4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of an omelet. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which omelet was the best?
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4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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May 21, 2019

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Comments 7 640
Monique Fullerton
Monique Fullerton 2 hours ago
Lorenzo’s laugh gets me through life
Arshia Lack
Arshia Lack 2 hours ago
Next one make them do pizza
Alex Madsen
Alex Madsen 2 hours ago
damn that girl got a PHD in eggs!
Nikolaus Alfonso
Nikolaus Alfonso 3 hours ago
I like level 2
James Kenny
James Kenny 3 hours ago
Lorenzo is like the coolest chap in the world
Abigail Jimenez
Abigail Jimenez 3 hours ago
I fell like the level 2 food isn’t to much but isn’t to little
Maryse Albert
Maryse Albert 3 hours ago
I'd like to see the so called food scientist make an omelet and have the other three judge it.
Brady Biesterfeld
Brady Biesterfeld 4 hours ago
The comments on all these videos are all exactly the same.
Kyle Neufeld
Kyle Neufeld 4 hours ago
Why is I called 4 levels
tash 4 hours ago
The level 3 person basically just made flat scrambled egg
Joseph 4 hours ago
Sees Level 4 expert has changed *wait, that’s illegal*
heartily 5 hours ago
HowToBasic: AHEM
TheDarkArtist 5 hours ago
Emily shouldnt be allowed to garnish
MATTHEW CECH 5 hours ago
Lorenzo’s looked better than the professional, her filling didn’t look appetizing
Galant Soldier
Galant Soldier 5 hours ago
the level 2 is the best...
Grammar Police
Grammar Police 5 hours ago
RIE wins. FOODTALITY🤦🏼‍♀️🍉
Sol Hurvey
Sol Hurvey 5 hours ago
Just milk, butter, and magic sarap with a bit or chives is the best.
Keith Stouch III
Keith Stouch III 6 hours ago
Hi, I'm a level 4 chef. I lay the eggs myself.
Dank meme 1800
Dank meme 1800 6 hours ago
Why is the level 2 chef the best
Trent Oliver Rebane
The level 3 omlet looked like it was microwaved
Where’s Evan
Where’s Evan 6 hours ago
Does anyone else think Barb is Barb from stranger things mom
Rickdog 247
Rickdog 247 6 hours ago
Level 2 looks the best
Succ Master 56
Succ Master 56 6 hours ago
Everyone who wasn’t a food scientist: mmmm...so good Food scientist: I’m about to end this mans career
TheKoruptedCrip 6 hours ago
i’d eat the first and 2nd one
Joseph Fang
Joseph Fang 6 hours ago
Barb's omelette looks so good I bet it tastes better than it looks
Aram Mapping
Aram Mapping 6 hours ago
Where is the old food scientist :(
DRKLGND 7 hours ago
And here I thought I could cook egg.
jack lo
jack lo 7 hours ago
Imagine being in one of these videos thinking you're home cook level but you show up as amateur
2615 adlay
2615 adlay 7 hours ago
All that green on the “pro” chefs cutting board? Yeah that’s actually the flavours from her parsley and chives. Man what a pro
Ryan McLaughlin
Ryan McLaughlin 7 hours ago
So who else would rather have chef 2’s omelet
Areeb Ahmad
Areeb Ahmad 7 hours ago
YOOOOO Lorenzo was in my HR anti-discrimination and harassment training video!
Gamer Master
Gamer Master 7 hours ago
11.31 me! Cuz Im muslim
Don Pablo
Don Pablo 7 hours ago
Hot Sauce for the win
Gucci Izzy
Gucci Izzy 7 hours ago
I'm a level 0.2 cook
Alex 8 hours ago
Level 1: when you cook Level 2: that one person in your family who can cook Level 3: i don’t want to pay for that
Bacon Bacon
Bacon Bacon 8 hours ago
Who doesn't like big white splotches in their omelet? ;)
Sakurano Kun
Sakurano Kun 8 hours ago
You mean An *Egg* spert? ;3
Zapp YT
Zapp YT 9 hours ago
i CaNt WaIt To WaTcH sTrAnGeR tHiNgS 3 It's just because of the name of the Expert Chef: Barb
KyleTheKiller 507
KyleTheKiller 507 9 hours ago
Am i the only one who thinks this expert is hot
Sara dakhil
Sara dakhil 9 hours ago
Do scrambled egggssss!!!!!!!!!
DhelRex YT
DhelRex YT 9 hours ago
*I Find This Satisfying*
Its_ Editz
Its_ Editz 9 hours ago
Lvl 2 omelet wins
Koko Mmc
Koko Mmc 10 hours ago
Me: learned to not overly mix eggs while cooking. Level 3: Vigorously mashes the life out of the eggs so the "cook" evenly. SMH.
Zander Andres
Zander Andres 11 hours ago
Lorenzo is the best
Aging jedi
Aging jedi 11 hours ago
I bet number 3 chef really likes being told what to do. Especially by Male identifying people
Itz Dioun
Itz Dioun 11 hours ago
HowToBasic wants to know your location.
:D :D
:D :D 11 hours ago
Lorenzo's laugh like psychopath
Cerberus YT
Cerberus YT 11 hours ago
Is Lorenzo Filipino???
Todoroki Kun
Todoroki Kun 11 hours ago
Tbh i don't really care about the food scientist.
Zakiry 12 hours ago
What tf was the point with that icing bag, I could do that with a spoon and save the hassle
Zakiry 12 hours ago
Still can’t think how Americans say erbs, in what world can you say that and not proceed to drag yourself out a window
Marko Kristic
Marko Kristic 13 hours ago
@epicurus make them taste each other s food it will be so interesting
youtuber 13 hours ago
My mother's cook is better Your mom is good too
Matthew Hernandez
Matthew Hernandez 13 hours ago
Level1 :I’m pretty much a professional.Me : says the one who put ketchup on French toast
Reza Rahman
Reza Rahman 15 hours ago
Why always Lorenzo? LORENZO!
Janelle C
Janelle C 16 hours ago
Level 99 omelet is the one that Japanese chef from kyoto makes for omurice.
SOLID_CameyYT 16 hours ago
Mmmmmmm do i smell bacon
Fresno Lazuli
Fresno Lazuli 16 hours ago
I love how they made a compilation of 'butter' . They should do one of Gordon Ramsay saying 'salt' ! 🤣🤣🤣
Sam Cannon
Sam Cannon 16 hours ago
"I like it spicy" *adds 2 tiny chilli flakes*
Flowerbud 5 hours ago
I feel attacked
King Bovee
King Bovee 16 hours ago
Lorenzo, please make a channel so i can subscribe
King Bovee
King Bovee 17 hours ago
Why is Lorenzo always the level 2 chef when his food always looks the best?
Aiya Saito
Aiya Saito 17 hours ago
Lorenzo’s the best. Burnt bacon and omelet? Always the best
tonystark19631 17 hours ago
Me: learned to not overly mix eggs while cooking. Level 3: Vigorously mashes the life out of the eggs so the "cook" evenly. SMH.
Marcus Rondo
Marcus Rondo 17 hours ago
I'll eat them all.
Johnny The man
Johnny The man 18 hours ago
No body : Not a single soul : Level 3 : whisk very vigorously
MEME LORD 18 hours ago
Why do all the level 3 chefs looks like they've done 6 pounds of crack
timothywatt 5 hours ago
Have you worked as a cook in a restaurant before? I have. Trust me, you'll understand why.
Luiz 18 hours ago
Somehow Emily's was more appetising than the level 3 abomination. ps #LorenzoForPresident
Cheesecakey Boi
Cheesecakey Boi 18 hours ago
Whisking Level 1: "Let's just calmly whisk these eggs" Level 2: "so you wanna enter the plane to Vietnam" Level 3: *vietnam flashbacks*
Artomic 19 hours ago
All of them being so careful while cracking the egg, meanwhile Gordon just cracks it with one hand
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 20 hours ago
That home cook guy at this point is a pro cheft lol
Veronica Foxx
Veronica Foxx 20 hours ago
What's up with this "pinch" of salt? It needs more than that
marius71godofwar 20 hours ago
Food scientist and chef 3 are mother and daughter
João Águia de Moura
No one knows how to make an omolete.
Smell Yermaw
Smell Yermaw 20 hours ago
Why do they always title the video as 4 ways to cook ‘x’ food, but only show 3?
Phxntom 1
Phxntom 1 20 hours ago
I love how the “best” chefs food looks the worst
Muerte 20 hours ago
Lorenzo acts like he is the level 3 chef
Santiago Menjivar
Santiago Menjivar 21 hour ago
Lorenzo: the vegetables I am going to be using are peppers.... wait I thought peppers were fruit
Cassandre Sainvilus
lvl 1 cook add water in her Omelet ? without any explaination ? J'ai mal.
Emily Needham
Emily Needham 21 hour ago
You’re not supposed to season your eggs before you cook them I-
Alex 21 hour ago
pro chef - "i dont whisk side to side, it doesnt work" pro chef - *proceeds to whisk side to side*
Susan Sealy
Susan Sealy 21 hour ago
i thought adding water was necessary to add oxygen and make the eggs fluffy. guess I dont know squat LOL
InK_Clôúd 22 hours ago
these scientists always say the positive things about something they did but they didn’t mean to use it like that
Raj Selvaraj
Raj Selvaraj 22 hours ago
Epicurious: *removes Rose Trout (old food scientist)* Me: “My lord, is that legal?”
Chardonnay Bentley
Chardonnay Bentley 22 hours ago
This is too much why complicate a simple dish like this
Bleach 22 hours ago
Level 5: G R A N D M A
dan emp
dan emp 23 hours ago
This food scientist ❤
Oliveer Mitteer
Oliveer Mitteer 23 hours ago
now i´m hungry
TRoL Riot
TRoL Riot 23 hours ago
Why the hell is this in my recommended.
Sid Moturi
Sid Moturi 23 hours ago
Number 2 is always the best
Noob Pro
Noob Pro Day ago
And i think im level 0 bcs i just spray some oil on the pan then crack some eggs in it ,add some salt and done
lily Day ago
Lorenzo can easily become a level 3 chef on this show. His recipes hand down always look the best lmao
Flowerbud 5 hours ago
Taste > Presentation always, tho I wouldn't mind trying Lorenzo's and Barb's
MemeCore Day ago
Im lvl -20 chef
No Name
No Name Day ago
Who is this new food scientist....I like the other lady better.
Joker Ndhds
Joker Ndhds Day ago
So the good scientist isn't better than the lvl 3 cook ? She just explains why the lvl 3 is the best. And what happened to the other good scientist? Return the real scientist to us
Bri A.
Bri A. Day ago
I think I'm in love with Lorenzo. 2:33 consider my eggs whisked lmfao
Stepanenko Viktor
Lorenso best
u҉n҉k҉0҉.c҉k҉ 8҉0҉8҉
Level 2 wins
Agathe Brusselmans
I love Lorenzo's laugh Wait... No....I love Lorenzo in general💗💗
Agathe Brusselmans
Emily: butter Lvl 3: HOmE mAde BuTteRrrR Lorenzo: buttaaaaaahh
MjrKime Day ago
Every time I watch these videos I can't help but think that amateur cook just doesnt like to cook in the first place 😥
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