4 Levels of Breakfast Sandwiches: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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We challenged chefs of three different skill levels - amateur Emily, home cook Lorenzo, and professional chef Frank from the Institute of Culinary Education - to wake up our taste buds with an egg breakfast sandwich. Once each of them had presented their creation, we asked food scientist Rose to weigh-in on their choices. Which one of these breakfast sandwiches are you going to recreate this weekend? After this episode of 4 Levels, you might make all three.

Check out the level 3 recipe on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/sausage-breakfast-sandwich

Frank is on social at @protocooks
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Find Lorenzo on Instagram at @rollinabenzo
Emily is on social at @emilyslamduncan

How about the Institute of Culinary Education? Right here! @iceculinary
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4 Levels of Breakfast Sandwiches: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


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May 20, 2020




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Comments 80
Liang Liao
Liang Liao Hour ago
I think Emily, Lorenzo and Frank are like the golden trio 🤷🏻‍♀️
NikkiWishes 4 hours ago
If I spend that much time making breakfast it definitely wouldn’t end up being a damn sandwich. Y’all wild bacon egg n cheese and keep it moving 7mins or less
Holden McGroin
Holden McGroin 4 hours ago
Idk how to say this but: Emily treats cooking like a chore Lorenzo treats it like a hobby Franky treats it like a job
Nurulain Masayu
Nurulain Masayu 5 hours ago
Lorenzo's sandwich looks so much more complicated than Frank's. How the hell is it gonna fit in a bite lmao! I love this guy hahaha! I was waiting for Emily to put ketchup in her sandwich lol
Purple Giraffe
Purple Giraffe 9 hours ago
Emily is a level 4 chef
constipated goldfish
x_Lily._ 16 hours ago
man really made an English breakfast and called it a sandwich
geilheit undso
geilheit undso 17 hours ago
Thats the best combination. Change my mind
Red Dragon
Red Dragon Day ago
Red Dragon
Red Dragon Day ago
Lorenzo definitely the beat
Balqees Baloch
Lorenzo so over the top i swear
Ty Cooks
Ty Cooks Day ago
Lorenzo makes the best sandwich
Isaac Smith
Isaac Smith Day ago
emily without a doubt is the worst cook ever
joni 9411
joni 9411 2 days ago
lorenzo is just making the best thingst every single time
Quentin Delaney
Quentin Delaney 2 days ago
People out here making fun of frank, honestly i want to be like him. Like i look up to that level of skill. EDIT: Okay the audacity. The gall. The authority that frank asserted when he laid the cheese grater down and used it like that.
Thomas Wilson
Thomas Wilson 2 days ago
Name a more iconic trio... I’ll wait
Jacqueline Puente
Lorenzo sandwich looks good,👍
Eshan Taskar
Eshan Taskar 2 days ago
the holy trinity lol
JDennis _29
JDennis _29 3 days ago
Frank: First, we got to make our own eggs.
Kea 3 days ago
as a filipino to lorenzo's breakfast sandwich: one rice pls
Dawa Tshering
Dawa Tshering 3 days ago
Lorenzo is one happy man, very happy man
Darth Yeetus
Darth Yeetus 3 days ago
Franks looks so good (except from hot sauce)
Paul Lundquist
Paul Lundquist 4 days ago
I could easily watch a whole cooking show with Emily. She's hilarious.
Andrew Isaac
Andrew Isaac 4 days ago
Frank sounds sick... In the beginning
Miss B.
Miss B. 4 days ago
I'm I just too tired, or am I missing something? There were only 3 sandwiches made by 3 chefs. Where is the 4th?
hubertaustine amin
yes filipino
King Burne
King Burne 4 days ago
As a filipino Lorenzo's pronuncation of Longanisa cringed me a lot hahahhahaha XD
aerthuria 4 days ago
Lorenzo: pours water on the pan and boiled the sausage me: o_O my mum f-fries them
Don Juan
Don Juan 4 days ago
I NEW IT! Frank is Filipino! He just have off a sorta filipino vibe ever since he was in a vid
aerthuria 4 days ago
this is now my favorite 4 levels, i *FINALLY* have the *emily-lorenzo-frank* episode 🤧
Dishyduckling 4 days ago
Frank didn’t put eggs on his sandwich because his chickens didn’t have enough time to lay eggs
tipoomaster 4 days ago
No one: Lorenzo: Hahahaha, hahaha, hahahahahaha
Genesis 5 days ago
I was so happy when I seen Lorenzo :)))
SlimePack 5 days ago
Honestly lorenzos looked better than franks
Safura Shahed
Safura Shahed 5 days ago
anybody else that skips the whole science part?
Mike Bellew
Mike Bellew 5 days ago
Y'all I love these four, but don't sleep on Julie!
Mike Bellew
Mike Bellew 5 days ago
Someone needs to teach Emily Brad's bologna frying tip
GIMO 6 days ago
Frank: "It don't necessarily have to be fancy, but they need to have someone that cares making them." Me : Spoken like a true chef
CURIOUS, Lecheee!
I found this by using the keywords, “it baffles me on how people burn their bread”
Jake Rules
Jake Rules 6 days ago
5:25 is the public restroom.
hazelnut93s 6 days ago
this combo of level 1-3 is just perfect, they're so entertaining. XD
weirdos creation
weirdos creation 6 days ago
Jeffrey Tamayo
Jeffrey Tamayo 6 days ago
Lorenzo is a Filipino? No wonder why he laughs too much 😂😂😂
Scottie's Diary
Scottie's Diary 6 days ago
9:58 oop.
Robotmaker06 6 days ago
Lorenzo is the purest human on earth, we need to protect him
Jockage 6 days ago
if i had to choose i would take Lorenzos sandwiche. It looks sooo good.
ธัชธรรม ตลับนิล
The legendary four horsemen.
itsjusttumi 7 days ago
Emily, Lorenzo and Frank are like the Golden Trio from Harry Potter and Rose is like Dumbledore.
__custer__ 7 days ago
I’m surprised to say that Frank didn’t make the most complicated dish this time.
Red Ace
Red Ace 7 days ago
People praising Emily, Lorenzo and Frank is a nice thing to see but can people stop complaining about the person or they cooking skills Emily cooking fits her personal taste bud so why bother commenting on it Lorenzo like to laugh, how Is that a problem Frank is a Chef, if he were cooking in a restaurant, this is what he would do. Don't complain about people cooking skill and preferences just because you don't like it
Chicken Leg Piece
lola palula
lola palula 7 days ago
By the time a finish cooking Frank’s breakfast sandwich it’s gonna be afternoon 😒
Juan Kerr
Juan Kerr 8 days ago
Lorenzo is the best thing since sliced bread!!!
Jason Fan
Jason Fan 8 days ago
5:24 What if they weren’t potatoes? But something else :o
tommy boii
tommy boii 8 days ago
i know how to explain ketchup some men just want to watch the world burm
Whereistheteddy 8 days ago
I believe this solves the all time question “What came first the egg or the chicken?” It doesn’t matter, it’s what Frank decided to do first
Smooth CluTch
Smooth CluTch 8 days ago
Hi I’m a level 1 chef: hi I’m a level 2 chef: hi I’m god and I’ve been a cooking god since the beginning of time and I created the apple that Adam and Eve consumed
katspamz 8 days ago
oh my god its ALL THREE OF THEM
G U 8 days ago
Go check out Frank’s RUvid channel! ProtoCooks with Chef Frank You’re welcome.
ARSOZ 8 days ago
Bruh i could make a better sandwhich and im a lvl 0
Tom Black
Tom Black 9 days ago
Lorenzos sandwich is the kind of sandwich, which you have to bite 3 times to taste everything but when you reach the 3rd bite it already fell apart completely. if your sandwich is impossible to bite through and easily falls apart, then your sandwich is crap :(
loony avni
loony avni 9 days ago
Me who has anorexia who skips dineer n breakfast and eats 300 cals for lunch watching this vid like : 👁👄👁
Phoenix 9 days ago
Lorenzo out here making breakfast lunch and dinner sandwich in one go
Luis Neyra
Luis Neyra 9 days ago
The holy trinity🤩
Marianny García
Marianny García 9 days ago
omg fatty acids OMG 😂😂😂😂😂
T D 9 days ago
Ok soooo lorenzo made what I would expect from a level three and frank from a level two
Panzerkampfwagen IV
T D You expect a level 2 to make his/her own bread and sausage, while you expect a level 3 to just stuff things between two pieces of bread?
Vicky Alvarez
Vicky Alvarez 9 days ago
I always like Lorenzo's food better. I so wanna try thay sandwich, but maybe a little less longaniza or cut it in half instead of putting the whole thing there
Skr Skr
Skr Skr 9 days ago
Bro breackfast i have 5 mins and he make a Christmas meal
Darth Jalapeño
Darth Jalapeño 9 days ago
Frank will always be my favorite pro chef from this series
R.C Player
R.C Player 10 days ago
i love emily and lorenzo. I love those jokes when they're not funny and lifts up the mood like a lot. big thumbs up
Vann Caroza
Vann Caroza 10 days ago
6:09 is that "kamote"
hades773 10 days ago
That crunch sound on the bite is gold.
EXENOX 10 days ago
Christopher Walker
Christopher Walker 10 days ago
Lorenzo is annoying..his laugh makes me cringe and everything he does just annoys me. Lorenzo if you're reading this, you're doing something right but you are annoying.
MrDroneFighter 9 days ago
just like ur face
Cres Dc
Cres Dc 10 days ago
Filipino what? Is my pinoy pride being summoned?
Alma De La Tierra
Alma De La Tierra 10 days ago
J. Holmes
J. Holmes 10 days ago
The shade when she said "Frank's sandwich can actually fit in your mouth"
odinolafson 10 days ago
y’all hating on frank, all he wants to do is make a good tasting meal
J Ad
J Ad 10 days ago
I will never understand Americans and scones.
旋律 11 days ago
Love Lorenzo’s and Frank’s breakfast sandwiches!!! Yummy😋
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