5 Amazing RENEWABLE ENERGY Ideas & Solutions For The Future

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Some amazing renewable energy projects. THUMBNAIL is the 3rd product in the video - Altaeros BAT. For more information follow the links below.
0:06 ➤ Limitless Energy Graphene Project - billionsinchange.com/solutions/limitless-energy/, www.stage2innovations.com/
2:53 ➤ Turbulent Hydro - www.turbulent.be/
5:16 ➤ Altaeros BAT (Buoyant Airborne Turbine) - www.altaeros.com/
7:26 ➤ Dynamic Tidal Power - www.powerdtp.nl/
9:43 ➤ Floating Solar - www.ciel-et-terre.net/
Some other cool renewable energy projects:
Nuclear Fusion Reactor - ruvid.net/video/video-NhN7HuoT8dA.html, www.iter.org/
Nuclear Waste Reactor - ruvid.net/video/video-Po7D3G9EbKU.html, gehitachiprism.com/
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May 23, 2018

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Comments 845
Era Aion
Era Aion Hour ago
Wow Picard is too advance for us, we're 1000 years away from star cruising.
Austin Otto
Austin Otto 13 hours ago
The first idea was something I thought would work over and over again since 2001. Drill a hole into the mantle and evaporate water to turn a turbine.
Austin Otto
Austin Otto 13 hours ago
The problem that we as a planet have is that no one can drill a hole deep enough yet.
Gostandinos Theodossiou
Problems with all this is we go from one pollution to an other we all put solar panels on our roofs and drive electric car. We will cause same or more pollution as electric vehicle batteries take tonnes of CO2 and other gas to be manufactured used and recycles meaning we are worse off we will use more of the world resources as well. Tonnes of CO2 to male solar panel
Silent Woodfire
Silent Woodfire 2 days ago
Never heard of any of them. The air turbine was a amusing setpiece in The Division 2 though
Tyler Gullickson
Tyler Gullickson 4 days ago
more plastic in the water with floating solar, did nobody else see the injection molding of the floats for the solar.
Tyler Gullickson
Tyler Gullickson 4 days ago
"affordable wind energy can be delived to the furthest points of the earth" yeah, just like the video, they can be delivered on a semi truck, which might get maybe 6 or 7 miles per gallon of diesel if you are lucky. and that is a lot of pollution, let alone the usage of fossil fuels.
snurk agurk
snurk agurk 4 days ago
Not infinite, renewable
Joshua Robinson
Joshua Robinson 7 days ago
floating solar panels is not a bad idea, but it stagnates the water cycle.
Shane Keller
Shane Keller 7 days ago
So if you take the energy how do you know it won’t eventually take all the energy from the core and if that happens what will happen to earth
Meas Savuth
Meas Savuth 14 days ago
I think that if the factory produce only EV Car or Electric car and also using solar panel everywhere, so that you can save the earth and no more smoke and reduce the hot in the enviroment ,,,, the world become green soon, ,,,
crazy shit
crazy shit 16 days ago
Best way to save this planet is stop everything zero development and start farming and plant trees. All we need is air, food and water just protect our resources.
Georg Wagner
Georg Wagner 15 days ago
Nah thats all u need
Marty Mcmannis
Marty Mcmannis 16 days ago
How will the greedy power keep their power?
TheOriginalMakaaka 22 days ago
7:45 "By combining Chinese and Dutch expertise".....LOL 90% of the products I buy from Alibaba or ebay that are from China - end up getting sent back due to defects/damage. What you mean to say is - by combining Dutch expertise and low cost slave labor in China. I think the first idea with the Graphene makes the other ideas only viable for rural areas.
MiccaPhone 22 days ago
Why not fist cover roofs with solar befor sealing more natural landscapes?
Dennis Fitch
Dennis Fitch 22 days ago
The last is a horrible idea because all the marine life plants and animals are now starved for sun an oxygen. Thats not free and renewable, thats mindless and destructive.
The young Conservative
My opinion on these ideas 1. Creative but just stupid 2.great idea 3. Usual bird killer 4.another good idea 5. I like that it is more efficient but I don’t want to look at a body of water with that on top of it Incase if u haven’t figured it out already I’m biased towards hydropower
Arka Das
Arka Das 23 days ago
If we extract heat from the mantle, wouldn't it cool the mantle? 😅
Sunflower 23 days ago
Scottish Scientist
Scottish Scientist 24 days ago
Wind, solar, storage and back-up system designer for 100% renewable energy grids and microgrids with 24/7/52 power-on-demand! scottishscientist.wordpress.com/2017/07/14/wind-storage-and-back-up-system-designer
Ola K
Ola K 24 days ago
Ben Kingsley!
Vikas Panchal
Vikas Panchal 26 days ago
Please navigate me to thumbnail
Cool Gadgets & Stuff
Thumbnail is the 3rd product in the video - Altaeros BAT. Starts at 5:16. Everything is in description.
strange lee
strange lee 27 days ago
OK we take a very long fan belt..wrap it around the earth...then thread it through the International space station. As the space station orbits the planet it powers a dynamo on board connected to the fan belt. (There may be some minor details to work out).
rip LunarBird CLH
rip LunarBird CLH 11 days ago
Are you an idiot? The space station only moves because there's no friction in the void. If you influence the movement of space station to any significant degree, it WILL slow down and fall on Earth.
Elmo 28 days ago
1:18 he says that Graphene is lighter than air, which means it floats? Really? 🤨
Elmo 11 hours ago
Christopher Tochalauski - I’m trying to see things from you’re perspective but I cannot seem to get my head that far up my butt ‘man’.
Christopher Tochalauski
You're ridiculous man. If you've dabbled in science you should at least know that being lighter than air doesn't just automatically mean something floats. You called yourself out in this man, because for those of us that already know what you shared with us, we already knew that. 🤣👍
Elmo 23 hours ago
Christopher Tochalauski - apparently, according to our friend google, graphene aerogel is seven times lighter than air but its porous and hence it does not float. 😲👍
Christopher Tochalauski
Also, graphene itself isn't lighter than air. However, other certain materials made from it can be up to seven times lighter than air, such as carbon aerogel.
Christopher Tochalauski
Just because something has less mass than air by volume doesn't mean it doesn't interact with gravity in a radical way man. Since it's such a superconductor, I'm sure it has various energies it is capable of interfacing with. 🤣👍
Metehan ÇANDIR
Metehan ÇANDIR 29 days ago
humans I dont need it I dont need it I defenitly dont need it *after global warming * IIII neeeeed iiiiittt
A Fase do Chefe
A Fase do Chefe Month ago
Man, absorb heat from the Earth,s core! How did i not think about this before! It would last for the whole human era. After seen that, i can asume: The future is geotermic!
Elmo 28 days ago
A Fase do Chefe - Geothermal energy is not a new concept, they have been doing it Iceland for decades.
Reuizi Month ago
the first one have tendency to poke a volcano in the future, just like your body, u poke it now seems nothing, later it will swallow
ajaber jay
ajaber jay Month ago
Orrrrr we could invest in solar panels and manufacture batteries that could retain all the energy from the solar panels during the day and have a full battery for the night. ELON MUSK is doing just that! makes the most sense in my opinion
Ken Behrendt
Ken Behrendt Month ago
One can find a design for a genuine working perpetual motion wheel here: ruvid.net/video/video-b5q_hbikVYA.html
jerebuck Month ago
None of these devices are enlightened: they're all regurgitated thinking.
samuel arauz
samuel arauz Month ago
These people are stupid they say not pollution but they polluted the ocean and the sharks and dolphins can't say nothing
Malhar Apte
Malhar Apte Month ago
Graphene solution will leave cold spots which will reduce heat transfer over time.
rip LunarBird CLH
rip LunarBird CLH 11 days ago
Impossible. Lava cannot be cooled down no matter what we do. We simply don't have the technology to cool it down.
Mike Cerretta
Mike Cerretta Month ago
I like the bat idea attached one to every skyscraper water tower in the world let's do it
Mike Cerretta
Mike Cerretta Month ago
Wind solar waves hydro are all the power we need
Charlie Foxtrotsky
let me float out an idea here. I expect nothing except criticism because thats what you get from religious-like zealots who have abdicated their minds to a movement. But....at any rate. We can massively reduce energy expenditure of large parts of the population right now, with common technology and very little effort. for the portion of the population who live in homes...... (a slightly different argument could be made for those living in multi-family dwellings) if you are in a northern climate, install large multi-pane insulated windows on southern facing walls and if your home is rectangular, then face the wide side toward the south. Install concrete floors so that the sun will warm the floor via the windows during daylight hours. if you have a home in a more equatorial area, then install a pre-roof over your home (sheet metal roof) so that the sun never hits your actual roof. yes, there are costs involved in renovating but perhaps not so much in new building but costs are also involved in installing solar etc of course in all these situations building with modern insulation technology and getting rid of thermal bridging etc etc etc goes without question, my point is not to list everything needed but to point out that with very common, easily obtained technology, our homes can be so much more efficient and thus the energy needs for cooling and heating go down by several orders of magnitude if implemented everywhere. Heating and cooling of homes is probably a large portion of energy expenditure. The problem for movements, govts and globalists is that doing it this way does not extract enough money from people in the form of taxes to enrich the globalists and the politicians they pay to land large govt contracts paid for by tax dollars........in my example, people could consume most of the cost themselves and then reap the financial benefits. If we were able to reduce the total volume of energy we needed to live our daily lives.....would that not, in itself, reduce the amount of energy needed to be produced....by coal or any other means? Instead of all of these projects or whatever to invent some new miracle cure.....why not simply use existing, common technology in such a way so that we don't require as much energy to maintain our current lifestyles?
Ayazuddin Qureshi
Burn it down
ExoticBeast 22
ExoticBeast 22 Month ago
John Delatorre
John Delatorre Month ago
15 kw whirlpool turbine? I installed a 26 kw solar system on a home. 15 kw is not going to power 60 homes.
In The Dm's
In The Dm's Month ago
John Delatorre remember these are villages and also I’m sure it could potentially produce higher energy it was just a test
MrBigboy1057 Month ago
These dudes just want to aquire free blow.
WaroftanksPro Month ago
Graphene is way too expensive, a mile long cable will cost trillions of dollars
Christopher Tochalauski
I wish people would remember that graphene isn't expensive, but rather the production cost is. Once we find a cost efficient method for production, well, carbon is one of the most plentiful elements on our planet. There's no way they'll be charging that much forever, considering how readily available the materials for synthesis are.
In The Dm's
In The Dm's Month ago
WaroftanksPro worth it
QUEEN GODESS 2 months ago
idiots if you pull the earth inner energy that causes the imbalance in the eco system... you guys are shit...
horizon 2 months ago
isnt there a safe liquid that has low boiling point we can use to run steam turbines? by drilling shallow enough that it can boil?
Æther Realm
Æther Realm 2 months ago
OPEN SOURCE PATENTS on devices that harness electrostatical charges in the ionosphere. the power of lightnings is in our hands .We had these inventions since 1920 thanks to NIKOLA TESLA. free energy from the vacum field or aether for the whole planet. (Physics has proved that space is not empty) Otis Carr, John Hutchinson, Whilelm reich. Research these people We could have cars running on salt water and fission energy by now. BE SCEPTIC AGAINST Climate Change And people that worry about the energy transition. If people in deep state and secret agenices wanted to SAVE US FROM THIS THREAT we could do that transition tomorrow. this is not the warmest period the world is going through There were people that created devices that could harness energy from any type of resonance, devices on ANTIGRAVITY and flying saucers, sound healing technology, teleportation and devices that could turn solid matter into a liquid substance (even if you find the resonant frequency for a glass you can turn it into liquid and shatter it because you find the frequency that the molecules are vibrating at ) And people think electric cars are the future while all these inventors labs were destroyed and their research confiscated. Who do you think owns all these inventions? Who do you think is secretly working on these technologies? Ben Rich former head of Lockheed Martin admitted we already have the technology to travel among the stars. But I guess the Banking system, Energy companies that have monopolies on oil, coal and gas and pharmaceutical Corporations would lose their share of the market and control. Unless you do not want want to fall prey of the future psychological war (with aliens or AI(controlled humans who already have technology beyond our dreams, including flying saucers, will create a global false flag scenario) you should not become confused and you should speak up.We should collectively spread these mental streams. Electromagnetic radiation from 5G and space satellites in the microwave sprectrum together with the risk of humans living as avatars in virtual matrices ARE the new global threat because people believe that we have no other choice Meditate on lasting values and evolve your DNA to achieve the light Body. one teardrop of dna contains more computing power than all computers on this planet combined Research what is going on on the south POLE.
ttystikk rocks
ttystikk rocks 2 months ago
I see ideas like these and laugh when I think about all the people who say that replacing fossil fuel is impossible.
Emma Blake
Emma Blake 2 months ago
That first one don’t seem like a wise idea, I’d say leave the earths core alone, it does its job very well and meddling with it will only result in catastrophic events either soon after or further down the line. The second one seems very viable and one the site is cleaned up I’m sure it will blend in quite well with the surrounding area, good idea for the more rural isolated areas of the world. The third I’m not too sure about and if it was as good as they say then why are they not in place instead of the giant expensive wind farms? This is an old video so assume it didn’t pass whatever things it’s needs to. The fourth... I’m not a fan of Dams, they tend to screw natural habitats and the last.... floating solar panels... no particular reason but I don’t see that taking off. Find a way of building homes with off grid renewable energies, not just for those with money but also for state funded builds also, eliminate the need of grids and giant plants that quite honestly look hideous and ruin plenty of natural landscapes. Focus should be on building that are self sustainable from the start.
Nadav Julius
Nadav Julius 2 months ago
..... what happens when you start to take energy out of the earth core.... what happens to the earths core when it looses energy?
Kristia Marie Delfin
Nadav Julius the earth looses its magnetic field ...
Trashy Americans
Trashy Americans 2 months ago
I would flat pay money out my paycheck to support ideas of Graphine cables. The turbines are also pretty, like the cool penny fountains, It flows with nature. Turbine on a blimp is fn genius
Richard Bell Sr
Richard Bell Sr 2 months ago
Look guys drilling for energy I know sounds bad but hey we probably won't see any bad effects for 100 years so we get to ride out feeling like king shit on turd island and the future can go to hell.
Galaxy Unifox
Galaxy Unifox 2 months ago
These guys look like they’re from Star Trek 😂
Ankit kumar
Ankit kumar 2 months ago
But will happen if floating solar area met with flood or high tide
LittlePenguin 3 months ago
*Deja vu...Drilling down for energy is bad bad idea! This has been already done during Atlantis when they were even more advanced in consciousness than today and they still managed to cause mass destruction of civilization.*
bobbg 3 months ago
Pretty cool. how about solar panels to stop ice cap melt.
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