50 Superhero Marvel & DC Real Name And Age 2018

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Dec 19, 2018

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toptenfamous 8 months ago
you can suggest next video at toptenfamousfan page. facebook.com/toptenfamousfan
Md Masud
Md Masud 3 months ago
Devil Adi
Devil Adi 3 months ago
Where is "Nebula" ????
Mahendra P ftalt
Mahendra P ftalt 5 months ago
top ten family's ex x n'+ h
Basheer Ahmed
Basheer Ahmed 6 months ago
David Safo
David Safo 8 months ago
toptenfamous z
ساره عازار
ساره عازار 10 hours ago
ساره عازار
ساره عازار 11 hours ago
أجمل الأبطال روعه
Khurshed Hayat Chowdhury
Chris Evans looks so cool😍😍😍😍😍😍😎😎😎😎
How many videos you saw that trek us the life of a soldier Who died for us These superstars is only our HEROS
RafL BEGO' Day ago
Where is quicksilver?
думан Есльямов
where's Superman
lobo solitario
lobo solitario 2 days ago
7:43 :)
Seuli Kundu
Seuli Kundu 3 days ago
Love you thor
Ravi Kant
Ravi Kant 9 days ago
7.19 my favourite thor
Sohaib Bashir
Sohaib Bashir 9 days ago
Everyone nearly 50ssss. But they look like 25 to 30
Satria Agung Muniaga
Iron man and spiderman big fans
Houssem Guedri
Houssem Guedri 10 days ago
Like for henry cavill
julius puppet master
¿Anthony Hopkins? (ODIN)🔨🔨🔨💪💪💪 Age 81
DiGiT MerC
DiGiT MerC 13 days ago
there are some missing?:P such as Prof X old n new, Magneto old n new, Quicksilver mcu n xmen, emma frost, raven or mystique, new jean/dark phoenix, dr.doom, punisher, blade, ghost rider, psylocke, ultron, cable n thanos :P
jay vaishnav
jay vaishnav 14 days ago
9:04 is a very beautiful and so sexy I love you
Keyli Ramirez
Keyli Ramirez 16 days ago
Aquaman, flash,
Priyanshu chaturvedi
Where is black widow
Atma Singh
Atma Singh 25 days ago
Where is Tobey Maguire
Duy Bé
Duy Bé 26 days ago
Hi chào mọi người tôi yêu chú Henry
Daniel Ronny
Daniel Ronny 26 days ago
Spiderman - Tobey Maguire - 27 Juni 1975 (usia 44 tahun) Spiderman - Andrew Garfield - 20 Agustus 1983 (usia 35 tahun) Odin (Ayah Thor) - Anthony Hopkins - 31 Desember 1937 (usia 81 tahun) Luke Cage - Mike Colter - 26 Agustus 1976 (usia 42 tahun) Jessica Jones - Krysten Ritter - 16 Desember 1981 (usia 37 tahun) Prof Xavier (Young) (X-Men) - James McAvoy - 21 April 1979 (usia 40 tahun) Prof Xavier (Old) (X-Men) - Patrick Stewart - 13 Juli 1940 (usia 79 tahun) Jean Grey (X-Men Dark Phoneix) - Sophie Turner - 21 Februari 1996 (usia 23 tahun)
Lakheswar Saikia
Lakheswar Saikia 27 days ago
most of this old actors look like 40 if you are agree
Jhonatan Costa
Jhonatan Costa 27 days ago
Arrow Oliver Quenn God!!
Rokith hari
Rokith hari 29 days ago
Francisco Javier Flores Jimenez
7:35 8:50 9:00
Bee Phi
Bee Phi Month ago
Hiro Yung
Hiro Yung Month ago
What song is it?
Five Skies
Five Skies Month ago
9:00 pause
Kc 884
Kc 884 Month ago
Who knew Green Lantern is deadpool.
flowergreeeeed Month ago
Its hard to believe that Benedict Cumberbatch is turning 43 this year. I am a fan but my man looks like he just had a taste of 100% fresh lemon juice.
TheKingsman Month ago
Jessica Alba is the one on the thumbnail right???
TheKingsman Month ago
Man I don’t see anybody complementing Jessica Alba, she was perfection back then and she is perfection now.
Rebellz Month ago
What happend to my boy affleck did put on more weight
Geeky Metalhead
Geeky Metalhead Month ago
*sees Jessica Alba and Elizabeth Olsen* You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention
ARDA BİLGE Month ago
Wtf age
Manish malhotra
Manish malhotra Month ago
PS4 For Life
PS4 For Life Month ago
Dc is gay
Harry M-D
Harry M-D Month ago
Scarlet witches birthday is the same as my sister's but my sister wasn't born 1989
Pyterr qill da deep web
8:50 shs is very beautiful
Ocelot GAMER
Ocelot GAMER Month ago
I knew it Samuel L jackson plays Kingsman too
Kookie Girl
Kookie Girl Month ago
R.I.P Stan Lee :c Ioan Gruffudd was born on my bday!
_Jessie_ Month ago
Élisabeth Olsen is m'y favorite😍😍
Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner Month ago
Well I think u should have put Chris hemsworth's shirtless picture 😊
Kaike Kiki
Kaike Kiki Month ago
Ola helo
Comrade Mad
Comrade Mad Month ago
Music Name Please
Shark DEYAR Month ago
What that about magneto ?
Shark DEYAR Month ago
What that about magneto ?
Kulvir Singh
Kulvir Singh Month ago
What is the name of the person in the middle of the thumbnail
Why did you put Ezra Miller? He sucks and he’s dumb
Lakheswar Saikia
Robert Downey Jr , Tom holland and Gal Gadot
Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez 2 months ago
Well Affleck is not batman no more so might as well put Robert there
Pranit Tamang
Pranit Tamang 2 months ago
Wong is real name
lynn Charles
lynn Charles 2 months ago
RachaelHful 2 months ago
4:30 what's up with the leotard bruh😯😂
Vyprx 2 months ago
Tedi Venetiku
Tedi Venetiku 2 months ago
Black panther look younger
Chase and Petie
Chase and Petie 2 months ago
This guys a stinkin xman fan
rayyan imam
rayyan imam 2 months ago
tommorow is Nicole Kidmans birthday
agung nya yulia
agung nya yulia 2 months ago
tuir2 semua haha
NextCliper 2 months ago
6:11 OSM
okan0580 2 months ago
9:12 My Favourite
Matthew Silver
Matthew Silver 2 months ago
Alwynfranz Rapisora
Alwynfranz Rapisora 2 months ago
Tom Holland💓
toxicYt 2 months ago
9:03 (.)(.)👌👌
Toetu Sapakuka
Toetu Sapakuka 2 months ago
Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds r the best
Ultraser Gaming
Ultraser Gaming 2 months ago
Carol Danvers?
Zarin Fatima bari
Zarin Fatima bari 2 months ago
LovE NiGhtCoRe
LovE NiGhtCoRe 2 months ago
thor 35 but loki 37 :v lol
TIDragon33 2 months ago
Stop at 9:00
XD张景荣 2 months ago
1:34,7:50 and 7:55 prettiest woman alive
Sea Dog
Sea Dog 2 months ago
Hate how the thumbnail thought I was gonna look at the girls before aqua man
Xavier PDecastelli
Xavier PDecastelli 2 months ago
Can we all just agree that Elisabeth Olsen is hot
Hallysson H,Q
Hallysson H,Q 2 months ago
06:40 36 mas parece mais velha do que isso nessa foto.
Beqa Qantaria
Beqa Qantaria 2 months ago
gal gadot!!!
cote 764
cote 764 2 months ago
2:28 no te creo pense que tenia como treinta y algo ese me sorprendio muchisimo no crei que tubiera esa edad
Madi Bilancia
Madi Bilancia 2 months ago
Gal Gadot and Elizabeth Olsen ♥️
Nshimirimana Arnaud
Nshimirimana Arnaud 2 months ago
My super star spider man
Martin Adeeb
Martin Adeeb 2 months ago
You forgot billy batson shazam
Analia Curuchet
Analia Curuchet 2 months ago
Me encanta vivs marvel
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