5 Renewable Energy Gadgets You NEED To See

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Get these Gadgets & Inventions on Amazon: www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-5f55cce3

● Get These Inventions & Gadgets on Amazon: www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-5f55cce3
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Spherical Solar www.rawlemon.com/
Vortex www.vortexbladeless.com/
Pocket Sun goo.gl/dfCyn2
Trinity Portable Wind Turbine www.janulus.com/
Nebia Shower nebia.com/
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20 окт 2015

Rawlemon Spherical Solar Energy GeneratorsolarsphericalVortexbladelessPocket SunTrinity Portable Wind TurbinewindturbineportableNebia Showertop 5top 10alltime10stop5spowerenergyrenewable




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H. Tomasz Grzybowski
H. Tomasz Grzybowski 3 месяца назад
I invented a breakthrough source of energy, based on Classical Electrodynamics and on Circuit Theory. It will be useful e.g. for laptops and for cellular telephones. It will bring multi-billion profits. I am looking for an investor who can make an investment in the range 1000 000 EUR to 40 000 000 EUR - I offer 5% to 40% of the starting company. My email is htg@interia.pl , tel. +48-780-129-544
Vadym Aliyev
Vadym Aliyev 7 месяцев назад
I took excellent guide from Avasva. Just google it.
Lloyd Stovall
Lloyd Stovall 8 месяцев назад
For anyone interested here's a Blog with new green Energy Technologies I hadn't seen before showmeyourproof.blogspot.com
Shanta Hsieh
Shanta Hsieh 9 месяцев назад
Go to Avasva webpage if you'd like to know how to build it. Good solutions for everyone I think
Zach Van Harris JR
Zach Van Harris JR Год назад
Boma Fetching Unique
clutch patato
clutch patato Год назад
Kadin Hernandez
Kadin Hernandez Год назад
Expect lower expenses with your home’s energy consumption in the long run with generating power process “boma fetching unique” (Google it). Its a great spot to begin saving money by making some small adjustments in your home. You could be an individual who wishes to save the environment or a family man wishing to save on bills, this is definitely among the best methods you`ll have.
Leslie Guarino
Leslie Guarino Год назад
Tthere shouldn`t be difficulty in trying to lessen your electric bill. Actually, it’s the easy options we make that could have a largest effect. By using this generating power method “boma fetching unique” (Google it), you can generate your own power and save money on bills.
Mohamed Asik
Mohamed Asik Год назад
it's very very nice
Mohamed Asik
Mohamed Asik Год назад
how to buy this....? plz any contact.... numbers.... send... me... my email id : bmasik@hotmail com
Dreamcatcher_11_ 2 года назад
SlaZy Soc
SlaZy Soc 3 месяца назад
he has horrible accent
Franco Mendez
Franco Mendez 2 года назад
this are interesting gadgets.. its more like we need this in our daily life..
delio rossi
delio rossi 2 года назад
fleamarketmutt 2 года назад
Impurities in water, lime, rust they're not an issue with the atomizing shower?
Raymond Turner
Raymond Turner 2 года назад
*Lower Your Electric Bill Simple proven method that helps you save moneyyyy>>**renewableenergyy.blogspot.ca** >>>*
Ahmad Kayyali
Ahmad Kayyali 2 года назад
what r the 5
abdullah bsoul
abdullah bsoul 2 года назад
+Blue Diamond they are written in the description
abdullah bsoul
abdullah bsoul 2 года назад
+Blue Diamond hello blue diamond, nice to meet u
Omar Abdul Aziz
Omar Abdul Aziz 2 года назад
I don't get what are the 5 Renewable Gadgets are
D4LT0N 2 года назад
heat? pffft just throw it in a fire.
D4LT0N 2 года назад
the first one is obsolete. you can make a cone like shape pointing into the sky and have solar panels placed all around the cone so it gets energy from the sun all day.
Halvdan Nybakk
Halvdan Nybakk 2 года назад
*Lower Your Electric Bill Simple proven method that helps you save moneyyyy>>**renewableenergyy.blogspot.ca** >>>*
texas coot
texas coot 2 года назад
Thats already been proven to be less effective
D4LT0N 2 года назад
+Anonymous Alex i give you permission to patent the idea but i call half of all earnings you get from it
D4LT0N 2 года назад
say an ice cream cone. place a giant one on top of your roof (circle side down) and put bendable solar panels all on it. and idk how to patent im 15
Anonymous Alex
Anonymous Alex 2 года назад
+- DERPNOVA77 - the cone would still need a system to direct it towards the sun all day as the earth rotates, you should patent that idea.
Hulla Dek
Hulla Dek 2 года назад
Hate this ads no numbers just hyping how grate the thing is what they did. But you wont know it unless you have the numbers.
George Shovnadze
George Shovnadze 3 года назад
arbonac 3 года назад
So rawlemon created a smaller heliostat. Great, now what?
arbonac 2 года назад
Heliostat's is an ancient puzzle. I'm glad of the development of this technology. It is almost as important as raising water.
Hulla Dek
Hulla Dek 2 года назад
+arbonac Ye, they only just replaced the mirrors with a big glass ball. I am not sure that will be more economical.
badibalper15 3 года назад
por fin algun invento en español!!! nice video :D
anime adic GM
anime adic GM 3 года назад
see I knew it you post videos at 5 pm every time
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