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We prepared creative and beautiful makeup tips that will totally make you look fabulous:
- Flyaways are so annoying when you need to make a perfect ponytail or bun. Watch our video and learn lip balm hacks that will help you to solve the problem
- Pimples are an embarrassing problem especially if you are preparing for a special event. Try our perfect recipe - mix aspirin with some water and apply
- Cut your old t-shirt and make headbands and speed up your makeup routine
- We have a crazy idea - make shadows at home! You need to find an empty nail polish bottle. Take a bowl and mix Vaseline, glitter, and pigment. Microwave the mixture for 2 minutes.
- Freckles look super cute and if you don’t have them, try our genius lifehack with hot glue and a fork!
- Use whipped cream instead of a hair mask for dry hair. It will help to avoid split ends and to make your hair shining again
- Use plastic bottle cap to master perfect eyes makeup
- We have a perfect treatment for bad breath - mix activated charcoal with water, take a toothbrush and clean your tongue
- Do you want fuller lips? Use wasabi to naturally plump your lips. Mix wasabi and yogurt together and apply for a few minutes
- Try our perfect and cheap mask to look perfect in the morning - use pomegranate tea and gelatin. Forget about dark circles
- Want to look gorgeous at the party? Watch our rainbow makeup tutorial. Check out few inspiring looks we think would be perfect to wear to the party
Try these lifehacks and share the results in comments below!
00:11 Fake lashes lifehack
00:32 Cool manicure idea
02:04 Homemade shadows
03:10 Fake freckles
03:34 Mask for dry hair
14:26 Rainbow makeup

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Feb 19, 2019




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5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts 7 months ago
9:05 Cool DIY makeup organizer! 👸 Face treatment secrets ruvid.net/video/video-a-vorgLxD1c.html
Xx JustFictionChan Xx
Ophelia TheAlien GACHA BUD!
Everton Cardoso
Everton Cardoso 29 days ago
Sugerlump36 Woznialis
10000 subscribers without any video challenge Gogogo
Kimberly Brown
Kimberly Brown 2 months ago
I was thinking: "that's not going to be fun to pick up when the kids knock it all in the floor". Neat idea but costs way more and would be a huge mess with rocks and marbles lol
Faeze Varshochi
Faeze Varshochi 2 months ago
The whipped cream one is so fake
Elizabeth Wilson
Elizabeth Wilson 35 minutes ago
5:29 That moment when your breath really stinks but all you have is activated charcoal and a toothbrush instead of gum or a mint
Lexie Williams
Lexie Williams 16 hours ago
MiniAttack Day ago
#BradMondo look at 4:26 is this possible?!
Cant u just use toothpaste? 🤔🤨😕5:39
Ash Jones
Ash Jones 2 days ago
5:54 I am leaving.Dude,No!
hi bye
hi bye 3 days ago
1:35 better hack...GET THE RIGHT SIZE🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Braceface Kayyy
Braceface Kayyy 3 days ago
I swear every time I watch these I find multiple reasons you don’t have to do that
Roll Me Away
Roll Me Away 3 days ago
Your lips only turn red from the wasabi cos they get burnt I should think 😶
Ruby Gupta
Ruby Gupta 3 days ago
You good locking on chashma wowala
Jordyn Prewett
Jordyn Prewett 4 days ago
5:28 here’s a thought how bout brushing you teeth everyday
Red0Blood0Queen Red0BloodQueen
Randomly gets charcoal and toothbrush at work...
Red0Blood0Queen Red0BloodQueen
Puts jello on face*** Suddenly has full face of makeup* Me: well I didn’t know it did that ;)
DashDot 123
DashDot 123 4 days ago
Seriously? Rather than BURNING THE COLOR OUT OF YOUR LIPS WITH WASABI, why not just WEAR SOME LIPSTICK???? This video is the dumbest thing ever.
joshnavi agarwal
joshnavi agarwal 4 days ago
Garrett McCormack
Ok comon now a boby pin cant make ya bleed im mean use yuor common sence now. >:(
themalumasword by manu
Melon Wolf Draws
Melon Wolf Draws 7 days ago
The girl put whip cream in her hair..
Dis One
Dis One 7 days ago
2:02 how to make your hair greaser that it already is 🙃👍🏻
kids 42
kids 42 9 days ago
We all know u came for those ocean eyes
Ella Billik
Ella Billik 10 days ago
Omg she put lip balm in her hair. This is how many hours it will take her to get it out ⬇️ ⬇️
joanne wright
joanne wright 10 days ago
it don't work
Damir Donaldson
Damir Donaldson 11 days ago
0:54 how do you not notice that?!?!?!
Jayde Boudreau
Jayde Boudreau 12 days ago
Never do any of this
Suk Kabli
Suk Kabli 12 days ago
9:27 I love that crafty panda I love u
Evy Rosas
Evy Rosas 12 days ago
Is nobody else gonna ask about 6:29?? That's looks dangerous...
Sarah Toms
Sarah Toms 13 days ago
How in any way is that red nail varnish on her eyelids nice?
Katelyn Dordell
Katelyn Dordell 14 days ago
Them: dry hair? Me: um use conditioner. Them: use whipped cream. Me: why do they get paid to put whipped cream in there hair
Micu stefania
Micu stefania 15 days ago
The vaseline it's petrol @SenzaTrucco
Mahika Kumar
Mahika Kumar 15 days ago
bloody lies
Moggie loggie
Moggie loggie 15 days ago
6:35 the only reason Wassabi makes your lips red is because it is burning your skin!
Ed Read
Ed Read 15 days ago
Grace Hay
Grace Hay 16 days ago
love the hacks..one thing though..WHY WOULD I CUT MY HAIR FOR A MAKEUP BRUSH??
Zaria Nelson
Zaria Nelson 16 days ago
2:40 sHe HaS dIfFeReNt CoLoR eYeS😱
Adnan Habib
Adnan Habib 16 days ago
4:21 Use The Gelatine Pomegranate Whatever Mask And Voila!! U Get Your Makeup Done!!!Like Girl U Ain't Fooling Nobody...I Can Clearly See The Eyeshadow And The The Glow BC Of The Foundation On Her Face....😌😂
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia 17 days ago
She should of done a ponytail instead of cutting a shirt and waisting
Iced Tea
Iced Tea 17 days ago
Why do I watch these... I just keep losing braincells :(
Jama Acrie
Jama Acrie 18 days ago
Who in there right mind would cut there hair to make a makeup brush
Health and Fitness 01
Great, thank you for this informative video.
mimi mi
mimi mi 18 days ago
Ein bah hat ne tragende wirkung. Bei meinem Brüsten wäre diese ooption nix
Mikarin kushikito
Mikarin kushikito 19 days ago
5:32 if u got time to do all that then u could’ve just brushed your teeth
Ranu Tiwari
Ranu Tiwari 19 days ago
I can't live without 5 minute craft
Serly Oktaviani
Serly Oktaviani 19 days ago
Indonesia tinggalkan like
Olivia Bouchard
Olivia Bouchard 19 days ago
Yeah because who doesnt want to have black in their mouth for 3 months and have a terrible hair cut and use a brush made from your hair making you have a terrible face of makeup aswell😂
Lia Stanković
Lia Stanković 21 day ago
Am I the only one who's watching 5-min bla bla bla to read the funny comments and laugh at ' em 😂😂
Ruler of the Universe
0:09 wait wait wait is that the sound of a recorder I hear? Elementary school has goten to them
Keira Charalambous
Keira Charalambous 22 days ago
6:52 the wasabi just makes ur lips swell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't do that hack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡
Debby NeNae Number 2
im done with this video its too rached
Debby NeNae Number 2
who would put wip cream on hair
Debby NeNae Number 2
why would someone put lip bomb on their hair
Angela Nova
Angela Nova 23 days ago
YES! Now i can have tiger- stripe eyes or fish-scale blush! ...said no woman ever...except maybe Lady Gaga...
Itz_Potato_Girl Gacha
1:56 you will have to take a shower after that
Pauline Langley
Pauline Langley 24 days ago
6:33 her lips didnt turn pink because of the wasabi her lips were agitated ..
Pauline Langley
Pauline Langley 24 days ago
Why with the whipped cream ...
Julia Zdyb
Julia Zdyb 24 days ago
When I watched the "pale lips" one they were. Mixing wasabi and yogurt so I thought they were making wasabi yogurt 😂😂😂
Kainat Mohsin
Kainat Mohsin 24 days ago
Does the aspirin one really work?
Homie Boy
Homie Boy 24 days ago
Lol 3:24 Im not using that fork ever again
Bekka Gilbert
Bekka Gilbert 25 days ago
magnet in a purse? are you trying to tell people to make their cards unusable???? dumbest idea I've seen on here
joy vossen
joy vossen 25 days ago
At 1:00 I thought she was going to sniff it up 😂
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