5G: Explained!

Marques Brownlee
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5G is getting a lot of hype right now... so I had to see for myself!
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Science & Technology

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Aug 19, 2019




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Comments 80
Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee 10 months ago
Had to see for myself is 5G is worth all the hype. What do you think? Shoutout to NordVPN for sponsoring this video! Get 75% off NordVPN! Only $2.99/mo, plus you get an additional month FREE at: nordvpn.com/MKVPN (Promo code MKVPN)
J0nn 5 days ago
I think it's terrible the world will be screwed even more than it is now anyways 4g is enough 5g is just too far in my opinion
wO Month ago
did u hear about THE INTERNET?
xPixey ;:D
xPixey ;:D Month ago
Can't u just put them on drones that follow on request and are charged by solar ?
lemonlimelukey Month ago
from being fried by emf's
peter adams
peter adams 2 months ago
It's a lot of work and money to build out 5g. Not just the nodes but the fiber optics feeding them takes time and money with local isp's competing for the bid to get the fiber build outs for these micro cells
Eduardo Pletsch
Buy your 5G cell ang get a corona! Spent some days on the hospital getting hipoxia or hipercapnia.
Unegbu Francis
What happened to your right hand blow the elbow 🐶
Go Tuang
Go Tuang 7 hours ago
Whoever lives in that brick house is a lucky bast turd
Hung Tran
Hung Tran 10 hours ago
Well explained Marques 👍 Quite investment infrastructure to get 5G working properly. Wait till 10G !
Cubiq - The Creator
Cubiq - The Creator 13 hours ago
in my opinion, 5G is NOT worth it... i don't think that building those towers everywhere is future.. i think that we will just have to wait for something more efficient.. i mean.. for kind of special use, 5G is fine, but for now in my opinion, people won't use it and it's just not economically worth it.. It's cool that you can watch youtube videos "faster", but using 4G, you can watch 4K video on your phone without any lag on youtube . it's just way too expensive and it will be massive fail in my opinion. People will be able to download faster, but theoretically, why? why would you need to download? all things could be stored ONLINE and the access would be instant. covering whole world with 4G is just more practical. few places can be 5G but to cover the towns with 5G to theoretically DOWNLOAD faster, i don't see future in that.. i see future in streaming, not downloading. long story short for me, most people won't be using the 5G's full potential and so 5G will fail.. I would like to discuss about this topic so if somebody would like to, it would be pleasure for me.
Shwifty 17 hours ago
Stevie Solutions
Stevie Solutions 23 hours ago
5g aka 56. 56/65 56 is a very common number. This is interesting because of this pandemic we're having. I have heard tons of rumors about 5 g and this is phase 2 of 9/11. The govt wants to really see what everyone is doing.
Magnus Johansson
What were the the power densities hitting you when you did this testing?
deek the pict
any G is bad for you
Skippy 4077
Skippy 4077 Day ago
Just came to my neighbourhood in melbourne Australia, happy days , now I can game on US servers instead of asia (language barrier the reason)
Mikael Runarsson
yo what happened to his arm at 7:25
ExoTic 225
ExoTic 225 Day ago
im downloading 300GB's of games, playing WoW and streaming this in 2160p without any buffering. no video buffering is already here.
Maame Adjoa Owusu
Isn't 5G dangerous
joel jeong
joel jeong Day ago
no karen. it isnt. watch the video then comment. 5g is like, the better version of 4g, as 4g is better than 3g
vasari corridor
the truth is much more baZzar than the lie .. so much so that it hides itself... when exposed to the light of day often rejected ridiculed .. crucified mankind is a puffed up selfserving myopic creature
vasari corridor
A "virus" does not kill. The virus is a defensive response of the body. But if the body keeps being bombarded with harmful radiation (most of it microwaves, in our time) then the body will keep killing the damaged cells. That is the Godgiven mission of a "virus": to kill cells with damaged DNA. Why? Because otherwise the bad cells would divide and multiply, with their harmful DNA. This is probably one of the causes of tumors. This is also the problem with vaccines in general: They force your body to produce antibodies before the "virus" has done its benificial job with eliminating defective cells ................. A "virus" is produced by your own body to 1) repair cells and 2) kill cells with damaged DNA. The "far worse" thing that's coming is the chip injected with vaccines. But before that, they will keep using 4G towers to make you body produce "viruses", and 5G to commit mass murder. ....................... Follow the money. Wuhan virus ablates Inner Cities (slums), homeless, illegals; generic Browns, Blacks, Muslims, geriatrics. Wuhan virus is a demographic rebalancing long term fiscal thing - Hitler’s camps without the carbon footprint and opprobrium. Just saying…. ..................... This is our Chernobyl ....
joel jeong
joel jeong Day ago
stop taking meth
Xamicon 2 days ago
I don’t even reach 2 Mbps internet speed
iKarma-J 2 days ago
5G towers cause coronavirus lol can't believe all the people saying that stupid shit.
Moribee 2 days ago
How are people so stupid
joel jeong
joel jeong 17 hours ago
@Moribee like, do you think 5g is safe
Moribee 18 hours ago
joel jeong ???
joel jeong
joel jeong 19 hours ago
@Moribee no. are you a karen or a person
Moribee 23 hours ago
joel jeong true, there’s a difference
joel jeong
joel jeong Day ago
karens or people
Buttdreads 2 days ago
I remember Verizon 2x
Starz In Ur Eyez
Starz In Ur Eyez 2 days ago
so all that time i had EE 5G its only been 4G thats dam right crazy my apps take seconds to download does me like i only have alcatel 5.7" 64 G phone and paid 60 pounds for it and its never let me down i dont see all the fuss of buying expensive phones probley have more chance of getting 5G in space haha
No-one 2 days ago
Dude what happened to your elbow
Aku Shaku
Aku Shaku 3 days ago
You can play on asian servers with 1 ping!
Elijah W
Elijah W 3 days ago
Who else looked at the top left of their screen and saw AT&T 5Ge while Marques said it’s 4G
Yuanben Zhang
Yuanben Zhang 3 days ago
2:18 lol
Raul M.
Raul M. 3 days ago
A friend of mine actually working with 5G said this video is full of nonsense. Disappointed, was a follower for many years.
Pravdax M
Pravdax M 17 hours ago
lol how do u know ur friend is telling the truth
malcolm 3 days ago
What do you mean?
Creaa Tiive
Creaa Tiive 3 days ago
i have to say this guy has no facial emotions. Even when he tries to express a facial expression its a failure lol. Keep up the good work though, nice video.
Israel andersonHOME
yo wtf anyone else randomly having Arabic captions or just me?
Enter The Bunker
Enter The Bunker 3 days ago
5G is kinda awesome. I don't think the government is watching us though haha
Dadlc 4 days ago
The only real real use for 5G I see right now is for gaming and video streaming, everything else I can do it nicely with 4G,
joel jeong
joel jeong Day ago
@Ben Hakim haha, poor man cant afford 5g
charlie 3 days ago
@Ben Hakim ?????????
Dadlc 4 days ago
@Ben Hakim ok
Ben Hakim
Ben Hakim 4 days ago
5g does not exist, 5g don't give you anything it's just marketing more like click bait 😂, people believe 5g exist
The Truth Channel
The whole world is in lockdown yet we MUST install these. Priorities.
MX 2 days ago
What does it matter? Stoping the installation of 5G towers wont stop corona.
ded tree
ded tree 4 days ago
you mean caronavirus explained
ded tree
ded tree 19 hours ago
@joel jeong i was joking...?
joel jeong
joel jeong Day ago
charlie 3 days ago
Suspicious Neighbor
Man the amount of people who don't know this can't kill you is just weird because I learned about light and different types of waves in eight grade and even I know 5g is such a low wave there isn't a possible way it can harm you and I don't want your dumb articles I trust in science
joel jeong
joel jeong Day ago
karens, noo dont use 5g next to me!!! me : haha movies go brrrrrr
Deep Bansal
Deep Bansal 4 days ago
Title of the video - 5G explained. Me watching the video at 144p cause of a shitty speed.
Balala 4 days ago
yup 5g is literally like 200x better then my current internet connection
Leafer Leafy
Leafer Leafy 5 days ago
Imagine using 5g on a limited data plan just to accidentally watch a 10 youtube hour video
xxc559 5 days ago
5G E should have been 5G J J for joke!!
ASM KHALID 5 days ago
Just think a movie downloading in 1gbs ... . But the movie is 3TB....(Future times)
joel jeong
joel jeong Day ago
well, yes but actually yes
Amr ISMAIL 5 days ago
Just imagine how good of a life the people living in the brick home next to the 5G Cell Tower are having
Clio Aspinade
Clio Aspinade 5 days ago
Yes, those download speeds must be amazing.
bwanjohi28 5 days ago
There must have been a lot of backlash about the telegraph as well.
joel jeong
joel jeong Day ago
there was alot about oil lambs too, the religous groups often do this, in history and now
V Villegas
V Villegas 6 days ago
One right outside my house , I can see through my window😌
Wim Vierbergen
Wim Vierbergen 6 days ago
You call this an engineering explanation ? This is such elementary knowledge and an insult to anyone informed on data transmissions . Of course it is all about speed . The question is what can be achieved with this technology . Well just look at what the Chinese do to ± one million plus people of their population which do not subscribe to their communist thinking. They are locked in a city and every individual is monitored by things like facial recognition and a hoard of other things . Part of the Agenda 21 project of the UN in conjunction with the Bill Gates of this world and a Covid-19 vaccine to give everyone a Covid passport which will allow you to travel ., and think of what else could be done by NWO with this technology like giving you access to your bank etc etc The whole program is to be rolled out by 2030 .
Wim Vierbergen
Wim Vierbergen 4 days ago
@Balala plse explain what you are saying , I am 80 and don't follow your language
Balala 4 days ago
hmm yup this one ain't a karen
Deeptej Dhauskar
Deeptej Dhauskar 6 days ago
7:25 Wait a minute, wth happened to your right elbow dude?
joel jeong
joel jeong Day ago
@Deeptej Dhauskar nope, a joke...
Deeptej Dhauskar
Deeptej Dhauskar 6 days ago
@Lumpy hell no....u serious?
Lumpy 6 days ago
he has cancer
p l u t o
p l u t o 6 days ago
Is that blood on the sign at 5:31 ?
Danny Flynn
Danny Flynn 6 days ago
Mobile phone radiation is dangerous for you now. 5G will be a whole lot worse. It’s advised not to carry a phone on you next to your body such as in your back pocket.
joel jeong
joel jeong 19 hours ago
@Danny Flynn there are no studies to your claim. also your reply was the shitty
Danny Flynn
Danny Flynn Day ago
joel jeong No sentence construction fan?
joel jeong
joel jeong Day ago
no studies fam
abdulla muhammed
abdulla muhammed 6 days ago
Which phone you use bro
joel jeong
joel jeong Day ago
Daisuke Sakurai
Daisuke Sakurai 6 days ago
I remember the time when having GPRS was cool.
420 Dab
420 Dab 6 days ago
I have the note 10 5g and it says 5ge
Nahum xoxo
Nahum xoxo 6 days ago
7:25 he hav a kinda injury in his hand so dicusting
Nsd Fancy
Nsd Fancy 7 days ago
The 4g speed is 2x faster than my home WiFi
Lazy Brown
Lazy Brown 7 days ago
5g is a military weapon
Izumi Sagiri
Izumi Sagiri 9 hours ago
@CAN-UC also, satellites operate on a lower wattage than what ground-based transmitters can use because satellite-mounted solar panels can't generate enough sufficient voltage for some sort of orbital laser system...
Izumi Sagiri
Izumi Sagiri 9 hours ago
​@CAN-UC honestly, sonic weapons don't work that way. they don't use directed waves to fry electronics or whatnot, instead they rely on high-frequency audible soundwaves to disorient or incapacitate individuals, which is something satellites can't do (due to the fact that air doesn't exist in LEO). plus, radio waves can't affect humans in any significant way other than heating up the existing moisture on your epidermis.
CAN-UC 11 hours ago
@Izumi Sagiri They have been using harmonic cannons to disperse crowds for some time now. The radio frequencies and wattages associated with them, from low orbiting satellites will be much greater than people think!
joel jeong
joel jeong Day ago
The communist Owl
@Izumi Sagiri ah yes, sorry for not paying attention
Zike320 7 days ago
How about we meet half way? 4.5g? 💁🏼‍♀️🤣
khan** 2000
khan** 2000 7 days ago
سگگگگ سیاه 😐😐😏👊👊👊
Orange Juice
Orange Juice 7 days ago
Me with 3Mbps👁👄👁
Bob 7 days ago
The future is sad
N Nhatty
N Nhatty 7 days ago
It would be be cool and easier if they did it in collabration with star link
helloworld 7 days ago
Genrally, for phone usage, you don't even need 5G. How often are you really need that amount of speed? Pretty much never. You wonna play movie? Possible with 4G, wonna play game? Same thing. You need a too big file for 4G? Grab a coffee and done.
biolotoxin459 6 hours ago
@MTutoriales#2018情報 on my old phone, 4G was really bad, in evenings even worse, just got a new phone, and it's light speed, even in evenings
helloworld 3 days ago
@MTutoriales#2018情報 That's not because of the 4G, that's because infrastructure is bad. Maybe your ISP can't handle so many connections, so he allows small speed for each connection. The best way to test it, is during the 2-3 am, when most of the people are sleeping.
yonno • 20 years ago
Ok boomer.😐
I can't even watch a youtube video in 720p with 4G, netflix is even worse, and I live in Miami.
helloworld 3 days ago
@SL xionglit Really? So for "real" gaming you need 100-900Mbps? Please.
Robert Urquhart
Robert Urquhart 7 days ago
Next thing you know Karens are going to say that Oxygen is killing us.
Robert Urquhart
Robert Urquhart 7 days ago
I clicked on this video to find any moronic Karens in the comments.
Person Guy
Person Guy 3 days ago
I did too.
Richard Bucker
Richard Bucker 8 days ago
more towers=more tracking and loss of privacy
joel jeong
joel jeong Day ago
you think 4g cant do that. 2g was spying, dumbass
CosmosHFA88 Savant
5G is only dangerous if you snort it all at once :-)
joel jeong
joel jeong Day ago
why is the servers all inside a mans nose
Ammar Khan Dayo
Ammar Khan Dayo 8 days ago
turn the subtitles CC on and start from "What's up guys MKBHD here" It says "What's Up I could Be A She Here SO I Got Kind Of Furius"
Madiha S
Madiha S 8 days ago
I miss my dial up modem sound. Was like connecting to aliens in space
David Official
David Official 8 days ago
0:26 - 0:32 Me when I see my wallet
sudhanshu paithankar
S10 or s20 🤔
ZenakuShinobi 8 days ago
Lol all the spooky at Providence .... Lovecraft anyone?
宋逸 9 days ago
i'm a Chinese guy,i can't believe u guys'4G went that slow. I am using a 4G phone ,but i am getting like 300 in speedtest. This fact is true in each and every city accoss China now.
As Real
As Real 9 days ago
Good break down...
Vid. 9 days ago
5G could make Stadia into more than just a laughing stock!
Ramrajkumar M
Ramrajkumar M 9 days ago
Scientifically seeing, I feel 5G would most probably become a Failure.
Hold Your Breath
Hold Your Breath 10 days ago
Hang on this man is healthy. Does this mean that 5g doesnt cause corona?? oh man! Someone tell those conspiracy theorists they're claim has been disproven lmao
Person Guy
Person Guy 3 days ago
It doesn't matter if you tell em'. They'll still deny it to the grave.
Peter King
Peter King 10 days ago
5G is also about the low latency, think about all the real time use cases in industrial env.
Michael Foster
Michael Foster 10 days ago
Thanks for your input. It really helped making a decision!
Andre Profitt
Andre Profitt 10 days ago
Sweet video
Neang Norn Official
Really great use of 5G: Explained
MR. CLIPPER 11 days ago
what will be 6G like
joel jeong
joel jeong Day ago
Subscribe n say school sucks
Yo bro some places in ma country dosent even hav 2g internet
Subscribe n say school sucks
@Lumpy how tha hell can I live in your hole
Lumpy 6 days ago
you live in a shithole
prettyboiJustin 11 days ago
People laughing at people that say 5g is bad and dont even realize the frequency is connected to your freakin phone 🤦🏽‍♂️ imagine 1billion people all using 5g connected phones connect to those towers its the same thing the frequency comes from your phones which is in our hands .
TheRomanianWolf 11 days ago
OK, I image it. So???
Lucifer 11 days ago
did u noticed his hand @7:25??
T N M 11 days ago
buffers in 144p
Abdulwahed AbuAbed
Abdulwahed AbuAbed 11 days ago
Is the 5G free or not ?
joel jeong
joel jeong Day ago
its expensive as hell, but later, it wont. the first portable phone was 20k each. now 3 year old phones are 33 dollars, we will get there
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