5-Second Summaries with Andy Samberg

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Jimmy and Andy Samberg get a few seconds to summarize movie plots to get each other to guess the title.
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5-Second Summaries with Andy Samberg


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Sep 24, 2014




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Comments 80
Agustin Quindimil
Jake looks just like andy samberg wtf
Never Mind
Never Mind Day ago
No one: Andy Samberg: * fixes his suit *
Ezra Twigg
Ezra Twigg 2 days ago
Hana Song
Hana Song 2 days ago
Max Melvin
Max Melvin 3 days ago
0:39 well I just realize jake never laughs through the whole of b99
Avery Coleman
Avery Coleman 3 days ago
Did anyone notice his socks? XD
Cassie Hancock
Cassie Hancock 4 days ago
I love Andy Samberg!! ❤️❤️
Pinkbubblegum 5 days ago
Andy I abselutely ADORE your sense of style!!!🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦🧦💗
Alexandra Silverman
he said black in the men in black one tho
Yollum Bro’s
Yollum Bro’s 5 days ago
dusx 5 days ago
i hear him saying "title of your sex tape"
DAVID KALECA 5 days ago
Peralta your a genius
Karla PS
Karla PS 5 days ago
Samberg won ALL the Zuckerburgers with the 2nd and 3rd rounds.
Human Hater?
Human Hater? 6 days ago
You realize how many talent black artist jimmy had playing
Mithcoriel 6 days ago
Zuckerberg means "Sugar mountain", so a Zuckerburger would be pretty much a sugar burger.
Kristoffer Lanze
Kristoffer Lanze 6 days ago
There's no better summary of The Expandables than 3:32
luxusmode111 7 days ago
I think Jimmy was great in this. He wasn't overly fake with his reaction. I think they're good pals. People love to shit on him for fun now.
Detroitgamer 121
Detroitgamer 121 7 days ago
Like a boss.
• Lani Timperley •
Cool cool cool cool cool. *-Peralta*
Sebastián Trebuňák
Jody Jones
Jody Jones 9 days ago
Ten Samd burgers 😂🤣😁😆😅r
Jekyl Whispy
Jekyl Whispy 10 days ago
If I were any more on Edge I'd be Bono lol
Chronosverse 10 days ago
4:40 Those three nodding in sync lol xD
Friends & Mobile Legends
These fools didn't know that there would be a pandemic 5 years later. Pathetic
Yogesh Gangurde
Yogesh Gangurde 11 days ago
Why does Jake Peralta look like male version of Tokyo?
Hatice Esma ŞAHİN
Abi aşırı saçma bir şekilde uraz kaygılaroğluna benziyor ya
Louis Bennett
Louis Bennett 11 days ago
Man that expendables impression was right on the money... 😎
Taekookies For The Day
2:27 i see Ted in him (from bill and ted)😂
William Oliver
William Oliver 11 days ago
Is it incredibly obvious and also kind of boring that Jimmy obviously plans out his own answers?!
Kyle Cantinella
Kyle Cantinella 11 days ago
jimmy fallon is cool sometimes, idk why he gets so much hate
ThrillHaus 12 days ago
This was hilarious.
Leslie Kramer
Leslie Kramer 12 days ago
andy and jake are the same person
Chito Dan
Chito Dan 12 days ago
1:01 is exactly PERALTA.
Sharon Tumewa
Sharon Tumewa 13 days ago
Boyle is punching the air
marvin raphael monfort
Jimmy have 5sos play this game but w/ song titles/albums/musicians! Quarantine edition obvi
Emily Haines
Emily Haines 13 days ago
I’m so slow, I’m literally sitting here watching the whole video wondering what show does Andy Samberg play in and the last 25 seconds it hits me oh yeah Brooklyn nine-nine
Neelu Peelu
Neelu Peelu 13 days ago
He's such a babe.
zeliumite 13 days ago
Ok guys but... He reminds of Dr Mike. Doesn't he?
jacob bullon
jacob bullon 13 days ago
They've got a good chemistry
jd 14 days ago
For some reason I thought it said 5 Seconds of Summer with Andy Samberg and I was so confused and excited, too bad it isn't.
Ziraca 14 days ago
Nobody notice that Jimmy used the word "black" in the description of "Men in Black"?
Jaclyn Blumenthal
Jaclyn Blumenthal 14 days ago
He is a douche how he treated that woman in the interview
Sankari Ayana
Sankari Ayana 14 days ago
Oh..god he is a genius...
Victoria rosenbaum
Victoria rosenbaum 14 days ago
Who else was waiting for Die Hard to pop up
Ytbvdshrtnr 15 days ago
Jimmy Fallon used a word that was in the title for Men in Black. He said "black guy white guy aliens"
Gabriella Karyn
Gabriella Karyn 15 days ago
i've just realized that samberg has that chris pratt vibe idk. WHOS AGREE WITH ME??????
Francesca Cappai
Francesca Cappai 15 days ago
Olive Aye
Olive Aye 16 days ago
Cool cool cool cool cool cool...no doubt no doubt no doubt...... No doubt...
Alex Orellana
Alex Orellana 16 days ago
How is Andy Samberg in his 40s but looks like he’s in his 20s
Oliver Hart
Oliver Hart Day ago
HES IN HIS 40s!!???
Yannys bizarre YouTube channel
𝙱𝚎𝚌𝚊𝚞𝚜𝚎 𝚑𝚎 𝚌𝚊𝚗
Jake Peralta
Jake Peralta 5 days ago
@Robbie Babache *Blows kiss* Stay safe citizen. I am too tho! I am my own fangirl!
selen 5 days ago
@Jake Peralta lmao ikr???
Victoria Knight
Victoria Knight 16 days ago
Love this, I needed a laugh😄
Aryan p nair
Aryan p nair 16 days ago
When someone actually funny sits near Falon, you realize he isn't funny.
Luna XX
Luna XX 4 days ago
Pinkbubblegum No, he isn’t.
Pinkbubblegum 5 days ago
Heeey! 😥 Jimmy is hillarious & I bet have learned a heck of a lot from each other during SNL
ALEX DIVE 9 days ago
So basically every single one of his guests LMAO
Tomura Shigaraki
Tomura Shigaraki 12 days ago
AcE OutLaw
AcE OutLaw 16 days ago
Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool
VENKATESH IYER 17 days ago
Charlie pith wears glasses?
Manya Suri
Manya Suri 17 days ago
D. Bayak Fl Remake
D. Bayak Fl Remake 18 days ago
Charlie Puth???
ibu2019 18 days ago
Plot twist: its actually jake, hes undercover pretending to be andy!
MrMattpnk 19 days ago
I don't know Rick
Aadit Pahuja
Aadit Pahuja 19 days ago
Jimmy Fallon ruined 2:21
Poppy Gloria
Poppy Gloria 19 days ago
He looked so hot in the thumbnail 🤤
filomen a
filomen a 20 days ago
He's so hot 🔥
Oscar Rosen
Oscar Rosen 20 days ago
What's Robbie Shapiro doing on fallon
Crissa Nalmika
Crissa Nalmika 20 days ago
Jimmy needs to stop mumbling ASAP
Nelissa Marcos
Nelissa Marcos 20 days ago
Andy Samberg is such a natural
Gangsta With An A
Gangsta With An A 20 days ago
He’s like the new Adam Sandler
Anna Carlson
Anna Carlson 21 day ago
I love a Brooklyn 99 comedy bite.
Majo Oteo
Majo Oteo 21 day ago
Sarangan Selvaratnam
Nice socks. 🧦
Richell Robin
Richell Robin 22 days ago
Don't know where jake ends and andy starts
Gonzalo 23 days ago
Best couple ever! Need this duo to starring a movie!
Ignacio Aguirre Noguez
The prize was a Hansolo Burger
techlover231 23 days ago
it takes more than 3 seconds to read the cue. Even the 5 seconds is too short.
Aparajit sivakumar
Aparajit sivakumar 23 days ago
At 2 : 15 I realised he is the voice behind the guy in hotel Transylvania
Prathamjot Khurana
Prathamjot Khurana 23 days ago
Peralta you are a genius
Daniel Son
Daniel Son 23 days ago
Why does he look like Jake Paralta?
Erik Ziger
Erik Ziger 25 days ago
So did he get the burgers?
Edgar Harvey
Edgar Harvey 25 days ago
Jimmy Fallon really isn’t a good talk show host at all. No talent whatsoever.
George Howe
George Howe 25 days ago
Will there be a season 8 of Brooklyn nine nine
Lady DaVinci
Lady DaVinci 26 days ago
This is one of my favorite moments of the show.
Prarthana Arun
Prarthana Arun 26 days ago
They sound the same , they act the same , they look the same . What sorcery is this?
Ankush Mukhopadhyay
Andy Samberg is the best actor "slash" genius.
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