hollywood - series
Full movie Hindi dubbed 👈👈
inzomniiak Day ago
Came here just to say that right after the side view mirror of the green car was taken away by the big truck it did just showed back up on the car, intact like if it never happened. not even 6 seconds after. lol.
Abbasi Àk47
Abbasi Àk47 2 days ago
That is great movie 💯 alot of Actions
Yacine Ray
Yacine Ray 2 days ago
Le truc ridicule c quand ryan reynolds explique a ses collègues les 4 généraux dictateur hhhhh allez vous faire foutres les américains c'est vous qui l'avaient installer et crédité
Newaz Tips Book
Newaz Tips Book 2 days ago
wow jst amazing
Marcus Medina
Marcus Medina 2 days ago
This movie was SO good... my Netflix account broke after the first 20 minutes.
Jon Dough
Jon Dough 6 hours ago
Give me the password ill fix it🧐🤣
Pete Pan
Pete Pan 3 days ago
OK....so here is my question....and forgive me if it's dumb.....If they are ghosts....how could the kid in hte opening scene die ???
Alexander Wolf
Alexander Wolf 3 days ago
Best movie to fall asleep
Goutham Chalamala
I owe my Dolby Audio system to Michael Bay
Nicola Daisy
Nicola Daisy 5 days ago
A total waste of time, very very boring.
SUMAN DAS 5 days ago
Movie name pls??
John Doe
John Doe 6 days ago
Movie makes no sense. Unlimited bad guys and Parkour lol
Saiduz Zaman
Saiduz Zaman 6 days ago
Who is here after watching movie 🔥🔥🔥
Donovan 6 days ago
I enjoyed this movie. Was it deep? No. Was it Great? No. Was it entertaining? For me, yes. Also, I was glad about #4.
Ashwin Kumar
Ashwin Kumar 6 days ago
This movie is soo frinkin good. Loved it. Waiting for the sequel....!
naved mawani
naved mawani 6 days ago
Max Looter
Max Looter 7 days ago
This movie take place when wade wilson a mercenary and dont have a power
khalid khalil
khalid khalil 7 days ago
The trailer set the expectation very high, but I couldn't bring myself to watch the movie. it was weird. Can anyone relate?
Sherwood CS
Sherwood CS 4 days ago
yeah me too
Jen Tuesday
Jen Tuesday 8 days ago
I wish that I had known that this was a Michael Bay movie prior.....that factoid would've prepared me for this Transformers-Level film. That being said, if you thought Transformers was a great movie.... or Michael Bay films in general, then by all means, you'll enjoy. This is your type of movie. But for me personally, It was like watching a cringy train wreck that I couldn't quite tear my eyes away from. No hate on the actors or stunt/special effects people for that....I think they all did a fantastic job...… but even everything else done great can't make up for atrocious writing.
Gohan khan
Gohan khan 9 days ago
please uplode in urdu
Fred Collins
Fred Collins 9 days ago
Micheal Bay always kicks ass!!!
Brody R
Brody R 9 days ago
Zmrzlina Kopečková
Somebody here for Ben Hardy?
budak kampung
budak kampung 9 days ago
Let's shout sequel sequel sequel sequel sequel sequel sequel sequel..
budak kampung
budak kampung 9 days ago
Really disappointed with Rotten rating this movie.. this movie deserve more.. the actions, graphics, cinematography, soundtrack, parkour scene, guns bomb blasting, chopper and jets.. man.. this shit is LIT!!
Hadee ahmed
Hadee ahmed 10 days ago
Yo i loved it
Aurangabad United
Aurangabad United 10 days ago
I am from INDIA waiting for second part...
ann kitty's
ann kitty's 10 days ago
This movie is really good
Richard Monroe
Richard Monroe 10 days ago
Horrible movie
Steph Sancia
Steph Sancia 10 days ago
Thee Best Film I've seen in like Forever ✌️ An Eternity of Immortal One line Quotes ! Just SOO SO COOL ❤️ Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant !! ✌️
konarttis 11 days ago
Painfully long first scene , 20 minutes of car cashing with a horribly neon green coloured ALFA Romeo ..
Nabil Ibrahim
Nabil Ibrahim 12 days ago
Very very good filming I am enjoyed the scenes ,but this movie could be better if it was more serious than comedian .
mayo cruz
mayo cruz 12 days ago
Great scene.... bad story
MAYORITAS 13 days ago
2:15 It's Transformers!
Mobycor 13 days ago
with great editing and music bla bla bla bla also sound great🤣🤣
WCTA Chicago underground sound
I keep rewatching chunks, like the cut scenes in between screaming car tires
Rosemberg Berciano
Rosemberg Berciano 14 days ago
Michael bay a hoe for not giving us another transformer
Md Sohel
Md Sohel 15 days ago
This movie is lit damnnnn 🔥
Radmehr BHR
Radmehr BHR 15 days ago
Love it or hate it but this movie was pretty dope and entertaining imo.
Xonira Z
Xonira Z 16 days ago
This dude looks a lot like Max Kellerman lol
RakEsh Media
RakEsh Media 16 days ago
hey Buddies Is a single movie or it have season 1.
Alex L
Alex L 17 days ago
Ya this is a Michael Bay movie but it's unexpectedly good LOL
EU1 xTwist
EU1 xTwist 17 days ago
This is the best movie evveeeerr❤️❤️
Nithin Thomas
Nithin Thomas 18 days ago
thats pretty much the best shots in the movie. great job netflix 😑
Devil Jin
Devil Jin 18 days ago
I love direction Michael Bay
mohammed jawaad ali
Much better than f9
creative genius666
creative genius666 18 days ago
thought this was a deadpool movie
hotboydavid 19 days ago
Michael Bay Movie be like: -to much explosions n fireworks -camera angle looks familiar -transformer without robots
Tahseen Taj
Tahseen Taj 20 days ago
Guys remember Directed by Michael Bay
Lenin Salazar Sanchez
Ok polilla
Ayaz Ahmed
Ayaz Ahmed 21 day ago
This movie is damn awesome Netflix rocks
Sumit Attri
Sumit Attri 21 day ago
Mind blowing movies,what a action ....first 20 min boom ,last 20 min blast..........
13thMonkey 21 day ago
Can't believe how bad it was tbh. The whole woop woop u.s saving lives propaganda was more unrealistic then anything you'll see in any avengers movie.
J. Rambo
J. Rambo 21 day ago
Have you seen all the retards bashing this masterpiece on imdb?
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