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Perform your workout at home with Nike Master Trainer, Kirsty Godso, in a HIIT class. No equipment required. Each week, Nike’s trainers conduct LIVE NTC Community Workout classes. These home-friendly workouts are designed for all levels of fitness. While we may not be together physically, we are bound by our drive to keep moving.
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Exclusive music mix by Grammy nominated electronic artist, Morgan Page.

Track Listing:
Morgan Page feat Britt Daley - Born To Fly (0:00)
Morgan Page, Tegan & Sara - Body Work (2:43)
Morgan Page - Open Heart (feat. Lissie) (7:14)
Morgan Page, Michael S. - Against The World (11:44)
Morgan Page x Jeonghyeon - Addict (16:19)
Morgan Page & VIVID - Fire & Gold (19:39)
Morgan Page - Reason For Living (22:49)
Morgan Page x Melo Kids - You (26:24)
Morgan Page feat Pex L - Gone My Way (29:01)
Morgan Page & Swanky Tunes - Collusion (31:49)
Morgan Page - Running Wild (feat. The Oddictions and Britt Daley) (34:27)
Morgan Page - Fight For You (37:45)
Morgan Page - The Longest Road (feat. Lissie) (41:30)
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Mar 28, 2020




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Comments 100
Scott Biniak
Scott Biniak 7 days ago
Thank you for your energy and instruction. I so needed that movement infusion this morning.
Nadia Saleh
Nadia Saleh 8 days ago
thank you! I sweated!
Claudia D'Andrea
Claudia D'Andrea 21 day ago
loved your workout! thank you!!!
Jeff Sparky
Jeff Sparky Month ago
you talked about breathwork in an article.. youre breathing pretty good for learning it
Jeff Sparky
Jeff Sparky Month ago
breathing beautiful can you reach coregasm
Jeff Sparky
Jeff Sparky Month ago
awesome breathing how long to calm it down after workout
Amy P
Amy P Month ago
I'm 58 and been doing KG's workouts on Nike App. In best shape ever - thank you Kristy.
kiran robin
kiran robin Month ago
Dear Kirsty , I have been recovering post treatment for Breast Cancer!! You have given me a new life goal! Thank you
Jamie Justice
Jamie Justice 2 months ago
Ugh. SO MUCH TALKING and bizarre brand and coffee shout-outs. Reminds me of the inane chatter on zoom work meetings. Quitting at 16 min because this is BORING.
Robin Glanzman
Robin Glanzman 2 months ago
Thank you Kirsty. Amazing workout. You have enough personality and energy for everyone
Gary yanna
Gary yanna 2 months ago
Hello kirsty in workout
FitAndView 2 months ago
How would you like to do your workouts on Nike Training Club with your friends in group video ? ruvid.net/video/video-0CfxljXrzYI.html
Ecaterina Cioban
Ecaterina Cioban 3 months ago
Hi I’ve been always insecure about my butt shape I have like hip dips in the back of my butt but I’m not sure if that what I have if u know if possible can u please answer
Jack Cordon
Jack Cordon 3 months ago
Day 1 felels 17:22
M Sherman
M Sherman 3 months ago
Buy new balance. Their made in America
GLW 3 months ago
Wow! This woman is amazing. I just saw her in a segment on CBS This Morning and rushed to find her. Hoping to find the 10 minute workout that she did on the show because this one looks a little intense for a beginner like me. I should start slow and work up to 50 mins. Thanks for the videos!
Fernando Giovanni Sandoval
Kate Deyo
Kate Deyo 4 months ago
hi kristy godzo! love from california! 🧡
marylyn karamaga
marylyn karamaga 4 months ago
Wat nikes are yu wearing?? I like.. if I can find them. Thanks for the share
Jennifer Ryan
Jennifer Ryan 4 months ago
New to Nike Run Club. Wanted to take my running to the next level. Awesome Workout!
Lily D
Lily D 4 months ago
Thank you Kirsty! Was amazing. Hope you will do another one soon:)
Patricia Rios
Patricia Rios 4 months ago
i like the way you talk and give us good thoughts
Patricia Rios
Patricia Rios 4 months ago
DO YOU work with schools
Patricia Rios
Patricia Rios 4 months ago
Patricia Rios
Patricia Rios 4 months ago
Mary Bondar
Mary Bondar 4 months ago
She's amazing.. such a great workout
Nishant Nair
Nishant Nair 4 months ago
Workout was good but the trainer talks too much its hard to figure out when she is transitioning from one exercise to the other
Hannah 4 months ago
Great workout! :)
Анастасия Гердлежева
Супер. Мы клево потренили
M.Najeem wahidi
M.Najeem wahidi 4 months ago
Tduixccvnee xbnmbhkhkkjgk H d c d xzxn himeisjsnyd
Keneiloe Shuping
Keneiloe Shuping 4 months ago
just did my first week yay!!!
Sara Kendall
Sara Kendall 4 months ago
Loved this - needed to do something different and this hit the spot
Prffbunny T
Prffbunny T 4 months ago
This was the first time doing your workouts without a video and it was AMAZING! 😍 thank YOU so MUCH for making and taking your time to create this wonderful workout for us! Please make the Premium version app available to other countries besides USA😭
MVPYT444 RT 4 months ago
Ce transa
Prffbunny T
Prffbunny T 4 months ago
Sério? Fds, o respeito?
Holly Cuneo
Holly Cuneo 5 months ago
Amazing, thank youuuuu!!
The Outdoor Guy
The Outdoor Guy 5 months ago
who's here from ms.silva's pe class oceana
Chelsey H
Chelsey H 5 months ago
Yesssss ❤️❤️❤️
Supar Wata
Supar Wata 5 months ago
Hee ,, greetings ,,,
Cristal Hernandez
Cristal Hernandez 5 months ago
Incredibly your endurance and your calm voice after doing the exercises, I love it :)
FX JOKEZ 4 months ago
Cristal Hernandez has
ucanahdooit 5 months ago
is there a way we can use nike app on a computer?
Karina Kravchenko
Karina Kravchenko 5 months ago
That was awesome! I was my first training with video, but I'm completely satisfied especially with green and yellow heart zones. Thank you so much for the session!
Lauren McGrath
Lauren McGrath 5 months ago
Hands down the best at home workout ever
hichan1021 5 months ago
I'm very tired😂💪💪💪
Harriet 5 months ago
Loved this workout !!! Kirsty is the besttt 🔥🌶
Krislyn Powell
Krislyn Powell 5 months ago
Thank you SO much, Kristy! Amazing workout! Made me sweat!!! I loved the challenge and appreciate everything you’re doing. You’re amazing!
Supar Wata
Supar Wata 5 months ago
Hee ,, greetings ,,
Carmen Gonzalez
Carmen Gonzalez 5 months ago
Lordy, those beats! I did it!
Sam Ouardhani
Sam Ouardhani 5 months ago
You're my inspiration. thank u for this WO.
Anita Fuller
Anita Fuller 5 months ago
I loved this workout Kirsty, really inspiring. I’ve been using the NTC App for years but I can’t see your programme on it, where can I find it? Thank you!
Christal 5 months ago
Loved it ! I missed the live but came back to do this one. See you Saturday for part 2.
Martha Brito
Martha Brito 5 months ago
Kirsty, amazing workout! I have been doing the Nike App everyday. Thank you!
Retroz0cker0815 5 months ago
Honestly thanks a lot for this video, I came across it through a notification of the NRC app and since the park near my home I normally do my runs is closed, I gave this training a try. Took me a few attempts to keep up until the end but still feels better every time, guess I should do such workouts too in the future and not just runs :-) BTW: 24:54 looks so cute, always a nice reward for keeping up until the middle of the workout ;-)
Марина Алексеева
Kirsty is the best! < 3
It Takes A Village
It Takes A Village 5 months ago
Made it half way. Off to bed the other half tomorrow
deborah fryer
deborah fryer 5 months ago
I love your workouts. Please create a workout for sore knees and hips. Love the quad activation. That helps. What else can I do to rehab knee and hip injuries?
James Yoo
James Yoo 5 months ago
needed that- thank you!
BearTube 5 months ago
Awesome workout 👊🏽
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer 5 months ago
Good ass
The Ironclad Guy
The Ironclad Guy 5 months ago
Looks good!
Aishwarya Shivaprasad
Thank you 🌟🌟🌟🌟🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💖💖💖💖
Thesingerjazz 5 months ago
Anastasia Vershinina
Wonderful workout!!! Thank you soooo much! So positive and joyful 😄
Dragana Stamenic
Dragana Stamenic 5 months ago
ruvid.net/group/PLOgJisy1_mv_ZB-nQsAcKszlJd18AVq8D 7 video zapisa koji menjaju zivot
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez 5 months ago
Thank you, amaizing work out.
Clare K. Rothschild
Clare K. Rothschild 5 months ago
Loved this workout! Thank you so much for posting. I will look for more! Really great all-around training!
The Sexxyguru
The Sexxyguru 5 months ago
Gracias mamas ❤️ you came thru for the quarantine
Paula Gasol
Paula Gasol 5 months ago
Wait for me, the real heroes❤️
MJ_ Fan#1
MJ_ Fan#1 5 months ago
Nike is my favorite brand lets go we got Odell trae young and all those good guys let’s go Nike we staying number 1
MJ_ Fan#1
MJ_ Fan#1 5 months ago
@Ma'ryah-lynn Davis Yeah i dunno what im talking about and i actually like ja morant hopefully your family is safe much respect to you bro
Ma'ryah-lynn Davis
Ma'ryah-lynn Davis 5 months ago
Caiden The Cheetah you act like you got a stock in Nike or something talkin about we got
jesse forson
jesse forson 5 months ago
Does anyone know nikes email address by any chance please?
FitAndView 5 months ago
New app, group fitness by videoconference : apps.apple.com/us/app/fitandview-fitness-en-visio/id1484108283?l=fr
Larry Moore
Larry Moore 5 months ago
Stop buying Nike products as long as they manufacture in China.
Pamela Moehringer
Pamela Moehringer 5 months ago
I am ready for this workout
Paola CT
Paola CT 5 months ago
This is amazing, thank you very much!!
Gelar Pradipta
Gelar Pradipta 5 months ago
I train from this apps for 1 months and i feel great and happier. In this moment i wish keep healthy and trraining everyday with nike shoes, sadly i can't afford it
Miriam Arndt
Miriam Arndt 5 months ago
Thank you for your energy and workout. It made my day start ‘normal’ again!!! THANK YOU!
Mr. Awakenedson
Mr. Awakenedson 5 months ago
Hey Nike Master Trainer, Nike and the community .Check out these customs I designed. Awesome! even if I do say myself :) www.nike.com/gb/u/custom-nike-air-max-200-by-you-shoe-10000680?mid=1083427224&sitesrc=nikebyyoupdp (wait for them to load up as another pair show first)
Angélina rgn
Angélina rgn 5 months ago
amazinnnnnng !
Jefferson Eugenio
Jefferson Eugenio 5 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-JVULUOdlXZQ.html No clique
J.J Alonso
J.J Alonso 5 months ago
Juanjo te invita a ganar 2% si compras a través de este link en Nike app.fulltip.com/s/5IOZBkx
Claire Connell
Claire Connell 5 months ago
This was incredible! Thank you!
awesome kids
awesome kids 4 months ago
Great video
鞋子厂家WeChat grcboy
Anthony West
Anthony West 5 months ago
So glad I joined Saturday...you kicked my butt! 😤💪
Agustin Hurtado
Agustin Hurtado 5 months ago
La mejor ropa del mundo
Knarf Lledsi
Knarf Lledsi 5 months ago
Really enjoyed this. Hope there are more to come.
Visionery1 5 months ago
I hope you're living on the ground floor, otherwise I feel sorry for your neighbours below.
Tanzim Showmic
Tanzim Showmic 5 months ago
FUK u nike ruvid.net/video/video-qBwtCf2X5jw.html
tinkerbell1728 5 months ago
I need a new mat. Nike can you please send me a link were i can buy this nice one in the video.
Daniela Saptefrati
Daniela Saptefrati 5 months ago
Thank you from Italy,amazing workout,super ..🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻I’m grateful
MattFitnessCoach 5 months ago
I wish everyone well, but you need to focus on yourself. You need to stop putting your hand out. Everyone wants hand outs. Everyone wants things for free. You've got to put in the work. You've got to grind. You've got go through the struggle, and you've got to get it.
Elshan Musaev
Elshan Musaev 5 months ago
Thank You!!
gabbe1978 5 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-VYvhKDHsWRE.html fucking shit company, i would never get any shit from this!
Arshyn Taizhanov
Arshyn Taizhanov 5 months ago
That was cool
Yum yum Bat jerky
Yum yum Bat jerky 5 months ago
Wow she moves well for a plus size girl
nora seine
nora seine 5 months ago
Oga Booga Mugooloo v in
111sienna 5 months ago
i just came here to breathe harder.......
Василий Пассевич
Super training. What iteam model he use top and leggings?
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy 5 months ago
Sashko Dee
Sashko Dee 5 months ago
Immolate the Nike execs and all the greedy fucks who advertise for em!!!
Sashko Dee
Sashko Dee 5 months ago
NIKE made by the finest Cambodian orphans.
Rene G
Rene G 5 months ago
Damn she’s skinny and fine!!😋
Utah Lee
Utah Lee 5 months ago
It's Utah Lee from Hong Kong!!!! Thanks for the workout!!!! We love you!
George Pulliam
George Pulliam 5 months ago
Константин Веденеев
ruvid.net/video/video-pRpkFMzTjVw.html мотивация посмотри 👍👍👍 поставь лайк если понравится 👍
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