5 Foods You're Eating Wrong

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5 foods you're eating wrong.
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5 Foods You're Eating Wrong


Published on


Mar 16, 2019




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Comments 20 603
REACT 9 months ago
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TheSeed Month ago
REACT thank you for saving the seaturtles -TheSeed
Saud Alzanki
Saud Alzanki 4 months ago
Saud Alzanki
Saud Alzanki 4 months ago
Thanorilla FlexZ
Thanorilla FlexZ 5 months ago
1:37 sticky from what
turts 8 hours ago
the strawberry one was so useless smh u can just take the thing off? using the straw would only take the middle part so it's like a waste wow so dumb
TheJoeytsao Day ago
1. The pineapple they were given is not ripe like the one in the video 2. Supposed to use wide straws (like the ones you use for bubble tea) for the strawberry. They were given normal straws
MCB mr.pugBot
4:44 you're telling me people don't eat it this way
T Hawk
T Hawk Day ago
The food in the videos they saw were payed actors
Amanda Haynes
Amanda Haynes 2 days ago
ok apparently i was eating wings right before everyone else was eating them right. i dont leave anything on the bone. not even the cartilage
Makayla and henry
I've never had a toblerone bar thing before..
turts 8 hours ago
@Guillermo Hernandez WHAT
turts 8 hours ago
Makayla and henry WHAT
Guillermo Hernandez
Makayla and henry I’m having my first one now
Makayla and henry
*scrolls down to comment "just get boneless wings" hears Brandon's comment stops mid scroll down and scrolls back up*
Mark Ines
Mark Ines 6 days ago
Is it just me but I like to freeze my toblerone or any type of chocolate
TrexTheDino 800
TrexTheDino 800 9 days ago
8:38 that lines wrong
The Muse Next Door
The Muse Next Door 13 days ago
I have a feeling that the pineapple trick would work really well with a perfectly ripe pineapple. Pineapples ripen weirdly if farmers pick them early enough to ship, though, so it's really hard to find a perfect pineapple unless you live somewhere near a pineapple farm.
Sarah Venable
Sarah Venable 14 days ago
"Save yourself the trouble and get a boneless wing!" LOL!
Eric Grabowski
Eric Grabowski 14 days ago
What the hell is tolbroone or what ever the hell that was
K4k Lildaedae
K4k Lildaedae 6 days ago
Eric Grabowski onh
mayatollhouse 7 days ago
So gooood ugh
kakarot goku
kakarot goku 8 days ago
u poor child @Rayo im with him
Kayla Hope Ruzic
Kayla Hope Ruzic 11 days ago
its a delicious chocolate with nougat, honey and almonds.
NEHAR SHEIKH 15 days ago
Chicken to bone ratio???? Seriously its like femur to thigh meat ratio..... No femur to human ratio
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 15 days ago
Shadowfax Dog
Shadowfax Dog 15 days ago
Half the time I just eat the strawberry whole the leaves are edible they just don’t taste as good but you don’t really notice over the rest of the strawberry so it’s easier than removing the tops and throwing the leaves away when you can just digest the leaves
Metal Videos
Metal Videos 10 days ago
How is it hard. You can literally pull the leaves of and eat it
MyNameSquid 15 days ago
5:43 Finally someone who understands.
Nicole Drury
Nicole Drury 15 days ago
The strange woman’s way Way better!!!
Sophia Kudzi Dirorimwe
Is it me only but those strwberries where huuuuuuuuge
Hairysteed 16 days ago
The Toblerone is supposed to be in its wrapping, otherwise it's going to break in the middle
IM ICEY 17 days ago
I like how Brandon does most of the ways so smoothly while everyone else is struggling or confused... its really funny
Cody Weathers
Cody Weathers 17 days ago
Who cares how you eat in one you eat the right way
jessamine davis
jessamine davis 17 days ago
I am going try the chicken wing and cupcake ones now. The toblerone one, I kinda figured that one out on my own
Eleanor Norman
Eleanor Norman 17 days ago
in my culture we just eat the bone
MyNameSquid 15 days ago
Is that healthy?
Rmrz Daisy
Rmrz Daisy 18 days ago
For the cupcake hack you dont need a knife
Nicole Drury
Nicole Drury 15 days ago
Roscoe Hornby
Roscoe Hornby 19 days ago
I just realised I have never ate a Toblerone... Is that wierd, I am not allergic
Crimson 3 days ago
Ritsu Kageyama
Ritsu Kageyama 15 days ago
OMG me too
Luke RB
Luke RB 19 days ago
Did he just say at 7:33 there is no pit, of course there is not a pit its a STRAWBERRY
Andrews KARMA
Andrews KARMA 19 days ago
Gotta use them metal straws though
Comixareus 19 days ago
“This is perfect ur getting more cake than frosting”. But u just cut the bottom in half
Ian Taylor
Ian Taylor 20 days ago
People have been eating cupcakes like that since I was 5. They just ripped it apart instead of using a knife
Lydia Claire
Lydia Claire 20 days ago
I never DONT eat a cupcake like this. I saw it once when I was like 8 and never went back. Frosting in every bite. And you don’t need a knife to cut it off, you can usually just twist it off.
Nathan Isaac
Nathan Isaac 20 days ago
5:01 “But who’s gonna do that at a party?” I am, and have.
Sam A
Sam A 20 days ago
I ate that chocolate while I was watching the video
No Newfriends
No Newfriends 21 day ago
For the wings you just pop the middle and rip all the meat off the bone, with your teeth, side to side.
2K MASTER 21 day ago
There’s no wrong way of eating food 🥘
Chunky Gravy
Chunky Gravy 21 day ago
Notice how the chicken wing guy is black 🤔
Tungasu Gaming
Tungasu Gaming 21 day ago
There’s no such thing called “eating something wrong” you can eat anything the way you want, it’s just like Oreos, people eat it how they want, don’t they?
200 Subs with no video yes I’m begging for subs
No one: Brandon: Messy free my *BUTT*
DR DEADLYRYTHM 22 days ago
That pineapple is green it ain't gonna work
Herlinda Lopez
Herlinda Lopez 22 days ago
1:49 is funny i think
Veloco 22 days ago
Herlinda Lopez *I think* ?
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