5 Subway Footlong Challenge *Revisited* (Record Attempt)

Matt Stonie
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Revisiting another old challenge!!! This one all the way from 2010... I was 18 lol.
Issac H.D. - ruvid.net/video/video-Zjiky1PqmUY.html
Nate Figueroa - ruvid.net/video/video--mEscxsZQi0.html
Nela Zisser - ruvid.net/video/video--zo3mEQxvps.html
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Apr 20, 2018




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Comments 6 772
Shadow Dark
Shadow Dark 4 hours ago
At least he went healthy
Love Eats
Love Eats 14 hours ago
H_uskyy 3 days ago
I’ve never seen a dude put so many foot Longs in his mouth and he so happy
H_uskyy 3 days ago
I’m over here munching on a steak and cheese from subway👌
James Tally
James Tally 5 days ago
Good stuff 👨
VIP YOUTUBE 5 days ago
yum yum
Johnathan Holbrook
You need to go to jersey mikes and get 5 giants. I recommend the #13 (original Italian), the #8 (club), or the 26 (chicken bacon ranch)
wade h
wade h 8 days ago
The Rassler in Australia did 4 foot long subways in 3:03. I know it's not 5 but still quick as hell!
Kaneki Ken
Kaneki Ken 9 days ago
I took 2 minutes to chew a bite of 1 subway sandwich
Frag buwa
Frag buwa 9 days ago
How is he so small???
who else likes memes
This was posted on 4/20 :))
wilton chamberlain
wilton chamberlain 12 days ago
That’s a little under 5 feet of disappointment right there
Gage Blackard
Gage Blackard 12 days ago
At least it isn’t unhealthy
JK Devan
JK Devan 13 days ago
I Think when they speed up the vid that’s really how fast he’s eating
Siegel Gaming
Siegel Gaming 15 days ago
I could actually eat this
I’m watching this in 2020
Christoper Poitier
Christoper Poitier 18 days ago
This man have power's
Cesar General Mechanic.
Why you eating fights a waste
oscar ascencio
oscar ascencio 22 days ago
Me an individual who goes to subway everyday: *5!? That’s a rookie number*
periodic- -mations
periodic- -mations 23 days ago
Doesn't count. He didnt eat the wrapper.
dbkml94 25 days ago
Matt's digestive system does 90% of the food chewing where his teeth does only 10%.
Sebastian Spina
Sebastian Spina 28 days ago
You should try eating your height in subway footlongs
Aidan Gallagher
Aidan Gallagher 29 days ago
I honestly think I could do this one with the steak and cheese. Is this still the record?
Charli Kerr
Charli Kerr Month ago
everytime he eats really competitively i think of that vine where the woman’s like “can u eat pussy like that?”
the flaming rider
Oh my god i could only dream about doing this cause when you eat at subway it feels like you're eating nothing but bread no meat or anything just the bread
Mike L
Mike L Month ago
I just tried to eat 2 twelve inch subs and was just barley able to finish them
Nathanael Tok
Nathanael Tok Month ago
00:00-00:03 There is no one in this couch
Trevor Richwine
Trevor Richwine Month ago
Me eating one sub is 5 at least 5 minutes
Noah Mannen
Noah Mannen Month ago
Me eating my candy and Mom comes home be like
Glenn Ferguson
Glenn Ferguson Month ago
God dame
Sicko Beats
Sicko Beats Month ago
Fitness Coach: Matt, how much calories you eat a day? Matt: all of them
unmovables Month ago
that slop stuff always left at the end is the best part ... matt stonie, you dirty girl.
Rahmat Du Du Du
Rahmat Du Du Du Month ago
Goku : ultra instinct Mat : ultra eating
Vendy Vavrekova
Vendy Vavrekova Month ago
Its 2 in morning and my fridge is empty Next day : buying so many subways
ButterSnaps Wright
I love subsequently subway sandwich 😊❤
Ege Düzgün
Ege Düzgün Month ago
Üstüne bi sigara nasıl gider biliyon mu amınakodumunu
Star Nightcore
Star Nightcore Month ago
I wonder if this guy work a day in his life instead of stuffing his face lazy fuck
Mesut Cördük
Mesut Cördük Month ago
Stop eating
Mesut Cördük
Mesut Cördük Month ago
Brain Creeper
Brain Creeper Month ago
Why are you not fat
Bubblethorn Month ago
*heavy would like to know your location*
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Month ago
"Guy takes on all 5 footlongs on knees"
Mayz Month ago
do you get full
Flawless Month ago
3:14 thank me later
The Badguy
The Badguy Month ago
My favorites are Meatball subs and cold cut mmmm
Connor Perez
Connor Perez Month ago
Dude he just ate like 20 stems
Devi Papa
Devi Papa Month ago
You are challenging in indian you never beat you for indian
MICHAEL MAYO 2 months ago
this may be the healthiest challenge yet
Sezin Demir
Sezin Demir 2 months ago
The One Above All
The One Above All 2 months ago
Lucky for you it seem Issac had retired before you revisited this. It only took you like 5 years to beat him. Maybe 1 day he'll return to beat this time.
Boondoc 2 months ago
You shouldn't sell out to do promos: I just skipped that.
sharaias life
sharaias life 2 months ago
How the fuck are u still skinny u eat heaps dawg fr
Bobby Auclair
Bobby Auclair 2 months ago
Always thought no scraps and time ends with mouth empty, great job though
Penguin God32
Penguin God32 2 months ago
Imagine being matts Mam during pubity 😟😂
arnaldito 0
arnaldito 0 2 months ago
And the little children of Africa?
Aaron james
Aaron james 2 months ago
bro i must start a channel because one day i eat 5 footlongs with 2 large pizza later that night .
patou patoche
patou patoche 2 months ago
Hé' boulimique Guy he had problem
HeminemVEVO Australia
0:13 sounds like the start of 'Danger Zone' by Kenny Loggins
Patrick Jayz
Patrick Jayz 2 months ago
This kid refuses to play by the rules. EVERY SINGLE TIME. He stopped the timer before he was done swallowing. He can’t just play fair. EVER.
Giovanni Gatti
Giovanni Gatti 2 months ago
Top top top wait for YOU for a tortellini Emiliani challenge 😊
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