501 NBA Open Court - Best Of Open Court

Peter Šilj
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Oct 4, 2016




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Romeo montero
Romeo montero 18 hours ago
Chris Weber should be in the hall of fame over grant hill and TMc
Adr Wa
Adr Wa Day ago
Really shaq??? So disrespectful to Dwade. The man who caried you to a title. I thought u were boys.
Menandro Plan
Menandro Plan 7 days ago
Cmon Shaq. No to Dwade and Reggie....love Shaq but dude is bias for who he played for and who he friends with (Weber is in the convo but def not over Reggie imo)
Solo 7 days ago
shaq was really out here actin like d wade didn't vary his big ass and got him a ring
MoneyBall 10 days ago
Shaq just hatin on Wade after 06. He stil can't accept he got carried in that finals. Lol! Just look at the numbers of WDe vs Penny. Penny had potential but at 24 years old Penny averaged 21 7 and 5. I loved Penny too but let's not get carried away. The problem with former players making opinions they always have their own baggage that influences their opinions. Chirs Webber is still salty he's not in the Hall of Fame and can't accept that younger guys are going to be chosen ahead of him. Yeah, Chris you were talented but what did you do your first seven years in the league?
WhiteLightning 12 days ago
I could listen to Isiah Thomas talk for hours man. Clearly the other guys around him agree because as soon as he makes a noise, every one shuts up instantly just to listen to what he has to say. Respect
1ZosoLZ 12 days ago
I need a girl to look at me like how C Webb looks at Zeke 41:20
Jbf53176 13 days ago
I want to be clear. Chris Webber should be in the Hall of Fame. There are alot of players already in who Webber was better than.
Jbf53176 13 days ago
The Bird stories are epic.. They never get old. I could listen to legends talk about Bird for hours.
Jbf53176 13 days ago
Olajuwan is the best Center I've seen in my life in his prime. I started watching basketball in 1981. I caught Kareems second act, so I missed his prime. Olajuwan was just a beast. He destroyed everyone, including Shaq. Shaq literally couldn't handle him. He was so, so good. He gets overshadowed because of Jordan, and that time, but Hakeem was probably the 2nd best player outside of Jordan in that era.
Jbf53176 13 days ago
McHale is priceless.. seriously.
A Duh
A Duh 13 days ago
The disrespect for Steve Nash, he was a problem.
Joshua Batts
Joshua Batts 13 days ago
No way in hell Draymond green could stop the greatest PF in the game.
Dylan van Haaften
Dylan van Haaften 14 days ago
Gotta love Isaiah off the court this guy is a class act calling out a Jordan shot as the most clutch moment
sokidanz 16 days ago
Smithy , I talked to Juanita ahahahaah
Master Jedi
Master Jedi 16 days ago
Isaiah is right but it’s Zion. Revolutionary basketball!
EyeQue 17 days ago
Grant Hill reminds me of Will Smith..they have a similar type of head.
007 17 days ago
The steroid conversation is a tricky one but an important conversation as well. I believe testosterone replacement therapy should be used to even the playing field but under regulation. People never talk about why black athletes have an advantage but they should because blacks naturally have over 20% more testosterone than whites. All men start losing testosterone after a certain age regardless of race so set a testosterone level and allow players to get legal help up to that level.
007 17 days ago
It's too bad Isaiah Thomas had so many bad relationships during his career on the court. He is obviously extremely intelligent with a great personality to go along with his wealth of basketball history that he always should have been a great spokesman for the league and it's defining era the way he is now.
Skylar J
Skylar J 19 days ago
that chris webber comment at about 35 minutes was an all time take.
Running and Racing in Korea
Reggie Miller is an all time great, but he is the only all time great who was consistently beat by his sister 1 on 1.
steven palmzie sim
steven palmzie sim 20 days ago
Rice Davone
Rice Davone 21 day ago
Yess over you shaq, your a bum steve nash is a highly skilled player......all shaq does is dunk
GSKam 22 days ago
These niggas look old asl
GSKam 22 days ago
I.T looks older 3 years ago then he looks now
Vernon Jenkins
Vernon Jenkins 22 days ago
Shaq took it. He said i aint letting anything go,lol.
Hoshi Mate
Hoshi Mate 22 days ago
Shaq dismissing Wade as if Wade didn't carry his big ass to a ring in 06' LOLOLOL
Sean Nemetz
Sean Nemetz 23 days ago
shaq jealous cuz nash took his mvp
B U 23 days ago
Nash was awesome. Shaq got some salt.
Herm P
Herm P 24 days ago
🤣 45:45 how hypocritical was Kerr in this statement? He went on to win multiple championships with no low post big man, with a Super team that launched three pointers from all over the court.
Robert Foster
Robert Foster 22 days ago
Thats because there are no big men left in the league. The warriors move the ball better than any other team in the league simce he's been the coach. They never take bad shots in a game. Thars all from steve kerrs system
Tropical Terrarium
Tropical Terrarium 24 days ago
Current nba gives too much space, no physicality. If you give Jordan more space, what do you think is going to happen? 50 + average lol
Alfonso Matador
Alfonso Matador 24 days ago
Reggie Miller is so funny. xD
Alfonso Matador
Alfonso Matador 24 days ago
19:32 is the best part of this video.. xDDDD It made me laugh so hard... :'D
Jerome Staton
Jerome Staton 24 days ago
How was wade left off and Lebron is on there..... I don’t get it.... wade won without Lebron had a chip before Lebron came.... and Lebron still playing currently... that’s a mystery!!!!!!!!!
DiMario Bell
DiMario Bell 24 days ago
So ironic Kenny would guard zeke when he was talking about the "crooked leg"
David Chandler
David Chandler 25 days ago
i am big magic fan but he vould never even guard quick guards back then, isiah is dead on he would be power forward or he would get cooked
wert dogg
wert dogg 25 days ago
Chris Webber is better than Durant
Ab R
Ab R 25 days ago
41:20 , CW. Looks like he is tearing up as IT recounts what he attempted to do to be more than just a baller. This. This aspect of the game. There should be a goddamn movie on IT's outreach. Period.
Wayno Soze
Wayno Soze 25 days ago
WTF was Shaq talking about Ray Allen over Reggie Miller WTF in what universe
Alex Goldtooth
Alex Goldtooth 26 days ago
13:36 Scottie Pippen "Allow me to reintroduce myself"
Max Jerry Horowitz
Max Jerry Horowitz 26 days ago
Jordan Haters!
killa chris
killa chris 28 days ago
I respect c Webb but dwyane Wade carried Miami in 2006 by averaging 36
MaxMulberry 28 days ago
I love this. Real basketball players can appreciate the stories and the camaraderie!
mike young
mike young 29 days ago
C Web at the end🙏
truthseeker89 for life
I think shaq maybe a lil jealous over dwade since he won that finals mvp over him
Glenn Vicencio
Glenn Vicencio Month ago
Regi has to be there he gives the bulls a nightmare
Noah Zeus
Noah Zeus Month ago
25:59 dudes like lightning where he go dribbling all fancy like.
Mike Leas
Mike Leas Month ago
Just watching the NBA scores in the bottom of the screen, wishing the season is going on 😢
Nicholas Kudin
Nicholas Kudin Month ago
Kenny talks a lot but says so little. He’d sign a guy cause he’s gay? Not cuz of skill or talent? That’s like voting Hillary in the last election just cuz she’s a woman. It shouldn’t matter at all. If you’re good, you’re good. Simple as that. Why should sexuality or appearance matter in a game?
NationJJ Month ago
They put C Webb on there? Don't do that to him, man. He knows. Also, hell yeah he as a baller.
Casey DeCarlo
Casey DeCarlo Month ago
Ernie way better at running this show
Adio Ash
Adio Ash Month ago
Shows the type of man Zeke is how he talks about Jordan with so much praise even though he knows Jordan hates him.
Speak Month ago
Webber is not better than Dirk.. All those teams never won it all
Keavin Kirby
Keavin Kirby Month ago
The problem with the 50 greatest is you'd have to take off some of the guys on the 50 list. Since they made that list, you would have to add ans remove about 20 dudes. KG, Bron, Kobe, AI, Ray, Reggie, Duncan, Dirk, KD, Harden, Steph, Westbrook, Wade, Nash, Pierce, KLaw, Kidd, GP, Manu.
Berns 83
Berns 83 Month ago
I don't understand why shaq insists penny is one of the greatest? he wasn't even seen as a hall of famer
Atrain973 main4life386
I think Isaiah Thomas is pussy drunk when he talks about Magic Johnson playing Center in today's game
Dexter Galleros
Dexter Galleros Month ago
Too soon for next 10. Wait 50 years from 1997.
Jose Mejia
Jose Mejia Month ago
I laughed hard when Isaiah Thomas told shaq you know I love you and all but Kareem would of gave you the business 😂
clutchcity25 Month ago
13:11 When Chauncey said that, I absolutely felt that. He was incredible in Detroit.
Watching and waiting for the last dance to drop! Huge basketball fan and love that we are going to see exclusive footage!
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Month ago
It's a criminal how underrated Webber is.
Edward Pistolhands
Baltimore bullets you pos
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs Month ago
@Cwebb 35:05 the best answer in sports never heard. God bless Cwebb. Great man. Came in our family restaurant and bought a 99 cent pop and gave us 20dollars said keep it.
Freddy C
Freddy C Month ago
Kenny was a role player while Chuck was the focus of the teams he was on, but on this show Chuck’s always giving the assist to Kenny for a good punchline.
Zeb Nicklin
Zeb Nicklin Month ago
Shaq, 'over Penny!' Damn, I'd go D Wade over all yo'all! He got 3 rings, AND he got Shaq another one! WTF Reggie talking on, we gotta revisit DWADE, well you aint getting a visit if he need to be revisited!
Zeb Nicklin
Zeb Nicklin Month ago
These olds guys man aint ish! 'Larry had the best step back I ever seen!' F#CK OFF! Then it came up on the screen, hell na! Slow and he got .5 inch off the ground! These people say this all this stuff REALLY just to give themselves props coz they played in the same era! Isiah Thomas is a hater, period!
Rury Hernandez
Rury Hernandez Month ago
Ironic how Steve Kerr says to many teams are launching 3s its bad for the game? 🧐
Joe Marwil
Joe Marwil Month ago
Chris Webber?? No. Just no.
Anthony Bennett
Anthony Bennett Month ago
Now we know why Isiah isn't a good coach
Kakaroto K
Kakaroto K Month ago
The hate towards Steve Nash is so much here. They just can’t deal with his success. Nash was at the same level Jasón Kidd was. Kidd got to the finals twice with the Nets cause the East was garbage. Nash was competitive in Dallas and in Phoenix. Mark Cuban said his greatest mistake was letting Nash go. He is getting all that hate cause he is white and Canadian.
Kakaroto K
Kakaroto K Month ago
I love Ray Allen, but I’d take Reggie over him. Both great players but Miller was more clutch than him. MF took Jordan to 7 games
Hernan Month ago
Dream the best!
Ray Finkle
Ray Finkle Month ago
I would like to thank the universe for Shaq. What a legendary human with a personality bigger than he is.
Jose Nunez
Jose Nunez Month ago
The level of disrespect they showed to the flash🤦🏽‍♂️
Mayav V
Mayav V Month ago
Nash should be on that list. That's racist if he wasn't on that list. 2 times fukin MVP
Mayav V
Mayav V Month ago
Chris webber is so overrated. He is so anxious to be on that list.
Monee L
Monee L Month ago
I think tmac is better than dwade I'm sorry and reggie shoulda been on
mattlarocca16 Month ago
The DISRESPECT to Dwyane Wade... mans carried your fatass to a 4th ring shaq. smdh.
J.B Cooper
J.B Cooper Month ago
The NBA was more physical back then because so many players were uncoordinated
Lil Venue
Lil Venue 2 months ago
Can’t believe Shaq ain’t have d Wade at unanimous
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