4 The 2000's by Todrick Hall

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Hey Millennials! This one’s for you! Some of the best hits from the early 2000’s! Tell me what you think!
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Aug 29, 2017




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Comments 80
Jasmine Lewis
OMG!!! You SO talented!!! ❤️❤️😍😍 That is absolutely amazing and you have such an amazing voice ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Apryl Morrison
Such a great mashup why am I just seeing this
FireFrog 3 days ago
Ok. The 2000s was also pretty awesome. The 90s was my childhood and the 2000s was my teen years.
Devil 4 days ago
2020 ppl? Cause this shit slaps
Lisa Me
Lisa Me 5 days ago
Soooooooo much talent in one person! Awesome!!
ran wilder
ran wilder 5 days ago
Charlie dumamalio, Who?
Diemerson Batista
OMG. I'm in love with it, Todd!
Claudia Schottlander
Absolutely gorgeous, fab, sassy, super fun and amazing! You are the best!
wise elizabeth
wise elizabeth 8 days ago
I deaged 20 years in one sitting then felt ancient at having been a teenager 20 years ago
Evelin Pettersson
i really want this to be on spotify!!
Blue Moon
Blue Moon 10 days ago
This is the best 1 man concert I’ve EVER seen...
And so she became a PHOENIX and flew
This is so good....I sang every single one..... when he put on the blonde wigs I died
Megan McCaleb
Megan McCaleb 10 days ago
Who else would take a seated dance class taught by Todrick? Workout that core, arms, and face lol.
Madalyn Grady
Madalyn Grady 11 days ago
2020 anyone? Anyway I’m not the old considering I was born in 2006 and yet I know absolutely all of these songs
Meli Stormcrow
Meli Stormcrow 11 days ago
So good
morbidgypsy 12 days ago
Damn hes good...
Kimmy E.
Kimmy E. 13 days ago
Azzie Marrie
Azzie Marrie 13 days ago
I need someone to make a playlist with full versions of all the songs
Tamaira Van Ingen
Tamaira Van Ingen 15 days ago
WE WANT 4 the 2010's
Rizgar Omar
Rizgar Omar 17 days ago
there was only one song from @Rihanna I hope you would make a video only singing Rihanna's songs :)
rik stegeman
rik stegeman 20 days ago
I so hope Todrick will do a 4x 2010's
Cole VanCleave
Cole VanCleave 21 day ago
Anybody else wish there were 4 todricks so this could be a real boy band
Mira Mira
Mira Mira 21 day ago
Nostalgie hits me so hard 🥺❤️
Kerina Chewning
Kerina Chewning 21 day ago
My fav song are get the party started p!nk and
kim kim
kim kim 24 days ago
This is soooooo 😎 cool
Rose Reign
Rose Reign 24 days ago
Still slays hard as hell
EJae Online
EJae Online 28 days ago
Rewatching someone give Todrick his own variety show
juan lopez flores
TODRICK UVE GOT TO DO A 2010s like seriously!!!!!!!!
Windflower Rainstorm
Summarizes college in 5 mins
We need at 4 The 2010s!!!!!!
Xenia Month ago
Okay this gave me chills
🌻KeoTron🌻 Month ago
Todrick can we get a cover album mix like this!!!
Amber Wilcher
Amber Wilcher Month ago
How am I just now finding these gems.. I thought I had fully creeped his pages
ToilandTrouble Month ago
Absolute fucking banger
Tee Nicolee
Tee Nicolee Month ago
I miss type of video like these ! TODRICK YOU NEEDA BRING THESE BACK 🥺🥺
Anna Ayodele
Anna Ayodele Month ago
Wow.....this rlly took me back.... Thanks todrick hall :)
pepperrona Month ago
I love this so much!!!!!!!! Quality content 🥺😍😍
Adaline OCA
Adaline OCA Month ago
This just proves that all 2000s songs are similar enough to be put into one song with a seamless transition. Great job Todrick!
MMcClure McClure
OMW So Fanning Out!!! 🙏
The Fujoshi
The Fujoshi Month ago
God I remember when party in the USA came out. That shit was my jam.
Todrick de NEED for the 2010's
DoomtheGloom Month ago
Me singing to me ,myself and I
IsaacJulian Month ago
Does anyone have a track list for this video?? I'm going super nastolgic but I cant remeber some of the titles or artists! 😂
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Month ago
4:32 I'm glad you included that song into the mashup R.I.P Chester Bennington ❤
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Month ago
3:30 White Chicks reference 👌
Laura White
Laura White Month ago
I just didn’t know
Shira Goldberg
Shira Goldberg Month ago
Todrick Hall is the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. He gives lots to life. If I had a son I wish it was Todrick Hall. I actually have three sons but if I could I would have Todrick Hall as my son. Any mother would be so proud.
Selah Coles
Selah Coles Month ago
this seriously is a beautiful masterpiece he is such a good singer.
Sarah Olney
Sarah Olney Month ago
god this man is so talented and gorgeous. Killing it.
Memo P
Memo P Month ago
3:30 - 4:09 was my part💞💞
Brion Barron
Brion Barron Month ago
Omg!! Why am I just seeing this genius?!?!?!? This man is pure genius!!!
The Katastrophicfear
I looked up the songs after i heard them and he makes them sound better
Brutus Reptile
Brutus Reptile 2 months ago
"Another take to get it right, 127 times..." this is some Kubrick level of dedication. ;)
o.o Lulu
o.o Lulu 2 months ago
Plz do Panic! At da disco pwease UwU
Shania Jenkins
Shania Jenkins 2 months ago
Make a full cover to the thong song please😍
Maddie Hite
Maddie Hite 2 months ago
ok this will always be fire but where is 4 the 2010’s?
NikkieH14 2 months ago
3.50 song?
NikkieH14 2 months ago
I still need the 2010’s😍😍😍😍
Wawa Yahya
Wawa Yahya 2 months ago
Dope... 👍💯.. Keep up the good work and vibes
Spenser Kallander
Spenser Kallander 2 months ago
Not gonna lie fam, this gives me life. I just found Todrick and love all of his content. :)
Gina 2 months ago
Best song for in quarantaine❤️❤️❤️🤩🤩🤩 (known this song for a long time)
michaela be4ger
michaela be4ger 2 months ago
Everytime the Linkin Park part comes on I get sad man and it's been quite some time
Heather Ellis
Heather Ellis 2 months ago
I love everything about Todrick. He's such a beautiful talented person!
Ummm Idk
Ummm Idk 2 months ago
That vote for Pedro T-shirt is just... *yes* 🥺
Tays P
Tays P 2 months ago
Anyone watching while quarantine
Nana Bonsu
Nana Bonsu 2 months ago
Im lucky I was born in the early 2000s
Karen Herrera
Karen Herrera 2 months ago
Your Average Teen
Your Average Teen 2 months ago
The headliners and improvers are dancing to this in my dance show
isabelle bates
isabelle bates 2 months ago
Ok toddrick I see you with that Hogwarts top, work it for harry potter
Khylie Scott
Khylie Scott 2 months ago
so u telling me no one got the white chicks refrence
Emilee Shaye Parsons
90s and 2000s kid right here!
Millie Cassidy
Millie Cassidy 3 months ago
I'm obsessed!! Listened like 20k times
Dwaarfius 3 months ago
imagine if you and janelle monae did a collab. unite the queers
Accailia Rogers
Accailia Rogers 3 months ago
OMG this has all of me and my moms fav songs.You and my old dance teacher Justin#Alyssa Edwards are great friends so you came to the old studio and I showed you my solo it was the best day ever.You are my idol I stand up to you,your my fav super star you be you dont forget that!! -With lots of love Accailia
Lina Novak
Lina Novak 3 months ago
Pedition to put all his mashups on Spotify😍😭 it's for the greater good!
sarcastic pancake
sarcastic pancake 3 months ago
came back to this for memory sake and this deserves so much more credit
Oscar Galido
Oscar Galido 3 months ago
Excited to watch the 2010s
Ella Grace
Ella Grace 3 months ago
I need this on Spotify asap
April Carrie Belen
April Carrie Belen 3 months ago
80s medley pllleeeeeaaaaassssseeee
Iona Albert
Iona Albert 3 months ago
This was so entertaining and I love the way how he sings
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