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Check out a collection of lifehacks that will incredibly ease your life:
-You will learn the easiest way to make a French manicure
-How to reuse laundry detergent bottles and create handy crafts for home
-Find out a clever way to store a lemon
-You can easily clean the stove filter using baking soda
-Toothpaste can not only clean your teeth, but it can also clean various surfaces and have unexpected ways to use. You will find a cool lifehack how to clean mirror using toothpaste and detergent
-Salt works perfectly if you need to clean a burnt pan
-You can clean baking soda and coke to clean your toilet
-If you don’t like to use cleaning supplies with chemicals, we share a cool lifehack how to clean a kettle using tangerine peels
-There is an easy way to sharpen a knife, take a ceramic plate and place it upside down. Hold the plate with your non-dominant hand and slowly pull the edge of a knife across the ceramic rim.
-Use pool noodles to store high boots and they won’t fall down
-Let’s make a creative door stopper together. We have a brilliant idea on how to make a cool door stopper that looks cool. The design of this project is so realistic that everybody will think that some paint has been squeezed out and leaked all over the floor
02:01 How to reuse laundry detergent bottles
04:08 How to clean a stove filter
09:19 Toothpaste dispenser
13:35 DIY Door stopper
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Nov 26, 2019




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Comments 287
Lotor the Magnificent
Basically you can clean almost anything with vinegar
Pushpa Verma
Pushpa Verma 10 days ago
Jim Kermit D
Jim Kermit D 20 days ago
Siphon trick. ruvid.net/video/video-tihJ1kJvk-0.html
Derek Bennett
Derek Bennett Month ago
Risking tieng phone on wire
Rendi Saputra
Rendi Saputra Month ago
Yg pintar masak like🙏
Adrian Gonzalez
Adrian Gonzalez Month ago
2:23 what is the use of that?
Bryan Kross
Bryan Kross Month ago
damianhacks. com got me a successful hack transfer of $18,000 in just one day they are the best ever
Егор Трафимов
Какие же вы ебанаты. Удачи выжить
Tom45 Ps
Tom45 Ps Month ago
vous etes con
Miracle Johnson
Miracle Johnson Month ago
By completing
Bran Genev
Bran Genev Month ago
6:18 can clean a mirror but not teeth
BATATA frita
BATATA frita Month ago
Whats is name music ?
Orange Cat
Orange Cat Month ago
But with the vinegar in the dryer thing, how do you get the vinegar out?!?!?!?!?
Sambit kumar Mahanta
You all are american but i am indian
Maya Emad
Maya Emad 2 months ago
That was egg not a burn on a pan
Mariana Bartolomeu
Mariana Bartolomeu 2 months ago
I 💖 5 minuts craft
_Ic3_Hot_ Soba_
_Ic3_Hot_ Soba_ 2 months ago
9:30 bro I would put that toothpaste straight on my hands thinking it was soap 😳
Im Retardation
Im Retardation 2 months ago
A lot of these hacks get a lot hate. But sometimes they are pretty cool and useful and are not lies I said sometimes
Einar Bjarnason
Einar Bjarnason 2 months ago
I love you 🦄🍭🍬🍹🍫🍩🎂🧁
ГУЛАГ 2 months ago
1:11 that's just bad cutting skills
Mohammed Kaleem
Mohammed Kaleem 2 months ago
Is there any video of 5 minute crafts which is not repeated
weird EXE
weird EXE 2 months ago
So helpful i had to leave a dislike
Hip Hop
Hip Hop 2 months ago
সুন্দর ভিডিও
Kimberli Allan
Kimberli Allan 2 months ago
Is anyone else grossed out by putting food on an implement used on hair, eeewww
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 2 months ago
*On the first hack it was making a holder to put your phone but on the second one ITS THE SAME so why struggle?*
XxpuppycornsxX _
XxpuppycornsxX _ 2 months ago
Who ever comes up with these hacks, are very smart
HIRS DÜNYASI 2 months ago
Midem hulaniyo bazilarinda
Just Xenia
Just Xenia 2 months ago
My not kid: Mom why are house has weird stuff, what happened? Me: 5 minute craft happen..
Ena Radu
Ena Radu 2 months ago
You are a haker girl
Ena Radu
Ena Radu 2 months ago
Ali Mughal Tv
Ali Mughal Tv 2 months ago
Wao brilliant job
Володя Щербак
Я один русский
riplee saurer
riplee saurer 2 months ago
1:24 all the VISCO girls be like " Is that a plastic straw I see?"
riplee saurer
riplee saurer 2 months ago
These people who do this deserve some credit
Anurag Creations
Anurag Creations 2 months ago
8:50 all does
Brandon Calvilo
Brandon Calvilo 2 months ago
Love the background music! FINALLY!
Golden Memer
Golden Memer 2 months ago
If u can afourd a iphone 10 u can afourd a table
Golden Memer
Golden Memer 2 months ago
These make u look poor
Itsme Someone
Itsme Someone 2 months ago
5:09 the pan is a nonstick pan
Seadra Jondi
Seadra Jondi 2 months ago
Omg thx for that batterie thing if you have no batteries I used that way and it worked !!
Only Youtube
Only Youtube 2 months ago
Matlab had he bhai chutay giri ki matlab kuch bhi.
John Haynie
John Haynie 2 months ago
9:19 to 9:34 was really helpful
Lexi Quiroz
Lexi Quiroz 2 months ago
I am going to use the paper charger hack!!😁👌💖😎
Twistedvanillaxx 2 months ago
yes yes
yes yes 2 months ago
“Puts phone in paper” Wait till your house burns down
Mahboob Shah
Mahboob Shah 2 months ago
love them all,but i want some pubg tricks
Mahboob Shah
Mahboob Shah 2 months ago
no they are not repeating the same hacks number j
Pyramid Ring
Pyramid Ring 2 months ago
Subscribe plz 🍀
Carson Huyben
Carson Huyben 2 months ago
GUYS LOOK I JUST EXPOSED THEM so at 8:23 the ice cream has bean eaten a bit but at 8:34 THAT ICE CREAM IS FULL!!!!!!!! Like or comment to agree that a lot of 5-minute crafts "life hacks" are FAKE
Jalen Janz-McKnight
Jalen Janz-McKnight 2 months ago
1:38 1. Nobody wants meatballs that small 2. NEVER BOIL MEATBALLS
Arielle Walters
Arielle Walters 2 months ago
Them: Submerge for 30 min Channel name: 5 min crafts Does the name mean anything anymore 😐🤔
LA Anonymous
LA Anonymous Month ago
It means the project takes 5 minutes. They never said anything about the video being 5 minutes.
locuras for fun
locuras for fun 2 months ago
I think their firsts vídeos we're better
KNG x-Ray
KNG x-Ray 2 months ago
gidle stan
gidle stan 2 months ago
l just have bowl
Znzy 2 months ago
Hello I Am Trying To Grow On My RUvid Channel I Know This Is Self Promotion But I Think This Is the only way to grow but sorry god bless you 👏
It’s xRyntinx
It’s xRyntinx 2 months ago
Half of the comment section:”Who watches these crafts but never does them” Other Half of the comment section:” who else thinks 5 min crafts does the same crafts in every video” Me:Ummmmmmmmmm I guess I think that too
RikKA 2 months ago
Arslan Orlov
Arslan Orlov 2 months ago
12:04 pain for my ears
Юлия Филянова
Я одна здесь из россии
Joel Fabrice YOBOUE
Joel Fabrice YOBOUE 2 months ago
it's not 5 minutes crafts, but 15 minutes crafts
EZIE YT 2 months ago
I did the ice cream thing and I forgot about it so it turned into ice cream soup
Addison Dean
Addison Dean 2 months ago
Please view and watch my vids please
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