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-We know an easy way to get the ketchup out of a bottle. You will need to microwave a bottle for 10 seconds or even to use soap dispenser to store ketchup
-Reuse ketchup bottle to store melted chocolate in it and decorate a cake
-Check out a quick way to peel the onion. You won’t believe how easy the method we share
-Learn how to quickly make pomegranate juice. You will need a syringe
-You can remove unwanted odors from cutting boards with one ingredient. Freeze toothpaste in an ice-cube tray and use to clean a cutting board
-If you are out of butter, we know a simple way to make homemade butter. Pour whole milk into a jar, add double cream and shake properly
-This lifehack is truly crazy! You can make a mask for black dots using bread and milk. Check out the whole tutorial!
-Tired eyes is an annoying problem if you work a lot in front of the computer. Use the next recipe: take two cotton pads and soak into cold milk. After that apply on your eyes and leave for a few minutes
-You can make homemade cottage cheese from sour milk. Pour milk into a pan, add vinegar and heat and stir for 15 minutes
-You can clean your silver jewelry using milk and vinegar
-Let’s make a chocolate bottle with candies inside. You will need a milk plastic bottle, white chocolate, candies, for example, M&Ms. Melt the chocolate and pour it into the plastic bottle, slowly rotate the bottle until the chocolate has completely coated the inside part. Refrigerate the bottle for an hour. Next, place candies inside and remove the plastic bottle
00:09 Ketchup hacks
02:10 How to make pomegranate juice
02:50 Toothpaste hack
02:31 Homemade butter
07:55 How to cut mango
10:52 Homemade quesadilla
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Nov 19, 2019




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Kelly Lique
Kelly Lique Day ago
Jessie #wolf warrior Frazee
2:35 5.min.crafts be like: *WHO WANTS BALLOON CHEMICALS IN THEIR JUICEEEEE* Everyone: *Ummmmm..* _________________________________________________ |Also when you click 2:35 Pause before clicking Ty!| ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5:06 Till 5:11 WHO DRINKS THEIR MILK, AFTER THEY DIPPED FABRICS IN IT. 5.Min.Crafts: *Uhhh us? Hehehee..... 0.0*
Xx_xX 2 days ago
Mom: KIDS COME GET YOUR DRINK Kids: Okay! Mom: I made your favorite! Kid: .o. MILK AND VINEGAR! Kids twin: YAYYYY!!! :D I’m sorry for wasting your time. I can’t get over the fact that they said “tortilla chips” THOSE ARE FU****G DORITOSSS MY GUYYYYYY and people if ur making mug macaroni take it out every 3 minutes and mix it.
Lindy O'Hanlon
Lindy O'Hanlon 3 days ago
Who else thinks that they put a hack in more than one video??? 👇👇
Sabina Soukalová
Naila Azad
Naila Azad 4 days ago
BinBin the person above me is a weeb.
*THEY'RE REACTION* Me: aaarrggghhh it's so cringey!!!
jj's world
jj's world 4 days ago
Coco Dowdle
Coco Dowdle 4 days ago
Them :How to save Oreos In a crazy way Me : I use tape
Meredith Bonge
Meredith Bonge 5 days ago
Nobody has time to do this stuff
exotic betta
exotic betta 5 days ago
First duck tape , then Ramen noodles and now MILK this is gone mad
Vijay Savdiya
Vijay Savdiya 5 days ago
to use milk 4 clean footwere it,s stuppidity......
Vijay Savdiya
Vijay Savdiya 5 days ago
to use milk 4 clean footwere it,s stuppidity......
Vijay Savdiya
Vijay Savdiya 5 days ago
this is a stuppidity.....
Thanh Huong TV
Thanh Huong TV 5 days ago
Video của bạn rấthsy 👏👌👍👍
kaycee joy
kaycee joy 5 days ago
Tired eyes:dip the make up remover into the milk 10 minutes late she drink the same milk
michalis skiathitis
Everything in this channel requires milk
michalis skiathitis
Out of butter how bout we make some Me goes to store buys butter
Deviant Artist
Deviant Artist 7 days ago
2:40 I would never share my food with anyone in class
Крэк Crec
Крэк Crec 8 days ago
43 easy live hacks for make poop...
Madhu k Madhu k
Madhu k Madhu k 8 days ago
Romany McAvoy
Romany McAvoy 3 days ago
I dont think I have epoxy lying around in my house so it's a yes from me☺☺
محمد خلفی
HX VLOG 9 days ago
every body that eats micowaves and eats eggs more than once is dead to me
•Galaxy Edits•
Great hacks but some of them are Wth
Jelly Buns yum
Jelly Buns yum 9 days ago
*at the dinner table eating hotdogs* Me: where's the sauce? Mom: ohh its in the bathroom honey. Toothpaste your favorite 😉
Tamara _Playz Gacha
The thumbnail looks gross Who thought of it Please explain
Jennifer Detric
Jennifer Detric 9 days ago
At 1:06 why clean out a ketchup bottle and put chocolate in it then when someone has a hotdog or a burger they will be like oh look ketchup and put it on their burger or hotdog then it will ruin their meal! What is wrong with you 5 minuet crafts!
XxPencil HurricaneXx
Uhhh some one passed you a mysterious white substance and you just assume it's butter without even checking it uhhhh you have no clue where it came from!
It’s Just Meh
It’s Just Meh 10 days ago
Who also just watches them to make fun of them
SEHRISH AKHTAR 10 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-VsiX28dRy0M.html please subscribe this channel :) Pleaseeeee
Jaslyn 10 days ago
every hack milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk milk and more milk
Devin Slater
Devin Slater 10 days ago
Ruby's are red, Sapphires are blue, I just got clickbated and yep... So did you.
Ria’s World
Ria’s World 10 days ago
Uncreative.. Please make sure what your actually sending on public is real.
hasnika kashyap 7
hasnika kashyap 7 11 days ago
Nice video #hasnikakashyap7
diamond exacuter
diamond exacuter 11 days ago
everybody that eats micowaves and eats eggs more than once is dead to me
Jonnie Bernal
Jonnie Bernal 11 days ago
For the hack with the elbow maccoroni, It did not work at ALL.
Jonnie Bernal
Jonnie Bernal 11 days ago
Love the music.where do you find it?but still, LOVE IT
Rhys Pascua
Rhys Pascua 11 days ago
*running out of breath?* *try breathing* *1 like=1 person did tnis*
Adelina hi
Adelina hi 12 days ago
The second hack I thought when they were going to put water in the bottle and shake it and then put it on the hot dog
ANANDU VLOG S 12 days ago
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