6 Taylor Swift Fans vs 1 Secret Hater

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Oct 9, 2019




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Comments 80
Abby x
Abby x 24 minutes ago
Invite me to do this for Melanie Martinez like flyyy me over from England just to do that
48 Groups
48 Groups 47 minutes ago
I really love ME!
adyanda syifa
adyanda syifa 50 minutes ago
I wanna see billie eilish haters and fans. btw love u billie 💚
AlD Hour ago
I’m surprised that no one said all too well for their fav song...
Felipe Villanueva
Felipe Villanueva 2 hours ago
"...wasn't like inclusive to like people who are like LGBT and like stuff like that and like obviously like she's making strides to talk about like stuff like that but i feel that's something that kind of like bothered me." Like wtf like i don't like get it like like like.
『 r o s e 』
『 r o s e 』 3 hours ago
I personally think Taylor is really sweet. She wasn't born into a rich family and was severly bullied as a teenager. and she is grateful for and loves her fans so much. People don't like her because they have been told that she is "entitled" and "rude" by the media and they want to believe that because its another excuse to bully and be disrespectful to someone, but she's actually a really sweet person. She stands up for friends and what she believes in. I've been a Taylor fan ever since I can remember, I have been to her Fearless tour, Red tour and Reputation tour and seeing her grow through her music throughout the years is crazy to me! I'm all here for sharing opinions but just do it in a respectful way. Instead of going "she just seems annoying" maybe just say something like "I don't really like her music, it's not for me". Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk
Andale Lets Go
Andale Lets Go 4 hours ago
I knew it was the girl with the fluffy white jacket(?)thing I'm so happy for the winners they seem so genuine Yay for them!!
Ren Metcalf
Ren Metcalf 4 hours ago
Who is the Taylor Swift hater? Plot twist: everyone.
Alana COLLINS 4 hours ago
“Well when they stop coming for me I’ll stop singing to them!” Omg lol
Kanti Vishwakarma
Kanti Vishwakarma 6 hours ago
Is it wrong to surround yourself with the people you like and comfortable with... Why they come after taylor swift like that...
Kiana Stevens
Kiana Stevens 7 hours ago
Dany S
Dany S 7 hours ago
Annie is so nice
Vicky Andrade
Vicky Andrade 8 hours ago
Aleisha doesn’t know how to lie am I the only one who knew she was the mole by the start?
Gartin Twin 2
Gartin Twin 2 9 hours ago
they should have brought taylor to suprise them lmao
ferr 9 hours ago
This video is just so cringe🤢
justine everts
justine everts 9 hours ago
I need to be friends with Annie
Waking_ Aurora
Waking_ Aurora 10 hours ago
7:08 My friend had had 7 boyfriends by the time we were in fifth grade. Beat that
Silverheart 10 hours ago
I expected it to be Aleisha because of how smiley she was (like they said in the video) and how she didn't really start conversations.
Santiago Jimenez Galvez
ÝŐŘMØ 11 hours ago
what am i doing here
Aleisha is bad at lying and I felt that in the first 3 sec. of the video
catalina garcia
catalina garcia 11 hours ago
please do this with directioners 😂
Uvaia HD
Uvaia HD 12 hours ago
Eu sabia desde o começo q era a Aleisha kxndjenddj Pq eu agiria exatamente assim
Shubham Raj
Shubham Raj 14 hours ago
You guys concentrate on your jobs. Do not waste your time.
broski broski
broski broski 15 hours ago
Bro Jeremy be judging Kevin?? Ngl that was kinda annoying,,, Kevin didn't even say anything smh
Yamira Bordon Pous
Yamira Bordon Pous 16 hours ago
Jeremy voted him out cause he “didnt look like what a Taylor Swift fan would look like” like bruh-
Jane Aubrey Sanchez Andales
Arpon Sarker
Arpon Sarker 19 hours ago
i just love her songs, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to google her all the time, i know all of her albus name and i heard most of her songs,i am a fan of hers. And knowing her pets' names cant be a parameter of judging whether i am a fan of her or not
vidisha devli
vidisha devli 20 hours ago
How can ANYONE hate Taylor Swift ????!!??!?
#EditingForLife 20 hours ago
Is this basically murder mystery but except you have to find who’s different from you
x reydy
x reydy 21 hour ago
Next: 6 Ariana Grande Fans VS 1 hater
Eliane Camara
Eliane Camara 22 hours ago
I knew it
Lily Hill
Lily Hill 22 hours ago
If they did one about Charli damelio I'd be the first to sign up
Lju - Bica
Lju - Bica 22 hours ago
I mean, you could LITERALLY spot the mole in the introducing at the beginning. Everyone else's faces literally lit up when they said "I am a Taylor Swift fan", except Aleisha's, she even had that nose twitch you do when you don't like something 😂
Crombie 22 hours ago
Idk if im wrong but i bet the nerd boy is a hater
Yvonne Theard
The Annie girl as soon as I saw her I knew I have seen her somewhere.I believe that she when to dance with me when I was younger.
sohina khattri
honestly, love the hater and agree with wat she said at last bout taylor lmao
Shinn Day ago
I mean the last two rounds were obviously giving the signs of Alicia tho lol
Nicole Pham
Nicole Pham Day ago
inspired from mina: how about they can find a family who has children but one child is the real adopted one. im sorry please dont actually do that
DAR1776 Day ago
Taylor Swift is awful
The Bumblebee Sisters
I knew it!
Pandablox Day ago
This sounds like Roblox flicker 😂
phjkllp przx
phjkllp przx Day ago
Aliesha talking about feminism. She is a lovatic must be a demi fan.
Elysia Gamble AKA Taylor Swift Fan
Deniz Karakoyun
Francesco Mazzolini
It was obvious since the start of the game. Just looking to the body gesture and movements that reveled she was very nervous
appoos pv
appoos pv Day ago
I hate every onr
Hailey L
Hailey L Day ago
You guys should do gamers vrs gamer hater
Diana Graniela Rodriguez
It was obvious from the beginning who the mole was
Rosalea Buchanan
honestly I would be the one who is not a Taylor Swift fan, It's just a fact.
Rosie Day ago
ion even like taylor swift n i already noticed she da taylor swift hater when they had to say ther name and then be like: "im a taylor swift fan" like it lowkey was obvious lol
Monika Day ago
Come on I’m not a Taylor Swift fan and I knew who was the liar from the beginning
•ItzNasha Z•
Everyone in the comment knows it Aliesha.. she asked people about Taylor becuz she like I NEED TO KNOW IT
Saeeda Sarwar
Video:swifties Captions:swift gay I mean it ain't completely wrong
Jessica Lin
Jessica Lin Day ago
me, liking Black Veil Brides, My Chem and Motionless In White watching this: 👁👄👁
Lilli Müller
I'm the hater hahah sorry
Eilidh Davidson
I knew it from the start!!!
babyx psycho0
"Like" please don't keep going LIKE....
Victoria B
Victoria B Day ago
We want a 1D one :)
Lipgloss 2000
I KNEW IT😏 since the beginning
Cathy Yu
Cathy Yu Day ago
When aliesha said " i am a taylor swift fan" and she didn't smile I ALREADY KNEW IT WAS HER
Shruti Day ago
I'm surprised none of them said *'Swiftie'* instead of 'tAyLoR sWiFt FaN'
QuasarAlt Day ago
Her reason for being a hater is so weird... taylor has always supported all of those things she mentioned but just not voicing it for credit. Literally the opposite of pretentious 🤦🏻‍♀️
Cutiemaan Day ago
It’s so Fallon it’s so obvious I knew it from the start EDIT: WAIT WHATTT
Jojo98 Day ago
I knew that she is the Hater
Evelina kli
Evelina kli Day ago
Everyone in the whole video:"I think we already got the mole out" "It must be one of the firsts" Once they get Aelisha out,everyone: "I kNeW iT"
BlackViolet Day ago
i knew it was aliesha at first bcoz its obvious that she lets her competators to talk first before her so that she could get information about Taylor Swift and i know how she is a liar bcoz she keeps holding her necklace and moving around and her hands keep moving 🤷
Alesha’s body language is just so awkward, she keeps faking a smile all time and I know it’s her from the very beginning
Saul Drei
Saul Drei Day ago
Just wanted to check what taylor swift fans are like. Most of ya’ll weird.
Piper Plays
Piper Plays 2 days ago
Me: OMG WHO IS IT??? Who’s the hater?! *ad pops up*. Me screams
Jae Natividad
Jae Natividad 2 days ago
OMG my Empathic ability sensed Aleisha from the very first moment!!! She's over acting, she just follows and copies, she screams just an act, she knows only little, her eyes observes, i dont feel her heart, shes not sincere, I got her!!!
grace fowler
grace fowler 2 days ago
Ok but honestly this was so obvious for me lmao. She would always start the conversation and she tried to make everyone think it was the Annie girl.😂
coolcat 2 days ago
I guessed it right!
my name isn't cyborg
half of the video is these people saying "like"
Winslow Dark
Winslow Dark 2 days ago
I don’t like Annie idk why
That one Slytherclaw
Aleisha says like too much and it's honestly annoying 😩
PinkPomegranate 2 days ago
Can u do an odd man out with Melanie Martinez fans vs a Melanie hater
Tureleft 2 days ago
do this with one direction please :c
Kit Cat
Kit Cat 2 days ago
Āññā ̊
Āññā ̊ 2 days ago
if directioners did this we would either 1. not have the heart to vote someone out Or 2. we will know exactly who the mole is the second they start talking
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rest in peace Mia
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