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Jun 28, 2019




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Comments 100
Paul Williams
Paul Williams 2 days ago
To be fair plagueis murder his master as well so the Apple 🍎 doesn’t fall to far from the tree 🌳
Paul Williams
Paul Williams 2 days ago
What comic is that
Kjones 2 days ago
I think obi wan and Anakin were the best .... then complimented each other the most. I’d argue Plagueis and Sidious being the best sith pairing
Sam Lump
Sam Lump 4 days ago
Anakin went semi willingly
Sonny Mercado
Sonny Mercado 9 days ago
I almost stopped watching when you said Dooku could beat Yoda in a duel... I know it's a year later, but toy really should correct that falsehood...
SHUO YANG 9 days ago
My vote: Kreia and Revan Kreia and Darth Sion Kriea and Darth Nihilus Kreis and the Exile.
John McCalmant
John McCalmant 10 days ago
I disagree Mace was stronger than the Emperor and Anakin. It took them both to beat him. Mace had more control of Council than Yoda. There's even word that Mace survives the fall.
AA12 Random
AA12 Random 14 days ago
You're missing one: Ahsoka and Anakin
nasique dayes
nasique dayes 15 days ago
D'Andre Smith
D'Andre Smith 17 days ago
Darth Bane and Darth Zannah
Harley Bennett
Harley Bennett 17 days ago
I would have done kreia and revan over malak
Lelo Stimulous
Lelo Stimulous 18 days ago
Do a video on the Jedi counsels wiener sizes.
Noah Diels
Noah Diels 18 days ago
Ahsoka and Anakin?...
Sandlund93 20 days ago
Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors would mop the floor with all of these wannabes. Especially after Kyle renounced the Force and became a Mercenary. Never underestimate the Bryar Blaster Pistol.
Darth Aisei
Darth Aisei 21 day ago
Bro, Du Kue could not beat Yoda.
Daniel Erickson
Daniel Erickson 22 days ago
I think your in love with saying a thousand years...In Return of the Jedi, Yoda became one with the force shortly after turning 900. I doub't he has been training students all that time or for that matter in training since the day he was born. Or are you using some of that "new math" that Hollywood loves? LOL
Brock Mitchell
Brock Mitchell 24 days ago
I love the pairing of Obi Wan and An akin the most.
André Durant
André Durant 27 days ago
Okay, check this theory: In the Rule of Two, Darth Siddious was the master, while Darth Vader was the apprentice. Per accepted process, Vader slays his master and becomes the Sith Master. Vader had only one apprentice, Ahsoka. So if she's still alive during the third trilogy, that makes her the current head of the Sith.
André Durant
André Durant 22 days ago
I haven't delved deeply enough into Legends to be able to theorize about them. But what I can recall of Starkiller would probably preempt Ahsoka. Just like Maul stopped being a Sith Lord when he stopped being Siddious' apprentice, she would stop and Starkiller would take her place.
help 23 days ago
What about Starkiller? Oh wait. They aren't canon. Thanks disney. Jokes aside, I can't wait to see if Ahsoka will be in Mandalorian season 2
stefanavic Month ago
Luke Skywalker defeated both Darth Vader and Darth Sidious in one sitting ; after both his masters had died ; and technically wasn't even a Jedi yet. Nuff said!
Zdiddy7 Month ago
He said Anakin used Form IV? When he had the 2 sabres while fighting Dooku in 'Attack of the Clones' he used Form IV, but I think that was the ONLY time. Anakin primarily used Form V as his preferred form. Anakins combat style ranged from the aggressive classical Form V variant Shien to the more advanced and aggressive Form V variant Djem So, with occasional flashes of rage that pushed the combat beyond offensive barrage to outright, fury-fueled form VII Juyo.
James Fixer
James Fixer Month ago
You forgot the absolve most powerful pairing ever. The ABSOLUTE UNIT OF THE CLONE AND HIS FIST WHO PUNCHED A BATTLEDROID.
Almighty Ninjask
strongest or best
Ethan Hawkinson
Ethan Hawkinson Month ago
Anybody notice that he said that Anakin used form 4. It’s 5!
Wolfen Plays
Wolfen Plays Month ago
9:09 did he have a voice crack
Lugzy Segal
Lugzy Segal Month ago
Why are most of the great duelists from the dark side hmmm 🤔 seems suspicious
Legacy Maul
Legacy Maul Month ago
Anakin would have been stronger than if he was more patient
ryan florian
ryan florian Month ago
Darth Darth Binks
Jeremy B
Jeremy B Month ago
Anakin and form 5 not 4
Sabitking 07
Sabitking 07 Month ago
Darth Vader and Starkiller. You ve really missed the biggest one.
Garrett Caldwell
9:07 it says 3 when it's the 4th
Amar Pinder
Amar Pinder Month ago
Bros before hoes Anakin
Kevin Neilson
Kevin Neilson Month ago
Anakin and Ahsoka :) But of these, Anakin and Obi-wan were good compliments. All are good pairings. In terms of directors, it's Lucas and Filoni all the way!
Most powerful master-apprentice relationship: Obi Wan & Han Solo Clearly Han had battle meditation that would dwarf Revan's ability. Han was only element in the galaxy that had to be present to undo Sidious' will. I assume Ben inherited this ability to some lesser extent. Obi Wan's patient teaching style never had much influence on the Skywalkers, but boy was Solo an astute observer. Surely not too far a stretch in a galaxy shrouded with influences beneath the obvious and tangible. i.e. there's no mystical energy field controlling my destiny [because I control that mystical energy field]
David Williams
David Williams Month ago
Dooku couldn't beat Yoda. Stop.
For God so love the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God did not sent his Son into the world to condemn it, but to save it.
clyde Watkins
clyde Watkins Month ago
Dooku could not beat yoda or mace
N1ght Lover
N1ght Lover Month ago
Yoda and dooku: Both skilled in swordsmanship and the force to unimaginable levels. Reven and Malek: experienced Jedi turned sith who were warmongers, seeking war and death wherever they went. Obi wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker: dynamic duo who used the force in different ways and fought skillfully in different ways, yet worked in perfect unison and we're at their best when fighting alongside eachother, both legendary Jedi. Sidious and plageous: S T O C K S
19j Haugh
19j Haugh Month ago
Lol vader and galen merik or somethin idk never played the game
Frank B Parker
Frank B Parker Month ago
So darth plaques is jew
Fineraftmovies Month ago
I would say the combination of Anakin and Asoka was also a strong one
PoWer_ BlaDe
PoWer_ BlaDe Month ago
;-; no anakin and ahsoka
Slim 2 months ago
I don't think Obi and Anakin can be above Revan and Malek or Yoda and Dooku.
Zephyr Irons
Zephyr Irons 2 months ago
Sidious in his prime was actually so strong its actually fucking retarded. I advise anyone who reads this to look into the expanded universe and read up on sidious a bit, in fact i think theres a video that talks about it called like strongest jedi and sith of all time or some shit but prime sidious is literally stupid strong its like superman levels of bullshit.
ItsJonny Month ago
i mean if we go for pairings, just go for the fkin monster that is Luke and Yoda, you know the 2 strongest jedi in history
Elcere Rangard
Elcere Rangard 2 months ago
4, 3, 3, 3. wtf?
Admiral Josh
Admiral Josh 2 months ago
Haven't finished the video yet, but imma be disappointed if Luke/Jacen isn't #1
Admiral Josh
Admiral Josh 2 months ago
Consider me disappointed.
Angelalex242 2 months ago
Most powerful pairing, in Legends, would've been Yoda and Luke Skywalker. You already discussed Yoda, but GM Luke is a freaking Force God. All Anakin should've been from the beginning
ItsJonny Month ago
Exactly, or if you dont like that you can take either Luke with Jacen or Anakin Solo, both would of been better than Dooku and Yoda.
Taran Shaw
Taran Shaw 2 months ago
This dude only messed up on two facts dooku could only MATCH mace windu but COULDN'T beat yoda and Anakin used form 5 not form 4 till later on he made his own style as darth
AlphaX101-GAMING 2 months ago
I honestly expected so see vader and Palpatine on this list cuz all the normies would do that but this list made my life complete
Braden Wahrenburg
Braden Wahrenburg 2 months ago
Imagine how great Anakin would have been in the Old Republic area this dude would have been an unstoppable warrior
J4CKR4881T 2 months ago
Darth Sidious, the dude became master of all the galaxy for awhile for fuck sakes. Vador was even his bitch.
Michal Harmáček
Michal Harmáček 2 months ago
The sad thing is, that dooku, didn't show anything much special in the movies, because they were just swinging swords in the air and didn't try to hit each other, except when they cutted each other hands, what could have been seen miles away, because anakin stood there arms open for about an hour.
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 2 months ago
And how come there are two 3’s? One is Obi Wan and me but then there’s another three that says Plagueis and Sidious!
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 2 months ago
Wait a second, it says 4 best masters and apprentice pairings but there are five in the video.
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 2 months ago
Dave Hood ha ha
Dave Hood
Dave Hood 2 months ago
If you look at the numbering on them, you notice Allen can't count.
Will Kurz
Will Kurz 2 months ago
Dooku could not beat yoda in a duel no way
The Once And Future Badass Returns
Robbing liquor stores with the force lm dead asf.
Chandleraptor 2 months ago
Anakin was a form 5 master
everything. inc
everything. inc 2 months ago
why does he have a cristmas tree in june?
Mr.J Glokta
Mr.J Glokta 2 months ago
Dave Filoni & Jon Favreau
MWBalls 2 months ago
Darth Bane is very disappointed in this list.
Noah Aispuro
Noah Aispuro 2 months ago
Bro obi wan lost satine, his only reason to leave the order, if I’d lost the love of my life I’d stay with the order too.
tallulahgoodtimes 2 months ago
I think the best is Revan and Malik
Maurice Questel
Maurice Questel 2 months ago
yoda had 1000 years of knowledge ? didn't he die at 900 ? what about his time as a baby and toddler ?
Bruh Soup
Bruh Soup 2 months ago
What about Traya being the master over Sion and Nihilus? Nihilus himself could’ve beat all of these pairings
Literally everyone: Well I Am actually the best swordsman if I do say so myself.
Jesus best swordman. His sword come out of his mouth with sharp two edges when he comes back as a warrior with an army. His eyes like fire and his voice like many waters. Be in his army, the army of good wins. To join become a Christain, just admit a sinner and ask Jesus to save you. Then read playbook. Bible. King james Version.
Michael Kripak
Michael Kripak 2 months ago
Darth Revan was not really powerful, he can be defeated by common no name sith on the foundry. And the most powerful should be Luke+Rey. I don't like it, but it's true.
David metcalf
David metcalf 2 months ago
Anakin and ahsoka, or the 3 some ( this sounds perverted lol) Anakin, ahsoka and obi one where funny, powerful and interesting. Revan and malic
Madison Duncan
Madison Duncan 2 months ago
Kreia and sion
Rob Shapiro
Rob Shapiro 2 months ago
the parents gave the children. thats not kidnappiing
Something Intheway
Something Intheway 2 months ago
Yoda kinda sucked ngl. Picked dooku, ignored Anakin falling to e dark side, hiding away.
General Kenobi
General Kenobi 2 months ago
I think obi wan is the best Jedi because he does the most for the Jedi. He is sent on the most missions and he literally does everything for the council
ThroneRich 2 months ago
If anakin did not turn obi wan and him would be the most powerful of all time
Unruly 2 months ago
Vader and sidious?
General Grievous
General Grievous 2 months ago
"5g 1TB a second next level super saiyan jedi goodness" there is no better way to describe yoda
Charles Daunt
Charles Daunt 2 months ago
Wait didn’t Anakin start using form 5 djem so after episode 2? I don’t think he uses form 4 after he loses his arm.
Mamba Mentality
Mamba Mentality 2 months ago
What about yoda and mace windu?
D'Iamante Robinson
D'Iamante Robinson 2 months ago
I can't believe Sidious and Anakin aren't #1
Randall Petroelje
Randall Petroelje 2 months ago
I definitely want to see the mandalorian & Jedi wars !! In a movie. That would be cool. Leave it to Kennedy that Jedi and mandalorian will be female. Who knows ? It might be a hot show 😂🤣. I respect canon, and for new characters and plot lines. The shit that has been pulled over the fans eyes is overwhelming. The force is the force. I’m not a Misogynist. The last two films are, well garbage. They want to blame the fans. We are toxic? Thanks a lot. If it wasn’t for the fans, you wouldn’t have a film that was worth watching ( think of the merchandise..). They have so many creative people behind the helm and I still feel bad for George Lucas. Thanks again for your show.👍
Just_Stupid 2 months ago
Darth Bane and Darth Zannah without a doubt were polar opposites that complimented each other in battle, and were the first sith “in control” of their emotions and radical thoughts. Revans story starts and ends on the republic battle cruiser, where I suicided him into a medical droid and deleted the game.
Joseph Balasolla
Joseph Balasolla 2 months ago
"But was unfortunately cut short" PROCEEDS TO SHOW CLIP OF LIMBLESS ANAKIN I see what you did there.
Inc66 3 months ago
Live by the sword...
Moscovium 3 months ago
I'm at number two, Bane and Zannah better get some love in a second or I'm gonna break some chains
D. Ace
D. Ace 3 months ago
Anakin predominantly used djem so.
Xeption Hyper
Xeption Hyper 3 months ago
Imagine if Yoda just trained lots of apprentices he could have done about like 70 dooku which could mean 70 qui Gons and 70 obiwans
Rockspire Studio
Funny reflection, dude.
Omago 3 months ago
Honestly, Obi-Wan's combat skill is underrated. He constantly battered Grievous, who we know from the 2003 series was insanely powerful. He also managed to defeat Darth Maul and Savage Opress at the same time, even swiping off Opress' arm. Then he defeated Anakin and what could be said was the height of his power, (due to no disadvantages from his shitty ass suit) and also after that managed to expertly kill Darth Maul. I think he was one of the most powerful Jedi of all time, especially in the Galactic Republic era. I think only Windu and Yoda could beat him. He gets bad press because form 3 wasn't very effective against form 2 which meant Count Dooku just beat his ass in every fight, but truly he should get more praise for his prowess. Kenobi only died when he wanted to die.
Berserker76 3 months ago
Anakin favored the more agresive version of form 5, Djem So. Not form 4. Although he did know and was pretty good at form 4, as demonstrated in the second movie
Purple Dev
Purple Dev 3 months ago
2:41 imagine training your whole life to guard someone just to be yeeted back by a walking Frog
Andrew Hodgson
Andrew Hodgson Month ago
@HOWARD BOYD how about no
become a christian. Admit a sinner and ask Jesus to save you. Now a Christian. Now a real world warrior battling for good. Bible is the gamebook. Gives Christian strategy and tells of battles and mentions battle at end of world.
CABAL 2 months ago
TJC For Three
TJC For Three 3 months ago
I thought Anakin used form 5 with aspects from form 4, rather than form 4 with aspects of form 3
TJC For Three
TJC For Three 3 months ago
What if Obi Wan went to mustufar, and instead of dueling Anakin, said, "Bros before hoes man. '
Alexa Levon
Alexa Levon 3 months ago
Here’s my top 4 favorites; Anakin and Ahsoka. Obi-Wan and Anakin. Kanan and Ezra. Yoda and Dooku.
Its_badazz 3 months ago
Livo otherworld
Livo otherworld 3 months ago
I'm more of a Anikin and Ashoka type of paring.
Oliver Heslop
Oliver Heslop 3 months ago
Dooku never defeated yoda in a duel. at all ever
jlnhllrg 3 months ago
Darth Malek about to deploy an independent variable lol.
totally not salty
totally not salty 3 months ago
Anikan and ahsoka was baller as hell
Luke Peters
Luke Peters 3 months ago
8:47 anakin made use of form 5, not form 4 like yoda and maul
Luke Peters
Luke Peters 3 months ago
Obi wan was actually both pretty skilled and pretty powerful as a jedi. He just didn't come off as such because he was humble af. Undisputed master of form 3 soressu, master of jedi mind trick technique and ability to read thoughts and feelings. He was nerfed against dooku in ep 3 for plot. He was considered a highly force sensitive individual in the jedi order, being one of the youngest to gain the rank of master and join the jedi council.
Red Breaker
Red Breaker 4 months ago
The tragedy of Darth Anakin the fury
Kill me
Kill me 4 months ago
I believe, in my opinion the best pair on the list was Obi Wan and Anakin, and I have a reason why I believe so. They had a close attachment. Though it may not be obvious to most fans, they had a strong Attachment and Bond. Obi Wan formed a attachment for Anakin, and Anakin formed a type of Attachment for Obi Wan. Though the movies do not explain it, Anakin did not wanna fight Kenobi. "Don't make me kill you," and "If you are not with me, then you are my enemy." Anakin did not wanna fight him, but felt like he had to. And well, we know Obi Wan didn't wanna fight Anakin. They formed a brotherly bond, but a strong brotherly bond. And in the Clone Wars, when Obi wan faked his death, Anakin was full of Rage and anger, wanting to kill or heavily Injure the man. They didn't want the other die, and would do their best to protect each other. Again, this is all my opinion
SlothGang Brute
SlothGang Brute 4 months ago
Anakin used form 5
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