4 Levels of French Toast: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of French toast. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which French toast was the best?

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4 Levels of French Toast: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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Apr 11, 2019

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Comments 12 344
Nicky Gursin
Nicky Gursin 32 minutes ago
That first girl just made scrambled eggs *inside* of bread
Maroxa’s Choices
Maroxa’s Choices 56 minutes ago
Level 2 chef is the best looking one!
CSWRB Hour ago
So this is the infamous ketchup Emily.... I wasn’t disappointed.
Mr.TheGreat 2 hours ago
I am starting to think that the level one chef is depressed
Ali Ansari
Ali Ansari 4 hours ago
Stop shaming Emily, she is really like us noobs!
Auchitya Verma
Auchitya Verma 5 hours ago
Penny please.. We know what Grandma did to you in Pan cakes episode. You can never be pro for me.
septimus sumitpes
septimus sumitpes 7 hours ago
hate it when my bananas won't yield.
Mysti Dawn
Mysti Dawn 8 hours ago
I actually use flavored coffee creamer instead of milk lol it tastes delicious
Taannro 8 hours ago
Everybody gangsta till Emily puts tomato blood on her sweet toast
99Percent Derp
99Percent Derp 9 hours ago
Level 1: I like ketchup on my egg toast. Level 2: HAHAHAHAHA this is so good. Level 3: I climbed through the rainforests of Mexico to find fresh cocoa beans and then I processed them in a factory so I could get chocolate for my babka.
Heavy Weight Primate With a Harvard Mind
Keep the #freakparty going Emily
aesi 11 hours ago
Everything looks absolutely YUCK!
chibi - tan
chibi - tan 11 hours ago
Atleast Emily is conscious of what putting ketchup innit would mean XD
RilBitz 13 hours ago
2 more years and lorenzo wont be level 2 no more
oniria 13 hours ago
lorenzo rules
Marine Bavay
Marine Bavay 14 hours ago
As a French people I feel very attacked by the use of brioche and not regular dried bread 😭
De ChickenKing
De ChickenKing 15 hours ago
Alone in the dark maybe.....
桜sakura 16 hours ago
Everyone gucci until the level one chef pulls out ketchup
Marcelo Calle Chávez
I miss this food scientist :(((
LemonBoy 18 hours ago
Did anyone else get really excited when the lvl 3 cut open the bread or just me
Hersheybarzzz 19 hours ago
Emily is obsessed with old medicine 😭😂
Arthur Hartel
Arthur Hartel 22 hours ago
Damn, Emily the reason your alone is bc you eat ketchup with French toast.
Anna 22 hours ago
lets be real, Lorenzo's looked the best.
big boi dan
big boi dan 23 hours ago
Ketchup on toast wtf
Joseph Canning
Idk if this is maybe just me or its an American thing, but I'm Scottish and we don't make French toast as a sweet thing. It's like a breakfast thing and everyone I know makes it like level 1. The other two treated it like a pancake or something...
Emily: I put ketchup on it Me: Whatever floats your boat.
Ahmed Raafat
Ahmed Raafat Day ago
This level 3 toast is a masterpiece🎖
Why was this episode so depressing
Mikuみく Day ago
Penny is so cheeky and it’s adorable xD
niels baumann
If it has chocolate in it, it's not bread, it's cake
Deon F
Deon F Day ago
I put ketchup on my black coffee. Emily who?
Historic Battles
I would use the level 3. But that’s just me
The lv1 chef is awkward asf
Dai Raine
Dai Raine Day ago
would Steven eat his French toast with ketchup
Tisha Nehra
Tisha Nehra Day ago
I eat my french toast with ketchup too😌
Emjey Melai
Emjey Melai Day ago
i like this food scientist, she explain the science&reasons behind cooking this dish much simpler
James Hamilton
Lorenzo kills it again. Why isnt he the level 3 chef?
voidyss Day ago
this is one the few episodes where I would prefer lvl 3 to eat
Brandon Howard
Never before have I ever wanted beat woman so bad she was unrecognizable....til I saw how Emily cooked her French Toast
Katerina Patiniotis
Chef #2 is better. He did a better job. But not the topping. He needed fruits.
Zerozilch Day ago
Penny is such a try hard and show off… just make a damn French toast lol
Katerina Patiniotis
Babka? That's a Jewish bread. French people don't use babka. Brioche is more accurate.
Homie Shanahnah
Does anyone cook sorta between a level 2 and 3??
Jake Doc
Jake Doc Day ago
So level 1 didnt put vanilla or cinnamon in french toast? so it was just flour, egg, and bread? thats not french toast thats just toast
Hannah Day ago
I love French toast 😛❤️
Gus the goose
That’s the guy from the life lock ad
Trixie A Ogbebor (2021)
Kenjamin P
Kenjamin P Day ago
I seriously just want to be the level 1 on this xD....
Chaos Day ago
Lorenzo is my favorite js
30noir Day ago
Ketchup on french toast? Sacre bleu! She should be burned at the stake.
Justine A.
Justine A. Day ago
I love Emily, shes such a train wreck. I love it.
Shaizee Shows
Level 1: store bought sliced bread Level 2: sliced my own bread Level 3: SO I GAVE BIRTH TO MY BREAD. 🍞
zahra Kaled
zahra Kaled Day ago
Lorenzo’s laugh gives me life 😩
Whitney DeBerry
Whitney DeBerry 2 days ago
"I dont have a dishwasher and I dont want to wash a whisk." Relatable.
Jaycee Barber
Jaycee Barber 2 days ago
Lvl one this is French toast not a grilled cheese.
Young Iósif Stalin
Hi I'm Emily and I am a lvl -100 chef oh and ketchup
Jade Mcmichael
Jade Mcmichael 2 days ago
4.. 4 levels?
Dolls Rule Forever Studios
3:17 anyone else immediately think if PewDiePie when she said that 😂😂
chicken2jail 2 days ago
Satan: I've come to take your soul. Emily: Imma put ketchup on my French Toast. Satan: I see I've arrived too late. Carry On.
Anthony Sanseverino
Wait I just realized Lorenzo has been cooking for 15 years WHY ISNT HE A LEVEL 3
sandy dee
sandy dee 2 days ago
Tip for those who want easy but delicious french toast: mix egg and condensed milk. thats it. TRUST ME, TRY IT.
Noot Noot
Noot Noot 2 days ago
Samantha Euna
Samantha Euna 2 days ago
Why does the food scientist always makes the level 3 chef sound the best and the level 1 chef sound the worst or something? Just my opinion
Bat Man
Bat Man 2 days ago
You guys need to release the exact recipes for these videos so people can try it
I hate to say it, but Lorenzo creeps me out.
Cherry.blossom xoxo
Reading these comments just made me really insecure about eating French toast with ketchup....
Liscan Lady
Liscan Lady 2 days ago
2:20 I relate to this on a spiritual level
Heero 2 days ago
Literally came here to see if that was actually ketchup on level 1...wtf 😂😂😂
Bryce Thornton
Bryce Thornton 2 days ago
Emily: *pulls out ketchup* Me: “what kind of Anglo-Saxon nonsense” >_>
EdrieSan 2 days ago
Lorenzo will always be my fave chef. ❤
Sex and Wanderlust
L3: I'm a dipper. I don't want it too egg-y. L1: Oooh egg-y.
RLATC2001 2 days ago
“Mmm eggy” oh Emily 😂
Draw Me
Draw Me 2 days ago
I want a battle of the same level chefs
Vincent Nguyen
Vincent Nguyen 2 days ago
I feel like Emily is a level 0.75
AYJ 2 days ago
emily: *grabs the ketchup* everyone else: please say sike
Abhishek Bhattacharya
I've been having Emily's version of a French toast since my childhood and guess what it's actually good...just add some salt, pepper and chilli in the egg mixture.... No sugar! Goes pretty well with ketchup too 😂😂😂 Easy to make....perfect comfort food!
Shucks 3 days ago
'Glutenous-chocolate-banana-whip cream-french toast'- I don't know whether I'm nauseous or having a heart attack.
Gonzalo Castillo
Gonzalo Castillo 3 days ago
Why do lvl 3 chefs always have to flex how long they’ve been cooking
bland harp
bland harp 3 days ago
Level one chef was the best tbh
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