White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
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Hello friends! Here are 4 farmhouse DIY projects for Spring using items that are literally TRASH, and turning them into little treasures!! I sure hope you like them!
God is Love!! ❤️ Be the Light!! 💡
✅ Casey: ruvid.net/show-UCvW53cpOPby3UQobLJNTSPQ
✅ Julia: ruvid.net/show-UCGqz0GqFsmCWXS5IX-ro3Uw
✅ Trash to Treasure Playlist: ruvid.net/group/PL33avS_ZHFvNWk7GwJLcLobs0M2AQ9YLn
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I’m trying so hard to keep up with your comments and questions and am so happy to hear from my amazing crafting family!! Xoxo 😘
Check the “COMMUNITY” tab on my channel page if you, or someone you know is in need of hope and healing. Post your petition in the comments and get ready to be amazed by the support and love you will receive from our little crafting family. (Aka The Kingdom of God!) 🙏✝️
Please pray for these beautiful souls and if you have shared a prayer request, please know that prayers are ascending for you along with my personal prayer that you would find the hope and comfort from our Father in Heaven! 🙏☝️🕊✝️
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I don’t receive any compensation or have any affiliation with these companies, just giving a shoutout for them! 😉
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Music credits: “So Young at Heart” by Judson Crane 🎶
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Mar 28, 2020




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Comments 80
Wanda Morales
Wanda Morales 6 days ago
🍴 I am enjoying your Bible verse and your DIY's, thanks
Carla Sim
Carla Sim 10 days ago
Wendy these were all so beautiful, as usual .God bless you you are my sunshine. Thanks for sharing your treasures Carla
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
Oh, Carla! Thank you sooo much!! You are sweet and make my heart happy and full, my love!! God bless and stay safe, beautiful friend!! Xoxo 😘
Elaine Howard
Elaine Howard 13 days ago
Beautiful crafts, I do worry that I won’t want to throw anything away. xxxxx
Melanie Stephens
Melanie Stephens 21 day ago
Awwwww you do the most precious crafts. The remote box is awesome!! Congrats on your new Grandson! Look forward to what you make next, till then knife and fork
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
Lizzy Day
Lizzy Day 21 day ago
Knife and fork
Maria Robbins
Maria Robbins 28 days ago
You are so so talented!! Thank god I found your channel. You have inspired me so much. Right now I am trying to find cascade containers but I really want the kitty litter container you made over. Thank you Wendy for sharing your god given talent with all of us!!
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
And thank you, Maria for watching us here at White Sparrow Living!! I so appreciate your support!!! God bless you!! ✝️🕊✝️🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊💙🕊
Oldschool Cat
Oldschool Cat 29 days ago
Kathy Sedmak
Kathy Sedmak Month ago
knife and fork
Janet Cruz
Janet Cruz Month ago
🍴 I simply love your projects, thank you.
David Lewis
David Lewis Month ago
Shelley Jean Cromack
Knife and fork
Shelley Jean Cromack
Knives and forks
Craftenchant Month ago
I just love the mini basket. 💕💕💕 And what a beautiful message, too!
Julia Phillips
Julia Phillips Month ago
Laura Mohns
Laura Mohns Month ago
Could you use popsicle sticks to make the slats to resemble the original basket?
mommaG Month ago
How pretty my favorite was the cascade flower container...*knife and fork* :D
Shelia Elder
Shelia Elder Month ago
🍴🍴🍴 I loved these trash to treasure decor items you made. So very creative 😊
Jean Bennett
Jean Bennett Month ago
I just love the box. I love watching you😬🍴🍴
Cathy Greene
Cathy Greene Month ago
So glad you are showing your beautiful face in the intros! I am putting together my guest bedroom and the “Click” box is a perfect addition. Seriously looks so high end as do all your crafts. Although this is probably too late... 🍴
Cathy Greene
Cathy Greene Month ago
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6 Awesome! Thank you! 😊
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
Thank you, Cathy. Yes, we already held the drawing for the cutlery HOWEVER good news....we’re giving away a Cricut Machine now!!! Just by posting this comment YOU have entered the drawing ✍️ AUTOMATICALLY!!! Yayyyy!!! 🙏✝️🙏✝️😘😘
Gail Jensen
Gail Jensen Month ago
You’re such an amazing lady! May the Lord Bless you ! gail
Liz Dye
Liz Dye Month ago
🍴🍽🔪🥄 just stumbled upon your channel, I love all the beautiful crafts and your beautiful soul Love & Ligh
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
Thank you, Liz!!! Hope you stay with us here at White Sparrow Living!! God bless you! ✝️🕊🕊💙✝️😘
Sandy Blanford
Sandy Blanford Month ago
Lol those dang hot flashes!!!! We laugh, because we can relate. Hahahaa. 🍴
🍴 love the remote box!
Linda Niedo
Linda Niedo Month ago
Your acetone will drive printed labels. Love your videos!
sandi conley
sandi conley Month ago
Knife and fork🍴
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
Oh my goodness, Sandi!! I am soooo very sorry for such major losses and so close together! I will pray for your broken heart, sister!! I just can’t even imagine your pain, ESPECIALLY from the loss of your baby boy. 💙 😢 My mom lives with us and is my best friend so while I will be happy for her to see Jesus and my dad and grandma and grandpa in Heaven, she will be taking a piece of my heart with her. “Coincidentally”, 😉 her birthday is the same day as your mom’s. I think that’s a little sign from God letting you know she and your son are with Him and doing very well!! God bless, sweet friend! Xoxo 🕊✝️❤️🙏☝️😘
sandi conley
sandi conley Month ago
Thank you so much for all the beautiful and easy DIYs. I spend alot of time doing DIYs to occupy myself and keep my mind off things as I have lost a son and my mother both in April in the last 2 years. Actually yesterday was the anniversary of my sons death and my mother's is on the 23rd. Both of their birthdays are coming up in May. His was May 1st and here May 11th. This is a very hard time for me so I'm watching your videos on my tv with Amazon Fire Stick but when I comment I get on my phone so I don't comment often. I am subscribed and have notifications though. I am going to share your video on FB. I have over 2000 friends on there so maybe it will help you. Again thanks for all the beautiful DIYs and may God bless you and protect you.
Linda Renner
Linda Renner Month ago
Love them all💗💗 🍴..
Monique Cassavoy
Monique Cassavoy
“...and then I put my bunnies facing each other because they’re in love...” that was so cute and funny! I absolutely LOVE ur channel! It’s so nice to see a RUvid crafter with quality content! There are so many that just make cheap stuff that looks like they spent $2 on it! Your crafts always look so high end and like they cost WAY more than they actually did! I made that farmhouse scale from a couple videos back, I had to improvise materials b/c my dollar tree didn’t have the same things you used but it came out sooo cute! I’m using it as a plant hanger in my dining room. Keep doing what ur doing, ur so inspiring and creative!! 😘
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
Ohhhhh thank you, Monique!! Those are such kind words!! I realize that there are sooo many DIYers on You Tube and sometimes I think 🤔 I’m not necessary. But, thanks to so many wonderful friends within our Crafting Family, I keep going! I get words of encouragement that make me want to forge ahead! Plus, I love putting Jesus in so much of what I craft! ✝️🙏✝️🙏✝️💟💟💟 Thank you, again!!!
Magaly Senecharles
I want to say first of all you are very beautiful lady. Finally get to see how you look .Beautiful😍😍😍😍 love love it. Thanks for sharing. Blessed day. 🍴🍴
Rue Stogsdill
Rue Stogsdill Month ago
Frances Walker
Frances Walker Month ago
I love the "Click" remote control/wifi box! So clever.
Kathy Whitlock
Kathy Whitlock Month ago
Kathy Whitlock
Kathy Whitlock Month ago
Love them all really.
Kathy Whitlock
Kathy Whitlock Month ago
Love the butterfly in the jar.
Sharon Honora ONeil
Love everything you created today. If I win I will have a box to decorate! 🍴🍴🍴🥄🥄🥄🍽
Janis Smith
Janis Smith Month ago
Love these. I would like to enter the give away. Knife and fork.
Mary Dousi
Mary Dousi Month ago
Becky Thornton
Becky Thornton Month ago
Toni O Malley
Toni O Malley Month ago
Ladies these are not hot flashes these are little power serges lol and we all need a little boost now and again regards from Ireland
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
VERY GOOD!!!! I’m going to borrow that!! We all need power surges!! HAHAHA!!!! God bless you and stay healthy and strong 💪!!! XXOO 🙏🙏✝️✝️💟💟💟😘
Doris Ann Maples Hawkins
Love the click box! 🍴🍴
sintiapeters Month ago
Nice and four
Voleta Yarbrough
Knife and fork. Love your work.
Brandy Gonzalez Diaz
Rebecca Quinn
Rebecca Quinn Month ago
Great projects! 🍴
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
Martha McClure
Martha McClure Month ago
I love your trash to treasure videos! 🍴🍴🍴
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
Mopar Girl
Mopar Girl Month ago
🍴... Thanks for the opportunity! You're voice is so sweet. You could start a channel just narrating a book! 😇 🌴✌🌴
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
Hahaha!! Thank you, Sweetie!! That’s quite a compliment!! 🙏✝️🙏✝️✝️✝️
Ronnie Williamson
Brenda Elliott
Brenda Elliott Month ago
Knife and fork. I love your videos. You are very blessed with a wonderful talent that touches your viewers. Thank you.
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
Thank you Brenda! Thanks for watching my friend!! God bless you!! ✝️💟❤️😘🙏🙏
Beth Odom
Beth Odom Month ago
I love your channel. I appreciate how you incprporate your faith without being preachy. 🍴
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
Michele Meacham
Michele Meacham Month ago
I love the little basket that you made ...& I also LOVE the box for the remotes!! GENIOUS!! PS ~ Knife & Fork please!!!
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
You’re in, my friend!! Happy you liked the remote holder. ✝️✝️🙏🙏💟💟
Debbie Williams
Debbie Williams 2 months ago
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
Barbara Nichols
Barbara Nichols 2 months ago
Beautiful! Thanks!
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
Angel Phillips
Angel Phillips 2 months ago
I love watching your videos you are very talented everything turns out so beautiful ...thanks for sharing 🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴🍴prayers and hugs🙏🏼🤗
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
Terri Kyle
Terri Kyle 2 months ago
Terri Kyle
Terri Kyle 2 months ago
Please continue to do your videos with your face. You are beautiful.. inside, and out.
Terri Kyle
Terri Kyle 2 months ago
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6 I am 100 percent serious. What would our precious Father say 🤷🏻‍♀️
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
Awwwww, you’re too sweet ! 🙏🙏✝️💟✝️🕊🕊😊
Todo Papel
Todo Papel 2 months ago
🍴 🥰
Karen Crafts
Karen Crafts 2 months ago
I enjoy watching you craft. (knife/fork)
Diamondjane 2 months ago
I love, love, love your inspiration. God is a beautuful being so filled with love for us. Oddly enough it was your Valentine, " God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten son". I dont have a cameo so i chose my husband's favorite, "Love Never Fails". Since then I've made 5 more in diffetent variations to give away. You have made these days of "lockdown" a sweet walk with the Lord. Ive been spiritual for a long time, but love for my Lord is bigger than I could have imagined. Thanks doesnt seem enough but...thank you. Edited spelling😌
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
Oh my! You have no idea how encouraging your kind words are to my soul. I love you and I love 💕 the fact that God moved me to start this Channel as a way to honor His goodness!! I am so blessed to have made so many new friends. God is good!! 🕊🕊💙✝️🙏💟💟
Joan Creekmore
Joan Creekmore 2 months ago
You are SO creative!! Great video! KNIFE and FORK please!!!!!
Janet Pedley
Janet Pedley 2 months ago
As always, so inspirational to watch! (spoon/fork)
Connie Powers
Connie Powers 2 months ago
🍴I love your videos! Keep them coming please! God bless 🙏🏻
MASUNGIT 2 months ago
Love it! Especially the remote box lol ours are always everywhere. Might make one for myself 🍴
Madeline Caraballo
Madeline Caraballo 2 months ago
TERESA MAINES 2 months ago
Knife and fork
TERESA MAINES 2 months ago
Try putting menthol muscle rub on the bottom of your feet ... Lol I know it sounds crazy but it will cool you down and a fan to blow across them ...you will be able to sleep ... Tried and true! 💕
Kathys krafty kreations
Wendy! It sounded so funny to say “ me and met daughter do decorating on the side,WHEN SHES NOT PREGNANT “😂😆😆😆as if she’s ALWAYS pregnant!! Lol I just love you so much😂😂😂😂😂😆😆🤣🥰
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
Haha. You’re right!! It does sound like that but this is only her 3rd baby. Lol And that makes our 3rd grand baby as well! If only I could get her older brother to pull the trigger and marry his girlfriend!! Ugh. Lol 😆
Kathys krafty kreations
Elizabeth Ramirez
Elizabeth Ramirez 2 months ago
I laughed when I saw the vodka bottle, too funny.
Melody Martin
Melody Martin 2 months ago
knife & Fork Very creative!
Bridgett Charles
Bridgett Charles 2 months ago
🍴just love all your videos Especially in a time like this Icould watch youll day
Donna Stevens
Donna Stevens 2 months ago
Awesome ideas!... Especially the box at the end!... (Not sure if still doing) 🍴
donna loupe
donna loupe 2 months ago
Knife and fork btw I love your easter bottle and basket "mini me"
TINA HORTON 2 months ago
Knife and fork, love your crafts
Angela Bradshaw
Angela Bradshaw 2 months ago
I enjoy your videos! knife and fork (he he)
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
Rosalinda Reyna Espinoza
Larry Skipper
Larry Skipper 2 months ago
Lynn Gonder
Lynn Gonder 2 months ago
Where did you get that beautiful butterfly? Love it!
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
Hi Lynn! It was attached to one of the Dollar Tree floral branches I showed! Isn’t he lovely!! And the colors were perfect!! Xoxo 😘
Lynn Gonder
Lynn Gonder 2 months ago
Thank you, you are so very talented! And I love your soothing voice and your so nice to see that on the big screen religious affiliation. Be careful out there, be safe!
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
You too, Lynn! 🙏🙏✝️🙏✝️💜
Marilyn Rodriguez
Marilyn Rodriguez 2 months ago
Love the bunny bottle. I be got a CPL empty bttls I'll be playing with tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration.
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
You are so welcome, Marilyn!! ❤️✝️💟✝️🙏🙏
Sabrina Hopeck
Sabrina Hopeck 2 months ago
So creative! Loved all your transformations! 🍴
Donna Aranda
Donna Aranda 2 months ago
Great projects and yes those hot flashes...
White Sparrow Living - Luke 12:6
🥵 🙅🏻‍♀️ Lol
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