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Robert Brown
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# The world now most people increasing weight, everyone wants to reduce their weight to be slender body shape, the film talks about weight loss by using the most advanced technology in the future ...
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Jan 11, 2017




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Comments 691
Why the pineapple
She’s still fat
El Tío Pucho
- Tries to support self-acceptance. - Stereotipes all kinds of women in one single 10 minutes vídeo. Are they dead? the withe knights memes?
Tionna Fountain
Tionna Fountain 2 days ago
Skykiz hi
Skykiz hi 2 days ago
7:11 that moment when u let go of ur balloon in walmart
Brandon2705 4 days ago
No one wants someone who's fat and ugly. To any girl who likes this, you are probably fat and ugly yourself. There is no such thing as fat pride, stop stuffing your face and do some fuckin exercise for fucks sake.
Elizabella Hermanson
Do you ever just look at yourself in the mirror and are like wow that’s me, I really am this beautiful things
Drxcius 7 days ago
This stick animation I’m making is about 2 boys who attempt to summon Exeor, a powerful demon. They both set up the ritual and all hell breaks loose.This catches the attention of 6 agents who investigate into the rebirth of Exeor. They continue to investigate his powers and abilities.This leads to a battle between the agents and Exeor. Give it a watch, the animation will be a lot smoother once I get the confidence to animate ruvid.net/video/video-HT3I3hiXBdQ.html
Genesis Rodriguez
The helper girls are so cute
PeachyPeaxce 7 days ago
Why am I so satisfied where they are it looks like in the future
thesnow 10 days ago
El flaco terrorífico y la guatona Pérez El mejor shippeo♡♡
Noelle Robinson
Noelle Robinson 10 days ago
Is this weight watchers of the future ?
Ina Rey Loki Lovrić
Where even are they??
Captain14 Lenni kim
G pas compris
Alvin 15 days ago
I was expecting some dark twist to this story where everyone who went in got killed and was replaced by a cookie cutter thin woman who came out. I'm glad it didn't go down that route.
Meme Queen
Meme Queen 16 days ago
Dang she dummy thicc
Kelly Loyo
Kelly Loyo 17 days ago
Can I please visit there¿
Cristiana Studio .
Cristiana Studio . 19 days ago
What tf
Lilly Reyna
Lilly Reyna 19 days ago
Did anyone hear at 1:40 "I want to be fat!"😂
Domination Studios
Domination Studios 20 days ago
Umm this is a wall e reference
An avaccado, Thanks.
Why is thisss on my recommendation?????
justcallmeNiKki! 28 days ago
The man looks look like Shane
M4rv310u5 M4rv31
M4rv310u5 M4rv31 28 days ago
You thief. You aren’t the original poster of this. Edit: I found the official video: ruvid.net/video/video-4ZYVogCYsdA.html
Random Widge
Random Widge Month ago
Weirdest thing I've ever seen besides the screenplay of the yellow submarine by the Beatles. I will now proceed to have nightmares.
Ariava Gacha
Ariava Gacha Month ago
I don't get it
Tezyriah Bivens
Tezyriah Bivens Month ago
2019 orange juice
Captain Scrambles
You know, i searched "cursed" and i got here You know i gotta say it, SHE T H I C C
Andrea Veloz
Andrea Veloz Month ago
Lol and it’s also cute
Heaven Games
Heaven Games Month ago
2020 anyone Oh Oky just me ☹️
Orion Mullinax
Orion Mullinax Month ago
Love how u need the vid to be 10 min so you replay it partially.
Yes I agree
Yes I agree Month ago
I think I’ve watched this five times now..
Lizzerbetty Month ago
Why is this in French 😂😂
Meimuna Haji
Meimuna Haji Month ago
The way the lady ate the cake was satisfying for some weird reason
Howdy Owo
Howdy Owo Month ago
Howdy Owo
Howdy Owo Month ago
Howdy Owo
Howdy Owo Month ago
Howdy Owo
Howdy Owo Month ago
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy Month ago
alex001128 Month ago
Περναει.ενα.πολυ ωραιο.μηνυμα! Πρεπει.να αγαπας τον.εαυτο σου οτι.σωματοτυπο.κι.αν.εχεις!!
Skull hunter 21
Skull hunter 21 Month ago
817 people who actually wanted to lose weight disliked
A R I H O U R Month ago
Its so cute when they hugged i just wanted to cry ;w;
Sasha Holmes
Sasha Holmes Month ago
I didn't understand at first, but then I realized this is actually really sweet
Galactic James!
Galactic James! Month ago
Eh? That's all I can say... Well... Have a wonderful day!
Ivy Platero
Ivy Platero Month ago
Being fat is not ok no matter how nice and beautiful you are inside is the leading cause for diabetes and kidney failure among other things this video promotes obesity and that’s not ok the United States is the fattest country in the world And before you ask I was very fat at one point now I’m in the best shape of my life.
Ivy Platero
Ivy Platero 13 days ago
Alexandra Pippan who cares fat ass
Alexandra Pippan
Alexandra Pippan 16 days ago
@Ivy Platero E for effort. Missing a few exclamation marks.
Ivy Platero
Ivy Platero 29 days ago
Glitter Pig you really need to do your research we are the leading country in the world when it comes to obesity I don’t know where you got your info but you are WRONG!!!!!!
Ivy Platero
Ivy Platero 29 days ago
Glitter Pig do your research pig
Glitter Pig
Glitter Pig Month ago
The United States isn't the fattest country in the world. The fattest country is cook islands, Tonga, Somoa and many more countries before the us. It is one of the fattest developed country's though, But everything you said is true.
Yah Yeet
Yah Yeet Month ago
Rip cake eater she is now a ballon
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Month ago
Whos still watching this in Summer 2019 😎🌷🕶⚽
Mgroup Singapore
Sound Cat
Sound Cat Month ago
So cute
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy Month ago
Hi, like if I tricked you Read more
Peppa's my fave anime
Oh and this is good And it, s nice to see And the way
Peppa's my fave anime
This is funny And good
Disapear F o r e v e r
Wish I had the confidence and love like her😅
Banana Child
Banana Child Month ago
Was it just me who thought that it looked like there was some kinda weird cannibalism type thing going on, with the fat women just being replaced by similar but thin women?
Cena Month ago
I don’t know what to say but I love it!!!
Ellie Feeds Her Belly
Go on a diet
Wally and the Beet
Great story, and cool style!
yashuel frink
yashuel frink Month ago
big boobies
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