50 Cent Needs Teairra Marí To Cough Up Even More Dough

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Comments 80
Latoya Harrison
Latoya Harrison Month ago
Tierra jus pay this man his money so he can stfu...40racks I'm thinking it was over 100,000 thousand wow
Do the Right thing
Do the Right thing 2 months ago
She needs to pay the fool. Just write him a shit ton of $.01 checks until the over 30k is paid.
Naija CUISINE 2 months ago
If tearria ends up killing herself. I'm boycotting 50 cent
Dogs And Yoga
Dogs And Yoga 2 months ago
50 is a bully. She messed with the wrong guy...but if i were her, I'd probably pay to bump him off...
Loso Banks
Loso Banks 2 months ago
Da'quandra Ingram
Da'quandra Ingram 2 months ago
Did 50 cent ever pay rick Ross baby momma.
DJ Evis
DJ Evis 2 months ago
Why do black artists have a tragic in their background?
Kat Hope
Kat Hope 2 months ago
Breakfast Club, people update Angela's photo on the 'rumour report'
BULLETPRO tV 2 months ago
Just buisness nothimg personal jeje.
J Kitch
J Kitch 2 months ago
Stop talking about lil gay x. He's irrelevant he only have 1 song so y is he still a topic. I never seen people talk about someone with 1 song so long
Rap 2 months ago
Why she owe him???
ikia malvia
ikia malvia 2 months ago
cough up
Nasiir Shabazz
Nasiir Shabazz 2 months ago
Imagine a "thug" or "hood nigga" suing a woman for saying something about him and hurting his feelings. He got the law involved because her words hurt his feelings. Smh why is he not just as big of a snitch or worse then tekashi69?
StarrPhototype 2 months ago
why does she owe him money? lol
ALFRED Robinson
ALFRED Robinson 2 months ago
She needs to just file bankruptcy.
11thWoods 2 months ago
Da Baby just invited everyone to smack him.. I wouldn't have said all that, but I hope he stays outta trouble.
OGMCGUSTO 2 months ago
grenadianking3 2 months ago
Tired of hearing drugs and black ppl in the same sentence time change the narrative.
yikayika1 2 months ago
She needs to file bankruptcy like he did
misslyndabby 2 months ago
What she owe him money for 🤔
jay2luv 2 months ago
Dude is ignorant and petty people uphold his B.S. and his trolling. He just has nothing better to do than to always mess with someone do go sit down
D. DiamonD
D. DiamonD 2 months ago
Teairra need to just spread them leg gave that boy some pussy in some head in call it night ...but it has money in he want it now lol
SuperModel Atlanta
SuperModel Atlanta 2 months ago
shes soooo fat.
Kathy Mullins
Kathy Mullins 2 months ago
Dababy diddy's is going to want to poke you for that advice.
Timothy Morgan
Timothy Morgan 2 months ago
After that weak sex tape ugh!. Lil nas stay away from Black women
b grl
b grl 2 months ago
lil nas so emotional get him a horse
thcxgold 2 months ago
50cent is beyond a bitter person.
Kyle Green
Kyle Green 2 months ago
Purp haze haters lie negative vibe mind blowing support bakers dozen.
J.S. Stockton
J.S. Stockton 2 months ago
DaBaby needs to go away. Full clown ass nigga
cease19811 2 months ago
50 needs to call JG Wentworth on that ass
Aaron Obrien
Aaron Obrien 2 months ago
Leave her alone man.
Acqua Di
Acqua Di 2 months ago
Why Nas looks like that in that pic. Why did they use that pic of him.
Sicilia Italia
Sicilia Italia 2 months ago
"As long as they owe you, YOU will ALWAYS be broke!"
Tay Davenport
Tay Davenport 2 months ago
Gurrrllll, pay that man his money so he can leave you alone....Ray J, just give your ex some pocket change and save her. Please. I'm tired of hearing about it.
Malik Crawley
Malik Crawley 2 months ago
When envy starts laughing after the extra 5,000 had me gone😂
L Simon
L Simon 2 months ago
Im a female and agree with 50 if u try to sue me on some bs and lose im coming for you. She inserted him in her fucked up bs and now its gonna cost her. Its all fair
truestdude 2 months ago
50 out here doing 2 these women what they've been doing men since the beginning of time 😅😅😅😅
Mary Motherofgod
Mary Motherofgod 2 months ago
50 needs to stop come on dude evolve already get a life!!!
Cowboy Western38
Cowboy Western38 2 months ago
She ain't got no money.. she broke asf
FREEWILL 724 2 months ago
She playin nigga tricks
mz Gee
mz Gee 2 months ago
He's as mean as trump about bullying people
Wedablood Norfside
Wedablood Norfside 2 months ago
They killing tf outta yall 😭😭😭😂😂😂
slurp95 2 months ago
He must have been a similac baby 🤦🏽‍♂️!
Big Slim
Big Slim 2 months ago
Say what you want about her she uh thick sexy MFer. And she enjoys making spit bubbles!😁
mpforeverunlimited 2 months ago
50 don't play, tens of millions of dollars in the bank but he just asked for another 5k 😂😂
Mollywhopp 2 months ago
Why because she’s a woman she doesn’t have to pay him back equal rights these are the downfalls women you had a good for a long time and now you want equal rights but this is part of equal rights pay the motherfucker
Shirlene Gaines
Shirlene Gaines 2 months ago
Yes 🔥🎤🎧🎼😁
Shirlene Gaines
Shirlene Gaines 2 months ago
I love like it 🔥🎤🎧🎼😁
Theo Gordon
Theo Gordon 2 months ago
With all the child support(calculated robbery) that millions! Of dudes are forced to pay, no lie this is refreshing😆😆😆 50 super wealthy but don't give a fooook😂😂😂
Tk Kirkland
Tk Kirkland 2 months ago
I don’t feel sorry for her at all, if the shoe was on the other foot she would be demanding 5mil
Belltown Daisy
Belltown Daisy 2 months ago
50 cent is just a *.
PotOfGold Seeker
PotOfGold Seeker 2 months ago
Angela Yee missed the point of DaBaby decision
Girl Squad
Girl Squad 2 months ago
Ctg messy talking about still ! She don't have it clearly...
Abibifahodie Man
Abibifahodie Man 2 months ago
Angela Yee is just DONE with this platform. You can hear it all on her voice. When she's on her own Lip Stick shit, it's TOTALLY different energy. As wack as that shit it...
Fred Martinez
Fred Martinez 2 months ago
Lil nas x be like I'm gay. Buy my album & now he be like my moms on drugs. Buy my album again. Or that's how I see it anyway.
Fred Martinez
Fred Martinez 2 months ago
Da baby be like I'm turning over a new leaf. Two hours later ... 9 people dead
mary janes baby
mary janes baby 2 months ago
Teairra Mari don’t have any assets so good luck with that 50.
Antwyne Bean
Antwyne Bean 2 months ago
Women over here mad lol
Q N 2 months ago
Rector Dee
Rector Dee 2 months ago
50 cent is a fool for stressing a young black woman. How much is she owing 50 send me the invoice.
DyoungDrift Its A Family Thing
When Angela Yee said “ Yeahh... Diddy Put Him in That Chokehold 😵🤭🍆🍆🤭💯”
Solemn Solace
Solemn Solace 2 months ago
She need to pay up!
Tosha Scott
Tosha Scott 2 months ago
Come on Fif you the same guy that told the judge you was broke!! If it's good for the goose... It's good for the gander!!
J B 2 months ago
I love DaBaby 😍❤️
Jayden James
Jayden James 2 months ago
Maybe she should file for bankruptcy like 50 did to get out of his debt 😂
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 2 months ago
I guarantee you lil Nas X will never have another hit just like Chance the Rapper
Bossdon83Drizzydre2733 Primetime7128
So u better put her on power 2 then and get your money from her
ADWKEI 2 months ago
Of all the people to owe money to....
Sophie Harris
Sophie Harris 2 months ago
What does she owe him for I never heard bout rhis
John Khaos
John Khaos 2 months ago
About time billionaire talk to a young man with some money ..hahah
Truck Driver side effects
These females mad at 50 but teara Marie wasn’t bothered spending thousand on designer bags and clothes no hunny pay up cause u a woman don’t give u no hope you still owe pay up and woman want equality well here it is
Ty Greene
Ty Greene 2 months ago
I guess he still ain't hear her song "I Ain't Got It". She'll need to make a part 2 so he gets the message that she broke 😂
read more
read more 2 months ago
Woman being held accountable for their actions (Rare) , usually they are not like children.
Marie Marie
Marie Marie 2 months ago
I swear after I seen what happen I stop liking him it ain’t cool AT ALL
withApinchofSTEPH 2 months ago
This still going on 🥴
Dante' 2 months ago
50 Cent turned into the student loan collection.
therealsongstress 2 months ago
Tierra’s hair is beautiful ....❤️
Mike Love Thyself
Mike Love Thyself 2 months ago
Never be ashamed to be petty “Patrice O’Neal”
Unknown 2 months ago
6 foot 12😂😂😂nigga you mean 7 feet
Mar Mac
Mar Mac 2 months ago
50 come up off my girl!
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