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We prepared creative and beautiful makeup tips that will totally make you look fabulous:
- Flyaways are so annoying when you need to make a perfect ponytail or bun. Watch our video and learn lip balm hacks that will help you to solve the problem
- Pimples are an embarrassing problem especially if you are preparing for a special event. Try our perfect recipe - mix aspirin with some water and apply
- Cut your old t-shirt and make headbands and speed up your makeup routine
- We have a crazy idea - make shadows at home! You need to find an empty nail polish bottle. Take a bowl and mix Vaseline, glitter, and pigment. Microwave the mixture for 2 minutes.
- Freckles look super cute and if you don’t have them, try our genius lifehack with hot glue and a fork!
- Use whipped cream instead of a hair mask for dry hair. It will help to avoid split ends and to make your hair shining again
- Use plastic bottle cap to master perfect eyes makeup
- We have a perfect treatment for bad breath - mix activated charcoal with water, take a toothbrush and clean your tongue
- Do you want fuller lips? Use wasabi to naturally plump your lips. Mix wasabi and yogurt together and apply for a few minutes
- Try our perfect and cheap mask to look perfect in the morning - use pomegranate tea and gelatin. Forget about dark circles
- Want to look gorgeous at the party? Watch our rainbow makeup tutorial. Check out few inspiring looks we think would be perfect to wear to the party
Try these lifehacks and share the results in comments below!
00:11 Fake lashes lifehack
00:32 Cool manicure idea
02:04 Homemade shadows
03:10 Fake freckles
03:34 Mask for dry hair
14:26 Rainbow makeup

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Feb 19, 2019




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5-Minute Crafts
9:05 Cool DIY makeup organizer! 👸 Face treatment secrets ruvid.net/video/video-a-vorgLxD1c.html
Tony Murray
Tony Murray 3 months ago
@Saluz it's ok dude, I don't watch either of them, and I'm gucci
Tony Murray
Tony Murray 3 months ago
Stop wasting things, like, someone's REAL hair, come on now, it's ruining the planet
GL Amber Studio
GL Amber Studio 6 months ago
5-Minute Crafts পরে কি আছে
random kid 206
random kid 206 6 months ago
Ohhhhhh secrets
Robert Koski
Robert Koski 7 months ago
Wahiba Wahiba
Wahiba Wahiba 15 days ago
12.50 second girl have to put kajal
kadence salyers
kadence salyers 16 days ago
Me:gives my mom a makeup brush for Christmas My mom:aww I love it *mom notices my hair is cut* My mom:why is your hair cut?? Me:cus I needed to get you a Christmas gift My mom:what Me:ohh I cut off my hair to make your makeup brush *my mom being speechless* Me:go watch this 5 min crafts vid My mom: *sews 5 min crafts*
kadence salyers
kadence salyers 16 days ago
5 min craft:puts black stuff all over her mouth Friend:....Yep I’m friends with a demon
kadence salyers
kadence salyers 16 days ago
Who else is watching this during Quarantine cus they have nothing better to do
City Tracker
City Tracker 18 days ago
Ayame Aihara
Ayame Aihara 23 days ago
Aspirin for pimple?😅
Melaninia Diamondz
Melaninia Diamondz 23 days ago
R.I.P. Whipped cream 😭
Moussa Tongi
Moussa Tongi 25 days ago
3:39 wHy ThO? aRe yOu aN aLiEn?
「Rxsey - dxst」
I mean you can just buy a headband instead of ruining a shirt you could have sewed back together
Neve Conroy
Neve Conroy Month ago
I love your DIY
Veronica Thomas
Veronica Thomas Month ago
6:21 I am extremely confused, why not just use a paintbrush? Instead of YOUR HAIR
Veronica Thomas
Veronica Thomas Month ago
5:26 Why don’t u just brush ur teeth...?
Veronica Thomas
Veronica Thomas Month ago
Let’s not condition our hair like a normal person let’s just put whip cream in it! 👏
Veronica Thomas
Veronica Thomas Month ago
3:11 Ummm the girl who smiled weirdly and creepily while holding forks up to her face makes me think she goin a lil crazy 😐
First of all they just dramatic a bobby-pin can’t go through your skin
Imagine how sticky that woman’s hair is after messaging the massive amount of whipped cream in her hair. I really do hope these actresses are wearing wigs so they don’t absolutely Destroy their hair, and scalp.
Lino Insularin
Lino Insularin Month ago
You are not sure that medicine for pimples that's not recommended by doctors
Manda DC
Manda DC Month ago
5-minute crafts girls from troom troom Trum Trum Field from 5-minute crafts
Luís Santos flores
Amei as ideia 💡
Scarlett Hop
Scarlett Hop Month ago
No one: Not a single soul: Five minute crafts: LET'S PUT CHAP STICK IN OUR HAIR!
Kolipaka Prathima
2:42 chiiii yakkk too dirty who dislike it
Katalina Bryant
Katalina Bryant 2 months ago
I have to admit, 9:30 that thing is really cool...i would use it
Katalina Bryant
Katalina Bryant 2 months ago
HeRe LeTs JuSt CuT mY hAiR tO mAkE a MaKeUp BrUsH
Katalina Bryant
Katalina Bryant 2 months ago
0:53 that pimple is so fake come on now...
Kennedy Taylor
Kennedy Taylor 2 months ago
Her: I'm just gona wash my hair in whipped cream Me: cringe
Shek Monira
Shek Monira 2 months ago
If you don't like 5 minutes craft and comment how bad it is. STOP WATCHING IT!!!!
goof ball squad
goof ball squad 2 months ago
I like it)!
Maddie L
Maddie L 2 months ago
0:10 I really hope no kid sews y'all for putting nail polish on there eyelids
Brittany Kayy
Brittany Kayy 2 months ago
Putting whipped cream on ur hair?? My hair would be sticky forever, 15 washes later...
Annalee Armoogam
Annalee Armoogam 2 months ago
At 2:49 can you not just tie your hair???!!?😡😡😡😡😡
chahat Priya
chahat Priya 2 months ago
Cant u tie your hair while applying mascara
ragul sam
ragul sam 2 months ago
1:17 then y should we apply it
kateandstella Pev
kateandstella Pev 2 months ago
0:52 that pimple is SO FAKE!
Maggie Kendrick
Maggie Kendrick 2 months ago
5:52 either that is food in her teeth or she doesnt know how to wash her mouth
Maggie Kendrick
Maggie Kendrick 2 months ago
Kylie Tight Hoodie
Kylie Tight Hoodie 3 months ago
Free girl plastic surgery for free! Not using real parts just makeup.
Lily Rideout
Lily Rideout 3 months ago
Just go to the dollar store and buy a makup brush
Neetu Jaiswal
Neetu Jaiswal 3 months ago
Stocking Wala makeup accha nahi laga ☹️☹️
Ixchel Lopez
Ixchel Lopez 3 months ago
The first girl in the video have a blue eye and a green one
chrisann Playz
chrisann Playz 3 months ago
Legit no one ever- imma go do these
Rachel Kavanagh
Rachel Kavanagh 3 months ago
3:57 That Makes Ur Hair Greasy🤣🤣
Rachel Kavanagh
Rachel Kavanagh 3 months ago
Nobody Gets Mascara In Their Hair When The Put It On CAUSE THEY USE AN ACTUAL HEADBAND
Manjula Ramesh
Manjula Ramesh 3 months ago
Cool music guys
Amanda Martinsone Sandqvist - Elev Östra Torpskolan 4B
Your eyes look so good♥️
leyla aysu Koçak
leyla aysu Koçak 3 months ago
6:23 ewww...
leyla aysu Koçak
leyla aysu Koçak 3 months ago
6:23 ewww...
Krasi Leona
Krasi Leona 3 months ago
Moje li vtora chast
Neha Agarwal
Neha Agarwal 3 months ago
5 :O0 what! You can't cut a doll hair? Foolish.... 🤨
Annelise Latham
Annelise Latham 3 months ago
13:22 had me spooked
Shellby Daniel
Shellby Daniel 3 months ago
you got that from tik tok 14:30
Shellby Daniel
Shellby Daniel 3 months ago
like a hair clip did that 7:43 Wow
Christina Baugh
Christina Baugh 3 months ago
And bobby pins aren't that sharp
Christina Baugh
Christina Baugh 3 months ago
Lip ones
Christina Baugh
Christina Baugh 3 months ago
With the dry look ones like if you lick your lips. Yeah, that would be gross.
Shrimpy playz
Shrimpy playz 3 months ago
No it’s not like whipped cream is used for food !obviously it’s used for hair LOLXD
Shrimpy playz
Shrimpy playz 3 months ago
Yay let’s put lip balm in our hair! why not use water?
izuku Midoriya
izuku Midoriya 3 months ago
So does that one girl have one blue eye and one green eye?-
Cj Schlich
Cj Schlich 3 months ago
Dat pimple do
Cj Schlich
Cj Schlich 3 months ago
Does anyone actually believe this clickbait
Katharina 3 months ago
2:40 crazy
none of your business doesn't matter
15:38 you could just use eye primer
none of your business doesn't matter
13:23 not trying to make anyone mad but that just don't look right
none of your business doesn't matter
2:24 you didn't do anything you just put makeup on
Lucy Davis
Lucy Davis 3 months ago
just lemme cut my hair for a makeup brush when i can buy one for a dollar
I Need Food
I Need Food 3 months ago
yes put chap-stick in your hair so it can look oily. Smartest people ever...
Pals_ lover25
Pals_ lover25 3 months ago
I’m sry but who gets happy when they get forks stabbed in their face? -_- 🤦‍♀️
Pals_ lover25
Pals_ lover25 3 months ago
Anastasia Coiro
Anastasia Coiro 3 months ago
Is it just me or do they have an obsession with double sided tape
Noodle Head
Noodle Head 3 months ago
Andrea Collazo
Andrea Collazo 3 months ago
Aj Aja
Aj Aja 3 months ago
Watched it up until the girl was putting Mascara on, and hair kept getting in the way.🙄
Venillea 3 months ago
"Oy.. my face is so dull and corpse-like.. but this magical pomegranate jello will put on my makeup for me!"
Sophie Nepouceno
Sophie Nepouceno 3 months ago
They realize she just tie her hair
Mya Salogo
Mya Salogo 3 months ago
14:44 why..... jus why
12345 Zays
12345 Zays 4 months ago
Why they just repeated the same hacks
brittany crotts
brittany crotts 4 months ago
Your boyfriend: how did you get that makeup Girlfriend: I put a stalking on my face Boyfriend: runs as quick as lighting McQueen
brittany crotts
brittany crotts 4 months ago
If you look in the background when she *got stabbed by the pin* she not even like ahhhh or freaking like she’s just what ever imma move on with my day
brittany crotts
brittany crotts 4 months ago
Or it’s called tie you hair wow it’s a miracle that isn’t so hard boi
Aarav Pruthi
Aarav Pruthi 4 months ago
2:56 just use a sweatband! Don’t waste a shirt
Joanne Castillo
Joanne Castillo 4 months ago
That wasabi thing just made her lips swollen
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