5G: Explained!

Marques Brownlee
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5G is getting a lot of hype right now... so I had to see for myself!
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Science & Technology

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Aug 19, 2019




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Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee 2 months ago
Had to see for myself is 5G is worth all the hype. What do you think? Shoutout to NordVPN for sponsoring this video! Get 75% off NordVPN! Only $2.99/mo, plus you get an additional month FREE at: nordvpn.com/MKVPN (Promo code MKVPN)
007/Kennedy 11 days ago
5G is a military weapon...see Mark Steele military weapon inventor...and Sacha Stone 5G Apocalypse...
Sauga Direct
Sauga Direct Month ago
you say shame on at&t for lying?....shame on you for not shedding light on the REAL health and safety dangers of what this technology will bring...not only to humans but to wildlife we highly depend on ...such as bees. Someone like you with a large audience should be informing people of this because its not just about speed. How about the fact that these companies are rolling this out without ANY health and safety testing...we are literally the guinea pigs. Cancers, tumors, especially in children will increase exponentially over the years...theres a deep deep concern about this technology and no one is talking about it...oh wait why is that? Look up "Bill 704" So shame on you for being an influencer and not showing your audience what the real cost of this speed will be. and please forget the word conspiracy..this is not a conspiracy , im not a conspiracy theorist but an educated professional....and if you think it is one than dont just write a comment saying "its a conspiracy", go do your own research. This is our generations chance to stop something that will only show its true effects in years to come like smoking....lets do something now instead of waiting until its too late. our phones and internet are fast enough..we dont need this especially not at the cost it will bring.
NIHAR J PATEL 9 hours ago
@Marques Brownlee, the low upload speed is not a 5G limitation, it's low bandwidth allocation by service provider ( in this case Verizon) . 5G is actually meant to be used in indoor areas or organizations. Setting up in a city or a country is just not feasible. These are demo nodes and they will be installed in high density areas only. As i said the infrastructure cost goes too high with area and not many people will be willing to pay high price for these benefits. What will happen is people will want to setup 5G node inside home, offices, campuses, airports, cafes and so on. But not the whole city. Unless the city management has loads of money in pocket.
Xbox Tempesta
Xbox Tempesta 14 hours ago
Man, I just got wifi that tops out at about 190 Mbps and now I see this
Xbox Tempesta
Xbox Tempesta 14 hours ago
That intro xD
Laura carine Dasilva teixeira
Huawei claims it's not actual 5g. 5v right now we are getting is on 4g network and most of the 5g phones might not work on 5g when the actual 5g equipment gets installed other than their flagships at the moment
Food good
Food good 21 hour ago
This don’t got nothing on my 3g
Is your elbow ok?? also what happened??
Jacj Fernandes
Fuck 5g...end of human race...maybe the latest device to drain water from the brain....bro get better brand not the crappy cheap samsung brand which gets conked within a year
Quinton Crockett
Man I love that opening.
Chico Peebles
Chico Peebles 2 days ago
Great video. All I've heard tech reviewers talk about is 5G. I wasn't aware that the user needs to be almost line of sight to get the benefits. Guess having 5G in a new smart phone isn't nearly as clutch as it may seem to the average user.
Lolo Lalalal
Lolo Lalalal 2 days ago
I could easily get the 5G signal in my house . amazing btw , my location is Wuhan, China 5G deploy in China is really fast .
Selva Prabhu
Selva Prabhu 2 days ago
What will happen when u cover your phone antenna while holding it?
Selva Prabhu
Selva Prabhu 2 days ago
What will happen when u cover your phone antenna while holding it?
ferox7878 2 days ago
i dont get the hype its like wifi by your provider who needs those speeds outside of their home?
Haven Falls [Setar]
mk ultra xd
Hva Søren
Hva Søren 2 days ago
1500mbps versus me with 3.4mbps
CrimsonSlayer7 3 days ago
5:32 um...is that blood
J's World
J's World 3 days ago
Nice work very informative keep up the good work
B T 3 days ago
You may also want to make a video on how 5G type of spectrum technology effect environment. Birds are already leaving cities because of spectrum bumbarding. I personally feel it will be nice if you also touch upon effects on environment everytime to review new technology.
coollance1 2 days ago
B T Birds are leaving cities because it's Fall.
Nokia 3 days ago
5G = dont need a stove cuz the waves are strong enough to cook your food.
Nokia 2 days ago
@Stef de Korte ikr?
Stef de Korte
Stef de Korte 2 days ago
@Nokia amazing proof, 10/10 scientists agree
Nokia 3 days ago
@Stef de Korte my breakfast.
Stef de Korte
Stef de Korte 3 days ago
Any proof to back up this ridiculous claim?
Supreme Ali
Supreme Ali 4 days ago
So 5g has short waves what if they made *THICK SHORT WAVES*
erwin verzo
erwin verzo 4 days ago
I'm not getting 5G handset yet.thanks for the information dude.
Aashiq Hansrajh
Aashiq Hansrajh 4 days ago
Hey man, hope you well? noticed you hurt your elbow by the scab on your arm. Take it easy man 🙏🏽
1 1
1 1 4 days ago
*teleports behind your data limit* "heh, nothing personnel kid"
Patricia Shaw
Patricia Shaw 4 days ago
Culling our beautiful trees to make way for 5G is disgraceful we don't need it.
Stef de Korte
Stef de Korte 3 days ago
Speak for yourself, I need it. Nobody is gonna cut any trees for 5G, this is fake news
auyabbaby 5 days ago
I would buy that house just to live right next to the 5g tower.
Nell Nell
Nell Nell 5 days ago
Wow that's fast
Sean Sean
Sean Sean 5 days ago
All companies did that with 3g to 4g. 4g was fake 4glte was real
Miles Woods
Miles Woods 5 days ago
Could you do a video going into detail of 5g being possibly dangerous / explaining why it isn't, if it isnt dangerous.
cute hure
cute hure 5 days ago
5 G is the most DANGEROUS FREQUENCY released on man kind . The powers to be know this and are rolling it out fast before people realise the DANGER. Check out ( Birds fall from sky in coventry after 5G was turned on. ) If it's killing birds nearly instantly can you imagine what it is doing to humans..
cute hure
cute hure 3 days ago
@đeri662 total bull shit birds are dying all over the world from this phenomenon. Not are they only dying from the frequency 10s of millions die from colliding into cell towers as Well. 5G is so DANGEROUS scientists agree it should not be used at all anywhere..Do the research for yourself before you start talking crap...
đeri662 3 days ago
5G is not a frequency and the story with the starllings was just pure fear-mongering. No 5G test was conducted in or near Hague.
The S.F. Experience
No one has mentioned the potential radiation issue from these 5G nodes. People can be very naive to dangers that are not visibly present. 5G will demand more towers and so more radiation and at highter power.
Badgermyazz B
Badgermyazz B 5 days ago
What happened to your arm?
robs720 6 days ago
Again. Way too USA orientated. Please do some research into other countries. Your audience is largely American, but you have huge influence outside of that country
Mijachin 6 days ago
Would love to see you test a 5G phone bro
Malaysia gamer
Malaysia gamer 6 days ago
Thank you 4g and now welcome 5g
pinchharmonic 6 days ago
5G is completely worthless. The Chinese will use it as a backdoor Trojan horse into our infrastructure.
Isaac chura
Isaac chura 4 days ago
pinchharmonic if you think turning everyone’s personal cellphones and computers into surveillance devices is not a problem, then I’m not sure what to say to you
pinchharmonic 4 days ago
Isaac chura what? CIA/US gov has done almost nothing wrong with the tech. Just doing metadata analysis on large numbers of calls, to track terrorists.
Isaac chura
Isaac chura 4 days ago
pinchharmonic more likely the CIA will use it to build Skynet
SorrowfulM // MapleStory Veteran
That intro was WILD lmao
HYBECTIVE 6 days ago
I only see 5g good for streaming video games 😎
HYBECTIVE 6 days ago
Nooo it’s going to fry my brains 😭
Aitor Goyzueta
Aitor Goyzueta 6 days ago
Please 😞 do not use 5g, it is very dangerous, birds have died around 5g lamps and also trees. It produces lots of cancer cells so please later dont tell your kids are deformed 😕 This is serious
Stef de Korte
Stef de Korte 3 days ago
Shut up idiot
đeri662 3 days ago
Don't be ridiculous. The story with the starlings was pure fear-mongering, there was no 5G test in or near Hague. It doesn't produce cancer cells, the radiation from 5G systems is deep in the non-ionising spectrum (even visible light has a much higher energy per photon).
martin swift
martin swift 7 days ago
I've never seen 4g speeds that good
martin swift
martin swift 7 days ago
I remember 3g and my first 4g smart phone was the HTC Evo 3d with 4g wimax which wasn't supported in my area and quickly got abandoned.. lol
Wilfried007 7 days ago
you could've easily done a test with 2 phones and check whether the speed splits /2
Caution Human Being
Quantum Mechanics of biology . Look into long term effects.
Caution Human Being
Id rather keep the trees and use a 3G. This is rediculous. Im fine. Possible to keep a none 5G going. Actualky be very glad those waves dont go through everything. Your body has wave activity and can be affected..
đeri662 3 days ago
You are absolutly surrounded with EM radiation all the time, even without any technology. Visible light, infra-red radiation is also an EM radiation!
Thekillerslayer 7 days ago
Apple's antenna bands are going extinct.
what the purpose of high speed 5G, if the bandwidth cap still exist
DJ Simma
DJ Simma 7 days ago
Att getting their lawyers ready for you. Lol 😂😂😂😂👍🏿👍🏿
Ailar Arumets
Ailar Arumets 7 days ago
Its so bad for health it kills people and from that you could get cancer of that . Dont use 5g !!!
đeri662 3 days ago
Read about ionising and non-ionising radiation asap.
Josh58 7 days ago
Last time i checked, cellular signals do not kill people bro
Balbisiana A
Balbisiana A 8 days ago
And possibly in a few years time we find out we're cooking our brian? Its interesting i'm used to 900 + mbs upload speed with our internet at home.
Vibhor wankhede
Vibhor wankhede 8 days ago
0:24 - the reaction starts 0:27 - the heck dude what the hell is happening. I can download no mans sky(approx 100gb) on my xbox man. DUDE!
Naf_tna08 9 days ago
7:24 when he lifted his arm up ; look at his elbow, it looks TORN UP
Nik 6 days ago
Ikr what the fuck was that
[\^/] 343 Guilty Spark
what the heck
BzZerr 9 days ago
Thats ashame. I thought u were gonna talk about how dangerous 5G was. Do sum research about it and talk sum sense to people instead of making love to bleed thru their nose and die from this bs... Piz
BzZerr 6 days ago
@XDXXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXXDDXDXDXXDXDXDDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXXDXXD u go get ur 5G my guy! enjoy! I would love ignorant people to use it to be honest. we dont need dumb people to live on this planet. Im just happy my country rejeced it. No offence.
Dharmanand Pant
Dharmanand Pant 9 days ago
And here in Gurugram, Haryana, India. 50 mbps fiber broadband of Timbl giving a speed of 2 mbps 🙄
Chaos744 10 days ago
Wait a minute.... I’m from Waterbury CT - are you from CT as well?
kaylee richter
kaylee richter 10 days ago
i have a 4G phone and when i went to south Carolina it was 5G and it was so nice and fast and i loved it
Jemie Z
Jemie Z 10 days ago
Even 4G in my country is damn slow.most of the time we will only get near 4G and even with 4G the speed is bullshit And now the carrriers want to launch 5G.. 5G my ass..improve the speed of the 4G network first and make it available to all area and then you should launch the damn 5G..
John Legend
John Legend 10 days ago
Not here to flex but my dad company invented 5G he’s doesn’t own it he jus works there
Di CAPONE 10 days ago
I really like the rational summary of pros and cons. Also I dont have the feeling that it would/could be a sin, to dont have a 5G device .-.
majest!cloudz 11 days ago
here in indonesia we have 5 mbps. literally.
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