6'9" High School Student Hopes Her Crush Will Ask Her To Prom! | My Giant Life

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Nancy hopes that her crush will ask her to Prom, but is worried that their height difference might put him off!
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Jun 23, 2019




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Comments 26 301
신의 축복이 있기를god bless u
as a short korean I feel like.. you know.. *LIKE A FVCKING MICROORGANISMUS*
Luke Gariando
Luke Gariando 2 hours ago
NICE 6"9
miggy_oohbee 2 hours ago
At 6'9" she's the shortest sibling, wtf?!
Daniel Wilkins
Daniel Wilkins 2 hours ago
This keeps coming up in my recommendation list, its about as useful to me and as repulsive as England losing to Australia in the cricket.
Nasexsav Kifs
Nasexsav Kifs 2 hours ago
Now the main character in Tall Girl really has nothing to complain about.
yabongx25 Yo
yabongx25 Yo 3 hours ago
Who else hopes that these two will get married in the future??. Cause I really do 👇
Johannes Ludwig Papeleras
I'm half German - Filipino but damn I'm only 5'4 ._. My grandpa was 6'5 🤔 And grandma was 5'9 And here I am 5'4 ._.
Berno 3 hours ago
yoooo wtf is up with this family? They're fucking giants, where do genes like this come from?
Safa 4 hours ago
i'm 17and i'm 5'11- 6 and i'm tall and all my life anyone was interested in me i mean all my cruches was calling me a jiraffe and hating me knowing that i love him and people telling me that i never will have a boyfriend cause i'm too tall and i'm from spain. This girl is really lucky
kreis jan montelijao
Now imagine of her and his whole family was a bodybuilder😓😓 dang that would be dangerous 😐
K2boGaming 4 hours ago
Hehehehehe 6 foot 9 =69
XpertAtGaming 4 hours ago
Do you know what's worse than being 6'9? Being *6ix9ine* huehuehue
-Airdoomslayer- 5 hours ago
Tara 5 hours ago
I wonder what size Nike she wears
taelien 6 hours ago
you think your life is hard?, im a junior wearing size 13 nikes, MEN'S size 13 nikes, beat that y'all know that?
Kesava Pruneri
Kesava Pruneri 7 hours ago
Not all Heroes wear capes. They wear earrings
Senser Fitness
Senser Fitness 9 hours ago
Brian Kane
Brian Kane 9 hours ago
Dang 6'9 is tall for a dude and she still might grow, wnba stuff right there
Benji1982 Zhuang
Benji1982 Zhuang 10 hours ago
Hope she have good day on that day.. Just go and have fun
Lei Lei
Lei Lei 11 hours ago
I am 11 years old and im only 5'1"
Valir Sonofflames
Valir Sonofflames 11 hours ago
I wanna grow too.Haha Can u pls share me some inches? 😂
yongxuan Tan
yongxuan Tan 11 hours ago
Same height with paul George
Schar Nukes
Schar Nukes 12 hours ago
I wasn't disappointed with the comments
Michael O'Rourke
Michael O'Rourke 12 hours ago
But does she where size 13 Nike’s. Men’s size 13 Nikes
Dane Ness
Dane Ness 12 hours ago
Dude is such a tool 😂
sultan fauzi
sultan fauzi 13 hours ago
Adriana Perezz
Adriana Perezz 13 hours ago
Everybody about her height: nice
Andrew Bankier Walker
Shit she looks like an avatar
Kenichi Ono
Kenichi Ono 14 hours ago
Sana ol may prom date
exzses 15 hours ago
why the hell is this recommended and why the hell am i watching it.
Enari yama
Enari yama 16 hours ago
Dunno know what but she’s kinna cute no more like super cute
KIAN al 16 hours ago
Well i feel bad for the dad...
Mr NO The Incredible
How’s the weather up there?
VideoMasterSword 17 hours ago
Do you really want a LONG relationship ? ruvid.net/video/video-10z-UbWiThY.html
Gabriel Forehand
Gabriel Forehand 18 hours ago
Chris I
Chris I 18 hours ago
Her and the 7'7 Romanian guy should date. They are about the same age.
Abel Ely
Abel Ely 18 hours ago
I am 5 8 and yet, I’m 11 years old. Wierd
Swagward Gilliams
Swagward Gilliams 18 hours ago
Tall girl
Staticks 19 hours ago
Tf kind of name for a guy is Shea
D5DRIFT 22 hours ago
The long and short of the story is,..... They both went to prom. I'll go now
Jeff Meren
Jeff Meren 22 hours ago
My height is 6’0, I can be your date.
Mariam Mostafa
Mariam Mostafa 23 hours ago
My neck is popin you like my neck? Stop popin! I see it
toro grande
toro grande 23 hours ago
Wow , It s a monster
Omega Glitch
Omega Glitch 23 hours ago
He asked you because the producers told him to for an interesting BS story.
MC MAYONNAISE 23 hours ago
Guys would have to go up on her
Jr Lopez
Jr Lopez Day ago
Shea looks like the guy who’d ghost get after prom
Charles Broderick
Nancy is a pretty women
Lord Toplex
Lord Toplex Day ago
Thanet Phoumsavanh
As tall as Dwight Howard
Jake Melchor
Jake Melchor Day ago
Tall Girl movie: am I joking to you?
kush Day ago
Sad that this is Scripted
This reminds me of deuce bigalow.. Male gigolo.. A giant bitch made her a fucking baby
Doffy20 Day ago
You would need a lot of sausage to satisfy the inside of those walls
Saif Alabdooli
Tlc uk: 6"9 girl asks crush out. Memers: *see's title* Nice.
HXX LORD Day ago
"I hope he likes the avatar movie."
T Rex
T Rex Day ago
She's a HUGE sweetheart ❤
Dianne de Guzman
Her neck is like Candace Flynn's
Lyonel Santos
Outer Throat
Mike Day ago
Starting at center.... Sorry, I’ll show myself out.
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