4 Catfish Who Got Catfished Themselves | MTV Ranked

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A look back at 4 Catfish who ended up getting catfished themselves. In the words of Max Joseph: “karma’s a bitch.”
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May 19, 2019

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Comments 6 779
Cory Max
Cory Max 46 minutes ago
Number 1 was savage!!! I’m so happy she did it
Teggy Abby
Teggy Abby Hour ago
Love your t-shirt in the beginning Max.
Raptorjesuslives 2 hours ago
Them cringy t shirts tho black lives matter and feminist 😂
neelu kumar
neelu kumar 2 hours ago
johnny: wears a jacket on top of a sweater on top of an undershirt
Alex LaRose
Alex LaRose 3 hours ago
#2 and really any of these catfishes can all be avoided by a simple reverse image search...
Alex LaRose
Alex LaRose 3 hours ago
god, #3 was so heartbreaking at the end, "can we go now" while smiling, turns around and just starts crying not letting her see what she did to her.
SEXI CLEAN 4 hours ago
*#3 Plot twist,real accept she's a she... and,she's pretty and real.* 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😊😪😊😊
Breanna Abney
Breanna Abney 5 hours ago
I just wanna give mary a hug :,(
Sydney Myers
Sydney Myers 15 hours ago
19:05 when Nev is so done with this shit he just straight up transcends space and time 😂
Alyssa Pitts
Alyssa Pitts 17 hours ago
the whole episode of Terrance and the women with her son was just funny asf 😂😂 hell naw
Rachel Gaines
Rachel Gaines 19 hours ago
omg #2 had me dying
"Karma's a bitch!" -Max Joseph
Good People Prosper
I literally died when shana walked up.. her face expression had me dying 🤣😂and he looked stupid
mesu Day ago
yo, I love Nev and Max but Max has got to cool down with the cringey shirts. We get it, you've got the right opinions man, chill with the virtue signalling.
Delta Whiskey
"You said you didn't have any kids! You have like...A LOT of kids!!!!!" LMFAO 😂
River S15
River S15 Day ago
This is really what I’m watching at 3 in the morning...
Shane Daniel
Shane Daniel Day ago
Jose is a hypocrite
D W Day ago
If you're a catfish or some shit, you have no life whatsoever. They get what comes to them.
Mr Jelly
Mr Jelly Day ago
not gonna lie im 16 and catfished more than i could count lol
Yorsalem Habtemariam
20:33 hhahahah
Hannah Warren
When they think Mississippi is Alabama
JamesEditsTv 2 days ago
8:57 these hoes ugly no cap...I understand why y'all catfished goddamn
olivia lyon
olivia lyon 2 days ago
oh god ... Mary’s story made me cry holy shit
prettyfaceT 2 days ago
Jose so bad built 😂😂😂
Jennifer Blunn
Jennifer Blunn 2 days ago
Omg if i looked like her id cat fish to holy hell talk about a double bagger hahahaha but no seriously mental help needed? !
Abby Smith
Abby Smith 2 days ago
Why did harambe catfish Johnny as Conner 😂😅
Heidi Webb
Heidi Webb 2 days ago
Mary I hope you read this! Do you by chance feel tired, low energy, brain fog and have constant pain ? You may have Cushing! I only say this out of concern for you! You’ll have to see Endocrinologist for diagnoses! hope I’m wrong ! Read up on it please!
Ísis R.
Ísis R. 2 days ago
The FTM guy is really cute, i would be glad if it was him catfishing me xD
Teresa Amor
Teresa Amor 2 days ago
Madeleine H
Madeleine H 2 days ago
That first guy was awful, like, who are you to tell someone how they can and can't deal with their trauma? Jesus.
Laura Watkins
Laura Watkins 2 days ago
#2 was EVERYTHING! 😂
hennessy 0.2
hennessy 0.2 2 days ago
Im waiting for the lil kids to catfish..
Kimberly Sheets
Kimberly Sheets 2 days ago
Hmmm, she said Alabama but the pin is in Mississippi :T
bxri 3 days ago
bxri 3 days ago
*But still doe*
TheModesC 3 days ago
"...I would move for you in a heartbeat" 😭😱❤😭
Nick Haldem
Nick Haldem 3 days ago
Mouth cancer !?!?
Star Gloss
Star Gloss 3 days ago
I love his shirt BLACK LIVES MATTER ❤️❤️🥰💁🏾‍♀️
Honeya Fun
Honeya Fun 3 days ago
lol "I didn't want you to broadcast it on facebook, but I'll do it on TV" haha and how embarrassing for that guy whose mother was catfishing haha and haha hell hath no fury etc..😆
Chyaniss Pate
Chyaniss Pate 3 days ago
Is anyone not going to relize that his shirt says black lives matter ✊🏽
Sophia Lovell
Sophia Lovell 3 days ago
#4... I don’t know. Using the character you made up to deceive someone, literally for views, doesn’t quite make for great comedy.
Valerie Benson
Valerie Benson 3 days ago
That last guy is sooo selfish. He's still all about I'm so embarrassed. He still hasn't apologized to her. I hope someone does to him what he did to her. And way to go girl. You got him good.
RADUCLAGRAD 09 3 days ago
Mary looks like a potato
A Jones
A Jones 3 days ago
#1 looks like Vinny from Jersey Shore😮😀
go Coyle
go Coyle 3 days ago
Let's be honest ,I've been over 300 pounds myself being really fat isn't socially acceptable. People don't find it sexually attractive. I understand overweight people have rights but that's not what I'm talking about. People are attracted to thin people. These monstrously fat people have no choice but to catfish others. It's that or lose weight
Polly Crypto
Polly Crypto 3 days ago
It's unreal how many people do this. I've been catfished at least 4 times that I am aware of and twice by the same person. 2 were men pretending to be other men and 2 were women pretending to be men.... I do NOT understand what is in peoples heads to think that cat-fishing someone would EVER result in love and happiness. What is the point? Why do people do it? It's terrifying for the person being cat-fished! I've had 2 catfishes actually use photos of my own friends but those photos were years old so I knew immediately it was BS. I played along to see at what point they'd back off, they didn't and both wanted to meet me in person and one wanted me to come to his apartment!! at that point I called them out on it and ripped them a new one for putting someone in such a scary situation, they admitted the BS and said they didn't think I would talk to them as themselves.... but what the hell were they going to do when I showed up and they were a different person? they think I'd just be like "oh I already wanted to meet up so now I don't care that you're wacko and a liar? It's crazy. If other people have been catfished please comment below. How many times that you were aware of? did you ever meet the person? Anything scary happen?
isabella kaye
isabella kaye 3 days ago
Margaret Duran
Margaret Duran 4 days ago
#2 had nev so hype!
L. Marie
L. Marie 4 days ago
Lmao when your parent disappoints you 😂😂😂
F1J1 S1NGS 4 days ago
His “Black Lives Matters” shirt 🥰🥰🥰
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