6 Underground: Because Science Says So (and Ryan Reynolds does too) | Netflix

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Science proved it: 6 Underground is the most Michael Bay movie Michael Bay has ever Bayed. Ryan Reynolds is there too.
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6 Underground | Adrenalytics | Netflix
After faking his death, a tech billionaire recruits a team of international operatives for a bold and bloody mission to take down a brutal dictator.


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Dec 4, 2019




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Comments 645
Sulay Jamal Barry
Ryan, can you ask Micheal Bay to put the mafia cars in Forza Horizon 4?😁
LESLIE ORTIZ 9 days ago
the guy a absult genuis(:c B)
Jean Roch
Jean Roch 19 days ago
Bay and Reynolds... this makes so much sense, it should have happened sooner.
אסף אפרים
אסף אפרים 22 days ago
Ryan is doing what an actor needs to do - - - ENTERTAIN! MB and Ryan was Inevitibale.
Dedar Doo
Dedar Doo 25 days ago
When 7 shoots through the windows of the Hong Kong apartment, I'm sure they play the Microsoft Windows theme tune.
the destiny player
the destiny player 26 days ago
The car mirror on the driver's side it comes back after it breaks off
OrangeJelly 69
OrangeJelly 69 Month ago
Guys, remember at the first couple mintues, the green car almost hit the truck and the side mirror was removed because it got hit by the truck, then minutes later you can see the side mirror on the driver seat was okay again😂
Anand AnilVarghese
So basically Michael Bay is the American Rohit Shetty
Teekay Month ago
The movie is insane and they even sent me popcorn to go with it ! Thank you Netflix
Mr Durden
Mr Durden Month ago
The best movie NETFLIX great movie!!!! 🤙🎉👍
Bastian Rivero
Bastian Rivero Month ago
Watched it yesterday, it was amazing
Deathbringer 2200
Under rated movie 100% it was fantastic I would love to see a second
mochi su
mochi su Month ago
this movie was SOOOOO good omg
Mr. Hostility
Mr. Hostility Month ago
Soooo...Netflix. No. Get woke, go broke.
ozr2mus Month ago
This movie is by far the best action movie ever
Niel Rossouw
Niel Rossouw Month ago
Green Lantern was Ryan Reynolds' worst movie. 6 Underground: "Hold my beer"
Sam J
Sam J Month ago
I watched it.... It's not get more Michael Bayerier then 6 underground. 😜
FknRa Month ago
Ryan Reynolds is a national treasure.
44bgood Month ago
I like how they showed "Bayes' Theorom" on the chalkboard. P(A|B) = P(B|A)*P(A) / P(B)
Craigus Irving
Craigus Irving Month ago
6 Underground is one of the worst movies I haven't been able to watch past half way, and I tried 3 times...
Anna Month ago
From now on, all censor bleeps must be replaced by a the "truth" voiceover!
Quickmix Month ago
This is it!
T Erha
T Erha Month ago
It was indeed very Michal Bay-ish but yet I have no idea what it was all about.. seriously no clue
ernest schulze
ernest schulze Month ago
Action is good but storyline sucks
Chevifier Month ago
This man could literally sell Gin to people...
It had all the elements of a good movie it was just OK
Hao Zhang
Hao Zhang Month ago
I was triggered by that wrong Bayes’ rule
Zim Rivas
Zim Rivas Month ago
Science also says there are only 2 genders 😂🤘👌 sooo
dimastyi m
dimastyi m Month ago
У Netflix парашные фильмы. Не смотря на популярных актёров, дорогие спецэффекты,... что-то с ними не так. Сюжеты дебильные, незаконченные, действия персонажей крайне глупые и нелогичные и т.д. Ни один из фильмов не понравился.
Chewy ToeNails
Chewy ToeNails Month ago
If your happy and you know it, Ryan Reynolds. If your happy and you know it, Avation gin. If your happy and you know it and you really wanna show it, Michael Bay.
Aka Reader
Aka Reader Month ago
this is how deadpool deadpooled ryan reynolds in 6 underground
Ahmad Hijazi
Ahmad Hijazi Month ago
Didn't know about the movie before it's release Just opened Netflix and it was there Saw Ryan Reynolds Hit play And wasn't disappointed
Farhad Ahmed
Farhad Ahmed Month ago
horias86 Month ago
What a shitty movie
Seeking 22
Seeking 22 Month ago
Now we'll... Who's Michel bay?
Earth 1111
Earth 1111 Month ago
Still one of the worst movies of the 21st century
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 13 days ago
Earth 1111 false
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Month ago
First, there was Green Lantern. Now, there’s 6 underground. 🤢 Can a Michael Bay movie be too Michael Bay? Yes! Yes it can. It was like it was written by a teenager and directed by a 5 year old boy. The car scenes and explosions made 2 Fast 2 Furious look totally legit.
135Zeus Month ago
Cool explosions and action. Shit movie
135Zeus Month ago
The plot was kidnapped. Complete shit
TheDroneScene Month ago
Garbage movie. Saw 30 minutes and bye.
Crystal Clear of Oneself
I have watched it twice it like an ear worm the arget to watch again is there lol its a great movie 😁 l liked it it has Ryan and the girl who plays the CiA she from Now you see me the movie love her in that.
MR V Month ago
Boring movie.
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 13 days ago
MR V *exciting
pHD77 Month ago
Sadly, Michael Bay blew his load within the first 20 minutes while the remaining 100 minutes were kinda meh.
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 13 days ago
pHD77 nope
Darren Watkins
Darren Watkins Month ago
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 13 days ago
Darren Watkins you’re an idiot
The Shrimpy Tomato
Nah it was good not like good good just fun to watch and also chill out.
Pl Al
Pl Al Month ago
I love the Film. Its awesome. 😂
Joseph Marsh
Joseph Marsh Month ago
yo dawg, herd you like Michael Bay films, so we got you the most Michael Bay film, Michael Bay has ever Michael Bay-ed. I enjoy that Michael Bay leans into his reputation. lol
Marko Mijuskovic
Your new movie sucks so bad I watched it for five minutes and quit before the first car chase was over. Another one of those comedy actions except it’s not funny and action is crap. Blood squirting is supposed to make me laugh??? Please...
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 13 days ago
Marko Mijuskovic you’re clearly a moron
Tamas Strezi
Tamas Strezi Month ago
Utter shite of a movie...
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 13 days ago
Tamas Strezi that’s not this movie
Perf World
Perf World Month ago
such a turd of a movie.... two thumbs down... waaaaay down
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 13 days ago
Perf World you mean awesome movie with two thumbs up
Sean McDonald
Sean McDonald Month ago
"We'd like to hire you for a movie" Ryan :"And the 9 trailers" "Ha ha . . . . . .just the one trailer, its okay, just the one" Ryan:"10 it is"
rafael82x Month ago
the movie is awesome action pack awesome cast
diniito toom
diniito toom Month ago
Loved it
Nemanja Skoric
Nemanja Skoric Month ago
Okay, im gonna watch it now.
Aaron Miller-Schumacher
Yeah ok ... I'll do it for science
Huisbeest Month ago
Did mr bay also let a 1st year student cut this movie. So many continuity flaws the cuts. What is funny tho is i didn't read or realize that is was a bay movie until the first car crash. Dude has still got insane action down! Rewatchable just for that! (And Renolds antics)
Manny Ramirez
Manny Ramirez Month ago
Please don't ever make a movie like this one. You pretty much dumbed down half of the world's population with this steaming POS
Mashrafe Hamim
Mashrafe Hamim Month ago
nothing surprising from Michale Bay..... PHYSICS LESS ACTION.... and obviously u don't understand anything thats ever happening..... But, its only Ryan who was pulling this movie from getting ruined... but the ending made more sense than the intro. duhh!!!! lol
Adrian Landa
Adrian Landa Month ago
I watched on the first day it came out
DJI Month ago
nekk74 Month ago
Soooo boring movie i stoped watching after 15 min
Apostolos Mavropoulos
the movie was cringy and can only be considered as a sloppy comedy
The Shrimpy Tomato
Apostolos Mavropoulos it definitely wasn’t cringey
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