5 Everyday Objects You're Using Wrong

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5 Everyday Objects You're Using Wrong


Published on


May 15, 2019

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Comments 2 285
REACT Month ago
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Zelda Playz
Zelda Playz Month ago
Try this! People reacts to gacha life videos! 😏😀😂👌🏻👍🏻
Jennifer Zellmar
I've done all of those for years. Especially the soda. XD I was doing that as a kid so that way my friends knew which soda was mine. XD Like bruh.
Truly Greg
Truly Greg Month ago
Mariah Marie
Mariah Marie Month ago
That’s so funny because I suggested this as a topic 2 days ago lol I love it
Mike Jose
Mike Jose Month ago
5:00 that utensil can be used for scratching your back
Tristan van der Veen
0:57 ayuwoki
Yuna Mikasa
Yuna Mikasa 20 days ago
Tristan van der Veen Hee hee
ejssudhdu6738 hahaha
get that guy’s cheast hair out of hear
Puppy Tho
Puppy Tho 20 days ago
i just noticed my class uses the same buzzer
Dubu Pingu
Dubu Pingu 20 days ago
Puppy Tho
Puppy Tho 20 days ago
Dubu Pingu your face so beautiful wah
Dubu Pingu
Dubu Pingu 20 days ago
@Puppy Tho oh hi bonjouru
Puppy Tho
Puppy Tho 20 days ago
Dubu Pingu hello fellow once
Coral Green
Coral Green 21 day ago
It’s expandable😂😂😂😂 this should be a meme
Siyah 21 day ago
the hole in the center is for not taking water, it's like a colander. if you come to Italy to say that it is necessary to make a portion of pasta, we use that hole as a viewfinder to spit in your face.
Bradley Fafard
Bradley Fafard 21 day ago
Darrius is so cool
TwistyShocks 21 day ago
I like d
Adam Rahn
Adam Rahn 21 day ago
What about 1954 cans
Novaximus 21 day ago
It's 2019. Aside from Wendys most of the world has moved on to packets and peal packs.
Ebz carter
Ebz carter 21 day ago
𝙱𝚛𝚞𝚑. 𝙸𝚜𝚝𝚐 𝙳𝚊𝚛𝚒𝚞𝚜 𝚜𝚎𝚎𝚖 𝚑𝚒𝚐𝚑 𝚒𝚗 𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚢 𝚟𝚒𝚍𝚎𝚘💀
Dragon Da Dude
Dragon Da Dude 21 day ago
Who else realized how constipated Brandon looked like when he was saying the answer for the pasta thing...
Muzaffer Öztürk
Ethan looks like Chi Chi DeVayne soooo much LOL
Jared Mitchell
Jared Mitchell 22 days ago
Most of these are made up uses and not what the object was designed for.
LexyLovesYew 22 days ago
I knew all of these!
Lee Asher
Lee Asher 22 days ago
Michelle is so pretty 😍
Lee Asher
Lee Asher 22 days ago
Brooklyn Palumbo She was the Vietnamese girl with blonde hair
Brooklyn Palumbo
Brooklyn Palumbo 22 days ago
Lee Asher who’s Michelle?
Cthulhu Wizard
Cthulhu Wizard 22 days ago
Okay for the pasta spoon, the hole in the middle is literally just so water can drain out when you pick up spaghetti or pasta or whatever, it was not intended to be used as a portion sizer
Cthulhu Wizard
Cthulhu Wizard 22 days ago
Saying this because not all pasta spoons have the hole.
Transparent Reactions
4:03 Darius: "I like D." 😎
Itzjust bree
Itzjust bree 22 days ago
0:19 doesn’t she look like Victoria!? From that show with the highschoolers😂
Do what You Need
Do what You Need 22 days ago
5:06 My man's Sergio got Tsunnade's First hokages necklace
Alexis Perez
Alexis Perez 22 days ago
If u actually believe that the Chinese box is a plate well...
Desdenova 22 days ago
OMG DONNA what are you doin here???
Robert Haokip
Robert Haokip 23 days ago
I knew every single one of them. It only shows how many stupid facts I know 😂
Ac mehmet03
Ac mehmet03 23 days ago
Y is sam’s roommate Donna here
Deegan Jiles
Deegan Jiles 23 days ago
"you like d" 🤔
Ariana Dunn
Ariana Dunn 23 days ago
Save the turtles 🐢 :)
masa Stavljanin
masa Stavljanin 24 days ago
when beet in intro started i was like WHITE SHIRT NOW RED
Antonio Horincar
Antonio Horincar 24 days ago
Yeah but someone is gonna say you're not normal of you drink canned sodas like that.
Antonio Horincar
Antonio Horincar 23 days ago
@Corey Henderson yeah that's what I said.
Corey Henderson
Corey Henderson 23 days ago
Your weird for using a straw anyway
Ashley Villarreal
Ashley Villarreal 24 days ago
lol I knew all of these
Olivier vdB
Olivier vdB 24 days ago
the pasta hole is not true its a myth some guy made up.
IDoGaming YT
IDoGaming YT 24 days ago
It might work if you want to eat not for the whole family
Hannah Amann
Hannah Amann 24 days ago
Its horrifying that you Need to Drink Soda from a CAN with a STRAW 🤦🏽‍♀️
Alexus Washington
Alexus Washington 24 days ago
If you didn’t know the first two, you must not know much
Alexus Washington
Alexus Washington 22 days ago
Kassu Keimer I get that completely dear
Kassu Keimer
Kassu Keimer 23 days ago
@Alexus Washington yeah i didnt take it like you were serious that i dont know anything but just saying that i dont order chinese👍
Alexus Washington
Alexus Washington 23 days ago
Kassu Keimer I was only joking anyway. But obviously people get pressed af 😂 but no it’s ok if you don’t know it, nothing wrong with that ❤️❤️
Alexus Washington
Alexus Washington 23 days ago
VzKraazy you don’t need to eat take out to know that 😂
Kassu Keimer
Kassu Keimer 23 days ago
I did not know the 2nd one because i never order chinese
SMC Pastries
SMC Pastries 24 days ago
It wasn't actually intended to double as a plate, they just used those paper cutouts and folded them up. Then some smartass unfolds it and classifies it as a plate.
Lana Salazar
Lana Salazar 24 days ago
Lukaz DT
Lukaz DT 24 days ago
10:02 yikes
Lukaz DT
Lukaz DT 24 days ago
10:02 yikes
Blue Studios
Blue Studios 24 days ago
Donna....is in the video [brandon roger]
Blue Studios
Blue Studios 23 days ago
Yoyo Frisbee oh hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??
Yoyo Frisbee
Yoyo Frisbee 23 days ago
Blue Studios i was literally thinking that and I was like “THEY FOUND MY ROOMMATE!!”
Maddie Cardona
Maddie Cardona 24 days ago
Save the turtles!🐢🐢
Blocker Gate
Blocker Gate 25 days ago
Why do they always have to put drags in the vids, gross🤮
Calista Harsulla
Calista Harsulla 22 days ago
By the way im 10 and i even know better
Calista Harsulla
Calista Harsulla 22 days ago
Blocker Gate Grow up man like why the heck are u being so rude? I honestly dont give a complete crap if she/he is a man or a woman because ppl should be able to express themselves in a way that makes them feel comfortable. Maybe you’re mom dropped you on you’re head when you were little and that is why you are so messed up.
Calista Harsulla
Calista Harsulla 22 days ago
Blocker Gate Grow up man like why the heck are u being so rude? I honestly dont give a complete crap if she/he is a man or a woman because ppl should be able to express themselves in a way that makes them feel comfortable. Maybe you’re mom dropped you on you’re head when you were little and that is why you are so messed up.
Violet’s Family
Violet’s Family 23 days ago
Blocker Gate what the heck
Violet’s Family
Violet’s Family 23 days ago
Ethan Rae h
Alanis Rivera
Alanis Rivera 25 days ago
I love this Channel 😍❤️
Leow MJ
Leow MJ 25 days ago
I assume I watched too many cooking/diy/hack video to know all these lol
Not Now Not Ever
Not Now Not Ever 25 days ago
Will never use paper straws
Sam Wandler
Sam Wandler 25 days ago
That girl was going so hard on the elder and then when she got it right she was trying to finish her sentence. Like take it easy on her
AccountantChic PH u just assumed her gender she’s a women
Kaye Valenzuela
Kaye Valenzuela 25 days ago
She wasnt old tho. I think he's a man with ash blonde hair
Memicken Xxx
Memicken Xxx 25 days ago
Vanilla& Chocolate
Vanilla& Chocolate 25 days ago
shisterxavaa 25 days ago
i always do the soda thing. i did that before i knew what it was used for💀.
OneMorePixel 25 days ago
I knew... I knew it , I knew it..., I knew it...omg...:sigh:...WHAT ? A COASTER ? :o
Severn Lavigne
Severn Lavigne 25 days ago
Most people hold things to write with differently to me such as pens and pencils. Same with knife and Fork. But I been holding it like that and j don’t know why? Am I doing it right? Please react to Avril Lavigne Head Above Water album. Lyme disease awareness. Please react to P!nk Hurts 2B Human album.
Drawing For Beginners
TheGreat Lion
TheGreat Lion 25 days ago
4:10 man said he likes d
Midnight oreo wolf:3
Dayton 25 days ago
I love Darius' reasons for picking a b c or d I like b My name starts with d so imma pick that
theo schmid
theo schmid 25 days ago
1:00 donna?
Table. PNG
Table. PNG 25 days ago
theo schmid WE NEED MORE COKE! we packed pepsi
Andriel Thoucker
Andriel Thoucker 25 days ago
Wha up
Sydney Lazear
Sydney Lazear 25 days ago
Haha Paulette’s face at 7:20
Olivia Henderson
Olivia Henderson 25 days ago
Save the TURTLE
i love george so much
oh my god it's donna from brandon rogers
Zixi 25 days ago
1:30 did you notice that grandma from brandom rogers ?
Ujala Irfan
Ujala Irfan 24 days ago
Cathal Murphy
Cathal Murphy 25 days ago
They are so dumb
J-Hope is the golden hyung, dont fight me
eye- I've never unfolded my takeout boxes
Hobiwithluv 25 days ago
J-Hope is the golden hyung, dont fight me ARMYYYY😂❤️❤️❤️
Michael Harder
Michael Harder 26 days ago
Less Paul please.
-M- 26 days ago
I'm ashamed to say I knew all of these correct answers
Crazy Cool Kids
Crazy Cool Kids 26 days ago
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi 26 days ago
Miranda Sings?
catguardian007 26 days ago
It feels like you paired twins 😂
Jasmine Gleave
Jasmine Gleave 26 days ago
Now when I go maccies I don’t have to carry like 4 ketchup😂
Karina De Leon
Karina De Leon 26 days ago
I honestly didn’t know those cups could expand my 24 years of living. You learn something new every day
SupremeGod512 26 days ago
Karina De Leon right I used to hate getting more then one of them honestly
Angie Nimo
Angie Nimo 26 days ago
Wow, ethan wasn't a douchbag for once
Mr mudkip
Mr mudkip 26 days ago
Lmao why is donna from drandon Rogers (dry if I spelled his name wrong
Asian_ Mode
Asian_ Mode 26 days ago
Michelle is lowkey cute
Malak Jabri
Malak Jabri 26 days ago
Make more please
Matt Brown
Matt Brown 26 days ago
Nana 26 days ago
That thing for the pasta can be used as a fork when you need it
Kar Leo
Kar Leo 26 days ago
4/5 😏
aint eazy bein weezy
You aren't using it wrong, your just doing weird but creative things people found out that it probably wasn't actually made to do.
Ovidiu Berci
Ovidiu Berci 26 days ago
That îs alot of spaghetti?? I eat 70% of a New pack of spaghetti at once.
Sleep Paralysis
Sleep Paralysis 26 days ago
Wodow Z
Wodow Z 26 days ago
From Brandon Rodgers👍
The Beast
The Beast 26 days ago
Who thought that
Livster 18
Livster 18 26 days ago
I got all of these right lol 😂🤪
Pule Molefe
Pule Molefe 26 days ago
Sergio needs some MILK 🤣
GepixeltLp 27 days ago
Doing the Straw thing 😂
Variable 27 days ago
Paulette's fiiiine 😳👌
Brookw Evans
Brookw Evans 26 days ago
It's Micheal Jacksob
mario curry
mario curry 26 days ago
@Variable fax
Variable 26 days ago
@mario curry same thats why i said she fine 😳👌
mario curry
mario curry 26 days ago
Like this has been confusing me the whole video
mario curry
mario curry 26 days ago
Bro is that an old transgendered man who turned into a woman but now old
Izzie Blaake
Izzie Blaake 27 days ago
It's sad I knew all of these from watching RUvid videos
Rahim Hussaini
Rahim Hussaini 27 days ago
STRAWS, turtles use metal straws “Save the turtles”
megamusicmessenger 27 days ago
is it sad that i knew all of them already
Izzie Blaake
Izzie Blaake 27 days ago
megamusicmessenger same, from yt videos
megamusicmessenger 27 days ago
a portal to another planet lol
Toxic Dude
Toxic Dude 27 days ago
Kids react to flamingo roblox RUvid plz!!!
Toxic Dude
Toxic Dude 26 days ago
Omg yes
Suga Min Yoongay
Suga Min Yoongay 26 days ago
Omg no
Quince 27 days ago
0:35 I ship it.
Thalil Tanvir
Thalil Tanvir 27 days ago
Quince there straight dh
Tranquil Lee
Tranquil Lee 27 days ago
Same! They look so good together.
Shayla Lewis
Shayla Lewis 27 days ago
Darius is my favorite 😂
Marlene Garcia
Marlene Garcia 27 days ago
2:11 his voice and smile and his excitement in general made my day
claresingz 27 days ago
Darius is my 24/7 mood
love luv
love luv 27 days ago
I just wonder who's that girl behind that voice.. Is it marina from hiho?
Sheppard Family
Sheppard Family 27 days ago
kyan strevel
kyan strevel 27 days ago
Donna is here from Brandon Rogers
Lazer Ninja
Lazer Ninja 26 days ago
@noolll none same
noolll none
noolll none 27 days ago
When I saw her I went straight to the comments to find something like this
5:02 I thought that was a back scratcher 😂
CHoward 1999
CHoward 1999 26 days ago
😂😂 well you can always use it as one
Nayeli Casares
Nayeli Casares 27 days ago
She was donna
Constança Lobo
Constança Lobo 27 days ago
I knew all of these, but saying I've been "drinking soda wrong" (when I haven't) is SOO patronising it really pissed me off. There's only ONE way to drink anything, and that is through your mouth. Period. Anything else is just bonus. I know what the tab is for. I don't use it because I don't use straws.
Sean Thomas
Sean Thomas 27 days ago
Constança Lobo chill dudette
Celine Siyuna
Celine Siyuna 27 days ago
I guess I spend way too much time on the internet...I've know all of these since a while...
Ragheb Shaito
Ragheb Shaito 27 days ago
Darius is so silly, i hate every video he gets in
John ayy
John ayy 27 days ago
It's Donna
Jacĸ 27 days ago
Michael Jackson’s blonde now ???
Roosa 99
Roosa 99 21 day ago
Jacĸ i know im not only :D
Marxo 27 days ago
Like ikr
marius nilsen-moe
marius nilsen-moe 27 days ago
Is Darius High? xD
Ragheb Shaito
Ragheb Shaito 27 days ago
He is so silly
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