6'9" High School Student Hopes Her Crush Will Ask Her To Prom! | My Giant Life

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Nancy hopes that her crush will ask her to Prom, but is worried that their height difference might put him off!
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Jun 23, 2019

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Comments 24 054
DeWayne Griswold
DeWayne Griswold 6 minutes ago
They couldn’t find a bigger chair for her to sit on for the interview?
bananaman 8 minutes ago
The aliens on Kamino from star wars lmao
Kennedy Erin
Kennedy Erin 9 minutes ago
I clicked on the vid because I thought it was Taron Egerton in the thumbnail lmfao, don’t know why he’d be in it but my hopes were high
Snatched Weave
Snatched Weave 12 minutes ago
She would never ask someone to get something off of the top shelf lmaooo
Suicide Silence
Suicide Silence 27 minutes ago
Am I the only one who wanted to punch that kid in his smug bitch face?
dominique greene
dominique greene 35 minutes ago
Whyyyyyy do they have her in that tiny room for her confessionals 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ I thought I was tripping for a second but nah they could of did her better than that.
dominique greene
dominique greene 31 minute ago
Did her friend just say her thighs look long... her whole body is long 😂😂
Aimeee 52 minutes ago
Is this Peeta Mellark
world fear
world fear Hour ago
When she said 🗿 I felt that
Jack Hour ago
There lady basketball team is state champions. I wonder why
Just Away
Just Away Hour ago
They’re wrong for that camera angle lol
Jessica Chen
Jessica Chen Hour ago
he did it for the clout💀
Ian Walden
Ian Walden Hour ago
The producers savage with the angle they used in her interview
LEONARD! 2 hours ago
made me cry for some reason. so innocent and clean and light-hearted content im not used too :)
Hd10 Potter
Hd10 Potter 2 hours ago
"OMG what are you gonna wear?" definitely not high heels
mimi d
mimi d 2 hours ago
What song is that at 2:33 ?
Hokage Bradley
Hokage Bradley 2 hours ago
😋 nice teeth though
Marcus Smart
Marcus Smart 2 hours ago
how are you a male in HIGH SCHOOL and 5'6 😂😂😂, I was 5'6 in 6 th grade lmao
Precious Obasigie
Precious Obasigie 3 hours ago
It dosent mater if you are small or tall
AircooledNation 3 hours ago
5'6'''youre joking right
fragolegirl2002 3 hours ago
Does she have gigantism?
insethurdle88 3 hours ago
The parents couldn't put the cookie jar on the top shelf to keep it out of reach when they were kids
Reece Potts
Reece Potts 3 hours ago
JesuSaves 3 hours ago
God bless
luna walker
luna walker 3 hours ago
he looks like peeta lmao
Raw Cooked Bacon
Raw Cooked Bacon 3 hours ago
When he asked her i cringed
Crystall Tee
Crystall Tee 4 hours ago
This is super scripted lmao
K-Rex 86
K-Rex 86 4 hours ago
Just by listening to the family's voice you can tell they are tall.
Sexual Fruitfly
Sexual Fruitfly 4 hours ago
Like this if anyone is 5foot 10 and proud ! Xxxxxx
The Crewzerz
The Crewzerz 4 hours ago
He only asked her out of sympathy- and because it makes him look good on tv
VenomEcho A
VenomEcho A 4 hours ago
I was gonna ask my crush out today I got to anxious and two of my friends did it for me He said no I’m dying inside now :))
Lyric Thompson
Lyric Thompson 4 hours ago
Big al 😭😭😭
Lyric Thompson
Lyric Thompson 4 hours ago
Eh Chef shut up...😂😂😂
Chandler Smith
Chandler Smith 4 hours ago
Stepdad: older man huh?
Coolkids 4 hours ago
Why she saying he's short. Like does she think shaq is going to ask he out
Rachel Bell
Rachel Bell 4 hours ago
its very rude that they film her sitting from such a low angle tbh
Henrik Johannessen
Henrik Johannessen 4 hours ago
Dis dude be noncen on dis 6’9 poor girl
Radio Roulette
Radio Roulette 5 hours ago
Why do they angle the camera to make it look like she lives in a hobbit house
That kid With cool shit
He did it for clout😂
That kid With cool shit
stefan goatmoon
stefan goatmoon 5 hours ago
small parents and you gett blessed with being huge :P wish i was blessed with a bigger body since i live in a country thats famous for having the tallest people in the world and im stuck with a 5.8 body
Kylie 5 hours ago
I wasn’t expecting the moms voice to be that deep
85artz31 5 hours ago
Good kid
M N 5 hours ago
and i thought me being 5’11 was tall. Love being unique 🥰, and the fact that she does too
Tonice Mon’a
Tonice Mon’a 5 hours ago
Danggg they all giants lol
Angel Canales
Angel Canales 6 hours ago
Why the fuck was this in my recommended?
Amanda Deno
Amanda Deno 6 hours ago
I would like to know why her brother's shirt is on backwards 3:35 lmao
Jiminie Pabo
Jiminie Pabo 6 hours ago
How much did she paid for him I mean she's gorgeous but guy doesn't understand it so 100% he didn't do this on his own
finesse thekid
finesse thekid 6 hours ago
She looks like the left 4 dead wich
You are totally right.
No front but these Candice from Phineas and Ferb Vibes are hitting hard rn
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