5 Things to Know Before Watching NASCAR

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This is a basic primer for anyone who is interested in NASCAR. If you are already a fan, don't expect anything too knew.
This is something new for me but I enjoyed making it.
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Nov 12, 2017




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Gimpelson96 11 hours ago
Another point to make is that the cars have no driving aids at all all. No traction or stability control and a true manual transmission with a shifter. Drivers have to be mindful of the throttle especially on restarts as too much can cause them to lose grip and get a bad restart losing positions.
EFANZPro 10 days ago
Thanks for the video... New fan of nascar... Literally just become a fan after watching a nascar heat 4 gameplay.... I always thought it is just bunch of people driving in oval...
1998 Subaru Impreza 22b STI
“Nascar is just turning left.” is like saying, “Soccer is just running and kicking.”
rjh00 21 hour ago
Sad thing is that for some Americans, that's exactly how they think. The same group that thinks that also have a hard time understanding how a 1-0 game can be exciting or god forbid a game end in a tie, they blow their mind.
This Is Karl
This Is Karl 2 days ago
Pretty much. It's the reason in soccer to learn not to always watch the person with the ball, watching another player move out of position to create a chance is interesting in a way drafting to pass is more complicated than appears.
galoon 2 days ago
Exactly! And then we have drag racing--which has NO turning! Yet it's probably still just as challenging as the other racing series. The drivers and car designers just face a different set of problems...
Dave W
Dave W 10 days ago
gggggggg 12 days ago
monotonous, boring, loud and all done with no right turns........ what's the point??? 40 overweight tanks driving round in circles..............
Nascarlos 420
Nascarlos 420 12 days ago
Be my friend so I can have a friend that’s friends with a NASCAR driver that’s friends with a bunch of NASCAR drivers
Prestige player1
Prestige player1 13 days ago
that music needs to go buddy, i lost all hope to see this to the end, what a shame you seem to love your topic.
Sean Burnett
Sean Burnett 17 days ago
Not gonna lie, came here to learn more about NASCAR after all the racism. Looking forward to seeing more black faces attending this sport. Ill be watching my very first race today at 3pm. 🙌🏾
Ploke Newo78
Ploke Newo78 9 days ago
Yes we would love to have you in our community.
Joseph Wolf
Joseph Wolf 23 days ago
Although I still think nascar is stupid, I am at least aware that a lot of engineering and timing goes into it. Not everyone can do it and even thou I dont like racing I love racing video games
Terrence Klaverweide
Number 1: The Confederate flag is banned.
SectorApex 26 days ago
07:25 Have you ever watched other motorsports? All of them has that facts, nascar has nothing special, we have divebombs at least in other motorsports or other kind of overtaking, nascar is pure waste of time don't get me wrong, I rather watch clio rs cup, has more action.
PIRANHA PARRAN 28 days ago
Joshua George
Joshua George Month ago
Anyone remember Dale Earnheart..............
garnettfor3 Month ago
whatever you said can be apply to any other racing but more intense
Nolie Kristoffer Bongcas Gabia
I'm an F1 fan and I've been trying to into Nascar lately, this is the most informative of all the videos I've seen so far
Basil J
Basil J Month ago
Masriser7 Month ago
I don’t know if it’s correct to call the race cars nascars like you did at 3:23. Great video though.
Kansas football Lifer
I can’t stop watching I just got hooked after watching a couple races
CrazyHorse151 Month ago
Still, compared to F1 this seems very dumbed down. 1) is basically oversteering and understeering, you want to take ever curve with loosing as little velocity as possible. And you compromise between speed (low drag) and the ability to steer quickly, I.e. downforce. The tracks are not identical but compared to other race tracks, they are very similar. The race strategy can be found in many other sports, the skills a diver has to posses are similar to other sports. It really feels just like a simpler variant of other sports. That doesn’t mean that it’s easier. When most tracks are similar, you need to focus on the details in order to win. But listing 5 thinks that you need to know before watching nascar, and then just listing points that are common in any racing sport, seems a bit ironic.
Ploke Newo78
Ploke Newo78 9 days ago
The tracks are anything but similar. The banking plays a major role in that. Different banking angles mean different steering styles in order to keep the car from sliding off. For example Bristol and Martinsville. Martinsville is a short track with turns with almost no banking. It also is a very narrow track. Bristol is also a short track but the straights are longer and also banked and the turns are the steepest in nascar. Not to mention the turns are short too. The driver has to do a completely different strategy on both tracks. Saying all of the tracks in NASCAR are very similar is like saying every track in F1 is similar. If you do not know nascar that well I won't blame you for not spotting the differences. Just watch and learn some more and then you would get it. Also this video is missing the key differences. One major difference is how closely the cars are within each other. There are only a few centimeters between you and the other car. One wrong move you have a pretty good chance of flipping and having a horrible wreck. That's how big ones happen. A domino effect one car gets turned and then another hits it and it just sets off a chain reaction. Another big difference is how physical the sport can get. It's common to see a driver turning another driver around or drivers beating and banging to the finish line. There are so many major differences I can't list them all but I can say this. Ovals in NASCAR are harder to drive than the road courses. In ovals you have more compact and physical racing with little time to think while in road courses it's less compact, less physical and you have a huge time window to think about your next move.
Ethan Sanchez
Ethan Sanchez 2 months ago
Power Play
Power Play 2 months ago
oval tracks feels really boring compared to to F1 ones
Ploke Newo78
Ploke Newo78 9 days ago
Oval racing is boring if you put a F1 car and F1 racing strategy on it. But with NASCAR the strat and the cars can turn racing ovals into a whole other beast. Atlanta motorspeedway is an exception tho.
Mr legend Vlogs
Mr legend Vlogs 2 months ago
Thanks for the vid still will not sub sorry but maybe
MOHNISH KUMAR 2 months ago
Everything he said is better on every other racing series. I'm sorry NASCAR is just too boring.
Matthew Boyd
Matthew Boyd 2 months ago
Nascar is like a watch, it sound around one direction, it's more complicated than that, and only idiots can be entertained for several hours by watching it. But seriously, the Coronavirus shows how bad pollution has gotten by removing nearly all the cars off the road, and you guys are much MUCH worse. And that's before you factor in climate change.
Fabio Cabral
Fabio Cabral 2 months ago
"We gonna be drivin' straight and we gonna be turning to the left sometimes" - Eric Cartman But seriously, I'm really starting to get interested in oval racing and nascar. One thing tho: Can someone explain to me what would be the ideal racing line during cornering? That is something that confuses me... Better go high? low? add radius? And I mean in an ideal condition, like ignoring rubber, temperature, defense, etc...
Dylan does 9 and 8 ball pool
When people say NASCAR goes in a circle I say f1 goes in a circle too because NASCAR have road course too
Andrew Robbins
Andrew Robbins 3 months ago
I’ve been ignorant to nascar for a long time. Thank you
GasOverload 3 months ago
Most of the time when you say “in nascar” you could just say “in circuit based motorsport”. Tight/loose = over/understeer, drafting = dirty air/turbulent, pit stop = pit stop (F1 = Faster). Then we got: accounting for rubber on the track, measuring track temperature, all drivers are different so they drive different in different conditions, same teams and drivers at each race...most motorsports deal with these things. All this video did was confirm to me that driving left is the only truly unique part of NASCAR. RIP my boy Dale SR though!
MOHNISH KUMAR 2 months ago
🤣🤣 hope the creator see's this comment
Major F. Tropper
Major F. Tropper 3 months ago
Whatever, it's still boring...
HScarlet 3 months ago
Specifically came here to learn about Nascar, thanks. I didn't get it, or why it has such big crowds. The only exposure I've had is playing a few tracks in Forza Motorsport. The one thing I appreciate is the difficulty in concentration. Going around in circles at top speed, it just takes one error. Tbh, doing that for 10 minutes is difficult.
Osku 3 months ago
All I'm hearing is you explaining a motorsport of any kind with weird American terminology. Basically everything you said applies to every motorsport in the world. The tracks are just extremely similar when compared to any Formula race, rally or karting race. I just don't get it why people prefer this sport so much over the other motorsports. Maybe I'm just out of the loop..
Mayor West CSGO
Mayor West CSGO 4 months ago
My understanding is that it's not nearly as hot in the car as it used to be. They have AC of some kind these days.
Mayor West CSGO
Mayor West CSGO 2 months ago
@Icelo Racing Network "of some kind". I have heard that it's not like it used to be. Might not be AC exactly.
Icelo Racing Network
Mayor West CSGO There is no AC
Guy in Colorado, Greetings!
Great video, would have loved to watch all of it. Gonged it at 6:27, got tired of listening to the stupid background music.
Dane Jones
Dane Jones 4 months ago
All tracks turn left ....4:24
Ploke Newo78
Ploke Newo78 9 days ago
*laughs in Watkins Glen, Sonoma, Charlotte Roval, Canadian Tire motorsports park, Road of America*
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 4 months ago
Drafting is much more complex than stated here. "Side drafting" is a video unto itself.
Tom Gilligan
Tom Gilligan 4 months ago
well thanks. prob not enough to get me to watch or get into it, but i respect it. More of a fan of GT type racing.
A A 4 months ago
You forgot the 500 ways to cheat. All the little hidden tweaks.
Nazmi Imtiyaz
Nazmi Imtiyaz 4 months ago
Wow. The engineers worked their asses off to build the most ideal car. And to think that many factors play a role in determining how a car performs, adjustments made at the pitstop in such a small time interval is mind boggling
Austin Butler
Austin Butler 5 months ago
But if it’s so important to keep your place ... how do they know what place your in when you come out of the pit ?! I don’t understand that still ?
Devon Mo
Devon Mo 5 months ago
I want to find a video of the blake shelton qoute but i cant find it anywhere
Minato Namikaze
Minato Namikaze 6 months ago
So I have never watched nascar I guess I’m gonna start now
swarmrunner 7 months ago
You should update this for 2019, and include aero push and not being able to catch the nearest car in front of you because of the nose washing out.
Harry Rosewood
Harry Rosewood 7 months ago
sorry mate) wanted to know why people like the sport, but stopped watching it couple of minutes in. I know my comment would be useless, perhaps talking to a sportsfan is like talking to religious person, but since it's youtube, hey, here we go)) You talk about all those details like oversteer and understeer, temperature of tires and race track, weather conditions, and so on, and trying to sound like they are a big thing. And maybe in nascar - they are. But guess what... they do also exist in other motor sports, it's just that there are so many other variables that are usually much more important and entertaining) drivers, corners, car manufacturers from all over the world, etc. You sound like a guy explaining curling - there are so many tiny details that make a difference, hardness of water that was used to make ice, average temperature, cause the warmer it is, the more water is on the ice, so the friction is lower, whever a curler had onion in his breakfast so it's harder to communicate with his teammates, it makes a huuge difference! Yet it is all the same in hockey) it's just not as important cause there are actually other things to keep in mind) I mean come on, how can one truly enjoy nacar when there are sports like F1, rallycross, blancpain GT, endurance races, etc?) Unless you grew up watching this sport because your dad is a fan?)
Maverick Jones
Maverick Jones 8 months ago
This was really helpful dude.. Seriously thanks man..
pinchingstars 8 months ago
Great content, but music in the background was super distracting and excessive
Mark. 8 months ago
Still trash racing. I'd rather watch bathurst any day.
Edmund Ng
Edmund Ng 7 months ago
you should go to one
Jon La Montagne
Jon La Montagne 9 months ago
2 things you need to know the racing in the 70's was not good early to mid 90's were the best! Intro of the Taurus was the downfall of NASCAR not the COT that was just a by product of the aero packages introduced in 96 or 97.
Joey Carola
Joey Carola 9 months ago
Loose/tight is just oversteer/understeer?
Icelo Racing Network
Joey Carola Yes
Vivian Ruiz
Vivian Ruiz 9 months ago
That was more than 5 things, but whatever
Ben Myatt
Ben Myatt 9 months ago
Good explanation. Great video!
Sam McGuckian
Sam McGuckian 9 months ago
When a regular person imagines what it's like to drive a NASCAR race car, they just picture taking their own street legal car on a round road where you can just floor it and turn the wheel left. Believe me, driving one of these things is extremely difficult. The cars are extremely heavy, they're on edge, the tracks are super slick and you're going about 180-200 mph, depending on the track. Except for Daytona and Talladega, you must slow down in every corner. You know how when you're driving in a regular car and you hit the brakes, your body weight shifts forwards, and the opposite happens when you accelerate? In a NASCAR car, all this weight is being shifted back and forth from the front of the car to the back every time you slow down and speed up. All of this makes the car very unstable, you must be extremely careful when using the throttle and brakes, as well as the steering wheel, as one slight wrong jerk of the wheel and you'll be in the wall or in the grass in no time. Also the fact that most tracks transition from low banking to high banking going into the corners and the opposite going out of the corners just adds even more to the level of difficulty of handling one of these things, especially since these transitions are the points in the track where you speed up (or slow down) and start steering the car left (or straightening it out). Maybe you've played one of those NASCAR console games where you insert the disk into the console, plug in your controller, and do a race. Yeah, when you play those games it basically feels like what I described in the first sentence, just driving a regular car in circles. These games are not simulators, they were designed for everyday gamers to sit on the couch after a day of work and have fun. If you want a better idea of what it is really like, there are simulators you can play on your PC with a wheel. They aren't perfect, obviously, but if you ever get a chance to try it, you'll see what these drivers deal with every week with 40 other cars on the track.
Randy Jones
Randy Jones 11 months ago
Only one thing you need to know before watching Nascar ........and its a big important thing . 1. You gotta pick and root for a favorite driver . If you're not pulling for a specific driver then you will be bored to death watching the sport . Once you're pulling for a driver , your nerves will explode watching your favorite driver dodge wrecks . Nascar is like any sport ............you can't watch casually and like it .
OJ 8 days ago
@Ploke Newo78 Too bad I had actually started to like Larson. Then shit hit the fan lol
Ploke Newo78
Ploke Newo78 9 days ago
@OJ ah don't worry. Just watch the races and then soon you might warm up to someone. Just like my F1 friend who watched a few races and decided to be a Joey Logano fan.
OJ 7 months ago
Saying that doesnt exactly help someone like me who is trying to get into the sport. That is just giving me pressure lol
FloosWorld 11 months ago
I use this video to explain other people what's special about Oval racing as they usually downgrade it by saying "circle racing".
Motorsports F1 MotoGP
Motorsports F1 MotoGP 11 months ago
Niki Lauda said that about his sensitive ass 😂
Video Game Stuff
I so wanna show my friends this video
Zhewen Teh
Zhewen Teh Year ago
0:56 >assumes that non-nascar-watchers don't know what understeer or oversteer is ok to be fair, i think the title is slightly misleading. a more appropriate title should go along the lines of "5 things to know before watching motorsports" because all 5 topics discussed apply to other motorsports as well
Ploke Newo78
Ploke Newo78 9 days ago
The best way to learn how NASCAR works is to watch it.
E 1
E 1 26 days ago
@SectorApex then why are you in the comments of a nascar video go watch something else
SectorApex 26 days ago
Nascar has nothing special, every motorsport has that facts , I rather watch clio rs cup , more interesting, at least I can see nordschleife.
E 1
E 1 Month ago
Yes but even if you know understeer and oversteer but since they dont use those terms so you might be confused as to what they're talking about
Tamal Plays
Tamal Plays Year ago
Started playing NASCAR RACING 2003 SEASON and thanks for explaining what is nascar.
ath85 Year ago
A lot of Martinsville footage. Long live the short tracks!
JK 241
JK 241 Year ago
how are placements decided before start of race, and why important. i also dont understad why yelllow flag affects placement.
Joe Lusk Racing
Placement is decided a day previous in qualifying. Fastest lap starts first, next fastest, second, etc. Yellow flags affect the placement when teams decide to pit. A team in first may pit for tires which will make them faster, but if the teams in 2nd-15th don't pit for tires, the person who had the lead will line up 15th when the race restarts.
Tacticool Millenial
Its boring as fuck.
Jake Smith
Jake Smith Year ago
just go into NASCAR, dad used to watch in the late 90`s. Now im trying to invest myself in the monster cup series. Good Video. also from pa 724.
Nicole Bean
Nicole Bean Year ago
And about on evry track you take a left turn how about the road courses
Supra_Legend Year ago
Still... F1 is better
Supra_Legend 2 months ago
no mate no offense 😅 I'm just saying this comment is alr a year
Icelo Racing Network
Supra_Legend I can’t reply to a comment after a certain time?
Supra_Legend 2 months ago
one, year, ago wow
Icelo Racing Network
Ok, go watch that then.
Iden Versio
Iden Versio 11 months ago
Thats your opinion, also it really isnt, one slight touch and the car goes out. Just leave honestly
Alex Bourgeois
I don’t think people realize either, how hard of hits nascar drivers take. Yea they may have a gentle angle into the wall but there still hitting it at incredible speeds. It’s gonna hurt no matter the angle
Alex Bourgeois
How I define right vs loose. Tight- car doesn’t seem to want to turn Loose- driving in 50-60 mph winds in a blizzard while still going 60 mph. So basically driving in upstate ny weather and still going normal speed
Walter Legere
Walter Legere Year ago
Ok. so I started to listen to this but stopped when you began this so called primer (and I don't think anyone seeing this is still in grade school but I could be wrong) with a description of loose/tight and I could tell right away the whole concept of NASCAR racing is lost on the younger generation. Have you ever been to a NASCAR race? Because if you have, your "primer" would have been something like this... (ahem) Ok, so several months before you want to go to a specific race you order your tickets. If you get good ones then plan to spend about $100 each for seats. Next, if you live within...oh...say... 100 miles of the track you'll be attending you want to try and get there at least 3 hours before the green flag falls otherwise you'll be stuck in traffic for an additional three hours to get to the worst parking spot at the track and walk 3/4 of a mile to get there carrying all the crap you brought with you. Once you get to the gate you'll find that half the crap you brought with you can't go into the grandstands so you either carry it 3/4 of a mile back to your car or find the nearest trash can to dump it in. Then... after wading through a crush of humanity to get to your seat you have to stand for the National Anthem because the drivers are about to start their engines. You are surrounded by a sea of Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Jr. fans even though one is dead and the other no longer races in NASCAR. Concessions and track items are stupid expensive but you brought the kids so... what the heck! You then discover, after you paid a ton of money for premium tickets on the front stretch, you can only see part of turn 4 - the front stretch and part of turn 1 and all the good wrecks happen on the back stretch that you can't see because of all the crap in the infield. The people in front of you keep standing up and blocking the view to anything and the rest are getting drunker and drunker as the day goes on. You watch a guy several seat to the left try and pee in a beer can! After 15 caution flags, a rain delay and three 45 minute trips to the bathroom (35 minutes of that waiting in line) the race ends 4 hours later in a GREEN-WHITE-CHECKERED finish or worse, under caution. Then you slog back through a sea of drunken humanity to your car 3/4 of a mile away, load all the additional crap you bought at the track and sit for an additional 3 hours while you try and get out of the parking area you were stuck in when you got there. You also find that when you exit the parking area the police direct you in the exact opposite direction you need to go to get home 100 miles from the track. THAT is the reality of going to a NASCAR race my friends and the sad part about it is - you could have just stayed home and watched the whole thing on FOX in the comfort of your easy chair! WORD!
Grant Fisher
Grant Fisher Year ago
This has got to be a joke. NASCAR is even more boring than I thought.
Ploke Newo78
Ploke Newo78 9 days ago
NASCAR is not boring it's just that this video makes it seem boring. He fucking made this while half asleep what would you expect?
reyhaners Year ago
so loose and tight is the same as under/oversteer?
Yung GooseJuice
Yung GooseJuice 4 months ago
reyhaners yes
Schmiddy Year ago
So its endurance racing without right turns
galoon Year ago
The terms "loose" and "tight" are otherwise known as oversteer and understeer, respectively.
Azech 3 days ago
NASCAR dumbing it up for their audience 😂
@MOHNISH KUMAR Both "oversteer/understeer" and "loose/tight" are good sets of terms that describe the same thing. For example, understeer describes how the car is not turning as much as you're steering the wheel. However, "tight" is also a good term, since it feels like you're locked into place - you're tight - when your car refuses to turn as much as you turn the wheel.
galoon 2 months ago
@MOHNISH KUMAR No, the terms oversteer/understeer are not used in NASCAR. However, they are used in pretty much every other form of automobile racing.
MOHNISH KUMAR 2 months ago
Is NASCAR just creating new words to make itself seem complicated?
Ed Fulginiti
Ed Fulginiti Year ago
An honest, fair and thoughtful vid. Thanks. BUT --- those of us who once loved this sport NEVER doubted how difficult it must be to do what drivers and their crew (and owners) have to go through for success. What we HATE HATE HATE is what Nascar has done to itself with stupid rules, stupid "Chase" formulas, stupid track closures, stupid formulaic ovals in parts of the country that did not care about Nascar racing, dis-allowance of "letting men be men" on the track, innumerable yellow cautions whenever a tennsie-weensie piece of something falls off a car and hits the track, etc. etc. etc. We all miss the once-great Nascar.
you control danger with fuel limits, it is easy to do, but the reality people no longer care about racing
it is super-dumb now, with absurd cars, rules, drivers, and the worst fans ever
Chris Spivey
Chris Spivey Year ago
You spelled NASCRAP wrong. Long live dirt
eduardo diez
eduardo diez Year ago
Great video mate. I just have some questions: What's the difference between the Monster Energy Nascar Cup Series and the Xfinity Series? Drivers from both series compete with one another or are the series divided? When those the season begins and ends? How does the point system works?
SRA SmokingPuppy841
eduardo diez the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series is the top series and the Xfinity Series is the second series. They are essentially Division 1 and Division 2 of NASCAR.
eduardo diez
eduardo diez Year ago
@Joe Lusk Racing Thank you for the answer and help to noob wanting to learn more about the sport. Subscribing right now.
Joe Lusk Racing
In short they are different series, Xfinity being rookies and MENCS being top tier. F1 to F3. Supercar to Super2. College vs Professional (kinda).
Joe Lusk Racing
Both seasons are nearly identical, with some tracks being specific to the Xfinity series on the same weekend that MENCS is at a different track. Xfinity has less horsepower, and a carburetor. Overall he cars are slower, and there is less money involved. MENCS is considered the pinnacle. Drivers from MENCS compete in Xfinity races because sponsorship for those races comes cheaper, since the cars are simplified. Xfinity drivers sometimes compete in MENCS when they have sponsorship or a team backing them, however this is more rare. It's instead considered a progression. Xfinity drivers are considered graduating when they head to the MENCS, even if they are moving to a less competitive team.
steFPS Year ago
4:14 please dude come on you had so much credibility till you said "NASCARs" I'm so disappointed in you
Antonino Tipa
Antonino Tipa Year ago
or maybe it's like saying understeer or over steering
Icelo Racing Network
Antonino yeah
Mihai T
Mihai T Year ago
Very good video. Nice explanation. Sadly, i can't get over the dumbest thing ever in motorsport: they're making a left tuuurn! Cheers!
Ploke Newo78
Ploke Newo78 9 days ago
*face slaps* it's more than just left turns you dumb fuck.
Zak Woodhead
Zak Woodhead Year ago
"Under 12 seconds" F1 do it in 3
FloosWorld Year ago
@The Pika Player And F1 doesn't refuel.
The Pika Player
F1 has one lugnut and like 7 or something crew men.
David Lux
David Lux Year ago
what about Charlotte motor speedway left and right turns there.
Vezix Year ago
Well that's the ROVAL, which won't be there permanently, but yeah.
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