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Every girl knows how it’s hard to look flawless. That’s why we always look for new beauty ideas that will simplify your beauty routine. Watch this video and you will be able to spend less time in front of the mirror. Here is a selection of cool ideas you need to try:
-Broken lipstick is not a catastrophe anymore. ere is an easy way to solve this problem. Melt broken part and pour it into an empty lipstick container. Let cool and enjoy! Also, you can make homemade lip gloss using your old lipstick
-Renew your dry mascara and add a few drops of lens solution. Your mascara is new again! :)
- Always wiper blade with a cotton pad with baby oil and razor will last longer
-You can add a few drops of aloe vera gel to your dry eyeliner
-Find out how to get leftovers from your cream
As a bonus, you will find genius household ideas everyone should know. Checkout a clever way to store sicks using clothespins and wire hanger; a cool way to store high boots using pool noodles; how to cure mosquito bites using a spoon and a lot more.
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00:09 Clever beauty ideas
01:02 Dry mascara hack
02:22 DIY Lip gloss
03:55 Clever household ideas
10:17 How to store high boots
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Nov 19, 2019




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Comments 312
Jennifer Jimenez
Jennifer Jimenez 20 hours ago
5:35 is that a new way of brewing tea lol
Kimberly Ramirez
Kimberly Ramirez 11 days ago
Love it
Kitty Cat7
Kitty Cat7 11 days ago
Am I the only one that realized that half of the hacks in this video are things that you can go to dollar tree and find something that is that exact thing made for that exact purpose already made for you!
Shiroma Kulathunga
Shiroma Kulathunga 13 days ago
You know coconut oil is made of coconuts And olive oil is made of olives But baby oil?😱
Dreaming Star21
Dreaming Star21 14 days ago
the part with the cream when she push the cream it gets out
illuzions 108
illuzions 108 15 days ago
5:45 Song the should had used : Ice ice baby
halloween squad
halloween squad 15 days ago
0:19 she was smiling when doing it that's gross, dirty, nasty stuff,
Hibah Hussain
Hibah Hussain 16 days ago
I think I watched this before I cant keep track of all these videos 😂 But at least they’re uploaded daily
Jigg’s GoldenSerato
“Like to hand”.... Goodness @Alonzolerone help them 😂
Enfasis Animations
Enfasis Animations 16 days ago
Masturbated while watching this
Hannah Kelley
Hannah Kelley 16 days ago
If you're reading this comment Have a good day or night wherever you live and enjoy life 😝✌❤
Cassandra Harden
Cassandra Harden 14 days ago
Julie Longden
Julie Longden 16 days ago
If you think the hacks get a bit repetative leave a like
Hadley Slyder
Hadley Slyder 18 days ago
Hadley Slyder
Hadley Slyder 18 days ago
that makes total sense
Hadley Slyder
Hadley Slyder 18 days ago
oh i get it if you have dry nail polish put nail polish remover in the bottle
Rish Plays
Rish Plays 18 days ago
We use the nail polish remover to save the nail polish Logic -10000
Another guy with an Asriel profile picture
A better way to grow on RUvid is to make better content.
Gyselle pley games YT brasil
That has no way a watermelon enters a balloon or bladder🤔🤔
My Cookie
My Cookie 19 days ago
5-Minute crafts be like: Don't have a cat! we'll just use a toy, We're sure no one will notice. Me: I have a cat, but even I can make a toy look at least decently real
rayan Amir
rayan Amir 20 days ago
If my toilet freshener ran out, I would put toothpaste in it. Don't judge my thoughts.....I'm only 8 years old.
Brain driver
Brain driver 20 days ago
I am subscribing people who are subscribing me. If not subscribed call me at 9800929495
muhamad feri
muhamad feri 20 days ago
I am man. Thanks for your tricks 1.49♥♥♥
Kenjam 20 days ago
10:11 if you do that then people won’t see the label and they’ll use it as soap 🤦‍♀️
Dead meme Graveyard 2
14:44 most realistic dog ever Edit: I think it’s a cat
Akiyama Naru
Akiyama Naru 21 day ago
I've never met with anyone who wanted to share a cheeseburger so it must be a lie 😂😂😂
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Ghia Nicole De Guzman
0:49 she look like crazy you can't put to much you can handle that.
Ghia Nicole De Guzman
49 she look like crazy you can put it to much you cam handle that
Catastrophic Stupidity
15:07 they left the cat leg props on the counter!
ƒӀօɑԵíղց stars
2:44 girl when she smiles look at her teeth its yellow ;-;
Nana Adwoa Obuo
Nana Adwoa Obuo 21 day ago
5 minute crafts: frozen ice cream Me: isn't ice cream supposed to be frozen
Matej 97
Matej 97 21 day ago
Mm Mm
Mm Mm 21 day ago
The best 5 min yet
Angel Butterfly
Angel Butterfly 21 day ago
5:13 Thanos be like: I used the water to stop the water
basma bouzayan
basma bouzayan 21 day ago
Mei Mei
Mei Mei 21 day ago
Okay Im Not Doing These
Kalak Santiago
Kalak Santiago 21 day ago
Wat is the song called that plays at 5:30
Abby Hanson
Abby Hanson 21 day ago
That thumbnail tho...
do ngoc Dinh
do ngoc Dinh 21 day ago
Ai la nguoi vn coi cai nay thi like va commen nha
Meenakshi Kancharla
Copying from other channels
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