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We challenged chefs of three different skill levels - amateur Stephen, home cook Lorenzo, and professional chef Frank from the Institute of Culinary Education - to whip us up some nachos. After each of them had presented their creation, we asked food scientist Rose to weigh-in on their choices. Which crunchy, cheesey, melty, spicy....? Yikes, sorry. Got a little distracted. These look amazing. I want nachos.

Check out the level 3 recipe on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/griddle-nachos-carnitas-avocado-crema

Find chef Frank Proto at @protocooks
Rose is on Instagram! Follow her at @rosemarytrout_foodscience
Looking for Lorenzo on social? Find him at @rollinabenzo

Follow the Institute of Culinary Education here! @iceculinary
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4 Levels of Nachos: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


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Apr 15, 2020




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Comments 100
juana kogutek
juana kogutek 7 hours ago
Is stephen vegetarian?
Aphmau Potato Fan
Aphmau Potato Fan 10 hours ago
Omg bro Lorenzo is SO FUNNY!!! He my fav cook in all of these shows :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Stefany Herrera
I was like wtf is cojita? does he mean COTIJA?
Sarah Pedro
Sarah Pedro 2 days ago
Im sorry Im giving this one to Stephen.
Sarah Pedro
Sarah Pedro 2 days ago
I really appreciate Stephen.
Sarah Pedro
Sarah Pedro 2 days ago
Frank heard my eyebrows fly up when he ssid pickles....
Sarah Pedro
Sarah Pedro 2 days ago
Thanks Stephen for being thee only person to use cotija. Nooooo cheddar
Sarah Pedro
Sarah Pedro 2 days ago
Oh Frank. Premade tortilla? Are we having a down day?
Shiloh L
Shiloh L 2 days ago
Frank and Lorenzo: being complete opposites Kevin: These beans need to breath
aftxrlife 2 days ago
Bruh my nachos are just beans chicken and cheese
Abi J
Abi J 2 days ago
well master chef knows ways on how to make people feel like idiots and broccoli in nachos sorry but how revolting nachos be fried for a reason and it aint for them to get close to healthy stuff like broccoli
Sarah A.
Sarah A. 3 days ago
I’m surprised frank didn’t make his own torillas
simpou owo
simpou owo 3 days ago
Lvl 1 chef: I like to buy my nachos Lvl 2 chef: I like to make my nachos Lvl 3 chef: so I’ll be creating my own Big Bang first.
Silvia Motrea
Silvia Motrea 3 days ago
I love how Frank explains why he doesn't prefer a certain cooking method/ingredient and then it cuts to Lorenzo doing the exact thing Frank doesn't do 😂😂
XXhacksXXhack 3 days ago
*me who likes any nacho recipe*
Ranvir Ojha
Ranvir Ojha 3 days ago
Lorenzo runs this channel
ExtrovertArtist 3 days ago
Frank didn't make his own oil and tortilla, what did you do to him
hkdiva2015 3 days ago
Superbowl, UFC, Hockey Night food; nachos is a safe choice for the mancave party. Frank and Lorenzo are my preferred.
Margaret Belle
Margaret Belle 4 days ago
Italian parsley has no business being involved with nachos.
Sopheavy Ek
Sopheavy Ek 4 days ago
These are all my favorite chefs on this show
Getfall in
Getfall in 5 days ago
Level 1: Hi, Im a level 1 Chef Level 2: Hi, Im a level 2 Chef Level 3: When I was born the very fabric of the universe whispered "frank" to my mother's ears. Since before the light of the Sun shone upon these lands i have been crafting flavors. All tastes in existence are wrought upon my pallet, and i have mastery upon them all. I, your level 3 chef, have ascended to the absolute pinnacle of beings. I have consumed God. Pray i do not consume you.
Jay Ian
Jay Ian 5 days ago
lorenzo's food always seems to impress me more for some reason
fidel smith-bey
fidel smith-bey 5 days ago
frank said nachos for midnight snack but leaves his pork marinating for 4 hours
Brittany R
Brittany R 5 days ago
literally how is Lorenzo the level 2 chef, he doesn't do anything right.
Not _Hunter
Not _Hunter 5 days ago
I love Lorenzo man
lifeless_lettuce 6 days ago
I don't now why but I read nachos as nackos
Santiago Nutter
Santiago Nutter 6 days ago
They didn't bring Saul because it would have been too much for our mortal hearts
Letlotlo Malevu
Letlotlo Malevu 7 days ago
What is up with Frank and pickling things
Sofia Alvarez
Sofia Alvarez 7 days ago
clickbaitrr 7 days ago
Ester gomez torio
Stephen's look the most delicious
meenakshi ilango
meenakshi ilango 8 days ago
i love lorenzo
Sarah Silverberg
Sarah Silverberg 9 days ago
ig i’m a level 0 bc i just throw chips and cheese on a plate and put it in the microwave for 45 seconds
Dont worry B happy
Dont worry B happy 10 days ago
Broccoli on a nacho is crazy talk Lorenzo. After he said the reason, I understood lol
Erick Mendoza
Erick Mendoza 10 days ago
I tried them with cotija cheese and they're DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!
SialalaMarcin 10 days ago
Stephen Lorenzo and Frank is the ultimate combo you would like to watch in a video
amy cruz
amy cruz 11 days ago
i want my abuela to challange frank
cray z games
cray z games 12 days ago
Anyone else just put some chips and cheese on a plate and put it in the micro wave for 30 seconds
strawberry cow
strawberry cow 12 days ago
ah yes, the holy trinity
Krysp ツ
Krysp ツ 13 days ago
Level 1: Hi I’m Steven! And I’m a level 1 chef! Level 2: Hi I’m Lorenzo! And I’m a level 2 chef! Level 3: “Frank the Conqueror” was the name bestowed upon me at birth. I have spent many millenium perfecting the decent culinary art. I forged my first cast iron skillet when I was a mere 4 years old and I have crafted many ever since. My friends have been by my side, helping me to defeat anyone who would even think of battling me since then. My ground hamburgers are many from the hearts of ancient dragons and the tears of the wizards that brought us this land many years ago. My technique comes from the Eastern Viking Tribe from the south of Europe and has been passed on from generation to generation. My mission on this humble planet is simple. Create peace and balance to this earth and crush any mortal who dares to challenge the might and power that stands before you.
Sam Stevens
Sam Stevens 13 days ago
We stan Frank
Anuj Tillu
Anuj Tillu 14 days ago
#freethebean beans have been subject to biased breathing laws since 1969
Shreyas Shashi
Shreyas Shashi 14 days ago
Frank finna be cooking his late night snack until morning.
The Fnaf Plushies
The Fnaf Plushies 14 days ago
Why does lorenzo’s food always look the most appetizing
Mmmmiekskuh 14 days ago
I found my new phrase in life: cheese crumbles easily, unlike my spirit😂😂😂😂
John Ohkuma-Thiel
John Ohkuma-Thiel 15 days ago
I’m shocked that no one, particularly Frank, made their own tortillas. It’s about as easy as making toast. This is a total failure on all levels. We need to call in a Mexican grandmother.
Vicente Rodrigo
Vicente Rodrigo 15 days ago
I think for the level 3 chef they should've invited a Mexican chef... And also I don't like Frank! 😒🤣
Irene Botros
Irene Botros 16 days ago
Lorenzos laugh is so contagious
raw 16 days ago
This is quality entertainment
Falkarios 17 days ago
I have a friend that refers to regular tortilla chips as "Nachos". He'll literally call a bag of Tortilla chips...a bag of Nachos. I gave him the definition of Nachos on google, and he still refuses to change his ways. I might have to terminate this friendship.
Zane benedict Maceda
Frank keeps making a brath
Ghost Face
Ghost Face 17 days ago
I just take chips then add shredded cheese on top then microwave them
Christian's Personal Account
Jesus can someone teach the level one chefs proper hand placement while cutting? I know its fun to watch level 1 chefs cook in their own unique way, but I don't want them to cut themselves!
D. Lacerta
D. Lacerta 17 days ago
Stephen is a treasure!!!!!!!!!!
Abstr4kt 18 days ago
Me: suprised stephen didnt add half a cheesecake
Pete Flores
Pete Flores 18 days ago
*As a Mexican I can't let you continue living your life until I explain that using deep-fried flour tortillas instead of corn tortillas as chips is the height of blasphemy against Nachos. Lorenzo was also scoring bonus-points in his crusade against Mexican food when he added dill to guacamole (my ancestors were rolling so hard in their graves that they were causing seismic activity).* 🤣🤣🤣
SuperLuigiYT 19 days ago
Frank vs Gordon Ramsay *make it happen.*
Megatto 19 days ago
God damn the level 2 chef is annoying as all hell. Just be quiet and make nachos!
Waris Ali
Waris Ali 19 days ago
Hey I wanna ask that has anyone ever gotten their hand cut by slicer machine
Zachic Guy
Zachic Guy 20 days ago
He didnt put half a cheesecake in there though
100 cookies? idk
100 cookies? idk 20 days ago
Finally Lorenzo And Frank Together.
Marcel Banaszkiewicz
Liam Bujimans
Liam Bujimans 22 days ago
Is it just me but the home cook always looks the best
Brenda Villanueva
Brenda Villanueva 24 days ago
If this was a contest, Stephen wins hands down. Nachos should be no fuss. Not bashing the other two, but who wouldn't want him as a roommate or host for game night
Jake Games
Jake Games 24 days ago
The editor of this video wants Lorenzo and Frank to be rivals😂
DavaaGames 24 days ago
My favs from each level. This is a blessed episode. And it’s nachos to boot 👏
Foreshadow O9
Foreshadow O9 24 days ago
Why do they have to cook everything so freaking fancy cuz my mom makes simple nachos amazing
Janyne P.
Janyne P. 24 days ago
I really like when Lorenzo and Frank are paired together. They have some kind of chemistry (not romantic) between them. Both of them love cooking and they show it in different ways.
Steven Woodward
Steven Woodward 25 days ago
These look good
little lozer
little lozer 26 days ago
usually im a mix between all of them today im level 0 i use a micro wave for ever thing
FlatPlatipus 27 days ago
Hi im lorenzo and im a very happy chef
Nazifa Rahman
Nazifa Rahman 27 days ago
Let's be honest, no one watched the food scientist part(except for me because I'm thinking of becoming a food scientist when I grow up)
RAIU 9 27 days ago
Coke addicts how can I get this 11:11
Eric1SanDiego1 28 days ago
Frank's right about caramelized cheese. I made some nachos tonight and melted the cheese the way Frank did. Except I don't have a nonstick griddle. I used stainless steel and the cheese got stuck. I was able to retrieve some of it with a spatula and the chips got coated nicely with it, but it was definitely a learning experience. Great thing about stainless steel, it's easy to clean and you can keep it looking brand new for years. Anyway, the caramelized cheese that I was able to save tasted amazing. Even if you don't go hog wild with Frank's recipe, at least caramelize the cheese. It's the bomb. I fully intend to learn how to caramelize cheese using the correct technique with the equipment I have, or by purchasing new equipment. I DO fully intend to go hog wild and make Frank's recipe. Can't wait.
Clark Dark
Clark Dark 28 days ago
Stephen has really stepped up his game
Zed Shaman
Zed Shaman 29 days ago
Lorenzo is plain irritating!!
Robert Cruz
Robert Cruz Month ago
Jeffrey Diaz
Jeffrey Diaz Month ago
I could honestly say that I would rather Lorenzo’s over Frank’s (just this time) I just feel that with that bed of cheese he made, calls for “when you pull a chip” you pull the whole thing, you know
yash Month ago
Lorenzo please no more cringe please
abid Hasan
abid Hasan Month ago
Frank: It's pork shoulder or pork butt Me: Wait wut
Emmybear Month ago
Stephen is the best lvl 1.
Monster Arts
Monster Arts Month ago
Frank: ok so what we are going to do is grow your own corn. Now I have a corn farm in my backyard so I already have it. Ok done just like that they are tortillas
CromeCc2 Month ago
when i eat nachos its usualy around 3 am and i cant be bothered to do this much work for a post midnight snack/meal i just use the microwave
DGB_IceFury Month ago
frank: makes everything himself Lorenzo: puts butter on everything for flavour stephen: PuRpLe
Emie Dultra
Emie Dultra Month ago
stephen is health and budge conscious i like that
Slayerninja582 Month ago
Lorenzo Is best
Moist Tony
Moist Tony Month ago
That Asian guy is hot
Simp. Already
Simp. Already Month ago
*ßñîff* that was my finger
Lucy Williams
Lucy Williams Month ago
Frank: tells everyone why he doesn’t use that ingredient Lorenzo: Uses every ingredient frank tells us not to use
Mr. Like
Mr. Like Month ago
This is the best combo of chefs. We got my favorite from every level and my favorite food scientist.
Zeke Montoya
Zeke Montoya Month ago
Pickles on nachos eww
Kala Bender
Kala Bender Month ago
Level 2 was just so happy to be there😭 I love him🥺
the red baron
the red baron Month ago
Why tf does the level 4 chef look like a ss officer
Ana Penaran
Ana Penaran Month ago
Is anyone else triggered by the missing ingredients in the carnitas... No just me.. ok
Luke O'Neill
Luke O'Neill Month ago
This episode had absolutely no right to have so much chaotic energy.
Omar Parra Molina
Lorenzo's nachos are cursed :(
The real Manman__21
I love frank
pema namdol
pema namdol Month ago
Why do I just frickin love Lorenzo
Donnie M
Donnie M Month ago
1:14 lorenzo is the cutest thing evr
Ulrich Yaolile
Ulrich Yaolile Month ago
Love your vids
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