5 Strange Candies You Didn't Know Existed

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Hello! He's Chet Huskins and he's here to show you the Giant Gummy Shark!
It was fun having Eric stop by to do a new gummy video. Let us know if you think we should bring him back for more GBA!
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Comments 80
Big Guy Videos
Big Guy Videos 3 hours ago
I love the game boy advance videos
RRG STUDIOS 3 hours ago
S2 신칸센 JR
S2 신칸센 JR 6 hours ago
Meme_Review Day ago
I'm really confused about this. Can you really buy a 16-foot gummy shark?
the bill nye of gummy
Elway Fairchild
Make a tiny gummy bears
Elway Fairchild
Gummy steak and gummy lego
Jangle 101
Jangle 101 Day ago
i am noxious
Mr. Eraser
Mr. Eraser Day ago
A.K.A, 5 GBA episodes
lolololo l
lolololo l Day ago
Dani Smith
Dani Smith 2 days ago
Pause it at this exact moment 2:00
Logan Reed
Logan Reed 2 days ago
Unicorn Toaster
Unicorn Toaster 2 days ago
“See you in hell candy boy”just became my new modo
Alliana Martinez
Alliana Martinez 3 days ago
Can u make gummy kit
Radiant 64
Radiant 64 3 days ago
7:55 *law and order*
Sygnus_ 3 days ago
Man, I sure do love the Lost and Jurassic Park references throughout this one.
Lora Mullins
Lora Mullins 3 days ago
Why no one talking about the tapes in tapes in tapes in tapes
Adam Hamdan
Adam Hamdan 4 days ago
He protecc He attacc But most inmortantly Eric come back
Mudkipz 4 days ago
I'm pretty sure he works for the SCP foundation
Deathlord 1192
Deathlord 1192 4 days ago
Somebody needs to make a horror game about this
Jay 4 days ago
Did he sneak a naughty word into the clip?
Владимир Шеремета
Я люблю Когда Эрик и его товарищ говорят по-русски (I love when Eric and his friend speaks Russian)
Big_potato_135 Lauri
Eric within an eric
Tyler Rubis
Tyler Rubis 5 days ago
He protec He attac but most importantly He snap gummy bunny's bacc
Tyler Rubis
Tyler Rubis 5 days ago
Did anyone else notice how Eric switched from saying GBA to GWA to GBI during the gummy shark video?
Carmenza De Lara Candelario
This is sooooooo creepy
warrior cast
warrior cast 5 days ago
I'm definitely gonna slap someone with that giant gummy shark.
first one
first one 6 days ago
I was eating a gummy shark while watching
first one
first one 6 days ago
I was eating a gummy shark while watching
YourDunkleSans AndTheBestBro
a video in a video in a video *video ception*
Talia ZehaviStarr
I love how messed up this video is.
octavi700 6 days ago
Mochi-Chan Gacha
Mochi-Chan Gacha 7 days ago
At 11:48 the lady goes still but her daughter’s hand still moves.
EthanTV 7 days ago
Me:clicks on video two seconds later gba pops up My brain:no fuck no
Los Danke
Los Danke 7 days ago
Yamada Chieko
Yamada Chieko 7 days ago
Linduh Phan
Linduh Phan 8 days ago
when you killed the little gummy shark it was to realistic which actually was sad
Clockworkz 9 days ago
This is some SCP vibes
ricardo lao
ricardo lao 9 days ago
I fell bad for the baby shark can you not kill it i cried literly i cry stop it
AURORA FULTZ 9 days ago
Why he speak Russian
PapyPapy [FrameWar]
Milo is a beast XD
Satang18 Watwilai
When will you make a gummy human?
EgoesBOOM 9 days ago
0:25 a mark
Bryan Alvarez
Bryan Alvarez 9 days ago
Me:this is so deep *my hands shake as I type this* The entire gummy company:how about you work here Me:no way
Grattan Edward
Grattan Edward 10 days ago
7:55 Bunny: screams Eric: mmmmm
THE BOSS 10 days ago
Free harpoons!
Feroze Khan
Feroze Khan 10 days ago
Did I just watch Tape-ception
papyrus swapfell
papyrus swapfell 10 days ago
Is it me or is this a little more darker than normal :;(∩´﹏`∩);:
zengamer665 allum
zengamer665 allum 10 days ago
Samuel Galioto
Samuel Galioto 11 days ago
I always love gummies from Gummy Bear America Corp, Inc
Tugay Atas
Tugay Atas 11 days ago
Javo Moto
Javo Moto 11 days ago
Wendy Whitaker
Wendy Whitaker 11 days ago
Eric the science the guy
Gojira 12 days ago
This is like some lost footage found in a isolated dead guys house
Junko Enoshima
Junko Enoshima 12 days ago
What is the main cause if obesity? Vat19.
Turbo Fighter
Turbo Fighter 12 days ago
Now this is what i call quality advertisement
Yarrow Lane
Yarrow Lane 12 days ago
Kill it! : * Guy slings self into water with no protection to kill this supposed apex preditor * : badassery : *100*
porg 13 days ago
I wish that they could make a 8 foot verison
Colonial Mustard
Colonial Mustard 13 days ago
Colonial Mustard
Colonial Mustard 13 days ago
This is vat19
Nathan Guzman
Nathan Guzman 14 days ago
2:54 simming in the back then blood nice Easter egg
Ujitora Konomi
Ujitora Konomi 14 days ago
this video can go to hell
Seraphim Silin
Seraphim Silin 14 days ago
Bambikiller445 14 days ago
I'm so confused
Qube The Box
Qube The Box 14 days ago
*5 Strange Candies You Don’t Want to Cross*
Ohiya smith
Ohiya smith 14 days ago
Classics never change... also like how every time there is a video about gummy things there is a disturbing thing in it
Fabian Wirth
Fabian Wirth 14 days ago
15:27 Knife skills 100
Bob Marley
Bob Marley 15 days ago
Sponsered by Nike
Sponsered by Nike 15 days ago
Everybody talking bout how Eric came back. That’s good and all, but that shark actually looks delicious and I want to bite it.
Alice Yu
Alice Yu 15 days ago
I've never seen anything more bizarre and more hilarious than this. This is kinda creepy too, but in its own Vat19 way. But, what do u expect, it's Vat19. -_- I love this. I hope Eric comes back too.
Billy Richerd
Billy Richerd 16 days ago
12:42 who saw the shell already broken
Julie G
Julie G 16 days ago
Julie G
Julie G 16 days ago
Also I need a reply please :'( ;'(
Julie G
Julie G 16 days ago
The Carter
The Carter 16 days ago
A tape with another man putting a tape with another man putting a tape with another man putting a tape with another man putting a tape with another man putting a tape with another man putting a tape with another man putting a tape with another man putting a tape with another man putting a tape with another man putting a tape with another man putting a tape with another man putting a tape with another man putting a tape with another man putting a tape with another man putting a tape with another man putting a tape with another man putting a tape with another man putting a tape with another man putting a tape okay you get it
Dead Ender
Dead Ender 17 days ago
So basically................. I don't know what the fart just happened
TheBlacks1out 17 days ago
*Peta Wants to know your Location
Gunnar Vestlund
Gunnar Vestlund 17 days ago
I don’t have enough money to buy your giant gummy products and even if we buy anything it’ll probably be sent some where else because I live in Sweden and our post office’s are terrible
Raging Torchic
Raging Torchic 18 days ago
What old fans think: lol What new people that just watched this as a first video: oh my gawd this is cringe this sucks. It's not its just funny XD
Salted 18 days ago
They should make that hat some purchase able merch
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