5 Amazing RENEWABLE ENERGY Ideas & Solutions For The Future

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Some amazing renewable energy projects. THUMBNAIL is the 3rd product in the video - Altaeros BAT. For more information follow the links below.
0:06 ➤ Limitless Energy Graphene Project - billionsinchange.com/solutions/limitless-energy/, www.stage2innovations.com/
2:53 ➤ Turbulent Hydro - www.turbulent.be/
5:16 ➤ Altaeros BAT (Buoyant Airborne Turbine) - www.altaeros.com/
7:26 ➤ Dynamic Tidal Power - www.powerdtp.nl/
9:43 ➤ Floating Solar - www.ciel-et-terre.net/
Some other cool renewable energy projects:
Nuclear Fusion Reactor - ruvid.net/video/video-NhN7HuoT8dA.html, www.iter.org/
Nuclear Waste Reactor - ruvid.net/video/video-Po7D3G9EbKU.html, gehitachiprism.com/
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May 23, 2018




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Comments 771
LittlePenguin 2 days ago
*Deja vu...Drilling down for energy is bad bad idea! This has been already done during Atlantis when they were even more advanced in consciousness than today and they still managed to cause mass destruction of civilization.*
bobbg 3 days ago
Pretty cool. how about solar panels to stop ice cap melt.
Sunshine 4 days ago
The man in Singapore is a dead man, but doesn't know it yet....The oil and coal cartel is certainly watching him..... :-(
Kryder Origin
Kryder Origin 5 days ago
Stop fucking with planet already
Ball Key
Ball Key 5 days ago
Yeah if i can make a turbine it would be a city block too small guys step it up . but good progress .
WeekOnPost 5 days ago
no global warming :)
GlowingIcefire 7 days ago
People, the first solution would be fine, we literally cannot take the heat out of the Earth. The heat comes from the immense pressure of the Earth, it isn’t just a finite resource. Besides, we probably can’t even drill that far down, we haven’t even reached the mantle yet, the crust itself is hot enough.
Daniel Pierce
Daniel Pierce 7 days ago
Who has tested a miles long Graphene heat exchanger to back up that claim at 1:38? I was only aware of very small amounts of this made in a lab?
Bobby Rjaboshtan
Bobby Rjaboshtan 8 days ago
Bullshit. Nothing can pass just so, the consequences always take place. Human cannot govern Human properly.
Physics 101
Physics 101 8 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-m1W_rZFEG8c.html is.gd/etranpow - Kindle
Field Marschal Coramine
The first idea is like you took all thermal energy from the earth inner body and we all will die because the earth is moving and live mainly because of inner hot burnings, same as last one, how could these researchers said they are eco-friendly??
Eduard Tokaryev
Eduard Tokaryev 10 days ago
*Bird flies through Bat Turbine.*
Dairop scratch
Dairop scratch 13 days ago
With the last one: you kill everything in the water because there's no more light for alga than they dye and the fishes too because they have nothing to eat. The other problem is that it float with plastic things, wtf, use renovable materials for renovable projects !
Felix Hegg
Felix Hegg 13 days ago
wouldn't the world warm up aswell, if we took stored energy from the earth?
Felix Hegg
Felix Hegg 13 days ago
And can you even dig that deep? PLS answer..
Bob Anderson
Bob Anderson 13 days ago
The back round sound effects are an annoying distraction to the narration of this video. It simply isn't necessary.
Grand Admiral Thrawn
Renewable energy is fake lol like solar panels are really powered by people coming to your house and pouring gaseoline in your wires like duh!
GlowingIcefire 7 days ago
Grand Admiral Thrawn Do you know how a solar panel works? It heats up water, which evaporated and turns a turbine. The exact same thing happens with burning fossil fuels, just the water is heated up differently.
josh harrington
josh harrington 13 days ago
Grand Admiral Thrawn solar panels take photons from the thermonuclear reactor in the sky called the sun shows up every day an converts those into electrons an stores that energy for later use ie households, worksites etc ( e=conservation of quantity )
Manthri Satyam
Manthri Satyam 14 days ago
Man's needs too are unlimited.So,what if they use up all heat under the earth?
GlowingIcefire 7 days ago
Manthri Satyam That’s literally impossible, there is so much heat that we can’t even use up a small percentage of it. It’s also not a resource that is even able to be used up.
Svinjska Polutka
Svinjska Polutka 13 days ago
hell will freeze
Volker Heimes
Volker Heimes 16 days ago
or only through solar power travel see here Solar e-Bike Camper ruvid.net/u-VolkerHeimes
Jack Keyhoe
Jack Keyhoe 16 days ago
Moritz Rüster
Moritz Rüster 19 days ago
The music in the background is so distracting
agus2001 19 days ago
Johnny Athanasiadis
Graphene may be amazing but i have something so much more amazing. its so simple it will give life to the planet and is 100% green.i want an investor i estimate 1.8 trillion turn over every five years
Dee Cee
Dee Cee 22 days ago
Geothermal can be done but till some degree we use just 1%NEVER CROSS IT should be fine 8400 years sounds like a lot to me, we might have figured out fusion already by that time, Accessibility will be better by countrys with volcanos and/of natural hot springs.
Rundown Galaxy
Rundown Galaxy 23 days ago
Trump: Imma just continue building my wall.
Xi Rice-Eater
Xi Rice-Eater 24 days ago
Damn it... Ulomi electricity...
Connecting Konrád
Connecting Konrád 25 days ago
You just cant go and drain earths energy... Its there for a reason, and draining it could have terrible consequences...
Mike 23 days ago
So true
Unray 26 days ago
1. Sounds a lot like a geothermal plant with new possibilies i guess. Why dig when you can throw the cable into a volcano, won't that work? 2. Don't think that scales well, small remote communities yes. On large scale, i doubt it can replace a hydroplant. 3. Helium is rare stuff found on Earth. Doubt you fly that thing during thunderstorms or other "floating unfriendly" weather. What about birds? Other than that, it's practical. 4. Tidal power is good. 5. Well, i guess life in lake doesn't need sunlight. But ofcourse this helps prevent lake from drying out so it has pros and cons.
Tiago Henriques
Tiago Henriques 27 days ago
1:18 Jean luc picard?
Arsalan Anony
Arsalan Anony 27 days ago
imagine a flock of birds going into "the BAT"
Floda Reltih
Floda Reltih 12 days ago
helium is also rare now...
1st drilling in earth and last floating solar cells are shitty and dangerous ideas. You are litterally saying to transfer the heat from earth's core to surface. It's just like "if fossil fuel in earth ends we go down to core to find more source which we will finish too and probably cause earth to lose it's magnetic field and destroy the planet". There aren't enough ponds to use that solar cells and evn if there are, it will damage the eco system of the pond. Other ideas are great. That river and ocean dam are really great. I mean really great. Baloon one is good too but will need helium and more care.
Throttle Dude
Throttle Dude 27 days ago
It should be up to governments to fund shit like this but too bad there's so much corruption. I'm sure the US hasn't even thought of how they could even afford to throw funding into just the right kinds of scientific research, such as renewable energy, along with finding a way to make shit like this affordable for all civilians. Can we fucking hurry up with this shit? The earth isn't doing too well. Unless you've been living under a rock, you should know what Global warming and climate change is. We should hurry. I can't make any government do anything right. All I can do is hope for the best when posting comments like this.
Eniya S
Eniya S 29 days ago
extracting the earth's core temperature will lead the earth to a great disaster. when earth loses all its temperature, the earth is no longer a place for life. graphene is a good invention. but extracting geothermal energy is not good for future
Sumit Sharma
Sumit Sharma 29 days ago
You're joking right? Geo thermal energy is constantly being released around the world in the form of volcanic eruptions and natural geysers without our intervention. Our planet is so huge that it will take thousands if not millions of years of using such technologies to even have and effect on the core. I'm sure by that time we as a race would have found a better alternative.
blue280485 Month ago
All these are amazing renewable energy technologies! You should have also included Eco Wave Power and Hann-Ocean Drakoo Wave Energy Converter in this list!
Dairop scratch
Dairop scratch 13 days ago
Not the last one, else that's good yes
Michael J
Michael J Month ago
So you don't care what anybody's position on global warming is, yet you rely on them to agree with you that what we have now is bad? Explain how your logic works? That aside, rather than force people to adopt what you think is a great idea, has the thought of marketing your idea come to mind? It seems demand was the driving factor for behind the popularity of fossil fuels. If you want them replaced, offer something better & cheaper.
Paulina Dackiw
Paulina Dackiw Month ago
I see a BRIGHT future!!! Except, for the first one. Wouldn't what ever you would use that is down there eventually run out?🌍
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski Month ago
yes yes search for the unlimited energy , lazyass shit
David Muniz
David Muniz Month ago
BUT the Earth is hollow
NorxMAL Month ago
All the ideas are fucking stupid except perhaps one, which isn't that wonderful either... Most of them wouldn't be suitable for large infrastructure deployment; most of them seems more fitted for small and isolated areas; I'm excluding the first one, because it's most likely lunacy, and would most likely not be worth it and/or attainable for a long time (read below)! The last one I will mention below, what the issues with it are! First one, yeah, like it's no deal to fucking drill to the fucking mantle! They never heard about Kola Superdeep Borehole? Also, we should not fuck with the fucking mantle of this planet which we don't know nearly enough about, not to mention the all the other hypothesized "layers"! Also, the energy is not fucking unlimited; just that they keep saying that over and over speaks volumes about how unscientific they are! Also, how fucking environmentally friendly is it to dig such deep holes, and all the fucking materials required both for the drilling and the graphite conductor? Not to mention we could essentially make a new volcano or perhaps worse! Second (Small Hydroplant):It's a sweet idea, nothing new; but it's for small and rural areas more or less. Third (Wind turbine in the sky; Altaeros BAT): Well, I love to see how they battle with the problem of having to get helium, which is becoming less and less on this planet (It escapes into space if it gets into the atmosphere)! Helium is very difficult to contain in light structures, so yeah, it is most likely they need to refill those "balloons" pretty often! It is perhaps a great temporary solution for remote areas. But for large scale, NOPE! There is a reason why helium were cheap, but it is surely to become more and more expensive. Only foreseeable way of helium being so readily available for mass deployment of these, I can see; is if we can get Fusion Reactors going... But if we get those going, why would we need these anymore? Check out ITER, it might be finished building 2025-2035! Yeah, it is that massive, and several countries have helped fund it. Third (Dynamic Tidal Power dam): Yeah, how often is the tide? Oh is it like twice a day for limited periods? Yeah, where are you going to store all the energy for the usage in-between the tides (This is a problem we already have with both wind and solar power; this would be a lot more difficult than both combined!)? Doesn't seem feasible to be able to continuously get power from tides; also the maintenance is going to be significant with current technology. Also, China being involved is a big tip off that this particular venture is bullshit! If China were to build this, it would last less than 10 years, if not less than 2! Also, it would not be the first time they tricked the public/world, with bullshit environmental charades... Fourth (Floating solar panels): Yeah; it could perhaps be used some places. BUT, do we really need more micro-plastics in bodies of water? Seriously? Sure, it could be used in artificial ponds etc, where it doesn't reach the ocean or streams perhaps, in arid areas with lots of sun; as it would double as reducing water evaporation as well. But it is still solar panels, and they are all fixed to one angle, they don't track the sun, reducing their efficiency significantly...
Artur Month ago
is the bat rain and thunder proof?>
bobby Sowa
bobby Sowa Month ago
We can also use OSMOSIS- to create energy. Imagine- heating and cooling water to bring raise and fall
Mohamed Ameri
Mohamed Ameri Month ago
Seriously? You want to mess up the earths magnetic field for some energy?
AT Poe
AT Poe Month ago
Wondering if investing into Altaeros will pay in the long run?
AT Poe
AT Poe Month ago
李RandomLee Month ago
Stupid Ideas.
George Gates
George Gates Month ago
Is there ANYONE with enough logical brain power to realize that we have to replace the heat we have taken out of the planet? Geothermal heat, by itself, is only good for roughly 10 years. Then that area produces no heat in the winter.
George Gates
George Gates Month ago
There is A REASON for the planet retaining heat! Keep of screwing with the planet and we might have a tragedy like loosing the Van Allen belts. These belts keep us from losing out atmosphere to the solar wind created by the sun.
Ms6f33tunder Month ago
hmmmmm 9:30
Ms6f33tunder Month ago
And water on Mars, right?
Ms6f33tunder Month ago
and there's gotta be life on Mars right?
Ms6f33tunder Month ago
what about a dyson spere the more real life won not the won were it covers the star
Anna Beynon
Anna Beynon Month ago
what source of energy is used for the machines used to create the cables?
PumpJack McGee
PumpJack McGee Month ago
Be interesting to see if floating solar could help shield arctic waters from absorbing too much heat from sunlight. Would have to figure out a way to deal with the 6 months when the sun fucks off, however.
Kars Van der heijden
552.865 views, yet 0 reactions? time to change that. great video. now when will people actually do these things huh? i hope soon.
Majarimenna Užbaliad
And here we have people with Musk-scale bad ideas and large advertising budgets
Kaden Burgart
Kaden Burgart Month ago
Math: Will geothermal cool the earth? Initial thought: I haven't run the numbers yet, but I don't like the idea of doing more geothermal. When we take electricity from the earth's warmth, the earth loses that for good. If we rely on geothermal internationally, we may use too much and cool down the earth's core enough to damage the earth's magnetic field. That could be armageddon. The environmental impacts would be awful, and it could render our whole planet mars-like in the worst case. Second thought: I'd hate to hate on a potential renewable energy source without checking my numbers first. The earth produces 20TW[1] of thermal energy from radioactive decay in the mantle. This is the amount of warmth that the earth generates, so it should give us a ballpark idea of how much heat we would need to remove from the earth in order to make an impact on the earth's internal temperature. To summarize the heating situation under earth's crust, the heat comes from two sources in ~equal parts: radioactive decay, and leftover heat from the earth's creation. Lots of heat hits the earth from the sun but gets radiated back out; It doesn't really have anything to do with internal temperatures. [1] en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth%27s_internal_heat_budget As far as I can tell from that wikki page and the mantle mass from the quara page: Current heat in the earth: ~50% radiation, ~50% leftover Internal heat budget: Geothermal Power Consumption + 47TW radiated from the mantle to the outside world[1] - 20TW generated from radiation = Core cooling rate Core cooling rate without geothermal: 0 + 47TW - 20TW = 27TW Currently the world consumed 22,000 TWh in 2017[2]. That means an average power consumption of 2.5TW. If all of that was geothermal, we'd be increasing the cooling rate of the earth's core by about 10%. [2] yearbook.enerdata.net/electricity/electricity-domestic-consumption-data.html So based on that, how quickly does each TW of geothermal power cool the earth. Well, I looked at the most abundant elements of the earth by mass, and found that the weighted average thermal capacitance is about 1000 J/kg/deg C. To get a ballpark idea of the impact 1 TW would make, I'll use that number, and an average internal temperature of 3000 degrees C to calculate that the thermal energy of the earth is on the order of 1.8x10^31 J. In one decade, a 1TW source generates 3.2x10^20 J. SURPRIZE! According to these numbers, geothermal will never be a problem. In order to have a 1% impact on the average internal temperature of the planet, a 1TW source would have to work full time until the sun consumed the earth in 5 billion years. This is awesome, I LOVE geothermal power! It turns out that if we were to convert all our power generation to geothermal today, and double our total global geothermal power generation every decade, we would get 8,400 years of clean energy before cooling the earth's core by 1%! THAT'S INCREDIBLE!
Kaden Burgart
Kaden Burgart Month ago
+Sperila Alecsandru The difficulty of boring the hole isn't relevant; this is just a conservation of energy problem. We know we can generate at least some geothermal power now, and we have every reason to expect that we will be able to get a lot more of it in a century. As I showed, cooling happens on the scale of millenia at the very least; plenty of time to solve engineering problems, even on that order of difficulty. Regardless, though, I'm not suggesting it's practical for us to get all our power from geothermal. I'm just checking to see if we did, how far would we have to go before destroying the earth's magnetic field? But still. Getting geothermal power depends on several things that make the power output higher or lower. A hole that deep is undesirable for many kinds of geothermal generator designs. Here are some the pieces of the puzzle: 1) The power you can generate with heat depends on a heat difference; usually a difference between the hot temperature deep in the earth and the cold temperature at or near the surface. The bigger the temperature gap, the higher the power. 2) The power you can generate depends on the amount of heat energy that is actually delivered to the heat exchanger. 2a) Some systems pump hot water from deep wells up to the exchanger. Here, the better the insulation, the better the power output. The deeper the hole, the higher the initial temperature difference, but the lower the efficiency since there is more distance to dissipate that heat over. 2b) Some systems could use conductors to deliver heat to the exchanger, instead of a hot water pump. With conductors, the longer the conductor, the higher the thermal resistance. The effect if very similar to 2a. 3) In both those designs mentioned in 2, power can be increased without increasing depth, by increasing the amount of water being pumped, or by increasing the cross sectional area of the conductor (lowering its thermal resistance). Building more generators is similar to this. 4) Because there is less efficiency the deeper you go (despite more available power), engineers always look for the temperature change in an area per kilometer down. That metric in an area is what makes it a desirable area for geothermal today. Hot springs (the extreme case) hardly need any hole at all. An engineer looking to build a generator in an area would want a graph like this to help them draft a design: ags.aer.ca/image-content/fg30_01.jpg In the future, we will be better at drilling holes, better at making conductors, better at making pumps, better at producing materials that operate well in high temperatures, better at mass producing, etc... Again. I wasn't trying to say "geothermal is practical" before, but I do think It's more practical than you are giving it credit for.
Sperila Alecsandru
Kaden Burgart how do you make a hole that deep? The deepest hole ever made is a bit more than 12km the earth crust is 5-70km and the upper mantle is 640 km. The energy and time needed to dig these holes makes this idea unfeasible.
Alexander Somm
Alexander Somm Month ago
Taking the heat out of the earth's core, which is NOT unlimited, that sounds like a bad idea, considering our need for the magnetic fields ;-)
CeeJayDK Month ago
I think it sounds like a great idea. The heat in the core comes from decaying radioactive elements and they will continue to give off the heat whether you use it or not. It might cool the upper layers a tiny bit which could be helpful to prevent volcanic eruptions if done on a large enough scale and in the right area. Considering that a Yellowstone supervolcano eruption would mean the end of the USA as we know it then sapping some heat from that area and thus postponing an eruption might not be such a bad idea.
James Evans
James Evans Month ago
James Evans
James Evans Month ago
Asim Malik
Asim Malik 2 months ago
We should make are mark on this planet so people thousands yours from today know "WE WERE HERE". Carbon foot print are made by everyone, everyday!
Florin Pandele
Florin Pandele 2 months ago
Getting heat out of the ground is not really renewable energy. Let's not make the same mistake again as we did with oil. If the earth core cools down we loose its magnetic field and with that the atmosphere. That is why Mars and the Moon do not have one any more.
Kaden Burgart
Kaden Burgart Month ago
I had this same concern, but checked the math. I left a comment with links. If the whole world got its power from geothermal, and we doubled our consumption every decade as we always have, we'd cool the earth's core by 1% after about 8,400 years. We'd need to change or get screwed at that point though, because then it would be possible to freeze the core. But at that point, we might be able to generate so much power that we can reheat the earth artificially. Eight thousand years is a long time.
Ian Macdonald
Ian Macdonald 2 months ago
There are all sorts of farfetched ideas around. Most are in the same category as magnet motors and perpetual motion.
Glitchy Glitches
Glitchy Glitches 2 months ago
Would the first one cool down the earth?
GlowingIcefire 7 days ago
Glitchy Glitches No, we would use so little energy that nothing would happen. For the Earth to actually cool, we would have to drain the mantle, and that’s not possible, we can’t drill that deep.
Elfuelte 2 months ago
Great ideas
Vasu Kapadia
Vasu Kapadia 2 months ago
By using graphene for geothermal energy could it drastically affect the temperature of mantle and have reverse effect on us ??
Vasu Kapadia
Vasu Kapadia Month ago
+Kaden Burgart 😯😯😯 OK! Thanks ...
Kaden Burgart
Kaden Burgart Month ago
I had this same concern, but checked the math. I left a comment with links. If the whole world got its power from geothermal, and we doubled our consumption every decade as we always have, we'd cool the earth's core by 1% after about 8,400 years. We'd need to change or get screwed at that point though, because then it would be possible to freeze the core. But at that point, we might be able to generate so much power that we can reheat the earth artificially. Eight thousand years is a long time.
millie maddalena
millie maddalena 2 months ago
Graphene is Die Antwoord
Play Geetar
Play Geetar 2 months ago
taking the energy from the earths core would probably cool it, stopping the magnetosphere and then solar winds would rip the atmosphere away.
Kaden Burgart
Kaden Burgart Month ago
I had this same concern, but checked the math. I left a comment with links. If the whole world got its power from geothermal, and we doubled our consumption every decade as we always have, we'd cool the earth's core by 1% after about 8,400 years. We'd need to change or get screwed at that point though, because then it would be possible to freeze the core. But at that point, we might be able to generate so much power that we can reheat the earth artificially. Eight thousand years is a long time.
Brian Brewster
Brian Brewster 2 months ago
When I watch wonderful videos like these I truly believe mankind can fix our damaged planet by learning to work with nature versus against her to have green energy for everyone to share in.
Daniel Bowes
Daniel Bowes 2 months ago
i think the big oil corps need to assassinate these people and quick!.
Okie TC
Okie TC 2 months ago
That first one want to drains earths natural core, to power the surface of earth. I don’t think you guys are thinking this through
UGot Steve
UGot Steve 6 days ago
The size of the wire determines the flow of heat, unless the wire was the size of the earth it'll take trillion of years for the earth to run out of heat
ANANTHAN A.S 2 months ago
Geothermal solutions are extremely dangerous at larger scale . Earth is loosing it's core temperature and if we extract core's heat . Earth will turn similar to Martian terrain .
ANANTHAN A.S Month ago
+Kaden Burgart send me math via my mail . iamananthan135@gmail.com
Kaden Burgart
Kaden Burgart Month ago
I had this same concern, but checked the math. I left a comment with links. If the whole world got its power from geothermal, and we doubled our consumption every decade as we always have, we'd cool the earth's core by 1% after about 8,400 years. We'd need to change or get screwed at that point though, because then it would be possible to freeze the core. But at that point, we might be able to generate so much power that we can reheat the earth artificially. Eight thousand years is a long time.
Christoffer Grenov
Christoffer Grenov 2 months ago
5:52 "Twice the energy of an ordinary wind turbine" ? I'd like to see this tiny propeller produce "twice the energy" of an ordinary on-shore 3 or 4 MW turbine, let alone the newest 10MW offshore ones. Lol.
T3H11 3LL1S
T3H11 3LL1S 2 months ago
Just as I thought, we are far too reliant on energy sources that are destructive in nature. We need to get on board with the idea that the petrodollar has had its day. Make way for a cleaner greener future, and decommission energy sources that are more costly and harmful than good.
sina jebraily
sina jebraily 2 months ago
Too many scientists in here... smh
A.B.M. Tawshiqur Rahman
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer 2 months ago
*I feel bad for this guys they don't know who they really messing with...btw one of them looks like a Star trek character* 🖖
sason putra
sason putra 10 days ago
yes, me too. he looks like indian version of Patrick Stewart.
Tomorrow Yesterday
Tomorrow Yesterday 2 months ago
Great ideas but not used, sad
Celeste Arike
Celeste Arike 2 months ago
Do you seriously think corporation would let all those "Clean energy" go world wide??? Just like what they did back then in 18th to 19th century
Alexis The chicken
Alexis The chicken 2 months ago
So...geothermal energy basically
Luqman Khan
Luqman Khan 2 months ago
it may keep water temperature low and for some aquatic biota it may not be good !
Luqman Khan
Luqman Khan 2 months ago
what about the phytoplankton if they need direct sunlight for making there food ?
solobackpacking 2 months ago
Combined with reduction in human population, especially reducing the crazy reproduction rate of the Muslim population (doubles every 20 years), we can be taken off fossil fuel. Better technology in insulation will also make a huge difference.
M Oczakow
M Oczakow 2 months ago
Here are a couple of stats about Global Emissions that will blow ur mind, cause even 10million Tesla's every year will not make a dent in these, and all Teslas in the world for next 20y wont even faze these. 1 Cruise ship = emissions from 1,000,000 cars www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/as-it-happens-wednesday-edition-1.4277147/a-cruise-ship-s-emissions-are-the-same-as-1-million-cars-report-1.4277180 15 biggest shipping container ships, pollute same ass ALL cars in the world... yap. And one of these is = to 50,000,000 vehicles... now that is... mind boggling. inews.co.uk/news/long-reads/cargo-container-shipping-carbon-pollution/ And here is an even scarier stat boyz & girlz: (how many cargo ships are there in the world?) www.statista.com/statistics/264024/number-of-merchant-ships-worldwide-by-type/ And this stat above does not even include Cruise Ships: (314 large cruise ships) cruisemarketwatch.com/capacity/ So when people wanna lower emissions & reduce solution, we should start with these filthy things first off, especially since one of these is equal to 1-50mill vehicles.
Lukas Skrypetz
Lukas Skrypetz 2 months ago
Global warming is a conspiracy created by the Dark Lord Minkler to milk money from the gold nips of rich Americans to fuel the robot army created by Lizard Jong Un to conquer the planet and bring chaos to the galaxy.
Romin Hawk
Romin Hawk 2 months ago
Unfortunately, helium is not an abundant gas, and the world is running out of it. And the helium balloons that carry these turbines, I imagine are very expensive to produce and maintain.
Rajshri Visale
Rajshri Visale 2 months ago
12:08 fine but what about sediment flow?
gio lag
gio lag 2 months ago
this voices remenber me indians scammers
Brock Stevens
Brock Stevens 2 months ago
Get a good look at them. Oil producing companies will either (1)buy the idea and lock it away OR (2) everyone involved with geothermal unlimited energy idea (which Nikola Tesla theorized many years ago) will DISAPPEAR....MYSTERIOUSLY. History has shown us.
Panthera 2 months ago
There were so many free energy ideas that omg, people are being killed to suppress too good tech... Cartels keep their industries running their ways.
Panthera 2 months ago
Check this... www.rense.com/general72/oinvent.htm ENERGY SUPPRESSION CASES. There are people who kill inventors to keep industries under their own control.
Dakota Filgate
Dakota Filgate 2 months ago
k so then you get people who are the ones that shoot them down lol the bat is not ok if in alberta
Будущее за технологиями..
V1ctor 2 months ago
What do you want us to do? Fund your BS more?
Arvinth 2 months ago
The first one poses more risk and high maintenance. I'm talking about man made volcanos. And from business point of view too it's cost is higher compared to the alternatives.
Helene Dinand
Helene Dinand 2 months ago
Bloom Energy is the best of all used to be BloomBox Energy
Nanette Sage
Nanette Sage 3 months ago
You really should look to add "Solar Roadways" to this video.
Cool Gadgets & Stuff
Hi Nanette, this solarroadways project wad debunked a while ago. This is a video by guy on youtube called Thunderf00t where he debunks them - ruvid.net/video/video-H901KdXgHs4.html. You should check it out if you're still a believer in solar roadways. He has more videos about solarroadways on his channel. Don't take it personally but that project is nothing but fantasy.
Nanette Sage
Nanette Sage 3 months ago
+Cool Gadgets & Stuff solarroadways.com/
Cool Gadgets & Stuff
lol what, not sure if you're real or being sarcastic
Glad ._. TM
Glad ._. TM 3 months ago
The bat one is from big hero six right?
Leadius USA
Leadius USA 3 months ago
Time to think about surged power..... Think about it.... then address it. It is real and we can beak it.
LucasGrowsBest 3 months ago
Hey, I really enjoyed your video, just subscribed. Your plants are doing super well! I would appreciate if you checked out my channel and subscribe if you would like. Thank you!
mayank jain
mayank jain 3 months ago
Last one is really a dumb idea. As if we've not fucked up aquatic life enough?
mayank jain
mayank jain 3 months ago
That guy Number 1. Manoj bhargava. There's a movie about him named as "swadesh" and music given by a.r. rehman
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