5 Most Powerful Endings In Black Mirror

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Here is a review of the endings in the Netflix show titled Black Mirror. I choose the five (5) most powerful endings in the show.
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Jan 8, 2019

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Comments 1 371
Rachel Rainey
Rachel Rainey 25 minutes ago
shut up and dance is #1 i barely remember white christmas sorry not sorry
Mrl Day ago
She killed herself because there were tons of those robot dogs coming to kill her
Leo Sax
Leo Sax Day ago
My god does this guy love metalhead
Endings cut to black, because the dark TV is a black mirror.
Michael Tapp
Michael Tapp 2 days ago
Striking vipers is pretty hot
Hybrid Gamer
Hybrid Gamer 2 days ago
I think hated in the nation has the best black mirror ending.
Big S9_Official
Big S9_Official 3 days ago
White Christmas was dark as hell
Kevin Pattain
Kevin Pattain 3 days ago
Good list, my guy.
BrainPilot 3 days ago
Glad you agree!
Ms.Bubs4fun 3 days ago
Maybe it's because I'm introverted, but I didn't think the punishment in White Christmas was that bad. I blur out people every day. lol
Sulthan Amelio
Sulthan Amelio 3 days ago
Hi can you tell me what are the 5 movies in this vid? I want to know the names but i dont want to see the ending because i havent seen it yet
kikalcala 5 days ago
I kinda agree because these are some of my faves, also Nosedive, and of course, San Junipero, that episode might have a "good ending" but come on, it is powerful as well, I couldn't avoid crying the first time I watched it...
Rugz imhim
Rugz imhim 5 days ago
Shut up and dance should be number 1
emily 5 days ago
I think Nosedive's ending is my favorite
emily 5 days ago
@BrainPilot It is!! I just love how lighthearted it is when compared to many other Black Mirror endings, and just how freeing and almost inspirational it is :)
BrainPilot 5 days ago
It is an amazing ending!
Fresh Creepypasta Narrator
Such an amazing show
BrainPilot 5 days ago
Couldn’t agree with you more!
Carson Whaley
Carson Whaley 6 days ago
Yeah, not 15 Million Merits isn’t included on this list is a sin. The glass scene is probably one of the best acted moments of the decade. Not to mention the thought provoking ending. This episode single handedly keeps me from watching any talent shows on TV anymore. It gave me a brand new perspective
mick cv
mick cv 7 days ago
You had these in the exact order I had, except crocodile instead of entire history...but I know you love that one.
BrainPilot 6 days ago
That’s good to hear!
mick cv
mick cv 7 days ago
In metalhead she killed herself because after she finally beat the robot it hit her with trackers and like 4 more were then headed straight for her. She barely escaped 1, so she knew she was toast within an hour. might as well go on her terms
Tom Childs
Tom Childs 7 days ago
I'm so angry I watched this video now shut up and dance is ruined for me 😓
Rossildo17 7 days ago
metalhead is absolute shit never gonna change my mind
drewski west
drewski west 7 days ago
the entire history of you makes me wish there was a way to remove memories. sadly there isn't.
Nick DeFranco
Nick DeFranco 7 days ago
Playtest has the craziest ending ever
Chris Daravalis (Personal account dont follow)
Shut up and dance that episode was incredible
BrainPilot 7 days ago
Definitely one of the best episodes!
Lil Clout
Lil Clout 8 days ago
Is there anyone that can explain the ending of Nosedive to me? I really thought the ending was dumb af and it made me annoyed, but maybe I just didnt "get" it???
Ju5mike90 8 days ago
#5 hang the dj. #4 playtest. #3 black museum. #2 uss callister. #1 shut up and dance.
Valid Aliyev
Valid Aliyev 8 days ago
What about crocodile.I mean it has the most powerful ending.
im just here to laugh
How about crocodile!???
BrainPilot 8 days ago
Didn’t quite cut it!
me 9 days ago
in metalhead she didn't kill herself because she thought it was easier she did it because she realized that the only other option is being killed by this dog thing she had no choice since she was going to die anyway
obese rat
obese rat 9 days ago
Nosedive is the best episode like I can watch that shit on repeat cause it’s so good
Unpopular 9 days ago
White Christmas' ending hit me so hard I only watched it once and never tried again. I literally bawled my eyes out picturing just thinking of their punishment, it also doesn't help that I had a panic attack towards the end. I love this list.
JTByrd386 9 days ago
The ending of White Christmas was, to me, the single most horrific fate I had ever seen followed immediately by the new single most horrific fate I had ever seen.
Astral fox
Astral fox 9 days ago
After seeing the end of White Bear I was just depressed about the episode. The thing that sucks is that with mob mentality, something like that could actually be passed.
Alex Dickmann
Alex Dickmann 9 days ago
Metalhead was cool. Just holding all that make us human. Risking their lives for a teddy bear. Just because it makes them feel real.
Denim Jeans
Denim Jeans 9 days ago
I was really hoping white bear was on here. My favorite episode, and afterwards i sat in silence for MULTIPLE minutes
Lyndsae 10 days ago
I agree with your last 3 choices but I would’ve replaced the other 2 with “Playtest” and “Crocodile.” Both we’re dark and shocking.
BrainPilot 9 days ago
That’s fair enough!
Jesus Salazar
Jesus Salazar 10 days ago
To me, the writers of this show are just pure geniuses.
Hannah Not a Banana
haven't watched this yet but If Shut up and dance isn't number one I'm gunnaa murder someone. also White Bear better be here too and arkangel Update: Its clobbering time
Taylor Mccorry
Taylor Mccorry 10 days ago
I agree with this entire list
BrainPilot 10 days ago
That’s what I like to hear!
Elana Wills
Elana Wills 10 days ago
White Christmas is so overrated it makes me sick tbh
Jane Ross
Jane Ross 10 days ago
Far as powerful endings go, I'll agree with Shut Up and Dance, and I'll add Playtest, Nosedive, USS Callister, & Men Against Fire.
Marsar 10 days ago
Playtest really hit me the hardest, mainly because I relate to the character's personality and have the same situation with him and his mom and even dress the same, Cooper Redfield didn't deserve the ending he got, innocent man
Nana Chunk
Nana Chunk 10 days ago
White christmas is easy just move to another country where the technology don't apply. But shut up and dance, damn that was a twist.
Samuel Cuadrado
Samuel Cuadrado 11 days ago
Metal head sucked, the whole episode is boring and you know exactly how its gonna end very early into the episode
Fuzz cookie
Fuzz cookie 11 days ago
Sam Ostara
Sam Ostara 11 days ago
You just went over the worst black mirror episodes and said they were great
deanne otte
deanne otte 11 days ago
i loved the national anthem a lot personally because it was so grounded in present day reality. and because it forces the viewer to look at themselves. in the end when the prime minster goes through with the horrendous act, people are seen making an event out of it, cheering and so forth. but even though it’s disgusting, they can’t look away. meanwhile the princess has already been released with all ten fingers a half hour early, and her captor already dead. if everyone hadn’t been engrossed in the viewing of the prime minister on live tv, someone would’ve surely noticed the princess and alerted the government at once. it struck a chord with me because it made me realize that if something like that were to happen in our society, we would 100 percent be exactly the same way. it was a super powerful episode, really up there for me personally
Burt C0caine
Burt C0caine 11 days ago
I don’t like the ending of White Christmas cause I felt the punishment for his character was way too harsh. He was a butthole for sure and definitely deserved time for what he did, but isolating him from human beings FOREVER is cruel and unusual. People go mad just being in solitary confinement. But his sentence is worse because everyone else can see him as a red blob so they automatically avoid him. He will be denied food, shelter, and any human interaction until he dies. Not only did he never physically hurt anyone, he also helped the police and most likely could’ve continued to be an asset.
Burt C0caine
Burt C0caine 12 days ago
I don’t understand the hate for Metalhead. I liked the risks it took and it was shot beautifully. I think it’s only real problem for people is it didn’t seem to have a lot of stakes or reasons to root for the character. I think that actually sets it apart from most stories of people being hunted in post apocalyptic settings, but people cannot get behind characters they don’t care about and when your cast is only one person for the vast majority of the run time people want someone interesting to watch and who they care for so their survival means more. And when you strip away color, dialogue, and an ensemble your audience is gonna zero in on what’s left more critically. But I don’t think it made the episode the worst or unwatchable in the slightest. Everything else is up to par as far as film making and acting goes. The writing isn’t necessarily bad either, just lackluster. This episode is better than every episode in season 5 by far. And before that it definitely wasn’t the worst (that goes to the bee episode for me, I felt like I was watching a subpar episode of law and order).
Tanya Nunes
Tanya Nunes 12 days ago
Great list! I wish Netflix didn’t ruin the show the new season was crap in comparison.
audrey M
audrey M 12 days ago
So many other BETTER episodes than shut up and dance
Jordan Leach
Jordan Leach 12 days ago
15 Million Merits would be on my list but most of these are my faves
La Morgana
La Morgana 12 days ago
In the metalhead episode, she had a tracker in her neck, she can't dig it out with a knife obviously, and leaving it means the dogs will hunt her so she had no choice once she saw it was in her neck.
Maxime Bernard
Maxime Bernard 12 days ago
I'm sad that no one talk about National Anthem. Yes the scenario is a little bit creepy, but i found the ending when you see the princess released event before the "event" goes live and you see her alone in the street while everybody is focused on the televisionreally mind blowing. Arkangel is also a very good episode imho
ISWJYxual 12 days ago
Shut up and dance deserves the nr 1 spot. I have yet to meet someone that hasn't been traumatised by the ending.
Johnny Gibbs
Johnny Gibbs 12 days ago
anyone else think shut up and dance is the worst episode?
Barbie 12 days ago
No one i s gonna talk about how nosedive isn’t here?
damn straight
damn straight 12 days ago
I think what was even bleaker than Bella realizing one of the tracking devices had ended up in her neck and getting it out would mean killing herself (which she, of course, did) was learning that the ENTIRE THING, all of the fighting against the 'dogs' who were known killers, all of the trickery and anxiety and everything... was for a teddy bear for her sister's son. For a teddy bear. That showed amazing characterization and made the ending so much more impactful. Anyway, I definitely agree that that was one of the most powerful endings, but I probably would've replaced one of the endings you listed (probably 'The Entire History of You' - wasn't very into it) with 'Nosedive'.
Fiona Johnson
Fiona Johnson 12 days ago
the ending of shut up and dance is one of the greatest uses of music in tv i’ve ever seen. the twist of the episode itself is great but the use of exit music (for a film) by radiohead adds the emotional weight that makes it so unforgettable. i have that song downloaded and i can’t listen to it without hearing “they’re kids, kenny! kids!”
Nico Avetikian
Nico Avetikian 12 days ago
White Christmas’ ending was too much. Hard to think punishments so severe can happen
just fresh
just fresh 13 days ago
Surprised Crocodile wasn’t on here..I mean that was pretty disturbing throughout and heartbreaking
Sala Mander
Sala Mander 13 days ago
Metalhead broke my heart. Bella went through it!
Chris Walker
Chris Walker 13 days ago
I think Smithereens should 100% be in this updated lists #1 if not top 3
owogray 12 days ago
I agree!!
Erikka Juvonen
Erikka Juvonen 13 days ago
Shut up and dance and white bear really fucked with my brain still think about it.. something to watch once and never again because I would question my own sanity if I would it again.. sick and twisted..
AmpleJuice 13 days ago
Some of these episodes left ppl disturbed and the one with the vr horror game gave my siblings nightmares I dont want to start about Striking Vipers However,,, Love this show!
A Z 13 days ago
Unpopular opinion: I hate how bm is giving so much happy endings now
Zayd Kazi
Zayd Kazi 13 days ago
White Bear is super underrated imo. Literally I was SHOOK after the ending of it. I feel like it really showed how messed up is normal human beings can be for entertainment.
Chell 12 days ago
I mean, it's not quite watching a human burned alive or have their entrails pulled out by a winch... I found myself thinking that the punishment in the episode would actually be a good punishment for those who inflict terror on others. You inflict terror on others, you deserve to know what terror is. If they had opted to make her crime less than what it was, then I'd be with everyone else thinking it's too far. But no, she murdered a little girl with her boyfriend for pleasure... ...that deserves hard measures to force perspective. You could argue that wiping her everyday is too much, as she'll never be able to reflect on the terror she caused that little girl - she'll only ever know her own terror. But then, it could be counter argued that justice systems aren't meant just for the perpetrator - we used to watch entrails be pulled out by winches because we used to think it would discourage further incidents (which is moot, but if I keep arguing with myself this post will be even tl:dr than it already it is.)
- 13 days ago
Nosedive should be in the top 3
Izzy X
Izzy X 13 days ago
Did anyone else notice in ‘Shut up and dance’ that the only time Kenny didn’t have his stutter was when he was talking to that little girl?
Jerem 13 days ago
You don't even need to update this video. Thanks to this last shitty season.
Annie Lucy
Annie Lucy 13 days ago
Am I the only one mad that he didn't mention the fact that the bear wasn't released until the ending? Way more powerful than Bella's suicide imo.
TrasH 13 days ago
The mum shouting at kenny through the phone from shut up and dance and the scream of Victoria is it? From white bear when her memory is reset still gives me chills
Help me
Help me 13 days ago
Worst ending, no the worst episode in black mirror is Rachel jack and Ashley too
staponsa1 13 days ago
I did a quick calculation and if the police left the cookie on 1000 years per minute for Christmas Eve night, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, then that means he would have had to listened to 'I wish it could be Christmas' for 3.6 million years. Now that's a sentence!
Bluescu M
Bluescu M 13 days ago
You chose some weird ones my man there are definitely some better ones
FAH 26
FAH 26 13 days ago
Shut up and dance was expectable bcuz seriously no one would be that freaked out about a video of him self doin it on a porn video except if it was a child one i dont know about others but i did expect it /:
Simon Rohrer
Simon Rohrer 13 days ago
season 5 is so shit
abraham s
abraham s 13 days ago
Shut up and dance is the best episode of the whole series
Ella Dungey
Ella Dungey 13 days ago
why's no one talking about san Junipero ?? i mean the ending wasn't a huge punch in the face but it was actually so heartwarming for once. one of the most underrated episodes if you ask me.
Varun Kumar
Varun Kumar 13 days ago
All British episodes of Black mirror are way better than the american ones, Netflix downgraded the show.
Perfect Chemistry
Perfect Chemistry 13 days ago
I honestly don't understand how anybody thought it was a twist ending in Shut Up and Dance. The moment I saw him interact with the child compared to his interactions with the adult I had a feeling he was a paedophile and that suspicion was ramped up to a point of almost certainty considering how far he went. I didn't understand it was supposed to be a "twist ending" until watching videos like these, to me the ending was just outright confirmation of what the audience was supposed to have suspected the whole time. I honestly thought it may have even been a better ending to not come right out and say it, which is how I expected the episode to end, because it would leave that wiggle room for doubt that keeps you from saying I'm one hundred percent certain he's a paedophile and having no empathy for him as you think just maybe he is a regular teenager going this far to keep a masturbation video private as being a teenager and thinking the world would end over something that is embarrassing but ultimately not even that serious is something almost all of us have experienced. I know I'm in the minority here but that is one of the episodes where I thought the ending could have been better. I do see how if you didn't suspect from the start how you see it as a Sixth Sense level twist ending, personally though as someone who did suspect all along, an ambiguous ending would still have me debating to this day whether or not my suspicions were correct like I have done with other episodes and movies pretty much leave it up to each viewer to decide for themselves what really happened.
Summer Salt
Summer Salt 13 days ago
I was expecting 'Playtest' to be on the list. Oh wel...
Boggesh Zahim
Boggesh Zahim 13 days ago
Also a note on Shut Up and Dance, the guy he fights asks him how young they were
BrainPilot 14 days ago
I've made a video ranking EVERY episode of Black Mirror from Season 1 to Season 5! See where your favourite episode is ranked: ruvid.net/video/video-mFIb9DOtxAY.html
Joe Kickass
Joe Kickass 14 days ago
Season 5 was a joke
David Gilani
David Gilani 14 days ago
A great list. For me the cliff scene makes Be Right Back my favourite ending of all episodes so far. The raw emotional power of that visceral scream.
Naomi Byrd
Naomi Byrd 12 days ago
I agree! Be right back is my favorite episode!
jay619 14 days ago
I agree. The top 2 are the best episodes
Dani Levy
Dani Levy 14 days ago
I agree with this list 100% white Christmas is like the deepest episode ever on tv
Guitarfollower22 14 days ago
Imagine having the looks of John Hamm but everyone sees you as just a red silhouette. What a waste of great genetics.
Sam Oslich
Sam Oslich 8 days ago
He ugly af tho
Ace Fool
Ace Fool 14 days ago
Im surprised Hang The DJ wasnt on this list
Lone Rider
Lone Rider 14 days ago
Where the woman cheated on the guy, its not technology ruining lives, it actually saved his. He got a divorce with a woman what no longer loves him being pregnant from another man. I say its a good ending, even though it is sad
Bill Dineen
Bill Dineen 14 days ago
My advice to Corey Booker, please no more American Based Black Mirror. I am an American but nobody does bleak, dystopian future quite like the Brits. All the mind f**kd endings were the Bristish Ones. and this past season my goodness lets just scrap it and pretend it didn't happen.
Matt 14 days ago
I enjoyed White Christmas so much
Yusuf Kasman
Yusuf Kasman 14 days ago
How kenny beat the other big dude without his gun thats dumb
Unknown OP
Unknown OP 14 days ago
More like greatest plot twists
Pascal Y-P
Pascal Y-P 14 days ago
i cant agree more about 4, 2 and 1 but the other two were two of the worse episodes of the show imo.
jerry watson
jerry watson 14 days ago
Just for pure entertainment I thought Nosedive was good. Getting points from everyone you encounter. White Bear, it is depressing to think humans could stoop this low. Damn now I am thinking about binge watching Black Mirror.
Brandon Brothers
Brandon Brothers 14 days ago
For number 4 I wouldn’t say the technology ruined his life A Thot ruined his life. She cheated so if the technology didn’t exist he just never would’ve found out
Hannah Soyers
Hannah Soyers 14 days ago
Hang the DJ left me speechless
Krissy Pizzo
Krissy Pizzo 14 days ago
Totally agree with your list!
BrainPilot 14 days ago
Glad to hear!
Kelsey LM
Kelsey LM 14 days ago
Shut up and dance was the first episode I ever watched. I knew nothing about black mirror, literally had no concept of the show. Fair to say that episode completely ruined me 😫
Chenoa H.
Chenoa H. 15 days ago
You find out a LOT earlier than the end phone call he’s a nasty fucker. It’s black mirror. Question everything. Opening shot is him being friendly to a child, focusing on the child’s interaction rather than the parent. He is then scared when his sister takes the laptop. He becomes increasingly paranoid after the older guy says “they’re only pictures of you doing something everyone does” then finally the guy he has to fight says very clearly “mine were only pics too... how young were they”.
zaczac 15 days ago
playtest deserved to be mentioned. but i agree with the top 3...
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