50 Scrambled Egg Challenge

Matt Stonie
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What if Cool Hand Luke was feeling fancy??
50 Scrambled Egg Challenge!
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Oct 27, 2017




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Comments 40 585
K.D alexander
K.D alexander 4 hours ago
why are your american eggs pure whie that just looks completley unnatural and gross
Onur Yılmaz
Onur Yılmaz 8 hours ago
4:36 Nusrettt style / Nusret İs Turkhis
DETLMACH DET 8 hours ago
And where is ketchup
kalokohan GAMING
kalokohan GAMING 9 hours ago
I'am an egg lover and i can be a rival for you when we race
Philip akr
Philip akr 10 hours ago
Hmmm... normaly there is a limit per Day: 2 eggs...
akasunci YT
akasunci YT 12 hours ago
How I she skinny
Janneah Jeon
Janneah Jeon 12 hours ago
atleast he doesn't waste foods
IKARUS SOUL 13 hours ago
One day i've trued to eat 8 eggs in a row and i got a big head hurt and i vomited a lot. Soooo how can this guy can eat 50 eggs ?
Hinkelflosse 20 hours ago
"christmas is not that far" published on 27. october
Alex Truong
Alex Truong 22 hours ago
ADT Since 1874
I'd rather eat that many eggs with 12 DOZEN SCALLIONS
Rian Hapetet
Rian Hapetet Day ago
I'm from indonesian bro
Abyssal Player
I cant believe badlands watch this
Trafalgar Law
He forgot the shell
Trafalgar Law
The ugliest eggs I have seen in my life
g3tgud 2.0
g3tgud 2.0 2 days ago
N O M A N C A N E A T 5 0 E G G S
Calinton Barcless
Next time just use a blender for the eggs it’s easier and faster saves you a lot time
the left side boob
Why did 22k people dislike this? What is in it that makes people unhappy?
Moon Fr0stbite
the left side boob All the dislikes are his cholesterol
Tahiraaa 3 days ago
This can cause serious cholesterol problems the recommended amount of eggs is 2 a day!
Richard Lewis
Richard Lewis Hour ago
Hey a doctor can i get my life removed?
DrouwProductionz 3 days ago
i was eating my scrambled eggs along with you. i reached to eat 3 out of my 7 eggs in my portion while you ate 50 eggs!
Piano Pug
Piano Pug 3 days ago
I thought the challenge was to make scrambled eggs with 50 eggs XDDDD
Vanéssa 3 days ago
me : struggles to finish 3 eggs in the morning Matt : *eats 50 eggs*
itskiller sub
What you struggle to eat 3 eggs lmao
Blorken 3 days ago
am i the only one who feels like eating 50 eggs would b easy?
Rising Goddess
You're not the one 😂
LØ VINCE 3 days ago
50 srambled eggs challenge! High blood : Am i a joke to you?
FRSTX Fishyy
FRSTX Fishyy 4 days ago
The fact he can eat 50 eggs when yet I can't even eat the eggs from my Fry's 😂😂😂😂
Guest _98030
Guest _98030 4 days ago
Nothing happened and he ate 50 egg what the heck
aka_ ahad
aka_ ahad 4 days ago
How to basic enters the chat
Armaan Dean
Armaan Dean 4 days ago
I am TYRON and I'm gonna hit this motha#!€$/% shit.
Francis Crank
Francis Crank 4 days ago
The rock must be favorite breakfast
Damien Dunn
Damien Dunn 4 days ago
Matt probably lived with his nan when growing up
Josie G
Josie G 5 days ago
Cupcake challenge
SB MATMAD 5 days ago
fucking animal
Chloe Rocks
Chloe Rocks 5 days ago
Doctor : *eat 2 eggs a day* Matt : *let me think*
Clark Ian Dalit
Clark Ian Dalit 5 days ago
I feel like he'd just ate 50 innocent chicks
David Murphy
David Murphy 5 days ago
The fork was a bad choice, woulda easily shaved a minute off with a spoon.
[MxQ]oatcheese69 5 days ago
Normal humams: Lets eat 2 eggs Matt: Lets eat 50
Jose Macedo
Jose Macedo 5 days ago
Bro how do you prepare yourself so you can eat so much shit?
Jose Macedo
Jose Macedo 5 days ago
You trying to get high cholesterol lol
vsco sugar baby
vsco sugar baby 6 days ago
Who else is craving eggs now loo🍳
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