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We prepared creative and beautiful makeup tips that will totally make you look fabulous:
- Flyaways are so annoying when you need to make a perfect ponytail or bun. Watch our video and learn lip balm hacks that will help you to solve the problem
- Pimples are an embarrassing problem especially if you are preparing for a special event. Try our perfect recipe - mix aspirin with some water and apply
- Cut your old t-shirt and make headbands and speed up your makeup routine
- We have a crazy idea - make shadows at home! You need to find an empty nail polish bottle. Take a bowl and mix Vaseline, glitter, and pigment. Microwave the mixture for 2 minutes.
- Freckles look super cute and if you don’t have them, try our genius lifehack with hot glue and a fork!
- Use whipped cream instead of a hair mask for dry hair. It will help to avoid split ends and to make your hair shining again
- Use plastic bottle cap to master perfect eyes makeup
- We have a perfect treatment for bad breath - mix activated charcoal with water, take a toothbrush and clean your tongue
- Do you want fuller lips? Use wasabi to naturally plump your lips. Mix wasabi and yogurt together and apply for a few minutes
- Try our perfect and cheap mask to look perfect in the morning - use pomegranate tea and gelatin. Forget about dark circles
- Want to look gorgeous at the party? Watch our rainbow makeup tutorial. Check out few inspiring looks we think would be perfect to wear to the party
Try these lifehacks and share the results in comments below!
00:11 Fake lashes lifehack
00:32 Cool manicure idea
02:04 Homemade shadows
03:10 Fake freckles
03:34 Mask for dry hair
14:26 Rainbow makeup

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Feb 19, 2019

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Comments 3 403
5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts 5 months ago
9:05 Cool DIY makeup organizer! 👸 Face treatment secrets ruvid.net/video/video-a-vorgLxD1c.html
Kimberly Brown
Kimberly Brown 14 hours ago
I was thinking: "that's not going to be fun to pick up when the kids knock it all in the floor". Neat idea but costs way more and would be a huge mess with rocks and marbles lol
Faeze Varshochi
Faeze Varshochi 2 days ago
The whipped cream one is so fake
Aesthetic_Caffeine 18 days ago
5-Minute Crafts, your face secrets are probably acid with ketchup, “MAKES YOU PERFECTLY LIGHT!!” 🙄
bluecandy cookie
bluecandy cookie 3 months ago
@10000 subscribers without any video challenge same lol
Pastel Egg
Pastel Egg 3 months ago
@Issam el huh
Samantha Pasco
Samantha Pasco 8 hours ago
Buy a makeup brush dont cut your hair. This video can only be viewed for the smart peopel and up
Samantha Pasco
Samantha Pasco 8 hours ago
Are her eyes 2 different colors on the one with the eye makeup
Samantha Pasco
Samantha Pasco 8 hours ago
Dose this work??????
Kara Karin Stearns
Kara Karin Stearns 9 hours ago
Most of these are ridiculous and I can't imagine anyone actually using them. The only segment that made sense was the last one. Those would be perfect if you were going to the club or out to a party or something. So dumb.
Mia Gwynedd
Mia Gwynedd 10 hours ago
If someone had a spot of their face that looked like that I would go to the hospital. ..
Anna Parthiban
11:17 yeah so when u want to get one bracelet u have to take everything out
Anna Parthiban
2:42 so creepy that's not makeup
Delphyne Chavez-Friart
And no one is going to talk about the wasabi who burned her lips🤦🏼‍♀️ just put some lipstick on girll
Faeze Varshochi
Faeze Varshochi 2 days ago
A Bobby pin is not poiny
Jj猫 3 days ago
Hannah Sears
Hannah Sears 3 days ago
No one: 5 min crafts: need a paintbrush? Shave your head!
Hannah Sears
Hannah Sears 3 days ago
Uh for dry hair maybe use CONDITIONER NOT WHIPPED CREAM
Savannah Reynolds
Guys whatever you do plz don't put lipstick in your hair there are other ways to slick your hair back without damaging it
adrianna addy
adrianna addy 3 days ago
You look Dum 💀
Isabella Zeller
Isabella Zeller 3 days ago
5:06 are u Jazz,from I am jazz
Fabiana Shayani
Fabiana Shayani 3 days ago
Fabiana Shayani
Fabiana Shayani 3 days ago
Fabiana Shayani
Fabiana Shayani 3 days ago
Fabiana Shayani
Fabiana Shayani 3 days ago
4 days ago
Did anyone else notice that the first woman had different eyes
paola jeudy
paola jeudy 4 days ago
smile brit
Cora Deegan
Cora Deegan 4 days ago
Don't ever cut your hair you will regret it. I know because I have!!!!!! 👇🏻
Pork'n_ Chops
Pork'n_ Chops 4 days ago
Ok hint If you have unruly hair or loose hair try just using a brush
Ashli Matte
Ashli Matte 4 days ago
I have a solution for eye bags....... IT’S CALLED SLEEP PEOPLE!!!
Ashli Matte
Ashli Matte 4 days ago
Did you just....... Cut you hair for a makeup brush when you can get some for like two dollas
4 days ago
Was I the only one turning up to the first song? 😂🤣(lol I'm weird)
Julia Blub
Julia Blub 4 days ago
Who in their right mind would ever cut their hair to make a brush out of it? Just buy one
Stephanie luna
Stephanie luna 4 days ago
3:55 after she just brushed her hair
Stephanie luna
Stephanie luna 4 days ago
1:30 or adjust the strap tighter
Кострова Олеся
Они губы накрасили как пить будут?
Ceci Pagano
Ceci Pagano 5 days ago
Did anybody notice here cool eyes?! Blue and green!?
Neveu Family
Neveu Family 5 days ago
Got bad breath? It's OK don't brush your teeth with toothpaste brush them with charcoal! Oh no, my makeup brush is dirty! Well might as well CUT OFF ANOTHER PIECE OF MY GOD DANG HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Neveu Family
Neveu Family 5 days ago
She cut off her hair to make a freaking paint brush!!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!
Terry Johnson
Terry Johnson 5 days ago
Mom~"Sweetheart What's taking you so long Me~6:20,Just making a makeup brush with my hair Mom~WHAT IN THE WRLD
Grace Kopecky
Grace Kopecky 5 days ago
why on Earth would you put whipped cream in your hair??? by the time 20 min is done is gonna take hours to get all the DRIED SUGAR out of your hair in the shower...
more espresso less depresso
Why....why would I cut my hair for a brush that is not _only uncomfortable_ but also *dOeSnT wOrK pRoPeRlY???*
I love the Periodic table
That look tho at 5:29
Queenie Weenie
Queenie Weenie 6 days ago
Gross! Whipped cream on your hair
Kathleen Tran
Kathleen Tran 7 days ago
Buy a brush!!!
Kathleen Tran
Kathleen Tran 7 days ago
that would hurtthat bootle cap
Kathleen Tran
Kathleen Tran 7 days ago
noooooo whiped cream in the hair!!!!
faith. jnk_
faith. jnk_ 7 days ago
6:20 why tf did she cut a huge peice of her hair and only use alittle of it and for makeup like who would do that
Mae Kore
Mae Kore 7 days ago
Mustve missed the part with diy eye contacts *shrugs*
7 days ago
No ones hair gets in their face
At 1:04 just eww
Bamboo soul
Bamboo soul 8 days ago
When u just have taken a bath dried ur hair ,,, if rough so put some chap stick into them to make them oily so that u would take another bath 👏👏👏😂😂
Meghan Zentzis
Meghan Zentzis 8 days ago
I’m sure a lot of people know most of these hacks are kind of dumb, and this comment may just get lost, but on the off chance it doesn’t and someone contemplating trying these.. please do not use craft glitter around your eyes. The glitter in make up is cosmetic grade. Craft glitter is NOT FOR COSMETIC USE AND CAN BE DANGEROUS. Thank you.
Xxmecha chanxX potato
3:49 are u kidding whipped cream
Twenty One Jishwas
Roses are red Violets are blue I didn’t know pimples could get that big... Did you?
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