5 Amazing RENEWABLE ENERGY Ideas & Solutions For The Future

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Some amazing renewable energy projects. THUMBNAIL is the 3rd product in the video - Altaeros BAT. For more information follow the links below.
0:06 ➤ Limitless Energy Graphene Project - billionsinchange.com/solutions/limitless-energy/, www.stage2innovations.com/
2:53 ➤ Turbulent Hydro - www.turbulent.be/
5:16 ➤ Altaeros BAT (Buoyant Airborne Turbine) - www.altaeros.com/
7:26 ➤ Dynamic Tidal Power - www.powerdtp.nl/
9:43 ➤ Floating Solar - www.ciel-et-terre.net/
Some other cool renewable energy projects:
Nuclear Fusion Reactor - ruvid.net/video/видео-NhN7HuoT8dA.html, www.iter.org/
Nuclear Waste Reactor - ruvid.net/video/видео-Po7D3G9EbKU.html, gehitachiprism.com/
Disclaimer: This video was created for educational/informational purposes and qualifies as Fair Use. If you are the creator or own the footage featured in this video and have reservations please notify me via youtube comments or email and I will accommodate you.
Note: The purpose of this channel is to showcase best new inventions and projects in high quality videos. This is not a spam channel, the editor has respect for his subscribers and viewers and would never spam with old or irrelevant stuff. Thanks to all my subscribers and viewers for watching and also thanks to RUvid for making it possible.



23 май 2018

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Kars Van der heijden
Kars Van der heijden 21 час назад
552.865 views, yet 0 reactions? time to change that. great video. now when will people actually do these things huh? i hope soon.
Majarimenna Užbaliad
Majarimenna Užbaliad День назад
And here we have people with Musk-scale bad ideas and large advertising budgets
Kaden Burgart
Kaden Burgart 2 дня назад
I haven't run the numbers, but I don't like the idea of doing more geothermal. When we take electricity from the earth's warmth, the earth loses that for good. If we rely on geothermal internationally, we may use too much and cool down the earth's core enough to damage the earth's magnetic field. That could be armageddon. The environmental impacts would be awful, and it could render our whole planet mars-like in the worst case. I'd hate to hate on a potential renewable energy source without checking my numbers first, so here are my numbers: The earth produces 20TW[1] of thermal energy from radioactive decay in the mantle. This is the amount of warmth that the earth generates, so it should give us a ballpark idea of how much heat we would need to remove from the earth in order to make an impact on the earth's internal temperature. To summarize the heating situation under earth's crust, the heat comes from two sources in ~equal parts: radioactive decay, and leftover heat from the earth's creation. Lots of heat hits the earth from the sun but gets radiated back out; It doesn't really have anything to do with internal temperatures. [1] en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth%27s_internal_heat_budget As far as I can tell from that wikki page and the mantle mass from the quara page: Current heat in the earth: ~50% radiation, ~50% leftover Internal heat budget: Geothermal Power Consumption + 47TW radiated from the mantle to the outside world[1] - 20TW generated from radiation = Core cooling rate Core cooling rate without geothermal: 0 + 47TW - 20TW = 27TW Currently the world consumed 22,000 TWh in 2017[2]. That means an average power consumption of 2.5TW. If all of that was geothermal, we'd be increasing the cooling rate of the earth's core by about 10%. [2] yearbook.enerdata.net/electricity/electricity-domestic-consumption-data.html So based on that, how quickly does each TW of geothermal power cool the earth. Well, I looked at the most abundant elements of the earth by mass, and found that the weighted average thermal capacitance is about 1000 J/kg/deg C. To get a ballpark idea of the impact 1 TW would make, I'll use that number, and an average internal temperature of 3000 degrees C to calculate that the thermal energy of the earth is on the order of 1.8x10^31 J. In one decade, a 1TW source generates 3.2x10^20 J. SURPRIZE! According to these numbers, geothermal will never be a problem. In order to have a 1% impact on the average internal temperature of the planet, a 1TW source would have to work full time until the sun consumed the earth in 5 billion years. This is awesome, I LOVE geothermal power! It turns out that if we were to convert all our power generation to geothermal today, and double our total global geothermal power generation every decade, we would get 8,400 years of clean energy before cooling the earth's core by 1%! THAT'S INCREDIBLE!
Alexander Somm
Alexander Somm 4 дня назад
Taking the heat out of the earth's core, which is NOT unlimited, that sounds like a bad idea, considering our need for the magnetic fields ;-)
James Evans
James Evans 4 дня назад
James Evans
James Evans 4 дня назад
Asim Malik
Asim Malik 7 дней назад
We should make are mark on this planet so people thousands yours from today know "WE WERE HERE". Carbon foot print are made by everyone, everyday!
Florin Pandele
Florin Pandele 7 дней назад
Getting heat out of the ground is not really renewable energy. Let's not make the same mistake again as we did with oil. If the earth core cools down we loose its magnetic field and with that the atmosphere. That is why Mars and the Moon do not have one any more.
Kaden Burgart
Kaden Burgart 2 дня назад
I had this same concern, but checked the math. I left a comment with links. If the whole world got its power from geothermal, and we doubled our consumption every decade as we always have, we'd cool the earth's core by 1% after about 8,400 years. We'd need to change or get screwed at that point though, because then it would be possible to freeze the core. But at that point, we might be able to generate so much power that we can reheat the earth artificially. Eight thousand years is a long time.
Ian Macdonald
Ian Macdonald 9 дней назад
There are all sorts of farfetched ideas around. Most are in the same category as magnet motors and perpetual motion.
Glitchy Glitches
Glitchy Glitches 9 дней назад
Would the first one cool down the earth?
Elfuelte 9 дней назад
Great ideas
Vasu Kapadia
Vasu Kapadia 10 дней назад
By using graphene for geothermal energy could it drastically affect the temperature of mantle and have reverse effect on us ??
Vasu Kapadia
Vasu Kapadia 2 дня назад
+Kaden Burgart 😯😯😯 OK! Thanks ...
Kaden Burgart
Kaden Burgart 2 дня назад
I had this same concern, but checked the math. I left a comment with links. If the whole world got its power from geothermal, and we doubled our consumption every decade as we always have, we'd cool the earth's core by 1% after about 8,400 years. We'd need to change or get screwed at that point though, because then it would be possible to freeze the core. But at that point, we might be able to generate so much power that we can reheat the earth artificially. Eight thousand years is a long time.
millie maddalena
millie maddalena 12 дней назад
Graphene is Die Antwoord
Play Geetar
Play Geetar 13 дней назад
taking the energy from the earths core would probably cool it, stopping the magnetosphere and then solar winds would rip the atmosphere away.
Kaden Burgart
Kaden Burgart 2 дня назад
I had this same concern, but checked the math. I left a comment with links. If the whole world got its power from geothermal, and we doubled our consumption every decade as we always have, we'd cool the earth's core by 1% after about 8,400 years. We'd need to change or get screwed at that point though, because then it would be possible to freeze the core. But at that point, we might be able to generate so much power that we can reheat the earth artificially. Eight thousand years is a long time.
Brian Brewster
Brian Brewster 13 дней назад
When I watch wonderful videos like these I truly believe mankind can fix our damaged planet by learning to work with nature versus against her to have green energy for everyone to share in.
Daniel Bowes
Daniel Bowes 14 дней назад
i think the big oil corps need to assassinate these people and quick!.
Okie TC
Okie TC 15 дней назад
That first one want to drains earths natural core, to power the surface of earth. I don’t think you guys are thinking this through
ANANTHAN A.S 16 дней назад
Geothermal solutions are extremely dangerous at larger scale . Earth is loosing it's core temperature and if we extract core's heat . Earth will turn similar to Martian terrain .
ANANTHAN A.S 2 дня назад
+Kaden Burgart send me math via my mail . iamananthan135@gmail.com
Kaden Burgart
Kaden Burgart 2 дня назад
I had this same concern, but checked the math. I left a comment with links. If the whole world got its power from geothermal, and we doubled our consumption every decade as we always have, we'd cool the earth's core by 1% after about 8,400 years. We'd need to change or get screwed at that point though, because then it would be possible to freeze the core. But at that point, we might be able to generate so much power that we can reheat the earth artificially. Eight thousand years is a long time.
Christoffer Grenov
Christoffer Grenov 16 дней назад
5:52 "Twice the energy of an ordinary wind turbine" ? I'd like to see this tiny propeller produce "twice the energy" of an ordinary on-shore 3 or 4 MW turbine, let alone the newest 10MW offshore ones. Lol.
T3H11 3LL1S
T3H11 3LL1S 16 дней назад
Just as I thought, we are far too reliant on energy sources that are destructive in nature. We need to get on board with the idea that the petrodollar has had its day. Make way for a cleaner greener future, and decommission energy sources that are more costly and harmful than good.
sina jebraily
sina jebraily 19 дней назад
Too many scientists in here... smh
A.B.M. Tawshiqur Rahman
A.B.M. Tawshiqur Rahman 19 дней назад
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer 19 дней назад
*I feel bad for this guys they don't know who they really messing with...btw one of them looks like a Star trek character* 🖖
Tomorrow Yesterday
Tomorrow Yesterday 20 дней назад
Great ideas but not used, sad
Celeste Arike
Celeste Arike 20 дней назад
Do you seriously think corporation would let all those "Clean energy" go world wide??? Just like what they did back then in 18th to 19th century
Alexis The chicken
Alexis The chicken 21 день назад
So...geothermal energy basically
Luqman Khan
Luqman Khan 22 дня назад
it may keep water temperature low and for some aquatic biota it may not be good !
Luqman Khan
Luqman Khan 22 дня назад
what about the phytoplankton if they need direct sunlight for making there food ?
solobackpacking 22 дня назад
Combined with reduction in human population, especially reducing the crazy reproduction rate of the Muslim population (doubles every 20 years), we can be taken off fossil fuel. Better technology in insulation will also make a huge difference.
M Oczakow
M Oczakow 22 дня назад
Here are a couple of stats about Global Emissions that will blow ur mind, cause even 10million Tesla's every year will not make a dent in these, and all Teslas in the world for next 20y wont even faze these. 1 Cruise ship = emissions from 1,000,000 cars www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/as-it-happens-wednesday-edition-1.4277147/a-cruise-ship-s-emissions-are-the-same-as-1-million-cars-report-1.4277180 15 biggest shipping container ships, pollute same ass ALL cars in the world... yap. And one of these is = to 50,000,000 vehicles... now that is... mind boggling. inews.co.uk/news/long-reads/cargo-container-shipping-carbon-pollution/ And here is an even scarier stat boyz & girlz: (how many cargo ships are there in the world?) www.statista.com/statistics/264024/number-of-merchant-ships-worldwide-by-type/ And this stat above does not even include Cruise Ships: (314 large cruise ships) cruisemarketwatch.com/capacity/ So when people wanna lower emissions & reduce solution, we should start with these filthy things first off, especially since one of these is equal to 1-50mill vehicles.
Lukas Skrypetz
Lukas Skrypetz 24 дня назад
Global warming is a conspiracy created by the Dark Lord Minkler to milk money from the gold nips of rich Americans to fuel the robot army created by Lizard Jong Un to conquer the planet and bring chaos to the galaxy.
Romin Hawk
Romin Hawk 24 дня назад
Unfortunately, helium is not an abundant gas, and the world is running out of it. And the helium balloons that carry these turbines, I imagine are very expensive to produce and maintain.
Rajshri Visale
Rajshri Visale 26 дней назад
12:08 fine but what about sediment flow?
gio lag
gio lag 27 дней назад
this voices remenber me indians scammers
Brock Stevens
Brock Stevens 28 дней назад
Get a good look at them. Oil producing companies will either (1)buy the idea and lock it away OR (2) everyone involved with geothermal unlimited energy idea (which Nikola Tesla theorized many years ago) will DISAPPEAR....MYSTERIOUSLY. History has shown us.
Panthera 29 дней назад
There were so many free energy ideas that omg, people are being killed to suppress too good tech... Cartels keep their industries running their ways.
Panthera 29 дней назад
Check this... www.rense.com/general72/oinvent.htm ENERGY SUPPRESSION CASES. There are people who kill inventors to keep industries under their own control.
Dakota Filgate
Dakota Filgate Месяц назад
k so then you get people who are the ones that shoot them down lol the bat is not ok if in alberta
Будущее за технологиями..
V1ctor Месяц назад
What do you want us to do? Fund your BS more?
Arvinth Месяц назад
The first one poses more risk and high maintenance. I'm talking about man made volcanos. And from business point of view too it's cost is higher compared to the alternatives.
Helene Dinand
Helene Dinand Месяц назад
Bloom Energy is the best of all used to be BloomBox Energy
Nanette Sage
Nanette Sage Месяц назад
You really should look to add "Solar Roadways" to this video.
Cool Gadgets & Stuff
Cool Gadgets & Stuff Месяц назад
Hi Nanette, this solarroadways project wad debunked a while ago. This is a video by guy on youtube called Thunderf00t where he debunks them - ruvid.net/video/видео-H901KdXgHs4.html. You should check it out if you're still a believer in solar roadways. He has more videos about solarroadways on his channel. Don't take it personally but that project is nothing but fantasy.
Nanette Sage
Nanette Sage Месяц назад
+Cool Gadgets & Stuff solarroadways.com/
Cool Gadgets & Stuff
Cool Gadgets & Stuff Месяц назад
lol what, not sure if you're real or being sarcastic
Glad ._. TM
Glad ._. TM Месяц назад
The bat one is from big hero six right?
Leadius USA
Leadius USA Месяц назад
Time to think about surged power..... Think about it.... then address it. It is real and we can beak it.
LucasGrowsBest Месяц назад
Hey, I really enjoyed your video, just subscribed. Your plants are doing super well! I would appreciate if you checked out my channel and subscribe if you would like. Thank you!
mayank jain
mayank jain Месяц назад
Last one is really a dumb idea. As if we've not fucked up aquatic life enough?
mayank jain
mayank jain Месяц назад
That guy Number 1. Manoj bhargava. There's a movie about him named as "swadesh" and music given by a.r. rehman
TheBongokong Месяц назад
The small river turbines is a nice small scale solution. The Earth's crust idea is so stupid. Hugely costly. Better to invest in other developed renewable energies.
Bryon Bosley
Bryon Bosley Месяц назад
Do we even have a drill capable of reaching the upper mantle without melting? I recall this being attempted before but the drills kept melting on them.
Flamed up Steam
Flamed up Steam Месяц назад
The most realistic one is the geothermal, almost all green energy is a scam, solar and wind are ineffective, and hydro destroys massive portions of land. Iceland's geothermal system is a good model.
Roland Lawrence
Roland Lawrence Месяц назад
i love solar, but as the panels only last 25 years tops and are made with toxic chemicals, the amount of "e-waste" these projects will create does worry me. they already drilled down to the mantle in iceland & got 20mw out of 2 x 18" holes, so im not sure what they are doing in india.
Alonso Contreras Sánchez
Alonso Contreras Sánchez Месяц назад
Extracting heat from the centre of tje earth, the best way to burn up the earth. These first men are all....
Ganglife Since1995
Ganglife Since1995 Месяц назад
No no this is free energy we need what so much we could make our lives so much better injoy hechother as in good setting not slave setting! If we did something about that BB / second Gov. There has been invented free energy multple times with gravity and matter where they offcourse take there own lives ! Worldechonomi is for the Rich people
Petros Komninos
Petros Komninos Месяц назад
Check Solar Power Tower Thanks :)
Phougi Месяц назад
What if someone were to fall into the turbine.. 4:53
Jason Usborne
Jason Usborne Месяц назад
How to you store all this wonderful energy and make it portable?
Just a human
Just a human Месяц назад
lighter than air?
Deceased_Ninja Месяц назад
2019, now where is my flying electric powered car? Why are we still using oil? What do you mean all these ideas haven't panned out? What do you mean we missed the deadline to stop global warming in 2012? -_- por que?
God of F.
God of F. Месяц назад
What a goddamn smart idea to dig bloody 4-5 km holes into the earth! What the fuck gonna happen is everybody start doing it whole around the world! What are we gonna do what it starts triggering earthquakes, volcanic eruption disaster Sun means the source of life simple as that. All you do is try to find a way to create Smart phone big solar panels that creates 10 Kwat energy and batteries those as small as a smart phone and can keep 10 KW energy. Average home uses 10 KW . Problem is creating 10 KW energy and/or keeping that energy, also the cost of it. So, if you actually wanna solve problem,; try to find a way to increase the solar panel energy power while you shrink down the size. Same thing with the batteries. There should be other ways of creating high capacity batteries, those do not need any kind of petroleum product or mining products. A4 Paper size solar panel should be able to create 1 KW energy those also does not reflect sunlight back to sky or anywhere else. Wind turbine means lots of garbage hanging on the sky! Water turbine means wasting of water and almost whole creatures inside the water, while water is getting less and less each day in this planet. However, sunlight will never end. Problem is huge size of the solar panels while they do not create much energy efficiently. Same shit with the batteries. Huge size but small energy. Also creating these materials causes too much damage to this planet too.
DIPAN NANDI Месяц назад
First & Last both the solutions described here aren't good ideas at all...we need more research concerned to these technologies..it's safe doesn't prove that it'll be right to act upon...
efrhen gallego
efrhen gallego Месяц назад
high altitude wind turbines? It will bring aircrft accidents with nearly invisible power lines strung up to the turbine
Rex L
Rex L Месяц назад
Is this whole stuff recyclable when it gets useless, or do they dump it into the ocean ?? I foubt solar panels are.
Where we gonna be next
Where we gonna be next Месяц назад
Suck dry the mother earth.
documentari kurzaghen
documentari kurzaghen Месяц назад
i think it before i see it ..noooo .. my idea is lost
Raja Rizwan Mushtaq
Raja Rizwan Mushtaq Месяц назад
Not a single one is going to work
desi derata
desi derata Месяц назад
Implement it.. do you still need investors that will make you billionnaires?
Varun Rao
Varun Rao Месяц назад
Stop talking here, first make it. Then advertise
Fucimanusmaster `
Fucimanusmaster ` Месяц назад
And whatabout Tokamak??
Cool Gadgets & Stuff
Cool Gadgets & Stuff Месяц назад
Yeah fusion seems to be the future if mankind doesn't destroy itself before.
Fucimanusmaster `
Fucimanusmaster ` Месяц назад
And the power plant of Tokamak is about 1,2TW
Fucimanusmaster `
Fucimanusmaster ` Месяц назад
+Cool Gadgets & StuffNice, I am big fan of this project. I heard that one Tokamak can be producing only 20 years then he'll run out of the gass which is ionized there to a plasma.
Cool Gadgets & Stuff
Cool Gadgets & Stuff Месяц назад
Yeah, I included link in description to fusion reactor video being build in France.
Hurricane Wind Power
Hurricane Wind Power Месяц назад
great the 5 hour energy guy they kill thousands with there product but want to save the world. I say stop killing people with energy drinks would be a start.
The Evangelical Vegan
The Evangelical Vegan Месяц назад
But over-harnessing internal heat of earth can severely damage the ecosystem because underground heat is responsible for recycling and purification of ocean water, plate-tectonics, geomagnetic fields, etc. It can bring way more severe consequences than fossil fuel burning.
Achinth Murali
Achinth Murali Месяц назад
That thumbnail though
Saulius Savelis
Saulius Savelis Месяц назад
all useless and known for at least 100 years
Mohit Kumar
Mohit Kumar Месяц назад
that grahine idea seems to be completely impractical, itis not possible to transfer heat from one end to other with the middle order at cool temperature. i guess he is manoj bhargav fooling again are you trying to counter the thermodynaics law. and one very important point. How will you control the heat transfer when it is not needed. Automatically you will increase the global temperature. and pls find me graphine.
jack lo
jack lo Месяц назад
The first idea sounds nice but the part about graphene being cool in the middle when it transfers heat is just untrue I don't think that's how physics works also if that was digging a hole to the earth's mantle was viable geothermal electricity plants would have jumped on it years ago the simple fact is you can't drill that deep
infrabuddy.com Месяц назад
Amazing renewable energy projects. As there are risks but there must be a solution for that too. To get latest updates www.infrabuddy.com/
ferkemall Месяц назад
Some of these will fall by the wayside because of the grants and tax allowances get shuffled then there is the overhaul costs after they reach their economical working life like the Americans where they have acres of wind generators that reached their point break in life so are just left to rot because its to expensive to dismantle them they are run by companies that are allowed to go broke because of the cost of overhauling them and or advances in tech means they cant compete with todays output so the companies just shut down but the people who were running them just go back to the corporation where they first started out and off we go again . get the green grants and the tax ducts when they cut them back as May,s UK government are doing in MARCH 29 2019 there will no incentive for green energy generation But thats what happens when you have a 95%+ Jewish government !
Lalit Mane
Lalit Mane Месяц назад
Graphine thing is it real ......
Random Viewer
Random Viewer 2 месяца назад
5:26 Big Hero 6
Basheer Nv
Basheer Nv 2 месяца назад
Argasy Argasy2
Argasy Argasy2 2 месяца назад
Ummm... im not buying the graphene thing, for one thing if it will conduct the heat from the ground and bring it up to convert it in to mechanical energy you will cool the surrounding rock around it, or at least cool it faster than it can be replenished by the surroundings unless you have moving heat sources like magma or underground steam w/c limits it's application.
M firas kabani
M firas kabani 2 месяца назад
gnargoshvog 2 месяца назад
there is no stance on global warming or your "scientific belief system" even though that's not a thing. you either go with the evidence or you don't. your either right or you're wrong. there is no grey area. you don't get to have a belief about scientific facts
Grant Russell
Grant Russell 2 месяца назад
I don't like the idea of the bat, the blimp thing. That would require so much helium.
Peter Stanslow
Peter Stanslow 2 месяца назад
Carbin Nanotubes
Jaxx Brat
Jaxx Brat 2 месяца назад
Water power at 8:00 is my choice..Hudson river around NYC is also ideal
Ravindra Kulkarni
Ravindra Kulkarni 2 месяца назад
Amazing technologies demonstrated.
Dharma 2 месяца назад
A shame the music is so loud. It's as if the music is more important than what they're saying. It's sometimes hard to hear what they say. But interesting.
Stig Bölja
Stig Bölja 2 месяца назад
Why this very annoying music
Bagus Sri Adji Pamekas
Bagus Sri Adji Pamekas 2 месяца назад
04:06 making it fish friendly, what if someone slipped over there?
Bashu Gautam
Bashu Gautam 2 месяца назад
i love renewable energy
ferkemall Месяц назад
So did my mate he dug a 50yd small trench from his council garage in a block to the scouts hut he had free electric for years !
Rakshit Gelera
Rakshit Gelera 2 месяца назад
Second one is nice they could also apply a water net to filter the river
Marvin Zapata
Marvin Zapata 2 месяца назад
Killed by oil industries
quitCCP2defyitsEVIL 2 месяца назад
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Ralf Boecker
Ralf Boecker 2 месяца назад
BAT (Buoyant Airborne Turbine) macht wohl vor allem als "PR-Testballon" viel her... Vornehmlich strebt der Hersteller (www.altaeros.com ) rurale Mobilfunkversorgung mit Abdeckung von Tälern + maximaler Reichweite durch wenige, extrem hoch schwebende Transmitter an: www.altaeros.com/telecom.html SuperTower for rural LTE base station deliver broadband streaming video ==> Wäre vielleicht sogar etwas für unsere Funkloch-geplagtes Entwicklungsland ? Dabei wird gelegentlicher stundenweise Ausfall durch vollautomatisches "Grounding" bei schwerem Wetter in Kauf genommen: www.altaeros.com/faq.html Der Ansatz ist durchaus robust und eignet sich auch für Aufrechterhaltung der Kommunikation in Katastrophenfällen (inkl. militärische Anwendung). Kombination mit stetiger Höhen-Windkraft + Akku-Batterie in Bodenstation kann dabei mit geringem Aufwand autarke Stromversorgung sichern.
Ralf Boecker
Ralf Boecker 2 месяца назад
Der aerostatische Ansatz scheint vielversprechender, als Konzepte mit Tragflächen-Windkraft oder automatisierte Gleitschirm-Segler, die zyklisch eine Seilwinde auf- & abspulen: ruvid.net/video/видео-vSkxbEMo6U4.html?t=16 automatische Segler mit Seilwinde zur Stromerzeugung (4:52 Video, 27.11.16) www.ingenieur.de/technik/fachbereiche/energie/fliegende-drachen-erzeugen-strom-stationaere-windraeder Enerkite: Stromerzeugung mit Gleitschirm-Drachen ruvid.net/video/видео-54-tc006lJU.html?t=210 Airborne Wind Energy Overview (10:53 Video, 11.07.11)
Ralf Boecker
Ralf Boecker 2 месяца назад
Zudem könnte man mit Doppel-Trichter-förmig gestreckten Auftriebskörper nach dem Prinzip der Venturi-Düse die Windgeschwindigkeit vervielfachen und so das Leistungsgewicht einer hochtourigen Windkraftanlage optimieren (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venturi_effect + de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venturi-D%C3%BCse ), evtl. auch mit gegenläufigen Rotoren oder speziellen aerodynamischen Deflektoren zur Strömungsführung: ruvid.net/video/видео-WB5CawKfE2M.html "New FloDesign Wind Turbine Reduce Size"
Ralf Boecker
Ralf Boecker 2 месяца назад
Problematisch allerdings, welche Turbinen- & Generatorleistung man mit teurem Helium heben kann: Der Prototyp ist mit 30KW immerhin 100 mal kleiner als gängige Windkraftanlagen mit 3MW. Wenn man allerdings an die riesigen Zeppeline der "Hindenburg"-Klasse denkt, könnte man unbemannt billigen Wasserstoff riskieren, dessen Verluste durch Elektrolyse mit Überschuss-Strom ausgeglichen werden...
Ralf Boecker
Ralf Boecker 2 месяца назад
Besonderes Potential besteht Offshore: Wo man bei tieferem Meeresgrund keine festen Masten mehr gründen kann, würde ein kleiner Ponton mit Boden-Anker genügen und man müsste ohne großes Traggewicht für lange Stromkabel nur ~200m hoch, um oberhalb von Boden-Turbulenzen & Gischt in gleichmäßigem Windstrom zu arbeiten.
Ralf Boecker
Ralf Boecker 2 месяца назад
Gleichförmigkeit + zusätzliche Windkraft der laminaren Höhenwinde ist nicht zu unterschätzen: www.ingenieur.de/technik/fachbereiche/energie/schwebende-turbine-erzeugt-in-300-metern-hoehe-dreimal-strom "Zwischen 300-600m, wo kein Windrad hinaufreicht, weht der Wind stetig und 5-8 mal stärker..." ==> So kann es trotz Berggipfel-Lage lohnen, zusätzlich 40m Betonsockel zu spendieren: ruvid.net/video/видео-8Zn646vz7JM.html Gaildorf: Windpark mit 70MWh Pumpspeicher-Batterie (2:41 Video, 06.03.18)
Jayanthlaxminarayana Natekar
Jayanthlaxminarayana Natekar 2 месяца назад
excess extraction of heat energy form earth may decrease earths magnetic effect
Ameya 2 месяца назад
I love Mr Spock
deepsquat600 2 месяца назад
2 miles will NOT get you to the mantle... but it sure will be hot
deepsquat600 2 месяца назад
also it is not 100 % POLLUTION free .. you have to make and transport and install the graphine ...that is not free
Ches Fries
Ches Fries 2 месяца назад
Our future environment energy collector is too late our ozone layer is near to break
ht 2 месяца назад
# 1 is stupid... the energy in earth is not unlimited. Good way of messing with the earth's magnetic field though. dig millions of those and let's see what happens.
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