6 Introverts vs 1 Secret Extrovert

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Directed by Ragini Bhasin
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Feb 23, 2020




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Comments 80
Jubilee 4 months ago
Odd Man Out is back! Thanks to NordVPN for sponsoring this episode. For NordVPN’s 8th birthday, every purchase of a 3 year plan will get you 1 additional month free AND a surprise gift. Go to www.nordvpn.com/jubilee and use our coupon jubilee.
Hannah Marie
Hannah Marie Month ago
I wanna come on as a secret introvert, because people constantly think I'm an extrovert!
NOY BISS 2 months ago
Nick 3 months ago
Jubilee these people act more socially awkward than introverted
mara 333
mara 333 3 months ago
Pewdiepie keeps watching these so how about guess who's not a pewdiepie fan 🤷‍♀️
Yuki Ibuki-kun
Yuki Ibuki-kun 3 months ago
Is it just me or Alexes looke like j-hope of BTS???
Jared Hummel
Jared Hummel 2 hours ago
Jared Hummel
Jared Hummel 2 hours ago
nevermind it ain’t 😕
ayay.mp4 Tuts
ayay.mp4 Tuts 9 hours ago
ik it was tay she was too quiet like when she talked her volume was at 2 l
Jayzoulx 12 hours ago
Smartest mole on this channel by far. Knows everything about an introvert and raises her hand to continue the game. Everyone else would like to end it and claim their money.
Bored Patrick
Bored Patrick 13 hours ago
Top 10 plot twits of the anime
Vanessa 14 hours ago
I thought: Maybe Its Tay, but she is a really good actress. I was right 😯 This video really represents me.
Anime 15 hours ago
I find Tay gorgeous
Fer Veloz
Fer Veloz 16 hours ago
Round one had me laughing so harrrrrd because I didn’t read the “silent round” so I just thought that was the way it was gonna be like with awkward silence and deadly looks LMAO HAHAHA🤣🤣
Belle Gepielago
Belle Gepielago 22 hours ago
I rewatch the video to identify why I never suspected the mole. I realized that she was the most silent one. Especially after the "silent round". The introverted ones was getting comfortable but she kept quite and acted like shy all the time. So yeah... This video made me realize that it's easy to get extroverted with co-introverts. Lol
Muslimah Musings
Muslimah Musings 22 hours ago
The captions under their names was hilarious
Grace Trietley
i would win this i think lmao
Grace Trietley
i knew tay was it since the start
Grace Trietley
i would win this i bet lmaooooo
Grace Trietley
introvert squad
The relax
The relax Day ago
The first time she speaks I knew it was her. Her words are too googled.
Maree Leming
Maree Leming Day ago
me an ambivalent : im half mole...
Dippin Wildcat
The beginning 😂😂😂
Stephanie J.
Stephanie J. Day ago
Completely agree w/ Antoine & relate to Maya. I'm super outgoing but only for like 2 hours of the day, lol. So, people get that confused.
KiiKO TheKiD
KiiKO TheKiD Day ago
Any body just see they all ex the black dude first...then said “this seems more fitting” 🤣😂 wtf
Devananda Sreekanth
I knew who the mole was right off the bat because she was going a little too much on being quiet and shy lol
Guilherme Albuquerque
This episode is like an ASMR, I loved it!
Nikolai Dobrev
WTAF I know this is meant to be for fun, but I am sure they told them to play their part as introvert and stay quiet in the beginning !!! Being an introvert myself I would've spoken up a lot quicker! Like just let them be themselves 🤦‍♂️
elnoras wuct
elnoras wuct Day ago
Well im mix
Person Required
Person Required 2 days ago
If I was in that silent round I would have burst out laughing
Shinon Tachibana
Shinon Tachibana 2 days ago
Winner casually just walk forgetting her cash lol
Dylan Grisdale
Dylan Grisdale 2 days ago
The first round is a great meme lol
Life FAN
Life FAN 2 days ago
It reminded me of the time when we had a group dance in kindergarten where we all didn't danced because of stress and kept looking each other awkwardly...
henlo kiti
henlo kiti 3 days ago
1:00 *literally me and my group in a class presentation introduction*
Alan G.V
Alan G.V 3 days ago
So no one is here from jkparty
Patrick Handy
Patrick Handy 3 days ago
My ppl! ✊🏾💆🏽‍♂️
BJMICansaga Ican_Mauln
Yg nonton indonesia mna suara nya
F.A.N Nolasco
F.A.N Nolasco 3 days ago
I dont know why they voted Emma. Emma is a normal introvert.
F.A.N Nolasco
F.A.N Nolasco 3 days ago
the fact that they are so stereotypical annoys the hell out of me. My mom is a type of introvert that only 1 percent of woman have. AND SHE CAN TALK NORMALLY. SHE CAN TALK TO PEOPLE. THERE IS JUST DIFFERENT TYPES OF THINGS DIFFERENT FROM EXTROVERTS. Love, An extrovert
Beth Copper
Beth Copper 3 days ago
It was literally hilarious when in the beginning they all just stood there and looked around. No one wanted to speak first and draw attention to themselves. LOL
Lao Day ago
I think it was a silent round
Jabutyquiqui 4 days ago
I thought Emma was the extrovert
HuhAccurate Mhm
HuhAccurate Mhm 4 days ago
these people are talking about introversion like a mental illness haha
HuhAccurate Mhm
HuhAccurate Mhm 4 days ago
these people are talking about introversion like a mental illness haha
Eshaal Emad
Eshaal Emad 4 days ago
I could tell Antoine wasn't an introvert right away.
Ana Mota
Ana Mota 4 days ago
mano fiquei chocada que é ela namoral como assimmmmm
Mia O’Brien
Mia O’Brien 4 days ago
I’m an extrovert and would STRUGGLE to keep quiet. I would have been there at the beginning when everyone was silent just like “HIIII SO IM MIA WHO ARE YOU HOWS YOUR DAY BEEN” 😂😂
Him Boy
Him Boy 4 days ago
Jebus 4 days ago
wow Americans kept quite for more than 1 minute I am amazed XD
Frank Albada Jelgersma
I just discovered I'm not an introvert. I thought I was. I'm not.
Horrible Hustories
Alternate title : ASMR introvert roleplay
AriAnastasia Grande
My anxiety at the Silent round went 📈
jack morrone
jack morrone 5 days ago
Bruh she said “i don’t know words.”
Ryll Bamba
Ryll Bamba 5 days ago
Im actually an introvert, it just doesn't show cause i'm also pretty LOUD.
Farlayy 6 days ago
Let’s be honest. We all knew who was an introvert at the start
lyn Land
lyn Land 6 days ago
Omg I love Antoine! He’s from JK and I love seeing him here. You guys should check him out playing mafia on JustKiddingParty, he’s OP ( ˙༥˙ )
DJ StaRyu
DJ StaRyu 6 days ago
they did antoine so dirty. was excited to see someone from jkp on jubilee and sad that he only appeared for like 20 seconds. all those mafia games would have made antoine a good secret extrovert, or even just a real introvert.
Dahlia Geneen
Dahlia Geneen 6 days ago
Alex is an ambivert
Emma & Audrey Osborn
i am an extroverted introvert ✌✌
Rampepe Mohohlo
Rampepe Mohohlo 7 days ago
this was a little cruel... lol
cerealkillerrxD 8 days ago
Bro she tricked my ass fkdkfidksksksjd
Karen Yang
Karen Yang 8 days ago
dam i thought it was maya all the way
Madeline Rios
Madeline Rios 8 days ago
Anyone else have an off feeling abt Tay from the start?
L J 8 days ago
i automatically knew who the mole was from that silent round bro she was clearly acting
Prinsipe Juan
Prinsipe Juan 8 days ago
I think the mole is an ambivert? Ahaha I didn't even think of that person being the mole...the way that person pretends to be an introvert is so smooth and clean... And I just realize after this video that there are many different kinds of introvert.....the one that I didn't expect the most is that introvert person that is bubbly and kind if outgoing....
2singmyheart 8 days ago
Hope you do an episode with an mbti type. Like, who is the secret entj in a line intj. Lol. 😆
Lana Budion
Lana Budion 8 days ago
so no one gonna talk about the same in the beginning
Aditi Shrivastava
It was so obvious! Common she was talking slowly on purpose and in the beginning itself I could tell it was her cause her answer was so googled. Recharge, energy, stimulated are the most common words to describe introverts, we have our own way of putting these feelings into sentences.
a stranger
a stranger 8 days ago
maybe introvets just felt shy so they kicked out the guy to go on the party alone
Sleep Session
Sleep Session 8 days ago
I considered that girl a few times because I could tell she was just using stereotypes and answers that complimented the basic definition, and it worked. Someone's introversion or extroversion is fairly personal and you can't always tell where someone falls. Being introverted doesn't automatically make someone shy, quiet, or unable to handle themselves in social situations that include having attention, it just means you prefer the time to yourself and you thrive in more intimate settings. You can be a bubbly person or a talkative person and still be introverted.
iiStrawberryii 9 days ago
Everyone there like: 🕴🏻
Cregley Lemon
Cregley Lemon 9 days ago
In the beginning when I heard the guy who explains the game whisper, I was like, “huh? Is this like a special asmr episode?” And then I saw the first round with just ... silence. Like, what was the point of that? They voted someone off because they stood there doing nothing except staring around the room and at the other people.
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute 9 days ago
Please remove the stereotype that introverts want to be secluded and hate people and dont talk to people. That's antisocial behaviour. Introverts can't build up a conversation and theres a lot of akward silence. They cant initiate a conversation but once they get to know you and open up to you they talk a lot. Gosh
human being
human being 9 days ago
I think there's a spectrum and at the end is antisocial, if someone is 100% introverted they're antisocial but barely anyone is so
New Anime project
I'm an *IntroExtrovert* does that make sense........🙄
human being
human being 9 days ago
Cyclonado Thunderclaw
Addison Bower
Addison Bower 10 days ago
Where my fellow introverts🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Atharv Kashyap
Atharv Kashyap 10 days ago
Who recognized Antoine Bandele from his RUvid vids on Avatar? Just me?
Big Noodles
Big Noodles 10 days ago
I be watching the first part as asmr
Crazed Donut
Crazed Donut 10 days ago
Shout out to all my introvert peoples ✌
Astrid_GachaU-U 10 days ago
me looking through the comments while watching the video: ITS TAY! ITS DEFINITELY TAY! Or is it Tay?
Nina Nina
Nina Nina 10 days ago
i think i'd get lost in this game since i'm something between intra- and extraverted
Tic Tac
Tic Tac 11 days ago
I'm an introvert...good for 'em they don't have scopophobia.. 😭 the eyes 🥶 awkward
WR3K Andrew Willis
WR3K Andrew Willis 11 days ago
0:22 What is this video?
Bruh she played me
Blue clown
Blue clown 11 days ago
I would fail, I can't stand silence and awkwardness, SO I GOTTA LIGHTEN UP THE DAMN MOOD
Uranxxi *
Uranxxi * 11 days ago
I love the voice 😂
th0m4xs 11 days ago
Extrovert reveals & flips Erin: That's not vegan
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