5 Survival Shelters Everyone Should Know

Survival Lilly
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5 Survival Shelters Everyone Should Know
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Comments 80
Survival Lilly
Survival Lilly 2 months ago
My second knife design, the APO-1H is already available at my website: www.survivallilly.at/ Thanks for your support! Lilly
William McKenna
William McKenna 12 days ago
I hope all of the Trump voters catch the virus and die.
Tygon Cao
Tygon Cao 28 days ago
hey ,if anyone else is searching for waterproofing a survival shelter try Franaar Escape Death Formula (do a google search )? Ive heard some decent things about it and my cousin got cool success with it.
James Lane
James Lane Month ago
You're welcome for the instructional video on how to earn a credit card
Egemen Tanik
Egemen Tanik Month ago
Thanks for the instructions and happy women's day!
James Lane
James Lane Month ago
Good morning Lily in Kansas City
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 4 hours ago
Random guy comes from nowhere... Lily: "Not now Preston" "But there's a settlement that needs our help, here I've marked it on your map."
Gary Peake
Gary Peake 4 hours ago
Amazing video! 👍🏻
jason stone
jason stone 5 hours ago
My girl friends idea of roughing it, is staying at the motel 6. You're my kind of woman!
MnTmAn 12 hours ago
I think this might be my first time commenting. I have followed your journey a long time now. Amazing how you live your life and chase adventure wherever you can. I admire that. Thank you for your hard work and contribution to RUvid.
jean-luc paradis
jean-luc paradis 17 hours ago
1:38 i can Feel the bugs crawling all over me
Leobardo Lorenzo
Leobardo Lorenzo 20 hours ago
You are One Smart Lady whether in the woods or at home. WOW.....
Thomas Griffin
Thorn branches work well for a quick shelter but haveta clip all inward thorns or you'll regret it. Thorns contain trace amounts of poison.
incog burrito
Survival Lilly makes bear and survivor man look like back alley winos.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 5 hours ago
brenton schaffert
Please watch and SHARE. ruvid.net/video/video-ImmRjT74i-c.html China must be held to account.
Sean W
Sean W Day ago
Make sure you have a sleeping bag, unless you like sleeping with bugs, they will snuggle with you for warmth 🤣
Maxxwell 2 days ago
Why the porn music though?
Truman Bates
Truman Bates 2 days ago
I love your content and the knife looks to be of a really good quality. However, if I had used my knife in such a fashion, my dad would have tanned my hide lol. In a survival situation maybe it would be necessary but in any other case, it is unwise to use a knife to chop at things. U wouldnt want to face a predator unarmed because u previously smacked the ever-loving piss out of your knife with a rock
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 4 hours ago
Knives are used for chopping as well
Yaelra R.
Yaelra R. 3 days ago
Aren't you afraid of ticks lying in those leaves?
Renee Xxx
Renee Xxx 3 days ago
When did Tina Fey start posting survival videos??
mdredheadguy1979 4 days ago
I know this is a little off topic, but what’s the name of your four legged friend?
robert bartlett
robert bartlett 4 days ago
Good Job Lilly
Louis P.
Louis P. 5 days ago
Or you could just carry a tent...
DMON 5 days ago
17:30 but does it keep off the rain?
DMON 5 days ago
15:15 love this song who is it?? rockin
DMON 5 days ago
yay its a girl for a change
Ally Forester
Ally Forester 6 days ago
Good to see a woman in the woods doing her thing instead of always men. Peace & Love.
Kath M
Kath M 6 days ago
You are quite literally the most badass woman 👍👍👍👍 this is so cool
Vivital Vbyzrationz
Don't 4get 2 build ah underground bunker
retroperitoneal 7 days ago
Just dont smoke in bed
Homayoun Bernoulli
she sounds canadian!
Wells Original
Wells Original 7 days ago
Great video How long did it take to make the last one?
Micheal Bolling
Micheal Bolling 8 days ago
About the ticks tho.
302 Sobriety
302 Sobriety 8 days ago
Kenneth Robinson
Kenneth Robinson 8 days ago
Im going to build me a shelter
Judah Gemini Hunit
Just found your channel 💯👍
William Creel
William Creel 9 days ago
One bad decision! SNAKES!!! When you wake up and a unwanted guest is in bed with you!!!
Matthew Randall
Matthew Randall 9 days ago
Spiders!! 🤨 😂
Donald Wallace
Donald Wallace 9 days ago
This lady is a one man army don't know which was stronger her or the trees around her good job on those shelters.
Mark Colby
Mark Colby 9 days ago
Walk into the woods with nothing in cold weather and survive I'll be impressed.
Mark Colby
Mark Colby 9 days ago
I just gotta say Lilly if you remembered to bring an saw , shovel and axe should have remembered the tent and sleeping bag.
Patrick H- UK
Patrick H- UK 10 days ago
Some great stuff there - good to see some shelters I know from my books in real life! I often wonder which would be best in heavy rain and/or high winds - we get a bit of rain in the UK , not as much as people imagine, but as we're an island the weather can change really quickly. I like the 'underfloor heating' system - the Romans were doing that >2,000 years ago (check out 'hypocaust')
William Bates 0361
William Bates 0361 10 days ago
My grandson and i have been doing bush camping cinc he was 5. 2 times a year we camp one winter and one summer. Hes 13 now. Teach em young
Crystal Landreth
Crystal Landreth 11 days ago
I've always like trying to make shelter for practice but now I learned even more from you.
123TauruZ321 12 days ago
Better to use 5 tubes of expanding foam and light tarps between branches and bushes.
THEOUTLAW78 12 days ago
Ticks and bugs and sleeping with leaves 🍁 not good
Michael Coiner
Michael Coiner 13 days ago
reDLine 13 days ago
Survival shelters, because we all carry a 4ft saw in our bug out bags 😂😂
Original Pilgrim
Original Pilgrim 13 days ago
Not much protection against night-time cougars and other predators though!
zabaleta 13 days ago
I'd love to be lost in the woods, in that shelter with you Lily......😏
Bernie Wallace
Bernie Wallace 14 days ago
Borys Chmieliński
Borys Chmieliński 14 days ago
Hi my name is Borys i from Poland and i ride in survival camp thanks for informations
George Ison
George Ison 15 days ago
Thank you for all you do for us....several folks here in east Tennessee
Justin 15 days ago
We could totally snuggle for warmth in one of those
dulez 17 days ago
Animal Planet:OMG its a Bigfoot nest!
Ross Maclean
Ross Maclean 18 days ago
How long last one take you?
William M
William M 18 days ago
The Walking Dead brought me here...
Caleb Rivera
Caleb Rivera 19 days ago
Hello Survival Lilly. I just happily stumbled across your videos. Liked and Subscribed:)
Elaine Clements Finn
What about ticks and Lyme Disease ??
Alexander Hamm
Alexander Hamm 19 days ago
Warum eigentlich immer in Englisch.......????
S0upbone Feltersnatch
Way to go, what a wonderful person.. I also Love the outdoors, I feel far safer in places like this, city life is not so good these days.. 3/18/20.. God Bless You..
Larry DeLong
Larry DeLong 20 days ago
Great information Lilly! Wish you were closer to NW Pennsylvania!!! Happy Camping!
Hannah Summers
Hannah Summers 21 day ago
I love watching these videos so much that I decided to learn how to survive in the wilderness on my own. I just made my first ever fire using only flint and steel today. Thanks for the inspiration, Lilly!
soul 22 days ago
don't you worry about ticks?
zypherfox 23 days ago
Any videos where your using any of those lil houses?
Justin Gayomali
Justin Gayomali 24 days ago
Bro where did you get the flat rocks
Dusty Roads
Dusty Roads 25 days ago
Looks like a good way to get a bunch of ticks on ya around here 😩
West-Virginia-coon-hunting Looking At The Sky
Great shelters, enjoyed, keep looking up!
Ernesto Nunez
Ernesto Nunez 27 days ago
Great video, loved it. I just had a question what was that thermal tarp that you used?
Kian Pederson
Kian Pederson 27 days ago
awsome step by step instruction!
Elle Mella
Elle Mella 28 days ago
How long does it take to build one of those?
Brittany & Anna
Brittany & Anna 29 days ago
You are amazing!!
L vonende
L vonende 29 days ago
Loving the sounds of old Westerns!
Siegrid Thomas
Siegrid Thomas Month ago
Better then sitting in front of the tube and eating chips......great job...
Aimee Osmulski
Aimee Osmulski Month ago
Nice!! New sub.
Jacob [#SealTeamFour]
Kewl channel!
loganinkosovo Month ago
None of these "Bushcraft" videos shows what we were always taught with tents or above ground shelters in the Army. You dig at least a one foot deep trench around the edge of the tent or shelter so the water goes into the trench and not back into the tent or shelter. You trench completely around the tent and join the left and right hand trenches up on the down hill side and run a connecting trench down the downhill side to carry the water away from you.
loganinkosovo Month ago
None of these "Bushcraft" videos shows what we were always taught with tents or above ground shelters in the Army. You dig at least a one foot deep trench around the edge of the tent or shelter so the water goes into the trench and not back into the tent or shelter. You trench completely around the tent and join the left and right hand trenches up on the down hill side and run a connecting trench down the downhill side to carry the water away from you.
Edrick Pingollo
Edrick Pingollo Month ago
Liliy I like your dog lying inside your little house or bahay kubo.ang cute nya.so cute I mean.
Glen Bolton
Glen Bolton Month ago
Sounds like I'm listening to LED Zeppelin .
Tanner Radunski
Tanner Radunski Month ago
This is great for colder regions, but what about if you’re in a warmer place
Aimee Osmulski
Aimee Osmulski Month ago
I'd think very similar, minus the leaves piled on top of you for thermal protection. I'm in Florida & see the benefit mostly for camouflage, and since she's in colder weather, adapted 2 that 🤗
envisage BGT
envisage BGT Month ago
I need a shelter like this on my Wilshire boulevard temporary territory beside my funny tent. FK Obama, who made me homeless.
Aimee Osmulski
Aimee Osmulski Month ago
Might come in handy once the blue hats are done training in NY (UN-disarmament/reeducation training)🙏
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