4 Levels of French Toast: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of French toast. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which French toast was the best?

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4 Levels of French Toast: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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Comments 100
Morgan 10 minutes ago
Ummm.... did this B just pull out ketchup? 🤮
Deborah Downer
Deborah Downer 17 minutes ago
Lorenzo has been waiting his entire, adult life for this moment.
Spice Weasel
Spice Weasel 26 minutes ago
Oh oh come on the pro chef didn't do a french toast anymore
Liza Zellig
Liza Zellig 40 minutes ago
emily just made an eggy bread ?
Cami chi
Cami chi 44 minutes ago
I thought I was a lorenzo but I'm actually an emily
BoMBo Bha2
BoMBo Bha2 Hour ago
What about the flour that Lorenzo put in the mixture?
Benjamin L.
Benjamin L. Hour ago
In french, "french toasts" is called "pain perdu". We cook pain perdu with stale bread and don't waste anything... We eat our pain perdu with icing sugar on top and that's it.
Jamie B
Jamie B Hour ago
Never soak yer bread...C'mon! (in a loud, raspy voice)
Jonathan A
Jonathan A 2 hours ago
I love how the level 2 cook speaks very confidently about what he does and then the level 3 chef does something entirely different
Iridule 2 hours ago
Ketchup is the devil's topping.
Fajar Setiawan
Fajar Setiawan 2 hours ago
That level 1 french toast is an ABOMINATION.
Bro Fight HD
Bro Fight HD 2 hours ago
Ryan Osbaldeston
Ryan Osbaldeston 2 hours ago
Alone in the dark is the only way to eat french toast with ketchup.
Caro Coro
Caro Coro 2 hours ago
Please! post the recipes somewhere!
Brian Bailey
Brian Bailey 2 hours ago
Ewww Emily's french toast is DISGUSTING
lincoln kennedy
lincoln kennedy 3 hours ago
French toast should be savoury.
tsugsiD _
tsugsiD _ 3 hours ago
I needed bleach after watching level1 cook....
Rena 4 hours ago
The bread of the Level 3 Chef looked like a marble cake lol.
Musashi Roche
Musashi Roche 4 hours ago
Level 1: *does something Level 2: "don't do that" level 3: *TOO DAMN BUSY CULTIVATING THEIR FARM Level 4: *science things
Prince DQ
Prince DQ 4 hours ago
She made her own bread😮😂😂😂
Guy Friedman
Guy Friedman 4 hours ago
Lol I honestly though that the thumbnail was a meme
- FishDaFish -
- FishDaFish - 4 hours ago
Lorenzo is my boii
Artemis 5 hours ago
every time that food scientist pulls out that point thingie and it replays it like 26 times i think of when pewdiepie reviewed needlessly dramatic indian drama scenes where they keep replaying and zooming in on a single thing about 67 times to make it more dramatic but its just bad and I cry because its so threatening
Spider Tacos
Spider Tacos 5 hours ago
Who came back here just to see the legend Rose again
Captain1nsaneo 6 hours ago
Lv1 is how I had it at home and I actually like it more than 2 or 3. Darn it I'm hungry now.
Hawa H
Hawa H 6 hours ago
Level 1 Level 2 I would eat❤️ Level 3 extra af
CheeseMedley 7 hours ago
I never knew there were people in the world who actually eat their french toast with ketchup. KETCHUP!
Ryan  Montague
Ryan Montague 7 hours ago
It's currently 3:14 a.m. I have a biology final in 4 hours that I haven't studied for...why am I here
Tuesday Koester
Tuesday Koester 8 hours ago
all i want is to see them try each others dishes
Traumglanz 8 hours ago
When they added the toppings, and I thought the ketchup was bad and all the others were even greater monsters. Besides, my German soul refuse to call the stuff Emily white bread. "Proper" white bread is using a baguette dough ... not that white bread would be proper bread, it's more like too large kaiser rolls ;-)
Short 9 hours ago
Emily didn’t make French toast! Not sure what it’s called but it’s traditionally eaten in Hungary for breakfast. It’s salty, and usually deep fried in oil. It’s really good with ketchup :)
Oliver Stratton
Oliver Stratton 9 hours ago
Ketchup on French Toast. Lord Jesus, I come before you just as I am. I am sorry for my sins, I repent of my sins, please forgive me. In your name I forgive all others for what they have done against me. I renounce Satan, the evil spirits and all their works. I give you my entire self, Lord Jesus now and forever. I invite you into my life, Jesus. I accept you as my Lord, God and Saviour. Heal me, change me, strengthen me in body, soul, and spirit. Come, Lord Jesus, cover me with your precious blood, and fill me with your Holy Spirit. I Love You, Lord Jesus. I Praise You, Jesus. I Thank You, Jesus. I shall follow you every day of my life. Amen. Mary, mother of sorrows, Queen of Peace, St. Peregrine, the cancer saint, all you Angels and Saints, please help me. Amen.
Zoel Ismail
Zoel Ismail 10 hours ago
level 2 is my go too lol
Breakal lTheThings
Breakal lTheThings 10 hours ago
Emily's french toast makes me sad, but the humor underlying the whole presentation killed lol
write4ever 10 hours ago
Level 3 is fancy. So much work for just french toast!
abortedphoenix 11 hours ago
I'll eat that alone in the dark too 😂
Loren Chandler
Loren Chandler 11 hours ago
"Its actually best to use stale or day old bread. So instead, I'm going to flex savagely on these pleebs and literally bake the bread right now."
Opal64 11 hours ago
Nothing triggered my fight or flight response more than seeing Emily bring in the ketchup.
Colin Ball
Colin Ball 11 hours ago
KETCHUP, I died a little why, just why?
GeoMetryman 541
GeoMetryman 541 11 hours ago
Everybody gangsta till Emily put ketchup on her French toast
Drew Dupart
Drew Dupart 11 hours ago
I love these videos , but I wanna stop watching , I always feel sad when Emily says something like I don’t have a dishwasher and I don’t wanna wash a whisk , it just makes me feel so spoiled , or not , it’s really just a doshwasher
Jadiel Santiago
Jadiel Santiago 12 hours ago
Saw the ketchup, went directly to the comment section XD
Desire Graham
Desire Graham 12 hours ago
ketchup on french toast? electric chair.
Nati Beauty and Beyond
Idk what Emily made but that sure as hell ain’t no French toast
The Savage Banana_
The Savage Banana_ 12 hours ago
My French toast are simple I just do 2 eggs, 1/4 tbsp of nutmeg, 1/4 tbsp ground cinnamon, 1 tbsp of vanilla extract, 2/3 2% milk
The Savage Banana_
The Savage Banana_ 2 hours ago
+Traumglanz my bad tee spoon yes but its enough for 6 French toast
Traumglanz 7 hours ago
1/4 tbsp of nutmeg? Are you for real? That's 4.5 ml of nutmeg. I am pretty sure you got this wrong. Did you mean maybe tee spoon instead? So about 1.5 ml? Nutmeg is so much more intense than cinnamon and you are still using the same amounts.
Suave B
Suave B 13 hours ago
Ketchup ????
HTakara82 13 hours ago
Emily is so depressing lol
Elaina S
Elaina S 13 hours ago
She... she really pulled out ketchup I-
Foxyboy 1872
Foxyboy 1872 14 hours ago
I would have french toast with a fry up the level 1 is the way I would make it never would I make it sweet. From Scotland btw so maybe that's why haha
Haemo Ford
Haemo Ford 14 hours ago
i dont have time to do this so ill go the emily way
Peri 14 hours ago
Emily isn't alone with the ketchup move. Stop bullying her.
Neon Ghost face
Neon Ghost face 14 hours ago
God level : Binging with babish
Ute Ajdb
Ute Ajdb 14 hours ago
My 10 year old daughter does better than Emily!
Ute Ajdb
Ute Ajdb 15 hours ago
God damn i love a thick chef..omg that bread!
lipstickstainsz 15 hours ago
I think we need to check on Emily. Is she ok? What's going on sis?
RXdash78 15 hours ago
Emily should be illegal.
SuperGamekiller 15 hours ago
We need a show where emily cooks while Gordon watchs 😂😂😂
m0ltar 15 hours ago
All of these look disgusting. French toast isn’t a dessert.
Akr1993:) 15 hours ago
Lorenzo needs his own show. U can tell that he really enjoys doing this.
xiao 15 hours ago
bro I just pick a bread and put butter on it
corinne lee
corinne lee 16 hours ago
I about cried from laughing when Emily said she doesnt use a wisk bc she doesnt want to wash it.
Xavier Jones
Xavier Jones 16 hours ago
Does lorenzo have a RUvid channel? I could watch him all day! He is so freaking cute!
Danny Salgado
Danny Salgado 16 hours ago
Don't mess with gluten allergic people cause they always mad when a mf gets bread 💸💸💸
Juliet Blue
Juliet Blue 16 hours ago
Juliet Blue
Juliet Blue 16 hours ago
I really appreciate that amateur served it with ketchup because savoury French toast is far superior and Americans don’t know what they’re missing
itz riri
itz riri 16 hours ago
emily is kinda a mood but that ketchup is a no
Blind Hydra
Blind Hydra 16 hours ago
When Emiley used ketchup Thanos snapped his fingers
Sammi Tran
Sammi Tran 17 hours ago
Hi I’m Gordon Ramsey and I have been chef since I was born
Andrew Bibby
Andrew Bibby 17 hours ago
She truly is a monster
J Carter
J Carter 17 hours ago
I dont trust your burger, therefore I dont trust your toast.
Comfy Cozy Are We
Comfy Cozy Are We 17 hours ago
kskits ._
kskits ._ 17 hours ago
I love Emily she's so everyman (or woman?) and relatable.
Harper R
Harper R 18 hours ago
My main girl got real quiet when she had to talk about the toppings everyone used
Daytona B
Daytona B 18 hours ago
Emily don’t need to be cooking a damn thing.
BTS A.R.M.Y 18 hours ago
Low key roasting Emily
Sandra Menjivar
Sandra Menjivar 18 hours ago
isabel neto
isabel neto 19 hours ago
French toast it's just a really unique name to say rabanadas xD
StripperLicker 19 hours ago
So, Penny, I bet you are proud of yourself for rising to the top of the competency-based dominance hierarchy within the predominantly male culinary field. Not to mention being evaluated by a _female_ Food Scientist. So much for that modern myth of a tyranical and oppressive Western Patriarchal Society holding you down! Eh? :D ...wait... ... you weren't born a male, were you? _jajajajajajaja_
Cydalia Acevedo
Cydalia Acevedo 19 hours ago
ketchup and French toast sounds nasty BUT I am happy Emily said what she likes as opposed to what others might want to hear/see/eat
StripperLicker 19 hours ago
Emily, I want your French Toast. I want it _real_ bad.
Dejuan Sharp
Dejuan Sharp 19 hours ago
“Oprah would hate this” 😂😂
Mica Mix
Mica Mix 19 hours ago
Tangina ketchup
Sheila Smith
Sheila Smith 20 hours ago
I don't want Chocolate in my French Toast.
misslaverton 20 hours ago
I only watch these for Lorenzo.
Dharma Tara Sangmo
Dharma Tara Sangmo 21 hour ago
Love love love this series! I learn so much and very entertaining,!
siphra 21 hour ago
They let a monster ruin french toast!... This should be a crime.
HopBun 21 hour ago
I don’t want it to be eggy next person ummmm eggy
Midoriya but with All Might's face on him
Lorenzo wants to give people obesity....... wHeRe cAn i siGn uP?¿?
BooksAndStuff 21 hour ago
Emily's didn't even have anything sweet in it, so it's just like someone putting ketchup on eggs. She just basically put ketchup on eggs bread, don't know why everyone's freaking out so much
erikawithac 22 hours ago
9:27 I'll stop ya there... Stale bread coated in sweetened scrambled eggs is The Worst. If the custard hasn't saturated the bread... what is the point. There's nothing I hate more than paying $14 to bite into bread with egg coating.
micah gillett
micah gillett 22 hours ago
Go home, Emily, you're drunk.
William Johnson
William Johnson 22 hours ago
even the scientist could not even recognize homegirl putting ketchup on french toast
ritual301 22 hours ago
At least ketchup girl fully acknowledged the fact that she was a monster when she brought out that bottle. What a heathen.
Ben Murray
Ben Murray 22 hours ago
Emily has made precisely what we call "Eggy bread" here in the UK, something kids over the country eat for breakfast regularly (especially with Tomato sauce!) - we don't eat sweet breakfasts over here like Americans do, so it just makes more sense!
bboysoulzero 22 hours ago
I thought somebody gagged, when they showed Emily's food. But it was only the camera noise XD
Montonio Alexander
Montonio Alexander 22 hours ago
Ketchup: Hello French Toast: Who tf are you?
Jeffrey Walker
Jeffrey Walker 22 hours ago
I absolutely disagree with level 3's quick soak and the scientist's remarks. Wrong wrong wrong.
Jeffrey Walker
Jeffrey Walker 22 hours ago
Here are my thoughts before seeing scientist's review. 1. Don't like the idea of adding chocolate. French toast is decadent enough. 2. Chef 3; adding butter to a pan that is heated on high will burn unless you add an oil with a high smoke point. 3. Chef 3. ALWAYS SOAK FOR AWHILE. THE BIGGEST MISTAKE PEOPLE MAKE WITH FT IS NOT TO SOAK LONG ENOUGH. This chef is not worth her weight.
Steven Burton
Steven Burton 22 hours ago
I love French toast And I wouldn't eat any of those!
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