50 Scrambled Egg Challenge

Matt Stonie
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What if Cool Hand Luke was feeling fancy??
50 Scrambled Egg Challenge!
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Oct 27, 2017

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Comments 38 810
•Animes_ Mangas• *_*
Jajaja coz you make me feel like a woman who is crazy for watched this 💕
FBI 3 hours ago
This video is stalking me
laurette anne
laurette anne 7 hours ago
Mdr je t’aime ,aussi je ne parler pas anglais 😊😊😊😊😊😊😒🏎🏎
JAMES DABEAST 7 hours ago
Matt: Eats 50 scrambled eggs! Toilet: ahh shit here we go again
S M O K 3 V Y P 3 R
Matt: 50 Scrambled Eggs Challenge How To Basic: Hold my eggs
Stuff. 8 hours ago
Zilong Payong
Zilong Payong 8 hours ago
Sus dito sa Pilipinas saglit lang yan basta nakakamay
Politically Incorrect
Never break the egg yolks before you put the eggs into a hot pan. If you do, you're doing it WRONG! Nice video though man.
Wild Card
Wild Card 17 hours ago
That’s how long it takes me to eat 2 eggs
Mopar Militia of Wisconsin
408.Dat 22 hours ago
Why does he eat a lot but not gain weight I’m tired of being skinny!!!
What's Up Everybody
How is he so skinny
Tanz Day ago
_Howtobasic_ : **h e a v y b r e a t h i n g**
Matt: Its only 5$ buy the dollar shave now. Me: Dude, we’re only kids, you want us to have beards now? XD
Jeremy Wirawan
Apa cuma gue aja yg orang indonesia yang nnton ini🤣🤣
Riley McCallister
People: we need an Airplane stat Marty mcfly Williams: I AM THE AIRPLANE
RM Day ago
Mom: how many eggs would you like this morning? Matt: Yes
Don Sellers
Don Sellers Day ago
You cannot eat that many eggs you will die
Raphael Andrada
Raphael Andrada 2 days ago
if i were him i would've used my bare hands to eat it all
abria smith
abria smith 2 days ago
Yesssss sir😍😍😍😍
Peachy115 2 days ago
did you notice the megalovania at the start
margret Espinoza
margret Espinoza 2 days ago
First off how does this guy stay skinny and second his stomach must have hert like if you would eat that
Yousef Khalid
Yousef Khalid 2 days ago
When u make too much food but mum says finish all ur food
Pandora Darville
Pandora Darville 2 days ago
I wish I could eat like u
RAMA BFF 2 days ago
Oğuzhan Sülün
Oğuzhan Sülün 2 days ago
Midesiz oc
white sky
white sky 3 days ago
Hmmm what if he got kidney stonie and diebities (lol idk the spelling) Men its scary
Daniel O Flynn
Daniel O Flynn 3 days ago
Should've went with the Regular Show Challenge
gozu lumii
gozu lumii 3 days ago
0% bragging about money 0% naked women 0% swear words 7000% daily intake of cholesterol
Polat Doma
Polat Doma 3 days ago
Rachel Raylene
Rachel Raylene 3 days ago
I would of enjoy that with some ketchup tbh
Army Forever
Army Forever 3 days ago
Bless you Morgan
Александр Никонов
Я бы такое количество с семьёй неделю ел, а он один за 6 минут!
Azboth Gaming
Azboth Gaming 4 days ago
how the f he eat all that and not get fat????!!!!!
COMIC Strip Roy
COMIC Strip Roy 4 days ago
I got to say another excellent eating video, plus loved your emoji you added to the yoke it was great.
BOOM BIL 4 days ago
Smilealchemist 4 days ago
Ever heard of the eggscellent challenge
Mercury_Mad_Dog 4 days ago
Stop sneezing jeez...
Asia Vaa
Asia Vaa 4 days ago
Now I'm hungry
MegaTroll Trollington
1. Yes, scrabbled eggs are better than boiled eggs. 2. You suck at cooking eggs. 3. Your great at eating eggs. 4. At this point, why bother with a spoon? It's slowing you down. Ditch it and use your hands. Cup those eggs into your mouth like your drinking water from a pail.
Draxx 4 days ago
0:03 what does that mean ?
black pearl
black pearl 4 days ago
I'm hungry now
Arzu Quliyev
Arzu Quliyev 5 days ago
Фуууууууу... грязь
Arzu Quliyev
Arzu Quliyev 5 days ago
Tang Muy Keang
Tang Muy Keang 5 days ago
At first I thought it was 6 hrs 😂
diamondkid300 5 days ago
#Кухня Шоу
Сколько он раз блюет
YVNG SAGE 5 days ago
You ate 50 potential little dudes. Brutal
Irish Leprechaun
Irish Leprechaun 5 days ago
Matt needs gains
Ruina the Techno Kitty
Thats so unhealthy
Jeannie Houghton
Jeannie Houghton 5 days ago
I be worried about all the gas he get from all those eggs. Wtg man.
Klein D Arn
Klein D Arn 5 days ago
That's the amount of eggs I'll probably consume in the next 3 months
nikole b
nikole b 5 days ago
As a vegan this is really hard to watch
Swagminigamer simard
I can imagine his mom saying in the morning how many eggs 1 or 2 Matt: yeah I’ll take 50 please
Weebo 2 days ago
Swagminigamer simard who the fuck eats one egg
SynDex 5 days ago
I just ate eggs
siyah inci
siyah inci 5 days ago
nusretin hareketini yaptı as bayrakları
Cortion Carter
Cortion Carter 5 days ago
He should have used a wok for all those eggs 🥚 🍳
LandonXP Gaming
LandonXP Gaming 5 days ago
it takes me 10 minutes to finish 2 eggs........................... this is so kewl
Kenny Thompson
Kenny Thompson 5 days ago
That taping montage
Susan Luce
Susan Luce 5 days ago
I love the angry face 😠 eggs. I’m dying
mileycyrusfan197 5 days ago
50 scrambled eggs?? woow, omg!! I could only eat 2 full eggs and two egg whites from the fourth and third eggs. (sometimes I do one egg white)
ستوريات حسوني
اكو عرب با المقطع
EmEl Official
EmEl Official 5 days ago
50 egg and matt goes to the bathroom to fart and explose all the bath
Tanner Levesque
Tanner Levesque 5 days ago
19 seconds in to the video did anyone else see the egg yolk have a smiley face
ponynose 5 days ago
That’s the worst scrambled egg I’ve seen.
Shane Nancoo
Shane Nancoo 5 days ago
his fart whipped out more than thanks snap
Mr. Dinosurus
Mr. Dinosurus 5 days ago
How to basic face reveal
Estie Breaks
Estie Breaks 5 days ago
You eat all this but still skinny?! I breathe Air and gain 10 pounds. 😂
Jimmy 5 days ago
100% The egg 0% Wow matt, you are fast
Jimmy Day ago
thank you, I love you too
More like 90% "how are you not fat" or "how are you still skinny" And 10% egg
DesiredxPapi 5 days ago
true Asians will eat it with rice and soy sauce.
Miss aMANduh!
Miss aMANduh! 5 days ago
made scrambled eggs like an 8 yr old
Chelsea Hanke
Chelsea Hanke 5 days ago
When his mom probably said "finish your food" he took it for life
johnson wallace
johnson wallace 6 days ago
this is simple,,i can eat that in 3 minuits
Moussa Jammal
Moussa Jammal 6 days ago
Waste of food😢
john michael m. jose
hello guys!! im small youtubers here ☺️😘 im helpless
xSerenityBoox 121
He ate he with no syrup.. 😩😭
Mamigfx Gfx
Mamigfx Gfx 6 days ago
TryHard Heroes
TryHard Heroes 6 days ago
That's a lot of chicken pussy in one sitting
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