5 Bold NBA Predictions For 2020 And Beyond

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5 Bold NBA Predictions For 2020 And Beyond. Will Zion Williamson win MVP? Lebron James and Bronny James on the same team? The NBA is bringing the Supersonics back?




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JimmerRange 2 months ago
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Ethan's Universe
Haha Riad Shadow Legends
Mr.E 2 months ago
Here's a not so bold prediction: the magic and thunder will trade away their stars and end up ringless by the end of the decade
Nigerian Prince
Nigerian Prince 2 months ago
Congrats on the raid shadow legends sponsorship. This is how you know you’re legit
Wkell 27
Wkell 27 2 months ago
JimmerRange liked
Sam Sitorus
Sam Sitorus 11 days ago
I havent watched the video yet but why is westbrook wearing a seattle supersonic jersey in the thumbnail
Alt7 18 days ago
You missed the NBA suspension
Da dancin dude
Da dancin dude 19 days ago
Speaking of Lebron raid shadow legends
DaSavageJeff21 YT
DaSavageJeff21 YT 22 days ago
Rockets = ring
PRcris 25 days ago
Chris Paul gets traded to the Knicks , Melo resigns , Lbj signs 1 yr , D wade comes out of retirement for 1 year , RJ start or off bench, and ofc sign the Goat Jr Smith why not 😂🤷🏻‍♂️ The Garden gets a ring and they can all play together like they wanted for one last fight . 👀
Pxna -_-
Pxna -_- 26 days ago
My bold prediction is James Dolan sell the Knicks .
Andy Agner
Andy Agner 28 days ago
I think the nba should put a team in Columbus Ohio
Sean Reynolds
Sean Reynolds 28 days ago
There are already 32 teams in the nba 16 in each conference
SBD Pxro
SBD Pxro 28 days ago
Trae Young is retiring early because of his health so he can’t really impact the NBA anymore
Quinn Snyder
Quinn Snyder Month ago
Liked notie gang
Ryan Mollohan
Ryan Mollohan Month ago
5:15 after twading away Brandon Ingrim
Anthony Andriano
Bronny and lebron on the knicks👀
Mini Soloflow
Mini Soloflow Month ago
Aden Plays
Aden Plays Month ago
Mo bamba and devin Booker will be in a band called Wet like im mooo bamba
Sith R!0t
Sith R!0t Month ago
Pittsburgh is in Canada
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix Month ago
We going see The Denver Nuggets win a title in the next 3 years with Michael Porter Jr being the finals MVP.
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix Month ago
I think we will see The Hanks and Mavericks sometime this decade. I think The Hanks will win but I also think The Mavericks would win a title this decade as well.
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix Month ago
Zion will win two championships this decade that's my bold prediction. They will both be for the pelicans.
HappyBoxMedia Month ago
just as the topic gets interes- 1:24 IWANTTOTALKABOUTRAIDSHADOWLEGENDS
Haarith Month ago
Zion and Ingram will be like Malone and Stockton.. They won't Win a Championship in their Career.
LIL MB Month ago
Hawks v Mavs in 2023 finals. Hawks in 6
Flipantonio84 262
I predict Lauri markkanen will return and be a beast
Flipantonio84 262
On another team that actually uses him correctly.
Joe Nunez
Joe Nunez Month ago
Little did he know Zion played 9 days later. And did amazing
Darren Marrero
Darren Marrero Month ago
Jrue Hoilday Is not going anywhere the pelicans executive and general manager had a meeting with him a week before the trade deadline and informed him that six top attending teams want to him but they did not want to trade him but if he wants to go to a contender they will treat him with no hard feelings holiday said and this was quoted there’s something special about this team and I’m having a lot of fun and I want to be a part of this so I’m telling you I do not want to be treated from this team
Jaylon Evans
Jaylon Evans Month ago
Who Watchin this while Zion bent the rim😂
Faye Gilliam
Faye Gilliam Month ago
You suck
Faye Gilliam
Faye Gilliam Month ago
Hey do you rage
MiSt Blitz-_-
MiSt Blitz-_- Month ago
Your add was terrible timed
sam QS
sam QS Month ago
Phoenix suns provided they keep booker will be in a final within 5 yrs
C J Month ago
I think Zion will be the new d rose
Dark Spearow
Dark Spearow Month ago
OKC will get Lebron James junior, then trade Chris Paul and maybe someone like garnailli for Lebron James. OKC are the 2026/2027 champions!
Someone Month ago
Dark Spearow we definitely won’t have gallo by then
Orgil Bayasgalan
RIP Kobe Bryant
Ashrith Tripurneni
liked and loved the vid
Amar M
Amar M 2 months ago
rAid sHaDow LEGENDS!!!
Shank Shankles
Shank Shankles 2 months ago
You stole mr beast sponsor
johnkru1 2 months ago
Suns win championships in 2024, book mvp of league 2023-24
Captain Sox
Captain Sox 2 months ago
I predict the warriors won’t make it to the finals
Rap W
Rap W 2 months ago
The Hawks and Mavs will be the next Celtics Lakers rivalry. Because of Luka and Trae Young
TNL Spider
TNL Spider 2 months ago
Will W I agree
Storm 2 months ago
Zion looks like lebron
Please don't mind my really long name, thank you.
Trae young will be the best PG of this decade.
Your gay Kid
Your gay Kid 2 months ago
Lebron and his son will be the first to play on the same team But first I want to talk to you about out sponsor raid shadow legends
mrpopytart 2 months ago
Imagine the hawks going to the finals.😂
Talking smack
Talking smack 22 days ago
mrpopytart what’s funny about that? Plus, we already have a title
Shyrell Dawson
Shyrell Dawson 2 months ago
LPS TV 2 months ago
Warriors will make the finals next season
LPS TV 2 months ago
Zion is a bust is my prediction
LPS TV 2 months ago
Brandon Ingram looks like a rapper
LPS TV 2 months ago
You have seen someone like Zion his names Greg Oden
Faze Sl4ght3r
Faze Sl4ght3r 2 months ago
Give New Jersey a team ASAP
Faze Sl4ght3r
Faze Sl4ght3r Month ago
TNL Spider in know but we need a new one with New Jersey in the name
TNL Spider
TNL Spider 2 months ago
Faze Sl4ght3r y’all had the nets before they went to Brooklyn in 2012
Nick Fierro
Nick Fierro 2 months ago
Pittsburgh needs a team!!!
unshapen tuna
unshapen tuna 2 months ago
Zion will not be healthy for more than 40 games in a season
Cpt Dilligaf
Cpt Dilligaf 2 months ago
Lonzo and LaMelo will be the backcourt of the Pelicans
John C
John C 2 months ago
Stupid prediction of all time Zion winning a championship with the Pelicans
Marv_bagley Fanpage
Marv_bagley Fanpage 2 months ago
“A bag of chips and a high five” 💀💀💀
X2k Rage
X2k Rage 2 months ago
i feel like the grizzlies will sign a huge contract with a top player and win the gold by 2022 ''' like if you agree''''
Liam Rust
Liam Rust 2 months ago
5:30 that's my school gym lmao
Fool KidDude
Fool KidDude 2 months ago
CyClone-X Gaming
CyClone-X Gaming 2 months ago
What if Zion and Giannis had a baby 🤯🤯🤯
Scott Prentice
Scott Prentice 2 months ago
I’ve literally heard all of these things said before there not predictions
football dude
football dude 2 months ago
LeBron is like Ronaldo of football
MidnightWalker '03
MidnightWalker '03 2 months ago
Thumbnail is fire
Riley Nasher
Riley Nasher 2 months ago
bronnys shit.
Slips 2 months ago
Fultz is breaking out rn
Matti Engelke
Matti Engelke 2 months ago
Lebron and bronny probably gonna play togeth... RaIDShAdOw LegeNDS
jigo saulda
jigo saulda 2 months ago
i think ja morant will be the ROY
Chicken Bubblegum
Chicken Bubblegum 2 months ago
He's straight ballin
Cool kid
Cool kid 2 months ago
2023 is a tough class, Bronny isn’t even top 20 prospect
Joe Brooks
Joe Brooks 2 months ago
Buffalo has gotta be getting a team soon
Jimmy - TLOPO
Jimmy - TLOPO 2 months ago
Vancouver grizzlies! Bring them back and make the Tennessee Turtles
Jimmy - TLOPO
Jimmy - TLOPO 2 months ago
SuperSonics....please....bring them back
easy plays
easy plays 2 months ago
I live in Seattle and ive always wanted to go to a nba game
BeN Guy
BeN Guy 2 months ago
I think that Giannis will end up winning the most mvps ever by a player
Ahmarigon9s 2 months ago
In the thumbnail lebron lookin at bronnys ass and bronny like nigga stop looking at me🤣
James does sports
James does sports 2 months ago
LeBron will play till 43
David Garrett
David Garrett 2 months ago
Zion is not gonna get championship on the pelicans maybe on a another team
Skull Playz
Skull Playz 2 months ago
Lebron. "Still playing great on the lakers." Shows him bricking👌👌
Jimmby12 Jommoz
Jimmby12 Jommoz 2 months ago
3 mvps 5 championships or 4 mvps 3 championships
sourav more
sourav more 2 months ago
1st option.
Bennett Johnson
Bennett Johnson 2 months ago
9:42 😂😂😂😂
Jason Pamatmat
Jason Pamatmat 2 months ago
Heres my one BOLD Prediction LONZO BALL IS OUT OF THE NBA
Colin Kamerer
Colin Kamerer 2 months ago
Bag of chips and a high 5 Markelle Fultz traded to the magic
Marcos Martínez
Marcos Martínez 2 months ago
My predicction: Michael Porter Jr will be the franchise player of Denver and they will become a dynasty soon. The Mavs and the Nuggets will dominate the west and Luka vs MPJ would be the next great match up of the decade.
Chicken Bubblegum
Chicken Bubblegum 2 months ago
*cough* .... Utah Jazz..... *cough*
Chicken Bubblegum
Chicken Bubblegum 2 months ago
I'm sitting here in Salt Lake like what?
Addi Dixon 44
Addi Dixon 44 2 months ago
#comment #liked #subscribed
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