6 Things You Didn't Know About Jackie (Brawadis Ex)

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One of my most highly requested videos, hope you guys enjoyed!
Here's 6 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Jackie (Brawadis Ex)
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Comments 67
black guy
black guy 5 days ago
Everybody watching know number 5
He says things like despite their breakup like it was bad it wasn’t
Chad Thomas
Chad Thomas 23 days ago
Jackie is a baddie for real so hott like the sun 😍😘🔥
Arko 108
Arko 108 27 days ago
no hate or anything but we don’t care.
Donald Guthrie
Donald Guthrie Month ago
Who gives a fuck?
Scuffed Paul Denino
I don't even know who this is
javier c
javier c Month ago
This dude said everything we all knew🤣🤣
jess [HTx]
jess [HTx] Month ago
"She watched Booker when Brandon is out of the country."......when tf does he go out of the country?
Charity Buckman
Charity Buckman Month ago
It’s funny I know all of these lol so nothing new to me
The Life adventures of Kristian
I love brawadis and Jackie
I mean how do you know all about jackie???🤔🤔
Whow do you know all about jackie??
Aman Biring
Aman Biring Month ago
Guarantee they gonna get married she’s Avery good person has a very good strong heart she’s not fake and very lovable Brandon’s lucky to have her in his life who ever she ends up with will be very lucky although I’m confident her and Brandon will tie the knot some day
Alan Hammon
Alan Hammon Month ago
he should rename the video 6 things we all know about jackie
Lil JOHN Month ago
They back dating on the low💯
Lil JOHN Month ago
If she was born 1996 she’s 23 Turing 24 he wrong about the age
Cash Fillipe’
Cash Fillipe’ Month ago
“Jackie keeps a personal life* Well no shit
Los Andreas
Los Andreas 2 months ago
Let's be honest we did not find the video the video found us
Jacob Roblox Yt
Jacob Roblox Yt 2 days ago
Los Andreas I mean yaaaaaa!
birdflight 23
birdflight 23 2 months ago
She’s my crush
D low
D low 2 months ago
She has no ass and no hips she only looks good from boobs up
D low
D low 2 months ago
@H Jjj and your honestly a dumb stupid bitch
H Jjj
H Jjj 2 months ago
Your honesty a weirdo
ROME xkillz
ROME xkillz 2 months ago
All 6 of them was a no duh
Rizna Preena
Rizna Preena 2 months ago
They will eventually get back together some day
J&J 2 months ago
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 2 months ago
I think Jackie got cuter than what she used to be
Mark Andrei E. Ramos
is she a filipino ?
Mark Andrei E. Ramos
Winesy 2 months ago
Mark Andrei E. Ramos no she’s latina born in El Salvador
elsa mejia
elsa mejia 3 months ago
Why did they break up ... they were such a good couple ... plus she is very pretty
kiomarie serrano
kiomarie serrano 2 days ago
If you are a true fan you will know soo
Hana Jimenez
Hana Jimenez Month ago
Ikr!, why did the even break up?
Rashad Sims
Rashad Sims 3 months ago
I finally realize why they broke up they both are way to young for marriage and other stuff
Truchaldogirl21 J.
Truchaldogirl21 J. 3 months ago
she soo nice 2
Truchaldogirl21 J.
Truchaldogirl21 J. 3 months ago
jackiee is pretty
Truchaldogirl21 J.
Truchaldogirl21 J. 3 months ago
jackiee still help Brandon with his dog
Truchaldogirl21 J.
Truchaldogirl21 J. 3 months ago
I know jackiee she use to Brandon
Lux Is Santa
Lux Is Santa 4 months ago
I been watching Brandon since day 1 so I been know everything
Hana Jimenez
Hana Jimenez Month ago
Why did they break up?
Maria Aguilar
Maria Aguilar 2 months ago
Maria Aguilar
Maria Aguilar 2 months ago
Bella me to
Mnj46 6 months ago
When did jackie total Brandon’s car? Can someone please tell me..
Belen Cortez
Belen Cortez 6 months ago
Right I’ve been trying to find out
Terrones Lawncare
Terrones Lawncare 6 months ago
Jackie just around Brandon for the clout
Amika _6
Amika _6 7 months ago
We know all of this already
The MONSTER 7 months ago
Number 1 HER NOSE NUMBER 2 BRANDON MADE HER CAREER NUMBER 3 your vids are trash and your late on all of these topics
Mark Orozco
Mark Orozco 6 months ago
@AZamm a wtf 😂 look at YOURSSS
AZamm a
AZamm a 6 months ago
Mark Orozco look at your spelling before correcting others
Mark Orozco
Mark Orozco 6 months ago
@AZamm a what are you trying to say
Mark Orozco
Mark Orozco 6 months ago
@AZamm a bro look at your grammar before you talk I SWEAR DUDE I could not even get the sentence you were trying to say❗❗❗
AZamm a
AZamm a 6 months ago
Mark Orozco umm why you are at it look at your spelling lol “haveing” it’s having
BmorePatriot 7 months ago
They seriously broke up for real? I saw a video about them pranking people about that they were breaking up. But it’s the real deal now?
Willeywunka 7 months ago
BmorePatriot yes
Iconicc 8 months ago
i will always remember the ghost said that they would have a baby and name him jay
MINDFLAYER212 8 months ago
I had followed jackie on snapchat for a while and had no idea she was dating brandon.
Casanova 7 months ago
6 Topics lol why is she still in his videos weird hahha
6 Topics
6 Topics 8 months ago
Yeah her and Brandon broke up around late 2017, so it’s been a pretty long time since they’ve dated
Narda Anss
Narda Anss 8 months ago
I love Jackie its so sweet
Eddie h
Eddie h 8 months ago
I love jackie❤️
Toronto is my City
Toronto is my City 8 months ago
You like Jackie
G Rod
G Rod 9 months ago
I wish Jackie was my girl I wonder why they broke up I think they started dating before he got all that money now he’ll never know if some new girl he with is there for him or his wallet
Junior Davila
Junior Davila 9 months ago
Jackie is beyond beauitful and gorgeous asf and i would date her
ace. chand
ace. chand 9 months ago
She's a good girl. I love her personality❤
Team Network
Team Network 9 months ago
Jackie is cute and fine asf 😍
anthony 9 months ago
Lol 😝
Lusion 9 months ago
“When Brandon’s our of the country” 😂😂
Inland Empire
Inland Empire 9 months ago
i dead ass just found 5 sec ago jackie salvadorian🇦🇷💙
Renu Yadav
Renu Yadav 9 months ago
Love her
Rhonda Baxter
Rhonda Baxter 9 months ago
Hrvy please
Mahnoor Altaf
Mahnoor Altaf 9 months ago
Why did they break up?
Mayra Siqueiros
Mayra Siqueiros 9 months ago
Yeah "they broke up" there acting it out, its impossible a girl will stay around that long with no attachments, she's beautiful l and with a great career she can have any guy, I dont think she would stay around for literally nothing, IM SURE THERE LYIMG.JUST TO AVOID DRAMA!!!
wth o
wth o 9 months ago
Check their breakup video
Saucy 9 months ago
@Mahnoor Altaf wait why did they brake up?
Mahnoor Altaf
Mahnoor Altaf 9 months ago
Ali’s Adventures thank you:)))
The C&B squads
The C&B squads 9 months ago
I love jackie she littt
Jerry Joseph
Jerry Joseph 9 months ago
I already new about that you so late😂!
Logan Russell
Logan Russell 9 months ago
6 things you didn’t know about Denzel curry
Epic gamer 789
Epic gamer 789 9 months ago
My name is Jacqueline
QwertyBanana 9 months ago
only true fans of the awadis family and Jackie's knew all this
Pheba Nethin
Pheba Nethin 14 hours ago
Silma Sandoval
Silma Sandoval Month ago
QwertyBanana yeah
Thafer Aljaja
Thafer Aljaja 2 months ago
Yea long time ago but ok
J&J 2 months ago
J&J 2 months ago
Yeah I fid
Tweaker 9 months ago
Ya Boi Alex
Ya Boi Alex 9 months ago
0:24 it took you almost a year to edit?
6 Topics
6 Topics 9 months ago
Nahhh lmao I just like to space my videos because the facts on my older video were kinda outdated
King Js
King Js 10 months ago
Her birthday is the 16th but ok
King Js
King Js 9 months ago
kevin tran ya ik idk why I commented that
kevin tran
kevin tran 9 months ago
King Js it’s the 18th
Itsnancyc 10 months ago
1 thing you did know abt Jackie...she's beautiful &' Brandon lost a good girl😭😍.
Andrew Casillas
Itsnancyc he lost her but will he get her back
man did you eat my damn toast?
@Los Andreas no she is not
yalocal mexicangirl
just not in a relationship type
yalocal mexicangirl
he didnt lose her he still has her
Los Andreas
Los Andreas 2 months ago
She uglyyyyy
Val Hernandez
Val Hernandez 10 months ago
Jackie is bomb! ❤️❤️❤️
kyliah bjorum
kyliah bjorum 10 months ago
u r actually stupid, half of this shit isnt real
I O 9 months ago
kyliah bjorum ur retarted
xNinja 1109
xNinja 1109 9 months ago
Wtf you talking about? How is this not real, if you are a day one fan you should know this... kyliah you trippin bruh
kyliah bjorum
kyliah bjorum 10 months ago
wtf does food for thout mean ive been watching them scince day 1 so u wanna fight me ,u should really just quit youtube if your gonna have beaf with other people, hey i have an idea u should make a video over me
6 Topics
6 Topics 10 months ago
Haha, I challenge you to prove it. I’ve been watching Brawadis / Jackie since 2015. I think I know the source of this information a lot better than you. Just a food for thought. :)
jackie chiu
jackie chiu 10 months ago
Is this vid about me?
Adrian Jeff
Adrian Jeff 9 months ago
jackie chiu ehh i don’t think so
6 Topics
6 Topics 10 months ago
Hahahaha 😳
Trusweetygirl39 sweety
different jackiee silly 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Trusweetygirl39 sweety
not u silly 😂😂😂
jackie chiu
jackie chiu 10 months ago
Interesting things I didn’t know !
Thafer Aljaja
Thafer Aljaja 2 months ago
For real are you being sarcastic LOL
MOUREEN AYAD 9 months ago
Wait r u being sarcastic??
junaid iqbal 24
junaid iqbal 24 10 months ago
She got nise big ass and boobs is will 😍😍
Ashley Amezcua
Ashley Amezcua 10 months ago
Can you do Marcus Dobre ❤❤❤❤❤
Henry Espino
Henry Espino 9 months ago
Ashley Amezcua Yes
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