4 Levels of Steak: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of steak. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which steak was the best?
Check out the recipe on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/sous-vide-steak-recipe
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4 Levels of Steak: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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Sep 19, 2019




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Frank Hughes
Frank Hughes 8 hours ago
The premium badge july settle because shape literally mark afore a soggy cart. alcoholic, tricky cannon
Lana Isabel
Lana Isabel 11 hours ago
After watching almost all of these videos i have to say the level 2 home chef always comes with the best results😍
Pedro De Pacas
Pedro De Pacas 16 hours ago
none of them look good lmao
Subutay Noyan
Subutay Noyan 17 hours ago
Emily is the best chef in this show. Anyone can cook a wonderful meal with all those high-end ingredients. Try doing it with a flank steak!
Rafael Braggs
Rafael Braggs 17 hours ago
Old why but level one look the best I don’t like well done steak our sauce
Badass Uchiha
Badass Uchiha 18 hours ago
Chef Number 2 does it the best way Cook & Bake
tenacious645 Day ago
Julie's steak looks like the one I want
tenacious645 Day ago
Ketchup has no business being anywhere near a steak
Tim Collins
Tim Collins Day ago
They are all fun but Julie is an absolute joy to follow! great looking steak
Mitchell Kenneth
Anyone need an extra jug of melted butter???
Lily 2 days ago
NGNL Kuuhaku
NGNL Kuuhaku 3 days ago
BASIC JOHN 3 days ago
Cook to quick
Shaq 3 days ago
Adriana is beautiful
Furret Congregation
Did they forget the fat cap exists?
Furret Congregation
The professional chef messed up the vacuum process and got liquid in the vacuum machine
Pinkish Lump
Pinkish Lump 5 days ago
Did i just see Emily using ketchup for the steak
jmatt4life 5 days ago
This segment is a poorly written and shot, damned joke!!!
Strwbrry Lmonade
Strwbrry Lmonade 5 days ago
I hate when the food scientist comes on
Домоводство в Удовольствие
These steaks are making me hungry
daniel 7 days ago
ayo what's that level 3 chefs insta?
Zachity Wackity
Zachity Wackity 7 days ago
Fun Roblox Gaming with ya nigga
Me: the steak is so good, what’s the secret ingredient? *bone*
rothmcroth 7 days ago
Swear to God, this video was made to infuriate me. I was aghast and offended multiple times.
Emīls Š
Emīls Š 7 days ago
5:29 that's what she said lol
helz olw
helz olw 8 days ago
Braai seasoning... south Africa made a cameo
KOZMO 8 days ago
Mm Adriana that meat look tasty 😋
Fake Vines
Fake Vines 8 days ago
Serloin? Nah man, tenderloin for the win.
X•Ankøku_ PhøneixBlo0d•X
Quote of the day: "Because I ✨rEspEct✨ the beef"
Michael Pocci
Michael Pocci 8 days ago
Me: Has the same equipment as a pro-chef Also me: Professional chef!
Havoc 9 days ago
Petition to have a level 4 chef that tells u the history of the food and level 5 is a food scientist
Really cook to quick
luke foley
luke foley 9 days ago
is there a level 0 cook? cause if there is im an -1 as in i can't boil water without burning an entire forest down.
SStwins 10 days ago
Imagine eating steak with ketchup
HistoryGeek 10 days ago
Its that time of the night again, when i watch cooking videos when im hungry
Pedro Couto
Pedro Couto 10 days ago
Julie's steak is burned
Elliot Kim
Elliot Kim 10 days ago
1:00 Bone doesn‘t really matter unless you‘re gonna sousvide it
Hannah Mendoza
Hannah Mendoza 11 days ago
Off topic but the professional chef is gorgeous
Bunanaman 11 days ago
I don't know how it's pronounced, but I sure as hell know it ain't pronounced BRAI
Vibe Troung
Vibe Troung 12 days ago
Frank is that one student that doesn’t participate but knows everything
Sofia7 7
Sofia7 7 13 days ago
no one: not a single molecule: level 3 chef: *swings her ponytail side to side*
Hannah Mendoza
Hannah Mendoza 11 days ago
Shut up she's gorgeous
Chief_ Boesman
Chief_ Boesman 13 days ago
braai seasoning😏south Africa?
Eduardo Mejia
Eduardo Mejia 13 days ago
anyone knows if level 3 chef has insta or twitter? hehe
Brendon Leet
Brendon Leet 13 days ago
i feel like the level 3 chef's abilities were wasted. it seemed like it was planned so she just did a pretty standard sous vide cook. you could tell she knows exactly what she's doing but it felt like she was being limited
paul thammaracksa
paul thammaracksa 14 days ago
The juvenile snowflake immunohistochemically shiver because segment psychophysically warm as a wide-eyed postbox. broken, bad policeman
Yahna 14 days ago
What sauce did Adriana use??
BenyGRT 15 days ago
Level 1: everyone Level 2: your mom or grandma Level 3: makes their own water
Lupu Rednic
Lupu Rednic 15 days ago
Level 3 chef @ ?
clevie arts
clevie arts 15 days ago
Her: I've been a chef for 10 years. Me: YOU'VE BEEN A CHEF SINCE YOU WERE 13???!!!
Karen Gonzalez
Karen Gonzalez 17 days ago
I got this as an add😂 RUvid's doing good👍
Foxubis 17 days ago
does anyone ever wonder what would Gordon Ramsey say trying their food?
Victor K
Victor K 17 days ago
sou vide is so overrated! Imaging waiting 2 hours for your steak...
rlg_ 18 days ago
im surprised the level 3 didnt dry age the steak.
bloody blood
bloody blood 18 days ago
3rd level girl is cute asf
Jasmitha Durai
Jasmitha Durai 19 days ago
Why is nobody talking about how pretty the level 3 chef is?
kamal jama
kamal jama 19 days ago
No one will believe me if I say I'm watching this in prison
Sir Rooster
Sir Rooster 19 days ago
tbh I can make a steak as good as the Professional Chef because she uses the sous vide method. I'd have more trouble making Emily's steak than the pro's, lol
Meir Ka
Meir Ka 19 days ago
To be honest., The steak from level 1 looks the best.
Tim Miller
Tim Miller 21 day ago
Obviously none of these idiots know how to cook
capxsam 21 day ago
Why do americans have so much trouble saying english place names Worcestershire (wuss-ter-shuh) = worshestershyerrrr Edit: woahh the amateur said it right. I like her
Zuma 6
Zuma 6 21 day ago
How can you not make mashed potatoes with steak???
Because they are just supposed to focus on the steak
Megan Naude
Megan Naude 21 day ago
Braai seasoning? 🥺
dan36 paun
dan36 paun 23 days ago
I s-o beautiful the expert chef. Xxx
Anigamer Yujo Clan
Anigamer Yujo Clan 23 days ago
Where do y'all see me at All I see is a sign that says Gabe was here and an IOU
bmdshred77 23 days ago
Maybe a blue cheese crust would be ok sometimes. Most of the time all you need is salt and pepper. I would not eat any of these sauces on steak
Zachary Coester
Zachary Coester 23 days ago
Frank: Alright so, I like to start out with my own bottle fed calf.
Jacob Guiler
Jacob Guiler 24 days ago
I can’t believe more people didn’t comment on how beautiful the level 3 chef is...
Jacob Guiler
Jacob Guiler 24 days ago
I was trying to watch the whole video before commenting but JESUS CHRIST IS THE LEVEL 3 CHEF GORGEOUS!!! Like omg
Weeb Gaming
Weeb Gaming 24 days ago
Honestly level 2 food looks the best
Parth Nayak
Parth Nayak 25 days ago
4:13 🙄🙄🙄🙄 i m sorry
jera9876 27 days ago
So level 1 takes a flank steak, which really needs a marinade to impart flavor and tenderize since it's so lean and tough, and just puts seasoning on it, and level 3 takes a BONE IN DRY AGED RIBEYE and puts all that garbage on it when it just needs salt and pepper??? I hate 2020
Mohammad Abdo
Mohammad Abdo 27 days ago
Adriana proper wifey
Carolina Murtha
Carolina Murtha 28 days ago
Adriana can make me steak anytime she feels like it. That looked amazing.
Straw hat boi
Straw hat boi 29 days ago
Yo Im a level 5 chef yall trash
Mr Dog
Mr Dog Month ago
3:49 why sugar tho
Sm 99
Sm 99 Month ago
I don’t think they are really chefs
Dimond Ninja
Dimond Ninja Month ago
"You see I'm being gentle because I respect the beef"
AnimeIsLife :DD
AnimeIsLife :DD Month ago
The home cook chef is so great! I love her energy!!! 💕
Antonio Rodriguez
These are the worst steaks I've ever seen common smh disrespectful
Dylan p
Dylan p Month ago
Is it just me or do other people only like the ones with Lorenzo? Lol
koushalya Roy
koushalya Roy Month ago
What is the level 5?🤣🤣🤣
Jeet Singh
Jeet Singh Month ago
Blue cheese is so nasty
Asad Ullah
Asad Ullah Month ago
Eh... Pro chef is beautiful uno :/
Professor Lundon
Me: sees ketchup on level 1 on thumbnail Also Me: THAT'S EMILY
Dan M
Dan M Month ago
3 failed steaks. 👌
Raven Strife
Raven Strife Month ago
Did anyone notice the level 3 chef grab the insanely hot cast iron pan with her BARE hand?? And actually hold onto it for a while-
ANIMAL gaming
ANIMAL gaming 5 hours ago
Pyrokinesis confirmed
Mnene T
Mnene T Month ago
Bobby Belcher
Bobby Belcher Month ago
Chef it takes 24hoursto make a steak me it takes 5mins LOLLLL😂😂😂😂
Elijah LaLonde
Elijah LaLonde Month ago
Bruh there entire budget of this video is just on glass bowls
Chef BlackLipz
Chef BlackLipz Month ago
A leave 3 chef with no ring. Damn I’m a simple man...
supecar suspects
Level 3 is somewhere between 13 and 26.
Shamie Cheah
Shamie Cheah Month ago
Video: hi I am Julie and I am a level 2 chef Me: I- shouldn’t Lorenzo be the level chef? Me: oh right he should be a pro chef literally
Apex Predator
Apex Predator Month ago
3.3 k dislike are vegan🤣
Thooper DONG
Thooper DONG Month ago
Thank you Epicurious !!
The TaskMaster
The TaskMaster Month ago
I hate marinading and suveiding steaks
Dylan Sebastián Teira
Any argentinian here? Eso está vivo, che. Un buen veterinario lo salva
Parth Naik
Parth Naik Month ago
Looks like there are 3 not 4 levels of chefs
Melstache Month ago
the level 1 cook looks like my english teacher-
Shado Month ago
Bruh level 2 chef’ plating was so much better than level 3
Questionable Context
Jesus christ they made fantastic looking steaks and just drowned them in junk.
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