6 DOLLAR TREE FARMHOUSE BATHROOM DIYs | Art | Wood Shelf | Towel Bar | Toilet Paper Holder & More!

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Hello CraftDee Family! For this tutorial, we will be creating 6 New Farmhouse style décor items for your home’s bathroom. These simple, and easy to make projects will give your space a warm and cozy look, and also incorporates subtle Farmhouse touches that make these projects perfect for display in your personal or guest bath. Most of the items used were from the Dollar Tree or purchased for a dollar or less from other local retailers. For your convenience, I have provided the list of the supplies and tools used to make these projects in the description box below.
☼ S U P P L Y L I S T S ☼
2 Metal circle wastebasket bottoms (Dollar Tree)
1 Bundle Lavender (Walmart .97)
Nautical Rope (Dollar Tree)
Jute Twine (Dollar Tree)
Piece of Foam or Poster board (Dollar Tree)
1 rectangle or oval metal basket (Dollar Tree)
1 chalkboard tag (Dollar Tree)
2 bottles with clasp top (Dollar Tree)
Greenery (Walmart .97) optional
Ribbon (Amazon .40/yd)
Labels (Printable Linked below)
2 Bar Mop Style towels (Dollar Tree)
Wide Buffalo Check ribbon - amzn.to/2JpciiJ
2 3-Packs of 5 gallon paint sticks (Lowes .98) amzn.to/3dzZ7ck
1 plunger (Dollar Tree)
2 metal brackets (Dollar Tree)
3 Jumbo Craft Sticks (Lowes .98/30 pk)
Nautical Rope (Dollar Tree)
1 Metal Paper Towel Holder (Dollar Tree)
1 Wood Circle plaque (Walmart .97)
1 Wood Bead Decor (Dollar General .50 clearance)
1 Toy Dollhouse Tub (Dollar Tree)
Adtech glue gun - amzn.to/3bKO3Yt
Adtech glue sticks - amzn.to/2JuOWIh
E6000 - amzn.to/3buH2uG
Scissors - amzn.to/3aoCsh9
Krylon Satin Black Spray Paint - amzn.to/2UBC5dN
Apple Pavement Gray Acrylic paint - amzn.to/39jFHp2
Chocolate Brown Acrylic paint
Nutmeg Brown Acrylic Paint
chip brush - amzn.to/2JeZg7l
Pencils - amzn.to/3bycEj3
Embossing Tool - amzn.to/2JeZyet
Xacto Knife - amzn.to/2UpuRK1
Grid Cutting Mat - amzn.to/2US8HPB
Ruler - amzn.to/2WLnvBZ
Wood Glue - amzn.to/3dD1GL5
Fabri-Tac Glue - amzn.to/2vS2TNj
Mod Podge Satin - amzn.to/2X2xEdv
Wire clippers - amzn.to/2JsR9Ee
☼ P R I N T A B L E F I L E L I N K S ☼
Link to Bottle Labels:
Link to Tub Template:
Link to Shower Template:

IMPORTANT: Make sure FIT TO PAGE is NOT selected when printing. You should select the option for ACTUAL SIZE.

☼ O T H E R G R E A T D I Y S ☼
Wagon Planter
Link to 5 Spring DIY tutorial: Includes the Mini Wreath used in this project!
Link to garden fence mirror tutorial:
Single Cathedral Window:
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Comments 80
Cheryl Rierson
Cheryl Rierson 8 hours ago
So cute! Well done!
Lisa Ipock
Lisa Ipock Day ago
I have been looking for dollhouse tub at Dollar tree. How long ago did you purchase that?
She So CraftDee
I found them around February, but they are still available at my DT. They are in the toy Isle. 🙂
Lydia Johnson
Lydia Johnson 4 days ago
Craft Dee, I just love all of your creations. Just beautiful. Good job Lydia Johnson from Chicago
Deane Clark
Deane Clark 4 days ago
I absolutely love everything! You are always so creative and talented! As always thank you for sharing your beautiful projects! Stay safe, healthy and positive! GOD bless you and your family! 🙏❤🌻
Deane Clark
Deane Clark 4 days ago
You are so welcome Dee! Thank you! 😊
She So CraftDee
She So CraftDee 4 days ago
Thank you so very much! Happy Crafting and stay safe!
Amy James
Amy James 5 days ago
Love all your ideas esp the shelf!! Your so creative. 🙃🙃☺️☺️
Jen B
Jen B 11 days ago
Love all of them !!! Wonderful decors for bath.
Glynda Blanton
Glynda Blanton 13 days ago
Love, love your video and DIYs.
Debra Campoli
Debra Campoli 21 day ago
Hi again .. I just watched my 2 DIY PROJECTS FROM YOU! Another EXCELLENT TUTORIAL! I as I run to DollarTree tomorrow, I’m going to have to add these 5 more projects for my daughter’s new house! YOU ARE AMAZING!! I have Never LOVED EVERY DIY on somebody’s Tutorial! But U MAKE me LOVE & Need to make EVERY PROJECT ON THE SAME VIDEO! THANKS AGAIN! Love, Deb C. Xxx
Sharon Branch
Sharon Branch 27 days ago
The wood shelf base and plungers would make a really cute porch plant stand to stand by a door! Or as a side table which I need.....
Veronica Salas
Veronica Salas 29 days ago
New sub! Love your DIYS 😊👍
Yuselin Martin
Yuselin Martin Month ago
I love all your videos!!!!!!
Cindy Hattrup
Cindy Hattrup Month ago
I love these! I will definitely be re-creating the shelf and using it in my coffee bar. I love when you get so excited about one of your projects, you have this really cute little giggle, it makes me smile every time. I love your DIY‘s. Thanks for sharing! 🤗❤️ 🤗
Douglas Laney
Douglas Laney Month ago
Nice content!
Debra Palmer
Debra Palmer Month ago
Loved the towels and holder but liked them all
Trudy Miller
Trudy Miller Month ago
Omg i love them all sweetie i will be making them all for my bathroom tyvm sweetie great ideas
sharon lewis
sharon lewis Month ago
great job , I love them all
Linda Noblin
Linda Noblin Month ago
I liked all of them
Sylvia Cox
Sylvia Cox Month ago
You are just so talented! My goodness I’m obsessed with everything you make ❤️
Elaine Plant
Elaine Plant Month ago
just too cute projects!
Dorothy Owens
Dorothy Owens Month ago
Love your diy’s so much, I’am a new subscriber and so happy to find your channel.I am going to try the bathroom diy’s to spruce up my bathroom. I have been buying those paint sticks and waiting for the perfect project to make with them, I just need those brackets and I think I can make that shelf Thank you
Texas Girl DIY's
That bathroom shelf is definitely my favorite and such a great idea! TFS
She So CraftDee
She So CraftDee Month ago
Thank you so much! ❤
Lorenia Johnson
Lorenia Johnson Month ago
tyree bruce
tyree bruce Month ago
Also WOW what a difference the satin mod Podge makes!! I love the shelf and TP holder SO much!!
She So CraftDee
She So CraftDee Month ago
Thank you so much! ❤
tyree bruce
tyree bruce Month ago
Officially my new FAVORITE DIY channel!
She So CraftDee
She So CraftDee Month ago
Awww. Thank you so much! ❤
magee113 Month ago
Each project is cuter than the next! Can't wait to get started. Thanks so much for sharing! 💚 💛 💜
Marsha’s Mush &stuff Ryan
Love watching!! Such amazing creative ideas
Marsha’s Mush &stuff Ryan
Love watching!! Such amazing creative ideas
Hello Kitty Cat
Hello Kitty Cat Month ago
Es el primer video tuyo que veo, me encantó tu canal, felicidades y saludos desde México!!
nagra bagra
nagra bagra 2 months ago
WOW ! Such fantastically fun ideas!!
She So CraftDee
She So CraftDee Month ago
Thank you so much! ❤
Craft. Eat. Repeat.
Craft. Eat. Repeat. 2 months ago
I love all of these! Especially the wall decor 💜
She So CraftDee
She So CraftDee Month ago
Thank you so much! ❤
Lisa Sheppard
Lisa Sheppard 2 months ago
I loved each one!!!
She So CraftDee
She So CraftDee Month ago
Thank you so much! ❤
Pennie Summerlin
Pennie Summerlin 2 months ago
How awesome!!! I really love the antique tub! Wish I could head to dollar tree right now!!! 👍🏻👍🏻
Denise Jackson
Denise Jackson 2 months ago
The towels was my favorite, all was so cute, awesome craft
Geri Schaudt
Geri Schaudt 2 months ago
They are all so cute! Craftee people just inspire me! Thanks for sharing
imsogodsgurl 2 months ago
I just found your channel today and love these DIY's! I'm a new subbie!
Dette Pardo
Dette Pardo 2 months ago
Love all your ideas
Godfavorabletome 2 months ago
What size to print template
Brenda Croteau
Brenda Croteau 2 months ago
Oh my God, how did you know I was redoing my bathroom? Just in time! Thank u I love them all!!
Zory Infanzon
Zory Infanzon 2 months ago
SBeautyful all
Marina McCullough
Marina McCullough 2 months ago
New to your channel, LOVE your ideas 😍😍 keep them coming!
jean lancaster
jean lancaster 2 months ago
I love everything on today's tutorial, I follown you quite often because you have some really somewhat easy and cute ideas
Michele Stearlings
Michele Stearlings 2 months ago
My favorite was the towel bar shelf. I like them All but that one was my favorite.
Gale Murphy
Gale Murphy 2 months ago
You are such a cute narrator.
Pat Sinner Dickey
Pat Sinner Dickey 2 months ago
Wow so beautiful
klaritydawn 2 months ago
I can NEVER pick a fave with you bc I Always LOVE ALL of them! They are each soooo Adorable and soooo Perfect together!!
Laverne Hill
Laverne Hill 2 months ago
I loved all of them
LAURA SAVOY 2 months ago
Too adorable!!! I can't get over them. Ive just have to make these also.
Mary 2 months ago
I loved all the projects!
Cathy Puga
Cathy Puga 2 months ago
Love all but the shelf and towel bar is #1! Thank you!
Sandie Yule
Sandie Yule 2 months ago
Great ideas! I love the hand towels! I have to run to the store today...I may make a stop at DT to pick up those bar towels! Thanks for sharing
Cheryl Brett
Cheryl Brett 2 months ago
The shelf was just ingenious!!!!!!! Love it. And love the towels. Would not have thought to use the ribbon, I would have done material?👍😊
Elizabeth Wright
Elizabeth Wright 2 months ago
You are a wonderful presenter! So upbeat. Loved your projects. If our DT has the doll tub I'd like to but small soaps in it. I'll be looking for your others videos. Stay well!
TLC CRAFTS & DIYS 2 months ago
love them all
Kerry Remington
Kerry Remington 2 months ago
I love all of these so much. Definitely going to be making a few of them. I'd love to show you!
Vickie Moseley
Vickie Moseley 2 months ago
Wow! I love them all! I have to make them!!!
andrea sharp
andrea sharp 2 months ago
Lovely projects
Becky Stricklin
Becky Stricklin 2 months ago
All are great. My favorite is the wood towel holder.
Marsha Thome
Marsha Thome 2 months ago
Can’t choose a favorite....I want to make them all
Barbara Kukkonen
Barbara Kukkonen 2 months ago
OMG! I love them all.
Shelly Lemons
Shelly Lemons 2 months ago
I love the shelf and towel holder. You gave me a few great ideas to make for myself and my daughter’s wedding gifts. She loves functional handmade decor.
Diana Cox
Diana Cox 2 months ago
I absolutely love all of these. Can’t choose a favorite. Thank you for sharing and be safe and well. 🥰
Yoly Rolon
Yoly Rolon 2 months ago
The toy tub is so cute my favor
Sharon Williams
Sharon Williams 2 months ago
These are all so cute that it is hard to pick a favorite. However, if I were going to re-create one, it would probably be the shelf/towel holder. Everyone needs more storage space in the bathroom. Thank you for the wonderful ideas! 😊👍🏻🛁
Terry Piercd
Terry Piercd 2 months ago
Wall decor is so cute
Vania Whitfield
Vania Whitfield 2 months ago
Love love it
Barbara Noland
Barbara Noland 2 months ago
really cute!!!!!
Darlene Mullins
Darlene Mullins 2 months ago
Wow! I absolutely love everything. Can't pick a favorite. They're all amazing ❤️
Cheryl Lytle
Cheryl Lytle 2 months ago
Love it!
Anna Tam
Anna Tam 2 months ago
I love everything in this diy! You’re so inspiring!
sourpatch733 2 months ago
Loved them all
Val D
Val D 2 months ago
I just love the bath and shower, cute. Love everything. Thanks.
Joy Ogilvie
Joy Ogilvie 2 months ago
You always bring such fresh ideas to us. Thanks for your hard work.Stay healthy, God bles, and take care!
Victoria Sagraves
Victoria Sagraves 2 months ago
super sweet! cute idea for the basket too! its a cute display. I love the towels! That shelf you made is really good. you are creative!
Christy’s Crafts DIY
All great ideas as usual! 👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️
MaMaS Alisha
MaMaS Alisha 2 months ago
Love them all, thank you for the top of running the scissors along back of the paper so they curve with the bottle, so smart. I use the scissors the exact same way to curl ribbons
MaMaS Alisha
MaMaS Alisha 2 months ago
Love the diy projects, your voice is very special. You could really specialize in reading children books. Honestly you have a very warm, caring , friendly, safe feeling voice and demeanor
Sandy Norlock
Sandy Norlock 2 months ago
OMG I love love all of them. Thank you for sharing.
Dj Hillbloom
Dj Hillbloom 2 months ago
Love everything....
Patricia Warren
Patricia Warren 2 months ago
I loved them all so much I can not pick just 1 favorite !!
iekika79 2 months ago
These are all great projects! Love that you used the ends of the trash cans. I always think to myself ‘don’t throw those away’ lol 😂 my favorite was probably the shelf but they’re all functional and fabulous! ❤️
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