5 Subway Footlong Challenge *Revisited* (Record Attempt)

Matt Stonie
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Revisiting another old challenge!!! This one all the way from 2010... I was 18 lol.
Issac H.D. - ruvid.net/video/video-Zjiky1PqmUY.html
Nate Figueroa - ruvid.net/video/video--mEscxsZQi0.html
Nela Zisser - ruvid.net/video/video--zo3mEQxvps.html
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Apr 20, 2018

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Comments 6 620
César Acosta Pacherres
Matt, share a video with Peggie Neo ❤
abc 123
abc 123 13 hours ago
i can barely eat a full footlong without being full wtf
Ruby Roberts
Ruby Roberts 19 hours ago
So he bet the dudes record of 5:17 but he didn’t know it when filming.
Jim Bob
Jim Bob 3 days ago
Me in school when seconds are coming around and I haven’t finished my first plate
Slice of PIE
Slice of PIE 3 days ago
Dude you're legend... wait... wait for it... ary!
asmr cursh
asmr cursh 3 days ago
When lunch is amost over
Bitcap Gaming
Bitcap Gaming 4 days ago
Dude your a beast
Bibi Zeb
Bibi Zeb 4 days ago
Why am I watching this at 3 in the morning starving lol
Beezy 20
Beezy 20 5 days ago
I loooove to see you eat¡¡!!
Gregory Atchison
Gregory Atchison 5 days ago
I wish I can eat like this everyday 😫💯
Brandon 5 days ago
He will still be hungry in an hour
Why Are You Runnin
Alright let me get that 60 inch no homo
Christina Nielsen
Do you starve yourself before eating this much?
Sleeping dogs Fan 2012 Crimewatch Fan 2016
Can do Some Subway cookies challenge maybe 30 or 40 I don't know
Fran Đozo
Fran Đozo 12 days ago
Lol he almost ate his fingers
RacageGaming 12 days ago
my right ear enjoyed this !
derek larner
derek larner 12 days ago
With all due respect for your talents, I’m just wondering; COULD you do this without the water?
Brandon Seepersaud
Brandon Seepersaud 12 days ago
You sound like Kenny from south park
kingisback LJK
kingisback LJK 13 days ago
Pig hahahaha
TERRY GRAVES 14 days ago
5:12 is mood
Yellow Faces Fork Attractant
Evolution of Subway sandwiches 1965- 2007: 6 inch sub 2008-2019: 1 ft sub 2020-2021: 1 ft 6 inch 2022-2028: 2 ft 6 inch, 3 ft 6 inch, 4 ft 6 inch, 5 ft 6 inch, 6 ft 6 inch, 7 ft 6 inch, 8 ft 6 inch, 9 ft 6 inch 2029: 10 ft-11 ft 2030: 12 FT SUB 2031: 12 FT 6 INCH SUB 2032- : even longer sandwiches
Eduardo Soares Damasceno
Matt are you very very speed....amazing....congrats!!!
Eduardo Soares Damasceno
I lovely Subway here in Brazil....Congrats again..
FallToRemains 14 days ago
I dare you to try this with 5 jersey Mike's giants
IRWIN ROMMEL 15 days ago
Let's see subway hmmmm...Well thats a stale poopy frozen bun,some rotten veggies sitting in dirty plastic containers all day(or longer),a couple paper thin slices of the cheapest garbage lunch meat,and oh ye 32 cents of product for $5.I feel sorry he had to subject himself to such trash.
gemini92406 r
gemini92406 r 16 days ago
Enjoy your metabolism now, cause when that engine stops working you dont want to get big like badlands chugs.
Conker 17 days ago
No one: Matt Stonie: I’m gonna shove 60 inches down my throat
The Fan
The Fan 14 days ago
At least you tried...
COSMIC 17 days ago
have u ever bitten ur finger?
f1zzle 17 days ago
1,064,444 views 18 days ago
He’s done that before “oops my timer” loll
edwin marroquin
edwin marroquin 19 days ago
What a legend
Mike Allmon
Mike Allmon 19 days ago
how do you do this dude?
anime Tin
anime Tin 19 days ago
It takes me about 2 min to eat a foot long from subway if im super hungery after work out at the gym
The Smokin’ Salmon
Im hungry
Derek Huntington
Derek Huntington 20 days ago
Just in 5mins salute and much respect to you Matt💪🏽🤝🏾🤝🏼
Ömer Göztepe
Ömer Göztepe 20 days ago
More bıg TURKEY
Ryan Gilmer
Ryan Gilmer 20 days ago
Your infomercials suck ass...I'm disappointed. Will most likely lose me as a subscriber.
maan _19 mann_19
maan _19 mann_19 21 day ago
NecroVoid 21 day ago
see how you get passed your time eating the ingredients first sense I'm sure it would of been a lot faster doing that first and then just downing the bread with water
spongebob me boy
spongebob me boy 21 day ago
You know how it's impossible to drink a gallon of milk, what's the breaking point with food?
gaming fox
gaming fox 21 day ago
Jake ツ
Jake ツ 21 day ago
I eat healthy I train I gain 5 pounds a day Matt: eats fast foods trains looses 10 pounds
Nek I
Nek I 21 day ago
he is not afraid of demonetization. Demonetization is afraid of him.
WMLYFF ch 22 days ago
How many times a day did Matt's jawline goes to gym ?
Joe Kim
Joe Kim 22 days ago
Can you share what your shits look like? Like make an Instagram for them
TJG_ Yourstruly
TJG_ Yourstruly 23 days ago
Issac never cleaned up the crums but u did and u still beat it u could have beat it 10 seconds earlier
MR. BIGGZ 23 days ago
So he didn't beat the world record? This dude rocks fr fr
Nob0dy 23 days ago
me: reads record attemp also me:you mean world record?
No Name
No Name 24 days ago
5:12 when you cheat on a test and a teacher wants to see your phone.
Larry White
Larry White 25 days ago
Man your time would be a lot better if you stop talking so much when your eaten..
1Me 25 days ago
Well it got you to 8 million subs (no pun). I think you won this one :-)
MANNY NAVA 25 days ago
I think I can do the same, but a bit slower since it takes me about 8 minutes to finish one footlong.
jeffjeff 07
jeffjeff 07 26 days ago
Bro u didnt even break the 5 minute mark u killed those subs! Absolute madness lol dont see neone ever beating that
Stevie Shevill
Stevie Shevill 26 days ago
I can only get through a 6 inch like if you agree also how are you not fat?
Jacob Bailey
Jacob Bailey 24 days ago
High metabolism+ supplements+exercise can do that for you
Shanna Sweger
Shanna Sweger 26 days ago
You finished way under 6 minutes
Nelson4207 26 days ago
Oh no... I just unsubbed. I do not tolerate ads... now ur adding em personally??? Im sure you use dollar shave club matt... you dont even look like you grow hair. You need more money and gotta screw viewers???... foreal? Gotta get around the ad blocker huh? Megatoad you let me down bud... Goodbye forever :'(
bring back minecraft
a sandwich as tall as me
TheOutlander82 27 days ago
only fast food i'm going to.
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 28 days ago
When I go into subway they ask me for a foot long
WWK Wicked Weasl Killer
why are there cutts...
MissVictoriasys 28 days ago
you could be a nurse, we dont always get breaks and have to eat standing up. you could eat your whole meal by the time someone called you again
Matz Month ago
Doctor: Matt how much calories do you consume everyday Matt: yes
makemoneyrelax Month ago
twink is gonna go do his bulimia thing now
makemoneyrelax Month ago
Sean Ferguson
Sean Ferguson Month ago
So if cost 25 bucks
Jamie Coffey
Jamie Coffey Month ago
i work at a subway and a lot of people come in an order this stuff and try to do this in the restaurant, the usually do the clubs, the veggie, the cold cut combo double meat, spicy italian double meat, subway melt, and the chicken bacon ranch double meat, all with all the veggies except jalapeños. and watching it happen in person is gross man, and we have to clean it and the bathrooms they deystroy. so many of them come in eat their food in like 7 minutes and then puke for about 20 and we're stuck cleaning it, all of this is to say, thank you for doing this in your own home.
Justin Zhao
Justin Zhao 12 days ago
Katerina Mitika very very dumb
Kabob L-Brewster
Kabob L-Brewster 15 days ago
Sure. This is 100% made up.
Jacob Bailey
Jacob Bailey 24 days ago
Shit that must be annoying
Katerina Mitika
Katerina Mitika 25 days ago
@Jamie Coffey I don't want to imagine it! Jesus Christ, how dumb humans can possibly be?!
Jamie Coffey
Jamie Coffey 25 days ago
Katerina Mitika very.
111111 1111111
111111 1111111 Month ago
Why would you ever take something else than teriyaki chicken or beef
Hyper Gaming
Hyper Gaming 29 days ago
111111 1111111 teriyaki chicken and beef at subway are absolute garbage
111111 1111111
111111 1111111 Month ago
1 foot long isn’t enough 2 foot long is too much 5 foot long is perfect
EpicImports Month ago
As a 250 pound 6ft2 guy that can eat 3 subway sandwiches at most and feel like complete shit, you are a fucking gluttonous pig.
Lasse Krag
Lasse Krag Month ago
Could do that in half an hour
calion 9
calion 9 Month ago
The crazy thing is you don't take big bites, but you stay in attack mode like a savage. I can finish half of a footlong in 6-7 bites, and I bet I could eat a footlong in well under a minute. 5 in less than 5 minutes though? Probably not
Jordan Turner
Jordan Turner Month ago
moral of the story: don't fuck with the stonie. especially when it's food.
Twurz y
Twurz y Month ago
Yo, his farts are going to smell terrible.
sAnJ sHoW TiMe
sAnJ sHoW TiMe Month ago
If u would have eaten sixth u would have matched my Height...
sAnJ sHoW TiMe
sAnJ sHoW TiMe Month ago
He has 2 livers and 4 kidneys I Bet...
Niftiyev Çingiz
Şüphesiz en beğendiği bizim Sandivinç olmuştur.
Legend Moth
Legend Moth Month ago
Matt’s girlfriend: “come on we only have 5 minutes” Matt:...
saziye ryan
saziye ryan Month ago
Glock Nyneteen
Glock Nyneteen Month ago
Girl does 10 subway footlongs m.ruvid.net/video/video-kDjXhPez7co.html
sadie johnson
sadie johnson Month ago
😮 wow!!!
pash azahah
pash azahah Month ago
He will regret it when he gets old
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