5 KG. MONSTER SANDWICH - Brazilian Food Tour in Curitiba, Brazil!

Mark Wiens
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CURITIBA, BRAZIL - Curitiba is located in the Paraná state of southern Brazil. It’s a pleasant city, and they known especially for meat. In this video we go on a Brazilian food tour of Curitiba, explore some of the iconic meat dishes of the city, and eat a 5 kilo family sandwich! #Brazil #BrazilianFood #hugefood
Mercearia Fantinato - Carne de onça (Jaguar meat), known as jaguar meat, yet of course not jaguar at all, this steak tartare (raw minced beef) got its name because of the raw meat breath you’ll have after you eat it. It’s mixed table-side, and it’s delicious.
Price - 53.99 BRL ($13.54)
Costelão do Gaúcho - One of the things that Curitiba is known for, and all of southern Brazil, is meat - and especially the beef ribs are among the prized cut. Costelão do Gaúcho is an amazing restaurant that specializes in beef ribs. The owner is a master, treating each rack of ribs with respect and roasting and smoking them with precision. I loved his table saw method of cutting the ribs. The ribs were outstanding, as was the entire meal with all the side salads and dishes.
4 Beans Coffee Co. - We stopped in for a quick coffee, but that turned into a coffee roasting session, which was fantastic.
Lanchonete da Lombada - Here we go, the mega 5 kg. Lombada sandwich. Lombada means speedbump in Portuguese, because it was formerly a street food stall right in front of the speedbump. It was just insane, huge bun, layers of meat, hot dogs, massive quantities of squeeze cheese. It’s not a food challenge, but a very popular local family meal in Curitiba, Brazil. Total price - 50 BRL ($12.45)
Tio Dog (Uncle Dog) - Probably one of the most iconic of all the Brazilian fast food in Curitiba is TIo Dog, specialising in a number of different sandwiches and hot dogs. We got The Philadelphia, a bun filled with hot dogs, a variety of unknown sauces, and little crunchy chip fries. It’s one of those late night impulse foods - not something I’d eat on a daily basis.
Curitiba was fun, and it was a Brazilian food tour of meat!
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May 26, 2019




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Comments 2 652
Planet Earth
Planet Earth 23 hours ago
I ain’t never seened no moore gooder san wich then this one hear!! An I nowed it must be reely yumie two!!!
R Griffin
R Griffin Day ago
It has to do with kibe. It's raw kibe, Porque e como um quibe.
Aloise Mason
Aloise Mason Day ago
Swallow that dog down Mark..dont tarry.. goodnight
Aloise Mason
Aloise Mason Day ago
Down the hatch Mark! What da ya say..so good..gracias..
Hugo Braga
Hugo Braga Day ago
he is super nice and i love that he loves my country but i cant help but HATE his "wow" that he gives about every 2 seconds
Gorilla Chilla
Gorilla Chilla 2 days ago
god bless brazil my fav football team; love from uk and Bangladesh
rimsha Randhawa
rimsha Randhawa 6 days ago
Hey mark ur t.shirt are so expensive in Pakistan...its 4382pkr here...do smthing plzz big fan of urs...and realy want that shirt
elby blue
elby blue 10 days ago
those videos are absolutely stunning
Download Fast
Download Fast 13 days ago
O cara comeu uma cebola e 3 pimentas inteira e faz uma cara de que delicia ! Kkkkkkk ta Loko
wilfrid fred
wilfrid fred 14 days ago
THAT 5 kg big sandwich Will .be good with friends watching footballbgame
wilfrid fred
wilfrid fred 14 days ago
In France we got that FIRST rough meat,we call it Steak tartare
Annycardoso Freitas
Apaixonada por ele💓😍
Norm Santos
Norm Santos 22 days ago
so, what's with the hair nets when the people actually making the meals wear baseball caps?
Edgar Bowser
Edgar Bowser 23 days ago
I'll pass on the raw ( Jaguar meat ) dish.
Albert Hideki
Albert Hideki 24 days ago
POW BRASIL TEM PASTEL COM CALDO DE CANA, SALGADOS ETC... OS CaRAS LEVA ELE PRA COMER SALSICHA pqp, Por ai fora vão dizer que somos comedor de SALSICHA q vergonha. Brasil tem muito mais do que SALSICHA...
gzb4l4 26 days ago
cool content brow.. welcome to Brazil.. keep visiting us u r all very welcome!
Ester Fradico
Ester Fradico 27 days ago
Adoro o jeito q ele mostra o Brazil ♥️🥰👏👏👏
Ester Fradico
Ester Fradico 27 days ago
Eu toda empolgada ahhh ele vai comer um cachorro quente tradicional cara do Brasil kkkk aí eles n fazem o cachorro quente com o molho de tomate 😂👍
Vikie Somie
Vikie Somie 27 days ago
Where is michael?
Bobby Ponniah
Bobby Ponniah 28 days ago
Great, love your tour, wish I can join you one day
Guilherme Teixeira
O troxa do lado dele só querendo saber de tirar foto.... Cara besta
Joshua BARTON Month ago
4.7million SUBS!Enough SAID!Well DONE!
Asma Mehar
Asma Mehar Month ago
Meat awesome I need
pelo Month ago
Que pesado inclinándote cada vez que pruebas algo colega...
Jay Hesse
Jay Hesse Month ago
i love the videos but the kid noise is so distracting !
Shiree Miller
Shiree Miller Month ago
How does that man mark stay so thin with all he eats?
Repo Fuh
Repo Fuh Month ago
My beautiful City !! And in my neighborhood !!! I really, really want to know you someday !!!! Please, come back soon to Curitiba !!!!!
Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo Month ago
I’m living my life viciously though Mark Wiens! Love you bro.
Matteo Artuso
Matteo Artuso Month ago
Ma che schifezza è !?
Esequias Month ago
O mais interessante é quando ele fecha os olhos após provar kkkkk
lilson rodrigues
Ele com certeza deve ter o metabolismo bem rápido né...
Ramzi Aaron
Ramzi Aaron Month ago
great to watch to make you never want to eat again.
kelsey joseph
kelsey joseph Month ago
I need to visit Brazil the next time I go to Argentina.
Hemi *
Hemi * Month ago
I'm addicted to Mark's videos.
biglee26lv Month ago
Looks awesome
Food channel 👇👇👇 ruvid.net/video/video-jhkaRGOHIqg.html
jay gonzalez
jay gonzalez Month ago
What I like about Mark is that he ain't scared of getting dirty eating that's a big props
jay gonzalez
jay gonzalez Month ago
Never went to Brazil but I know they have beautiful beaches, places ,girls and now I know there's some good food to ,respect Mark Wiens to make look good a lot of country we waiting here in Canada for you to taste the " poutine"
Anderson Rodrix
Anderson Rodrix Month ago
Deu muita vontade de comer aquele cachorro quente 🤤
Neusa Rodrigues
Neusa Rodrigues Month ago
Chega a rir sozinho.tambem lá fora não tem comida é só hambúrguer e batata frita.No Brasil tem variedade
Bilal Abdullah
Bilal Abdullah Month ago
Is thr any dish that is nt to mark's taste.. This guy praises every dish
RGX Month ago
he adds peppers to literally every dish
Hugo Ribeiro
Hugo Ribeiro Month ago
Mark, parabéns pelo vídeo. Sou de São Paulo, já fui a Curitiba porém não conhecia este bar. Enriquecedor.... Curto suas matérias. Viajo contigo.... abs
Postres para Todos
Is the meat at the beginning raw?
Wendy Campbell
Wendy Campbell Month ago
Lorena Almeida
Lorena Almeida Month ago
Conhaque it not oil!!! it is alcohol beverage.
christian esteban
Uronda Carter
Uronda Carter Month ago
Micah is getting so big! 🤩😲
Ulises Jimenez
Ulises Jimenez Month ago
16:52 video starts :p
Thailand ไทยแลนด์
Hello I liked videos you very good👌🌹🌸🌸🌸🌳🙏👍😍😍😍😍🏡
Ariel Felipe
Ariel Felipe Month ago
Daqui a pouco aparece a galera de Curitiba pra falar sobre o frio
davi douglas
davi douglas Month ago
Felipe Blansky
Felipe Blansky Month ago
Caralho eu já fui no fantinato
Nicolas Eckert
Nicolas Eckert 2 months ago
Go for Porto Alegre.
Glaice Lobato
Glaice Lobato 2 months ago
Your videos are all amazing, but they make me a little bit worried about your health 😅 street/popular foods in Brazil always have a looot of carbohydrates, fat, salt and sugar.
Sivakumari Ananth
Sivakumari Ananth 2 months ago
Your expression sucks
John Trujillo
John Trujillo 2 months ago
Like beef pate
John Trujillo
John Trujillo 2 months ago
@mark wiens... Do you pay for these travels or do you work with sponsors...
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