50+ Amazing Tips to Customize your Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

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Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus are full of deep and rich features. So in these video, we are going to show you how to fully customize every aspect of your Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus by revealing a range of tips, tricks and features.
Let's dive in and discover some amazing galaxy s10 tips.
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Comments 100
sakitech 2 months ago
Case I am using for my Galaxy S10: amzn.to/2W3qbHx
Eddie Weigelt
Eddie Weigelt Month ago
+Benny Murr go to your home screen and change the layout of your apps. It should come up as 4x6, 5x5 etc.
Eddie Weigelt
Eddie Weigelt Month ago
Saki, great video tutorial. Just wanted to know what keyboard you are using? Also, what notification sound are you using?
Bo Pleasants
Bo Pleasants Month ago
+Hellkaizzer it is the Galaxy s10plus
86Nebs 3 hours ago
Great vid. Super helpful
bbomb 14 hours ago
How do I quickly get to turn off and on my data from the notification panel as he has in the video?
Lord Vader
Lord Vader Day ago
Lolol you live in Clifton Heights????????
Marlin Larson
Thanks I customized along with you video. Very helpful
izgubio ime
izgubio ime 2 days ago
Love my s10+💗
Colton Wilhite
Colton Wilhite 2 days ago
What is over 50+ because technically 50+ is over 50 so why be double redundant there. Just take out the over or say over 50
L Humpy
L Humpy 3 days ago
Can you please do a video on how to change Samsung s10 to auto rotate specific apps like RUvid (Even when orientation lock is on)? Thank you
Shaney Boy Cooks
Shaney Boy Cooks 5 days ago
I ordered an iPhone X and sent it straight back after only 1 day and went for the 10+.....this vid is very helpful.
Maze FX // Left
Maze FX // Left 6 days ago
Video = 40% Tips to Customize your samsung 60% "absolutely fantastic"
Jason 6 days ago
Is Android capable of accessing iOS like Control Center “without” unlocking the phone? How about the Widgets as well? I use several Widgets several times a day without having to unlock my phone, such as seeing my “Up Next” appointment, Google Traffic, and even details on the Weather. I should also mention, I don’t have to swipe or scroll to see all 3 of those Widgets, nor do I have to unlock my iOS phone to use anything on my Control Center, except maybe the Screen Recorder. Thanks... great tips by the way. I went through all of them. The Edge Lighting doesn’t work on my brand new S10+. I’ll be returning it to AT&T in 2 days considering the switch isn’t worth it for me at this time.
Mary Jane Greene
Mary Jane Greene 6 days ago
just switched to samsung from iphone and loving it so far. your video is awesome. one feature i miss (or don't know how to set...) is regarding notifications. any way to get them to remain on screen rather than disappear?
Camille Holgado
Camille Holgado 8 days ago
Thank you so much for this video! Really awesome and helpful.
GAGAN SINGH 8 days ago
Sir my mobile data option is not showing in status bar give some suggestions
Nathan Sprague
Nathan Sprague 9 days ago
I just bought a S10+ and im not gonna lie, coming from a iPhone im a little overwhelmed
Jim H
Jim H 9 days ago
Great tips! Very helpful for my first Samsung!
Aiko Adriaensen
Aiko Adriaensen 9 days ago
Thank you so much for all your tips and tricks. Learned and changed a lot! ;) Love this phone so much. Went from an S6 to an S10e.
Toni 11 days ago
Amazing video. It took me forever to watch..because I went and changed everything u talked about. My goodness this little phone can do everything!! Bravo on the video!!!
I am Leizer
I am Leizer 12 days ago
min 4:00 that led doesnt work when the screen is off...so is useless...the only way is download always on edge. edge lighting and then u can have the led notification even when the screen is off
bcount1 12 days ago
why have I been using iphone all these years???
Aditya D
Aditya D 14 days ago
iPhone user since 2008 here. Switching to S10 and excited about it!
Charlie Koh
Charlie Koh 14 days ago
I got this for my birthday and this IS the BIGGEST thing that happened to me! For a phone, of course! I tried going back to my iPhone and it now looks like a boring piece of aluminum box. And thankyou for the walkthrough, you talk fast with an accent like a wildling from Game of Thrones, but that's ok with me! Thanks!
Gustavo Colombo
Gustavo Colombo 14 days ago
My S10 does not show the notifications of edge lightning while the screen is locked... What can i do to change that?
Ze Ro
Ze Ro 14 days ago
Says 10 seconds for always on display not 30 seconds for me can I change this?
Malaysia Marie
Malaysia Marie 14 days ago
I’m about to switch from IPhone 8 plus to this phone HOWEVER a few things I am going to miss. EMOJIS iPhone emojis just look SOOOOO much better. IMessage I like being able to know when someone has read my message and see when they are typing. Which is something Android does not offer. And overall I like the look and color options of IPhone. But other than that I want to switch
The Universe around us - Daily Vlogs
Very Helpful thanks @sakitech
FR Gaming
FR Gaming 15 days ago
Saki can you help me with my ikonik skin?
Nadia Navaratnam
Nadia Navaratnam 16 days ago
Thank you so much, it was ever so helpful, making most of my phone I have a note 8 but works too, just great THANK YOU SO MUCH
I felt like being in a prison watching this on my X.good bye iphone
Ali Shamchiyev
Ali Shamchiyev 16 days ago
Cool, thanks!
Juan U
Juan U 16 days ago
I tried to set edge lighting on my s10 plus, but I don't have that manage applications option. Mine just says About Edge Screen. Am I missing a step?
Mahmood Ali
Mahmood Ali 16 days ago
Thank you for video 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Andrej Ješka
Andrej Ješka 17 days ago
Thanks Very Helpful
Collin.S 18 days ago
iMessage is the only thing tempting me to go back to iOS. I like the Samsing S10 Plus, switched from the iPhone 8 Plus. I like Samsung better than Apple but that iMessage is tempting me and I dont wanna switch back to apple XD
Christopher Fields
Christopher Fields 19 days ago
I can't wait to look up tips and tricks for iPhone XR 😂😂
MotorolaGrim 16 days ago
Christopher Fields it’ll be a 2 min video about iMessage games
ANGEL 20 days ago
Everybady why prefer SAMSUNG !!! ✌
Scott H
Scott H 21 day ago
How many hours you must spend to memorize all this stuff! Thank you!
Trisha Lui
Trisha Lui 21 day ago
Great and useful tutorial, feel like my phone now, real thanks
Kimm 65
Kimm 65 22 days ago
Your tutorials are so valuable to those of us who want to get the very best from our phones. You explain each feature clearly making it easy to understand & put into practice. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge with the rest of us. I am now a subscriber.
Helmi 22 days ago
How to add lock screen button in the apps edge?? I really need it.
LnMrJmnz 4 days ago
Download in samsung store
Manny Ponce
Manny Ponce 24 days ago
This was a savage video, srsly, SO to the point, so much good stuff, without bullshit. I wish I hadn't tasted 55 minutes with 2 "10 things to do with your galaxy s10" videos hahaha Thank you brosky :)
uk zern
uk zern 26 days ago
Саки10+ круто звучит 🤣😜😂
Zoe Film
Zoe Film 27 days ago
damn i want one soooo bad 😭
Emilio420 27 days ago
666k followers heheheheh
Shiva Surimalla
Shiva Surimalla 28 days ago
I checked my in edge screen lock button not found
trevino lawrencio
trevino lawrencio 29 days ago
Many iphones where injured during this video😂
Asim Hossain
Asim Hossain 29 days ago
I'm having trouble with pubg game in s10 plus its not running well. Anyone can help me out?
Ragnvald David
Ragnvald David 29 days ago
Nauseatingly disgusting American accent
Katie Tabor
Katie Tabor 29 days ago
He lost 4% battery through this entire video💯👌
BALENCIAGA ! 29 days ago
Anyone switched from iPhone and is trying to figure things out? Lol
lee faulkner
lee faulkner 29 days ago
Your the best , HAND"S DOWN !!!
Oldschool Cyborg
Best tips on RUvid! new subscriber.
Alexa De Villiers
Help please!!! I changed my name under the About phone section and now I cannot connect my phone to my Bose Quietcomfort 35's. Is there a way to re-set it back to the default setting?
Q Brown
Q Brown Month ago
Awesome info. Thanks
jacob buckley
jacob buckley Month ago
I'm about to upgrade from my iPhone 7+! I can't wait.
Paul H
Paul H Month ago
There was a lot of "one more things!" 😁 very informative though.
Datta Dj
Datta Dj Month ago
Amazing info...thank u👍
Suzyn Michelle
Suzyn Michelle Month ago
I have watched a few videos on threw S10+ SMG the are settings that I don't have on my phone.. any idea why?? Should I go exchange it??
Freedom Speaks
Freedom Speaks Month ago
My edge lightning isn't working
JosMe Proslo Nije
Saki, saki Five dollar!
Riyaz Hanis
Riyaz Hanis Month ago
Why Samsung doesn't have music app
qvb84 Month ago
How do you do the side tab with the lock screen button?
Sebbastian 27
Sebbastian 27 Month ago
Holy sh*t, customization in S10 is so damn good, I'm gonna buy a new phone and I was choosing between iphone XR, mate 20 and S10. I'm going for the XR, because my eyes just can't stand amoled screens :(. I wish Samsung made a S10 with LCD screen, I'd surely go for this one.
Sebbastian 27
Sebbastian 27 Month ago
+jaidsalgado My eyes are oversensitive to the artificial light, don't know why, and also to amoled screens, even when using it at low bright, my eyes just hurt, that's the main reason why I pick LCD over amoled. Uh and also because I want my phone to last at least 3 years, and I don't want any image retention or screen burn in, and that happens to every single amoled in the long term.
jaidsalgado Month ago
Why lcd over amoled? Just curious
David Kennedy
David Kennedy Month ago
Have just changed from iphone, this vid is awesome!!
Shanika Clark
Shanika Clark Month ago
Nice video men
I lost my 10 years of my life ! Today i give up of my iphone for this one ! I feel i was in prison ! So Galaxy S10+ you will be mine 👏👏👏👏👏
Charles Vaughn
Charles Vaughn Month ago
How to improve talk to text? Because it Trash on the S10 plus
essencekk 24 days ago
Joey Norton
Joey Norton Month ago
Nice video thanks
xXxRAPIDxXx Month ago
awsomecreeper 51
7.19 bro you have a 4100mAh battery, as if its going to kill it! i use the always on display on my s10 and it doesnt kill my batter and that has a lower battery
Melanie Rey
Melanie Rey Month ago
Currently watching this video on my iphone xs ... this phone will soon be mine 😑💔
Terry datboiterr
My s8 can do bout the same thing gonna wait till the note 10 come out🤩👍🏼
Burhanur Rahman
Burhanur Rahman Month ago
Too many ads Saki
twinkles Month ago
I love this phone so many thing you can do wow
flo bfm
flo bfm Month ago
I finally did it guys ! used Apple for as long as i can remember but i decided to make the change. My 10S plus is arriving tomorrow and i couldn't be more exited.If any of you guys can recommend some awesome apps (android exclusive) or other tips other than in the video i would appreciate it :)
NotVali Month ago
I was on Android until the 6S+ (I had a Nexus 5 & LG G6) loved both the phones, but they both died over an update after "android is starting" corrupted. Having said that, I recently traded my XS Max on Kijiji for a S10+ and it's easily the best phone I've owned. Waiting for the snap update to make images look a little better, but regardless, the rest of the experience is great.
RodriTH Month ago
i saw the complete video 2 weeks ago, now im seeing this video with my new S10 :D
Keshavn Kumbhalkar
So satisfying to watch on my s10+
guky667 Month ago
This was awesome! a lot of usefull tips! Thank you!
D Shades
D Shades Month ago
Samsung must commit to better security and faster updates but I’m literally on the fence to buy the Samsung s10plus from iPhone XS Max. Pros and Cons from Android enthusiasts only!
Brad Jones
Brad Jones Month ago
I know it might be a little tedious to do, but it would be amazing if you could list the features in the description 👍🏼
Sam Eddin
Sam Eddin Month ago
Damn this phone is awesome. I'm still using my iPhone 8+ and wish to switch, but it is very costly to switch phones.
Saqib Muneer
Saqib Muneer Month ago
I'm Iphone User Now I Have s10plus. But The Class Of Apple unbeatable. Waiting For New iPhone 😍 S10plus 😍
Bacon Bagel
Bacon Bagel Month ago
It's like a jailbroken phone lol
nixkorea Month ago
Samsung Galaxy S10 So Good!!
Rumi johar
Rumi johar Month ago
s10 and s10 plus is the same tips
DeAnna Sanderson
I can not get my icons colors to change in night mode. Why is that? I would love them to be Purple on night mode
Bacon Bagel
Bacon Bagel Month ago
Very helpful
Braden Fitzpatrick
My always on display isn't that bad on my battery life
Ron Kiely
Ron Kiely Month ago
I unboxed my S10 today so your video was very helpful. Do you know if it's possible to make the tiny icons on the notification bar at the top of the screen larger? Thanks
Midnight Soul
Midnight Soul Month ago
I dont't see caller id nor spam protection on my S10. How can I enable that?
Stormy Williams
Stormy Williams Month ago
Can you tell me how to change an folder color? You showed it in the video but I do not have the color option when I create a folder. I've checked all through my settings and even changed themes to see if that could be the issue.
ravencraft Month ago
How much battery life are you getting out of your S10s? I have mine connected to wi-fi and my Galaxy Watch 24/7 and I get around 1 day's worth of use, nothing intensive, just the watch & wi-fi on and occasional web browsing. Is this normal?
Thiviyan Paskaran
how were you able to get the mobile data toggle? it's not available on my s10 plus
Callum -
Callum - Month ago
John Lias
John Lias Month ago
I just bought the S10+ and this is the first Galaxy flagship phone that I could not figure out right away. But This dude made me say Oooooooooohhhh throughout the WHOLE video!!!! Thank you.
Zulfikri Month ago
helpful video... just got my S10 plus three days ago.. this phone is fantastic.. I don't regret it... as I was thinking to switch to iphone
FungSwee Wong
FungSwee Wong Month ago
Pls take note edge notification does not work on all apps. So far I know it only works on Messages and Calendar. FB only works when the screen is ON. So the features is not so fantastic!!!
Yerr Month ago
Syed Arsalan Ahmed
How can I decrease icon in s10+
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