5 Most Powerful Endings In Black Mirror

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Here is a review of the endings in the Netflix show titled Black Mirror. I choose the five (5) most powerful endings in the show.
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Jan 8, 2019




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Comments 1 469
xander muto
xander muto Day ago
HELLOOOOOOO "men against fire" helloooooo
Bella B
Bella B 15 days ago
I honestly don’t think white Christmas is one of the best... I wasn’t as interested and it was a little confusing whereas white bear and shut up and dance were way better imo.
Manuel Mentlow
Manuel Mentlow 17 days ago
Another personal favorite was White Bear and what I think in reality happened is that the original Victoria's scalene was cute and replaced by a cookie that's why you never hear what happened to her at the white bear Justice Center
Manuel Mentlow
Manuel Mentlow 17 days ago
My personal favorite is heated in America the twist or Soul wow and I think the creator of Black Mirror should do a animated episode
Apocalipsis Mexicano
Stop to talk, fucking clown
Samuela Sam-Orlu
Samuela Sam-Orlu 20 days ago
The twist in White Christmas was amazing
Samuela Sam-Orlu
Samuela Sam-Orlu 20 days ago
Shut up and dance was the scariest for me cause it didn't even have any advanced tech in it. It's something that has already happened
swantons1119 26 days ago
Hang the dj has the happiest ending
Tuany Bignotto
Tuany Bignotto 27 days ago
Shut up dance fucked me up. White Bear fucked me up even more. My two fav episodes. And one that I loved was San Junipero, after all this shit is good to have a wholesome ep.
Heath B
Heath B 28 days ago
Be Right Back is my favorite episode beginning to end. The ending kills me!
BrainPilot 27 days ago
It's so powerful!
TJM the Great
TJM the Great 29 days ago
15 million merits is my favorite
BrainPilot 29 days ago
It is a very good episode!
ReiLiv Month ago
White Bear The National Anthem Hated in the Nation (but if they cut it after everyone died) Shut up and Dance White Christmas Those are my top picks for endings that left me thinking/in a daze, or for the national anthem, utterly repulsed.
BrittBratt18 Month ago
Wasn't feeling the black and white in metalhead so I didn't watch it
AkiSpark Month ago
Kenny didn't deserve what he went through. Don't act like you're a saint. People who antagonize him for jacking off to kids, are probably the same who laugh their asses off to 4Chan rekt threads. He didn't directly harm anyone, up until he was being blackmailed. He deserves therapy, nothing more.
The Army Of Defaults
Shut up and Dance is the most powerful ending for me
The gal on fire
The gal on fire Month ago
I liked black museum, nosedive, 15 million merits, Rachel jack and Ashley too, shut up and dance.
julia lardner
julia lardner Month ago
hated in the nation and black museum were robbed
Ya Girl
Ya Girl Month ago
I hope White Bear is on the list
Thot Patrol
Thot Patrol Month ago
Metalhead reminds me of the movie Rubber. It's my least favorite episode by far... It's not bad, i just didn't like it and found it anticlimactic and predictable.
Seraphina91 Month ago
I really hated Metalhed but I loved Shut up and dance!!
j i m h
j i m h Month ago
White Christmas is one of my favorite episodes
_sofiekay_ Month ago
After I saw Shut Up and Dance for the first time I was in shock. I loved the brilliance of the episode, that twist ending had me rethink everything normal I’d seen Kenny do. It felt like I watched someone I knew, who I thought was completely innocent, commit a terrible crime. By far my favorite episode, it was super impactful
Jen Wright
Jen Wright Month ago
How did USS Callister & Black Museum not get a spot on here ...
Spencer Cowan
Spencer Cowan Month ago
Shut Up and Dance was such a total bitch slap of a plot twist and I LOVED IT. It made me consider how it makes total sense that he was a pedophile from the very beginning, especially after also watching the video explaining the episode. Not to mention the whole closing sequence of the episode with Exit Music by Radiohead repeating the refrain of "Now we are one with everlasting peace" *MWAH* Masterfully done!
King Chameleon
King Chameleon Month ago
Liam dies you know
King Chameleon
King Chameleon Month ago
I think he meant the most fucked episode
The Concern
The Concern Month ago
Playtest was deep
Jazzy 3120
Jazzy 3120 Month ago
I think Shut up And Dance, White Bear and PlayTest are definitely my favorite episodes. They all had insane plot twists I actually for once was not expecting. Truly has you question your morality too its crazy.
Fabricated Phoenix
She didn’t kill herself in metal head because it was easier than fighting the world and surviving. The shrapnel pierced an artery in her throat. If she removed if she was going to bleed out regardless. So she went for a quick way instead
emma price
emma price Month ago
black mirror is in my opinion the most clever series i have ever seen, the impact that it has is shocking.
darkelaa x
darkelaa x Month ago
Where is hated in the nation?
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Month ago
what abt the one with the chic that looked like megan rapinoe
_ChummyVal _
_ChummyVal _ Month ago
I would have put Hated in the nation, 15 million merits, and black museum in my top 5.
dominator games
dominator games Month ago
I think it was "shut up and dance" for me. Mainly for the fact that I actually felt bad for a pedophile. I felt something for a pedophile and I felt so sick about it afterwards.
Erin Clarke
Erin Clarke Month ago
I could be in the minority based on some comments but I don't think 15 million merits had a good ending. Great story but the ending meh. We see people everyday give up their morals for a better life. Maybe I'm missing something I just don't find it new or shocking that someone gave up on their cause/morals to be more comfortable. I know it wasn't mentioned, just reading comments and of course had to have my say lol Shut up and dance is one of my favourites, I had an idea it was children but his mother at the end over the phone. Kids Kenny.
Janinne Deniega
Janinne Deniega Month ago
Ahegao Akunie
Ahegao Akunie Month ago
The white chrismas episode is actually the scariest one to me. The second is when they tortured that killer and then you realize she’s a amusement park.
Baraka Williamson
Baraka Williamson 2 months ago
Fifteen Million Merits was fucking genius.
Cherrykuroi 2 months ago
The fact that the box was filled with teddy bears ;(
ssteggy _
ssteggy _ 2 months ago
the entire history of you was so interesting. my favorite episode, however, is national anthem
BrainPilot 2 months ago
Interesting choice! However, The National Anthem does provide something extremely original.
kittycandyfluff pup
kittycandyfluff pup 2 months ago
I though the ending of uss calister was good
Professor TayTay
Professor TayTay 2 months ago
After watching Shut Up and Dance for the first time late at night I literally could not sleep
Karen Eastman
Karen Eastman 2 months ago
Why did they erase her memory of what she filmed? It would make a bit more sense if she remembered everything she did.I love White Christmas,Poor guy.:-(
anxietyasaperson 2 months ago
I think that Men Against Fire was one of the most memorable episodes for me. The way that the refugees (?) were portrayed as literal monsters to the soldiers is pretty much the way our society tells us to view people that are different from us, especially war refugees. When it was revealed that the monsters were people, it really shook me. It just made me think about how the media makes us think about certain groups of people.
Maksymilian Tym
Maksymilian Tym 2 months ago
Shut up and dance reminds me of the unfriended:deepweb horror in some way.
Jelle Jacobs
Jelle Jacobs 2 months ago
3:22 "technology can ruin lives" well bud it wasn't necessarily the technology, rather the fact his wife cheated on him. It didn't turn him paranoid as we expected him to be, rather it showed us all he was right to question his wife.
Jillian Who
Jillian Who 2 months ago
I feel like playtest is another really messed up ending (maybe not the most but still). That episode really effected me and I cried a lot.
Adam Bassett
Adam Bassett 2 months ago
Hell yes!! Finally a iist without San juniper....the worst episode
Paulpro Gaming
Paulpro Gaming 2 months ago
I think hated in the nation deserved the number one spot
Assistant to the regional manager
I like the fact about Shut up and Dance episode where instead of the people who are behind the tasks that are set, instead of just getting him in jail for child pornography, they also got him done for armed robbery and murder. Love it.
Area 51 Liberation
Area 51 Liberation 2 months ago
I suspected they were in a simulation because the guy mentioned that he didnt see the clock for the past "5 years"
Enrg7 2 months ago
I think playtest shouldve been on there
Aryan Agarwala
Aryan Agarwala 2 months ago
Hang the DJ, Black Museum
Licrt Sdow
Licrt Sdow 2 months ago
Alright, so my list is: 5. Crocodile 4. Smithereens 3. The entire history of You 2. White Bear 1. Shut up and Dance
Chase Albaugh
Chase Albaugh 2 months ago
what about nosedive
yessicreepy 2 months ago
Be right back had me shocked, and feeling extremely sad over the main character's inability to move on.
BrainPilot 2 months ago
It’s a hard watch!
Michael 2 months ago
Definitely not Metalhead or White Bear. I'd replace those two with Black Museum and Nosedive. San Junipero deserves some consideration.
Toufik Elhossami
Toufik Elhossami 2 months ago
Nosedive should have been in there. While the ending isn't as shocking or dark as some others,it is the most powerful ones because the statement it makes on society is more truthful than any other in the series.
anthonyboy 2 months ago
Honestly, fuck Metal Head
Zika Qoudauex
Zika Qoudauex 2 months ago
this man just said that white christmas was MORE powerful than shut up and dance
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