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505 · Arctic Monkeys
Favourite Worst Nightmare
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Released on: 2007-04-22
Artist: Arctic Monkeys
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Dec 25, 2014




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Comments 100
Catxarina Santos
Catxarina Santos 11 minutes ago
Olá, comunidade Brasileira Indie 👍
Maddie Haydock
Maddie Haydock 24 minutes ago
How much soup do you think I can eat in one day
Hilal Arslan
Hilal Arslan 37 minutes ago
From now, you are my 505...
deena alhaery
deena alhaery Hour ago
omg why did people dislike this
Paola Cedeño
Paola Cedeño Hour ago
the part that says: "My darling, what do you expect." has me SCREAMING
Izuku Midoriya
listening this while my parents are screaming and fighting is the best combination ;)
Weebo Potatoes
Weebo Potatoes 2 hours ago
Hey. Hey, you. Yes, you. You're the one reading this, aren't you? Well, let me tell you something. You need to know. DON'T SCROLL, please... I know, I know I'm a stranger here on the internet. But, I guarantee you, you need to hear this. Are you in a dark place? You aren't alone. We all were there, y'know. Feeling Suicidal? Please don't. I think you matter. Even if I don't know you, I still think you matter. You are the best stranger I've met. So, do something for me real quick. It's quick, I promise. Drink some water. WAIT! DON'T WIPE THE WATER OFF YOUR LIPS YET! Look, see how they shine? See how they twinkle and glimmer? it's like you. Even in the tiniest bit of light, you shine. If you want to take your life, think about something. Out of the 7 billion+ people on this earth... Someone out there, they think you're perfect. They love you, so much. Imagine how much you'd hurt them if you left. .. even if it seems unlikely, I can assure you. Someone out there, they love you. So keep fighting. You'll win, no matter how hard it is. "Fight the storm to see the rainbow". Remember that, okay? Good, I love you. Stay safe, handsome/beautiful :)
Hilal Arslan
Hilal Arslan 39 minutes ago
What an angel! You are adorable, thank you so much.
Kenma Kozume
Kenma Kozume Hour ago
I love you
Victor III Bagatcholon
I found this song through Reverb yesterday, boi have I been blessed.
Alfredo Rivas
Alfredo Rivas 4 hours ago
Imagine listening to this album while on a road trip with your closest friends making memories
Liepa Steponėnaitė
im so mad that i didn't find this song earlier >:((
varvara dani 15
varvara dani 15 5 hours ago
Ive been listening to this song since 3 years ago and ppl only discovering it now??
Michael Jayne
Michael Jayne 5 hours ago
So dire but romantic...2020 and I want to go back to 505
PandasCan'tFly 5 hours ago
all the girls, guys and nonbinary pals who listen to this are automatically cute. I don't make the rules sorry
9 Matchroom slayer
9 Matchroom slayer 7 hours ago
Was at old Trafford cricket club about 13 years and and they did this live was unreal 💊
Jorge Soleto
Jorge Soleto 7 hours ago
Loving this song
Jana Žáková
Jana Žáková 8 hours ago
Forever my favourite song from AM. No new music from them can top this one
Marcus Penn
Marcus Penn 9 hours ago
Yk them notes at the start w no singing. Theres like a rap song that starts like it if anyone has any idea what im ona bout ur g
Grace Govan
Grace Govan 10 hours ago
But I crumble completely when you cry ...that hits hard
Mrs. Takami
Mrs. Takami 12 hours ago
Like how girls at my school made fun of me for listeing to Acrtic Monkeys, Twenty One Pilots, etc. but now listen to it and are "indie" or "depressed" because Jordan slept with Heather. The less they know, the better. It's kinda annoying but it iz what it iz
Shin’ai 12 hours ago
80’s nostalgia feel
conccult 13 hours ago
when it says "It seems like once again you've had to greet me with goodbye" reminds me of all the friends i've lost and all i can remember is our last good byes
Chiara Escarón
Chiara Escarón 16 hours ago
I can stop to listen this song
Lilly 17 hours ago
This is my comfort song. When we get towards the “crumble completely when you cry” I get scared it’s not gonna be there but it always is. For some reason that gave me this type of comfort that it will always be there. Idrk...
Yeah Teehee
Yeah Teehee 17 hours ago
I remember my friends would make fun of me for listening to this type of music and say “ok depressed bum” (I’m not depressed) and now this is all they listen to 😕
xApX3 17 hours ago
Bisexual anthem
Vacation Day
Vacation Day 18 hours ago
Can someone recommend any other songs like this?
Kaideyboy210 21 hour ago
Petra Tribo
Petra Tribo 22 hours ago
I swear i'm starting to think of a certain person with this song this is dangerous considering its one of my favorites
Eu. Com
Eu. Com 23 hours ago
Akayla Smith
Akayla Smith Day ago
this is it finally a song i can love forever
Grace B
Grace B Day ago
boys who listen to this are automatically cute. Thanks for coming to my ted talk (:
Luca Bubenkó
I wanna put this as my phone ringing
brooks corner
lmao sorry but if you listen to this i love you
Daniela Petrová
Daniela Petrová 4 hours ago
Grace B
Grace B Day ago
2:28 the best part (:
Maryam Amberville
This song hits different when it used to be mine and my partners song and then he left me lol
parth скучный
This was our song..
fiyona p
fiyona p Day ago
Aşırın iyi awsu, dinleyen türk varsa beni bulsun ig: cosmacs
Rateings Wizardry
Can’t wait until I am 40 so I can annoy my kids by blasting this through the house 24/7
{Cookie-kun} -
Gentennn perfeitooouuu amei d+ Sim sou BR kkk sou aquele comentário q vc estava procurando kkk ^_________^Boa madrugada °. • . • .° . °. .° . ° . .° ° . °. . ° . . ° .° .• .° .° .• 27/out/20 01:23 Passem no meu canal pra ajudar Se quiserem ( ˘ ³˘)♥
Ariagna Day ago
I feel like if people see me irl and see the music I listen to... they would be confused. I think a lot of people wouldn't expect me to listen to these songs lol idk why
Ziggy Day ago
I listened to this song at 2 AM and fell asleep right after and had a dream about being with a beautiful girl with short black hair. We were sitting next to a river bed alongside a log cabin and the sun was shining on us as we were smoking and enjoying each other's company. IDK why I was such in a state of pure bliss but one can only hope this is foreshadowing to the future
Tienny Lee
Tienny Lee Day ago
Good night, I love Miles, bye!
EnderGyu POGs
i'm in a band with my sister and a couple of her friends.. she usually calls the shots on what songs we do. when she said '505 by arctic monkeys' i hadn't heard it but i knew it'd be good. i learnt it and.. playing it on the drums sends me into another world. it's so amazing.
Tiana Holmes
Tiana Holmes Day ago
im crying right now so crumble. 🙂
OrwinBeane Day ago
One more reason to love this song: The organ that starts the song and plays throughout is in homage to the Good the Bad and the Ugly soundtrack by Ennio Morricone, one of my favourite films of all time. It is from the scene where Angel Eyes enters the cemetary for the final standoff.
regiklezz Day ago
Essa música é tão boa que já virou um hábito ouvir ela
ece Day ago
TheBlees 123
TheBlees 123 2 days ago
TheBlees 123
TheBlees 123 2 days ago
ahotmess 2 days ago
to the non binaries, the guys, the gals, anyone who listens to this...ily, keep going and your music taste is amazing
João Vitor Lula
João Vitor Lula 2 days ago
the best song of this album
bri bri
bri bri 2 days ago
hi UWU
piny103 2 days ago
im going back to 505
brooke c.
brooke c. 2 days ago
pritx 2 days ago
I hate the fact that tik tok ruins every song
lucyelizabeth welch
Best Christmas present ngl
César Irving Alexis Solano Trejo
llo ablo en español lo que tequeria de sir es que me dejas subir este contenido porfa gracias a Facebook
Tiø Bendy
Tiø Bendy 2 days ago
When I listen to this song, I remember a love that lasted only one night, and I never saw it again
Rea Ruble
Rea Ruble 2 days ago
2:25 *use me as a replay button*
João Vitor Lula
João Vitor Lula 2 days ago
Isabella Valdés
Isabella Valdés 2 days ago
el verdadero sonido de la depresión
Leti G.
Leti G. 2 days ago
this reminds me of draco malfoy singing 😳😌
Nathalie Chavez
Nathalie Chavez 2 days ago
Yup i got ruined by Tik tok
he wouldn't crumble when i cry
michayla ariel
michayla ariel 2 days ago
i kinda hate how i’ve listened to this song for years but tik tok lwk ruined it
sinacity Ψ
sinacity Ψ 2 days ago
she broke me too much. I won't be here for long.
Julio Vilchis
Julio Vilchis 2 days ago
This is by far the best song I‘ve ever heard and I ain‘t even an Indie Rock fan
Unknown creep
Unknown creep 2 days ago
I’m not pretty but my friend is (:
sol calero
sol calero 2 days ago
this comments make me feel pretty. (:
vicky bridger
vicky bridger 2 days ago
this song makes me want to crumble
maya belle
maya belle 2 days ago
whoever listens to this song is automatically hot
Litzy Cazares
Litzy Cazares 2 days ago
Tik tok fuck boys are trying to ruin this please help it I don’t want it in the trenches like say so
s. ndiaye
s. ndiaye 2 days ago
*looks for someone who crumbles completely when i cry*
Jazzy Lou
Jazzy Lou 3 days ago
firebricked 3 days ago
banger song
leitinho italac
leitinho italac 3 days ago
ssvere 3 days ago
people who listen to this song are automatically pretty, it doesnt need to be appearance just YOU, you are pretty :))
Ελευθερια Κονσολακη
This song is very cool. -Always has been
Isabella Navarra
Isabella Navarra 3 days ago
0:51 2:34
ruzy melik
ruzy melik 3 days ago
i love this comment section so much
·King· 3 days ago
New Mexico baby
yaneli valencia
yaneli valencia 3 days ago
if your a guy and listen to this your automatically cute
LINCOLN LUCAS 3 days ago
cade as br gasosa?
Gifas 3 days ago
Let's follow up with Do Me A Favour and maybe end with No Buses.
Victoria Glenn
Victoria Glenn 3 days ago
i adored him with his hands around my neck just a few days ago. 🥺
The_chair 4 days ago
*”the boys who listen to this song are automatically cute”* Yeah my mirror says otherwise
Daniela Petrová
Daniela Petrová 4 hours ago
I bet you're cute
Jin Sunshine
Jin Sunshine 2 days ago
nah you’re a cute chair lol
Driny 3 days ago
Well then your personality cute
Juan Martin Molina Navarro
The comments are cringe af it almost makes me wanna stop listening to AM
noa huts
noa huts 4 days ago
Not me crying and listening to 505 on repeat after my mom and dad made fun of me cuz I was sad😗✌🏻
A v a
A v a 2 days ago
Sorry they invalidated you :/
Antônia Elza Medeiros Costa
*Indies entraram no chat*
Patricia Luque Dominguez
kamidere 4 days ago
the enby people who listen this song are automatically cute
Llosa Aeno
Llosa Aeno 4 days ago
Suzukei _
Suzukei _ 4 days ago
This is me and my girlfriends favorite song ❤
uwubabybun 4 days ago
Kinda sounds like Tom Felton 🤭
Nathalie Chavez
Nathalie Chavez 3 days ago
Not crying to be rude tho he sound like a nice person who would sing the side of
Nathalie Chavez
Nathalie Chavez 3 days ago
Wintverlyn 4 days ago
I used to listen to this everyday in 2014, glad it's not forgotten.
HarryPotter_ _
HarryPotter_ _ 4 days ago
This is my first time hearing them, and this is the best song I really like, it’s good!
Bruno Garro gonzales
Isabella Loss
Isabella Loss 5 days ago
Swon 5 days ago
Who else just tryin to go back to how life used to be?
Monique Forte
Monique Forte 5 days ago
bean boy98
bean boy98 5 days ago
lol this was a christmas present
Jacob Keery
Jacob Keery 5 days ago
proppa bop
Trinity Claydon
Trinity Claydon 5 days ago
Right is this song sexual or sad I’m not sure 😂
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