50+ Amazing Tips to Customize your Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

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Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus are full of deep and rich features. So in these video, we are going to show you how to fully customize every aspect of your Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus by revealing a range of tips, tricks and features.
Let's dive in and discover some amazing galaxy s10 tips.
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8 мар 2019




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Комментарии 678
sakitech 8 дней назад
Case I am using for my Galaxy S10: amzn.to/2W3qbHx
Mich Ocampo
Mich Ocampo 22 часа назад
Hello, thanks for the video, it is really helpful! 👍 may I ask, how long did u charge your S10+ for the first time? is it necessary to charge for 8hrs? please let me know. thanks a lot!
Hellkaizzer 3 дня назад
is this a plus or a standard?
Benny Murr
Benny Murr 5 дней назад
the icons are too big. How do you change the icons size?
Danny Tan
Danny Tan 25 минут назад
so educational......thanks for sharing
Brett Franklin
Brett Franklin 5 часов назад
Been debating on whether or not to ditch my iPhone and go to Android for a while now. Watched way too many videos on YT but nothing has helped me make my ultimate decision (I’m very indecisive)...but this video... I think I just made my choice. Thank you brotha, #crApple
Random User
Random User 5 часов назад
Nice work! I thought I have nothing left to do with the customization after two weeks, but you can still provide several features that I have not discovered! Thumbs up for you and thanks!
Brother Voodoo
Brother Voodoo 6 часов назад
Shout out to all of the S10+ club members!!! GIGGITY!!!!!!
Benjamin Vargas
Benjamin Vargas 10 часов назад
my best friend just switched to a Galaxy S10 plus from an iPhone and I really want him to enjoy the experience so could you make another video tell him him what he can do and how customizable it is and some extra tips?
Benjamin Vargas
Benjamin Vargas 10 часов назад
Do more
Darknight26 14 часов назад
AMAZING video..great tips..have a question for you. I have been noticing whenver i get a text msg(regulr or whatsapp) the i con pops up on my screen..and it just stays there! when i touch and hold it, it seems like its "floating" on the screen..its driving me crazzzzy..i have gone into the settings and tried everything i can think of BUT it doesnt go away..need your help pleeease
Shoey rocks
Shoey rocks 18 часов назад
Do u know how 2 active the notification on incoming utube videos. I have everything turned on and nothing works.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith День назад
All these iPhone users who for some reason always thought apple was better are now switching to Samsung and seeing that they've been living the wrong life
Jay Scorsese
Jay Scorsese День назад
Zeeshan Mer
Zeeshan Mer День назад
Nice wallpaper where'd you get it from
SuPeR aNi
SuPeR aNi День назад
Iphone users be like " well....I..I..I can change my wallpaper".
Brother Voodoo
Brother Voodoo 6 часов назад
A Jackson
A Jackson День назад
very helpful. Thank you.
John Marshall
John Marshall 2 дня назад
S10+ Does anyone experience annoying rear vibration when the speaker is playing sound?
ray H jr
ray H jr 15 часов назад
Yea, the speaker is loud and the phone is very thin. I
emerald meadows
emerald meadows 2 дня назад
Awesome video! I have always been a Samsung user, switched to an iPhone (because everybody and they mama praises them) and after a few days I returned it and got the s10. I am blown away and extremely happy! This phone is life! The simplicity, sleekness and super lightweight! The Dolby Atmos makes sound quality amazing along with video enhancer making the picture quality amazing and don't forget to change screen resolution to WGHD!! All the little features and customizations you can do are way better than an iPhone. Samsung snapped on this!!!
Julie Ryan
Julie Ryan 2 дня назад
Just realized how much I hated my iphone.
Kenardo Thomas
Kenardo Thomas 2 дня назад
How to add pictures and ringtones to contacts?
the unknown
the unknown День назад
Go to app phone click on the 3 dots (basically phone settings) and it should show you how
Reza Razak
Reza Razak 2 дня назад
TheSpiritrage 2 дня назад
Hi, great video, thanks for sharing. Can you please advise about the App you installed on the Edge Panel, to lock the screen. Thank you.
Bikal Tamang
Bikal Tamang 2 дня назад
But still pubg lags in it🥺🥺🥺🥺
Bikal Tamang
Bikal Tamang День назад
+Michael Smith there is a serious framedrop!! I used to play on s8 it was fine there but now its irritating!!
Michael Smith
Michael Smith День назад
+Bikal Tamang I meant to say note 10 but yeah, I don't know why anyone would play a shooter on their phone. Wasn't trying to be rude just doesn't seem very practical to me
Bikal Tamang
Bikal Tamang День назад
+Michael Smith oh my god thank you for your precious info. I really didnt know about it. Im speechless.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith День назад
That's what computers are for, or get a note 19 when those come out
Zikki Zidan
Zikki Zidan 2 дня назад
nice vid saki, i got all info from this video
DRUCO316 3 дня назад
Don't need to see how much battery. This phone doesn't want to die.
Tanya Withem
Tanya Withem 3 дня назад
Anyone else having an issue with their s10+ having problems loading apps and continuing to say not internet connection when I have full bars. Starting to get super irritated
LegoSpaceRacer EKR
LegoSpaceRacer EKR 3 дня назад
Watching a tutorial for a phone I don't even have, lol. It was really entertaining. Nice job!
Vince Haylem
Vince Haylem 3 дня назад
why doesnt this have more views lol weird...
Shivam Gupta
Shivam Gupta 3 дня назад
There is an animation around camera cutout which can be seen in selfie mode at full screen setting.....can that be used for any other purpose???
Michael Smith
Michael Smith День назад
Nope it's just aesthetic
Florin Bamba
Florin Bamba 3 дня назад
This is really helpful. Thanks a lot! 👍
Magma-Pro Slainer-Creeper
Magma-Pro Slainer-Creeper 3 дня назад
do not forget to go to Display>Screen resolution and select the WQHD+ resolution if you care about display quality
DaDestroyer12 4 дня назад
I dont understand why people would rather get an iphone than this
Matthew Wright
Matthew Wright 4 дня назад
Thanks brother. This was a great video.
harshal wase
harshal wase 4 дня назад
Is there a feature like app lock?
Kaileigh Helene
Kaileigh Helene 4 дня назад
Wow you're amazing. I came here to find out more about HDR10+ and if you know how to convert those videos to standard quality to be able to share. Settings options says "convert using gallery" but no option. Thanks!
Chris Fusco
Chris Fusco 4 дня назад
Edge Lighting on my s10e is not working, very frustrating!
Jeroen Smet
Jeroen Smet 4 дня назад
Is there an option to add multiple random wallpapers from your own Gallery? (lockscreen and / or normal screen) it seems this option does not excist or is blocked somehow?
Jeroen Smet
Jeroen Smet 2 дня назад
+Bull Shiit Yes saw that, but its not possible to select more then 1 image then... i want images from the gallery to rotate radomly
Bull Shiit
Bull Shiit 2 дня назад
Jeroen Smet Yes there is a folder called from gallery
"Fantastic" :)
jubaer emdad
jubaer emdad 4 дня назад
Thank you for the all the information it was really helpful. In my old smartphone I could lock the screen in one touch because I had the lock-screen potion as an icon on the home screen. With the help of your video on the S10+ I can lock the screen from Softkey Edge but is it possible to have the lock-screen option as an icon on the main menu? (like you added RUvid between message and browser)
seawan bhatta
seawan bhatta 4 дня назад
how to remove something pinned tile from the screen? can i get ideas?
Acryophage 4 дня назад
I didn't realize how many other Iphone users switched over >.>
George Subarakias
George Subarakias 4 дня назад
Thanks man .
Haw Santiago
Haw Santiago 4 дня назад
Flaco Robert
Flaco Robert 4 дня назад
We all New it😂😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Dkn_Pry 4 дня назад
Posted on my channel how to enable single tap to answer!
heather forrester
heather forrester 4 дня назад
so omg i love your video but i have an s10e how do i switch my clock on the lock screen i got it but i cant get it on the home screen is there a way?
Angie 4 дня назад
Great video, man! Thanks, really helpful. New sub!
Angie 4 дня назад
The regular s10, does that have the soft key edge option?
Angie 4 дня назад
Ahh.. got it lol
Yahnoo Israel
Yahnoo Israel 5 дней назад
How do you disable double tap to open the home screen ?
Rishabh Jain
Rishabh Jain 2 дня назад
Settings -> Advanced features
El Gonzo
El Gonzo 5 дней назад
I’m at 12:33 and I’m falling in love more and more of what you can set up
Erik Leo
Erik Leo 5 дней назад
Great vid. Loved all the tips except for the part about "always on display" which i strongly disagree with. Having the display actually always on is a huge benefit. I love to have my phone on my desk and be be able to see notifications and the time without touching it, also very good for meetings where you don't want people seeing you touch the screen. For me it is totally worth using a little extra battery and as long as you keep your AOD screen mostly black it won't even use that much extra.
Deric Kettel
Deric Kettel 5 дней назад
Well that was interesting. In the thousands of YT videos I have watched over the years, this was the very first one that had an ad at the beginning that was the same as the product being reviewed....Mind blown, world's are colliding!
MrmUdKiPzzz 5 дней назад
I don't have an option for edge lighting interaction? Any idea why that would be?
dsid1127 5 дней назад
Former iPhone users watching this while "A Whole New World" from Aladdin plays in their heads.
Mg Mg
Mg Mg 5 дней назад
So so thank
Hassan Albulushi
Hassan Albulushi 5 дней назад
iPhone is now from stone age, but still expensive and less internal memory XD XD
Rohit Jain
Rohit Jain 5 дней назад
This video was very useful. Thank you.
Manny G. Forever
Manny G. Forever 5 дней назад
Where can I get some cool clock widgets? they are so hard to find.
Marky Mark
Marky Mark 6 дней назад
Not sure which country this dude bought his galaxy in but many of these features mentioned in the video come already enabled and turned on right out of the box right here if you buy the phone in the United States.
DylanG0125 6 дней назад
Always on display does not EAT battery life. My S10+ needs charging every 48 hours with moderate use. You'll maybe get another hour with it turned off, but saying it eats battery is streching it.
MadnessMobile 6 дней назад
These are always excellent videos. Well done Saki.
Ben Aldridge
Ben Aldridge 6 дней назад
Had my s10 plus about a week and something with the camera just does not sit right. Very poor in low light and when in daylight it over does its AI and makes it too light. Tried different things and does not work..... Plus the edge does not work woth anything but messages. And when watching video on near maxish vokume the back of my phone vibrates.
Abdur razzak
Abdur razzak 6 дней назад
Samsung galaxy s 9 +after one UI UPDATED imo sound problem also Samsung galaxy S10 plus imo sound problem what's the solution.....???
Chill with the ads dude! Jeez
Wesam Khayat
Wesam Khayat 7 дней назад
thanx a lot dude
Christian Flores
Christian Flores 7 дней назад
Just got my s10 plus ceramic black huhuhu thank you for the video
sgrant502 7 дней назад
How do I put the clock back up in the corner?
Henry McFly
Henry McFly 7 дней назад
Oeww dolby atmos was an good tip. And the edge lighting!! I missed my red/ green lighting when i had an notification
FlippinFreds Free Form Factor
FlippinFreds Free Form Factor 7 дней назад
I'm having an issue with my lock button is missing from my icon tray completely. How do I get it back??? Help..
Ph3nexius 7 дней назад
6ads in 23 mins great!
Virgil Forehand
Virgil Forehand 7 дней назад
22 mins of my life wasted and I learned nothing!!
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon 7 дней назад
Any way I can change the gallery icon app? It looks ugly I prefer the note 9's icons....
Adeeb Howdhar
Adeeb Howdhar 8 дней назад
U forgot to mention that u can customize the bixby button to anything u want
Bruce M
Bruce M 8 дней назад
can also change the bixby button to lock the screen
Jason Vargas
Jason Vargas 8 дней назад
Very helpful
Binsu Augustine
Binsu Augustine 8 дней назад
My friend.. I dont know how to say thanks to you.. You gave us very helpful information.. thank you so much...
C Collie
C Collie 8 дней назад
You can also reduce animations to .5x when you activate developer options. Makes the phone seem more snappy when moving around the software.
Alfred Matthew
Alfred Matthew 8 дней назад
How i create a multipack with my own wallpaper
vivek singh
vivek singh 8 дней назад
Thanks .....
forex kumar
forex kumar 8 дней назад
Fantastic tips, thank you! I have a couple of questions if you could help me set up? 1. How to I enable the recent notifications on the top? For some reason the notifications are all over the place from top to bottom 2. How to enable 5 apps in a row? I just have 4 and unable to find the setting. Thank you heaps!
Doofnz1 8 дней назад
I'm a first time Android user and man Thank you for helping me use my phone lol I'm so used to iPhones. Do you know if the emojis can be changed to Apple emojis? Lol my only dislike on Androis 😭 lol
Monish R
Monish R 8 дней назад
Pls change Channel name
john freeman
john freeman 8 дней назад
I hate when ppl beg for follows and likes and for subscribers
Jonathan Galobardi
Jonathan Galobardi 8 дней назад
Thanks man, You've made it so easy for me.
Familjen Kullberg
Familjen Kullberg 8 дней назад
Do you have any solution to the zoomed in front face camera.... if using any app such as snapchat or instagram it's even more terrible since it use the x2 zoom... plus more which is default start setting in camera mode... and only the view finder capature, If samsung don't fix this I needs to scrap my new s10 + since social media selfie, video chatting in social media is a most.... it's 2019 how can this even be an issue with a new premium phone from Samsung?
roland zijlemaker
roland zijlemaker 8 дней назад
swipe with 2 fingers from the top of your screen, to have a quick acces to the full extra options.. normal it is a 2 step handeling
Ahmed Hassan
Ahmed Hassan 8 дней назад
Just switching from iphone for the first time this year and its amazing !! Android improved so much!!
Hassan Albulushi
Hassan Albulushi 5 дней назад
its is better than iphone since steve jobs died along with his true creative ambitions
Abdullah Al-Selwi
Abdullah Al-Selwi 8 дней назад
Thanks a lot. That was useful
AMIT BARUA 8 дней назад
Using Iphone since 2008. Now it’s time to move to Samsung Galaxy S10+. Especially after watching this video...
Chimichanga 8 дней назад
Where can find, when I get a call I just can flip the phone down it well Silent it?
Royal Empire Studio
Royal Empire Studio 8 дней назад
Best tutorial ever 👍🏽 Thank you!
Judith Dawson
Judith Dawson 9 дней назад
Thanks for helping me with my Samsung s10 I got to learn a little bit more of the hidden features thank you
Mister Ports
Mister Ports 9 дней назад
Apple ........ Fuck you .
Binh Minh Vo Tran
Binh Minh Vo Tran 9 дней назад
How can we record the screen on this samsunh s10 Saki?
samayatorres 9 дней назад
Thanks for the video, I learned a lot about my new phone. I've always been a Samsung user but this phone is the best so far 👌
VOIP Portland
VOIP Portland 9 дней назад
A better tip is to name your phone a phone number that you can be reached at - someone finds your phone they can contact you seeing your number from the lock screen.
Astrojunky 6 дней назад
Contact you how? They have your phone.
Ribo who?
Ribo who? 9 дней назад
Why no one shows how to change the icon style :(
Noah B
Noah B 9 дней назад
Does anyone know if you can turn on a setting where you can see when a text has been read by someone or not?
justinianosm 9 дней назад
Any quick ways to get to the camera beside the icon camera?
sakitech 9 дней назад
Double tap the power button.
11kele 9 дней назад
Very useful for new Android & Samsung users, most of those options are related to Android OS, not solely for Samsung phones. With custom launchers you can get even more cool features...
ahgaseNCTzen 9 дней назад
Switching from iPhone to android because of this device!! So excited.
Eddie Ince
Eddie Ince 9 дней назад
Very helpfull Saki thx alot.
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