38 Kills In Chapter 2 Fortnite!!

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Dec 7, 2019




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Comments 60
Laterrian Williams
Laterrian Williams 5 months ago
Sharp can you give me a skin I’m poor
Rosa Ponce
Rosa Ponce 7 months ago
I watch all tour your videos your best player
Valerie Woods
Valerie Woods 7 months ago
You do not no how to put your guns right
Danny Howard
Danny Howard 7 months ago
Settings video please? Play on Xbox but seems so hard. Have been a COD player for yearsss now so hard to get used to 3rd person game.
BX Arkz
BX Arkz 7 months ago
Dang. You tied the world record Edit: for kills is chapter 2
Sophie Bessiere
Sophie Bessiere 7 months ago
T'es nulle...
Bode Preto
Bode Preto 7 months ago
how do you train your aim?
Snowwy 7 months ago
Im betting the laat gur reported him for aimbot XD
Paula Mendez
Paula Mendez 7 months ago
Paula Mendez
Paula Mendez 7 months ago
Paula Mendez
Paula Mendez 7 months ago
Play fortnite
Paula Mendez
Paula Mendez 7 months ago
AseOXe 7 months ago
a frenche he hase a world reccord your name is elite asco 38 elimination in solo squad
LukR3 7 months ago
vive les francais
BlinKz c
BlinKz c 7 months ago
Controller player smh
Concetta Odoguardi
Concetta Odoguardi 7 months ago
You hacher
Arnold 7 months ago
Smh Imagine still playing this game
Kautious Is Vibing
Kautious Is Vibing 7 months ago
Real Prankss not really arguing just Droning
Arnold 7 months ago
I Gots The Caution since when did I say I play roblox...? Something you just decided to assume... and if you’re 17, what are you doing arguing with me in a RUvid comment section?
Kautious Is Vibing
Kautious Is Vibing 7 months ago
Real Prankss btw better than being a roblox player😁🤣🤣🤣😂😂😬
Kautious Is Vibing
Kautious Is Vibing 7 months ago
Real Prankss Im 17 kid plus I don’t like pretend I like real if you know what I’m saying
Arnold 7 months ago
I Gots The Caution I’m 16 lol... why would I play roblox? I bet you pretend to be a fake depressed X fan 😂
Jackson Gregory
Jackson Gregory 7 months ago
You are so bad at the game
Jackson Gregory
Jackson Gregory 7 months ago
So fake
Kautious Is Vibing
Kautious Is Vibing 7 months ago
Jackson Gregory What’s fake
Valerie Saunderson
Valerie Saunderson 7 months ago
Miyagi l l
Miyagi l l 7 months ago
Anybody know what aim assist is this? Legacy?
Wake 7 months ago
Samya Lkijb
Samya Lkijb 7 months ago
Élite asco a fais38kills sa fais déjà 1 mois
Faruk Halis
Faruk Halis 7 months ago
Disliked because of clickbait
Beefy 7 months ago
Hey, Sharp, did you join Ghost?
Pubg God108
Pubg God108 7 months ago
What's his highest kill record
Exclusive Kj
Exclusive Kj 7 months ago
Just started watching this guy today and already like his content and subscribe
Maverick Versus Everything
Your fans are wild. Likes are like fake internet points - and we need them. --Mav's Landlord
Tayseer Joudeh
Tayseer Joudeh 7 months ago
I like
Sergio Jimenez
Sergio Jimenez 7 months ago
The best controller player fortnite un 2019
Kautious Is Vibing
Kautious Is Vibing 7 months ago
Colton Colangelo HDIZZLE
Colton Colangelo
Colton Colangelo 7 months ago
nah BH heisen
Spicyy 7 months ago
*Anyone* *else* *a* *Big* *Fan?* 👇🏽 *I’m* *gonna* *śuß* *to* *everyone* *that* *likes* *this* *and* *sußs* *to* *me!* 🌹
Rownak Nite
Rownak Nite 7 months ago
Don’t take off ur facecam
Adamant killer YT
Adamant killer YT 8 months ago
Pumpy Lumpy
Pumpy Lumpy 8 months ago
I should play on xbox
Harry Beckitt
Harry Beckitt 8 months ago
Is sharp actually in ghost (been a fan for a year and a bit, but not been keeping my up to date recently)❤️
jonathan amaya
jonathan amaya 8 months ago
new sub bro
Vc joga muito bem
Colton Grundy
Colton Grundy 8 months ago
Sharp, I’ve been watching your content on twitch and RUvid for about a year and a half now, and I’ve got to say you’re literally the most underrated player in fortnite right now, for any platform, you’ve improved so much and your solo squads gameplay is insane. You deserve so much more attention. keep up the content, and keep streaming on twitch, your viewers are loyal, including me. You’re the goat brother! 🐐
Ryan 8 months ago
yo sharp are u scuff or claw bc i’m tryna switch to one of those
Mystify 7 months ago
ryan kenyon like me
Mystify 7 months ago
ryan kenyon he’s claw
Wolverine Gaming
Wolverine Gaming 8 months ago
Wish u used linear settings bro
seishadoyle 8 months ago
Your my favourite streamer, I use your settings, guns lots and I used the aura with the icebreaker in your other video ❤️❤️
MX_XxSavageXx Pl
MX_XxSavageXx Pl 8 months ago
Does he play claw
Kakashi 8 months ago
Breland Hadley
Breland Hadley 8 months ago
Do you use a scuff controller?
Wayz 8 months ago
Your the best on Xbox
Hassan Mahone
Hassan Mahone 8 months ago
Who’s been a fan of Sharp before 2019?? 🎭 👇 👇I’m gifting my next 100 loyal subs🎁🤯
Hugh Jass ・22 years ago
man shutcho bitch ass up
Kautious Is Vibing
Kautious Is Vibing 7 months ago
Hassan Mahone I’m not subbing to someone who would waste my time
Wisam Dab
Wisam Dab 8 months ago
Pls view your settings is come a new update pls pls pls pls pls pls pls
DRONELTON 8 months ago
Sharp is the biggest virgin I’ve ever seen
Miyagi l l
Miyagi l l 7 months ago
@DRONELTON already won you just contradicted yourself idiot
DRONELTON 7 months ago
Miyagi l l so just get a life , u ain’t winning this argument
DRONELTON 7 months ago
Miyagi l l I’m actually doing something with my life unlike you, and I do not believe u have made 250K from fortnite. Never even heard of ur dumbass
Miyagi l l
Miyagi l l 7 months ago
@DRONELTON and I'm the nerd 🙄😂
Miyagi l l
Miyagi l l 7 months ago
@DRONELTON in how long, and I've made overall more and if you're a professional in what you do, you shouldn't tell me how much money you're making 😬
Tre Benjamin
Tre Benjamin 8 months ago
Hip fire headshot from 150 yards
SKKTUT erl 8 months ago
Do you play claw or scuf Wich one
Lester_ Games_YT
Lester_ Games_YT 8 months ago
If u love sharp sub to me to win a minty axe!💘
4pf Exotic
4pf Exotic 8 months ago
wait youre in evade? omg if you are we came a long way
Kautious Is Vibing
Kautious Is Vibing 7 months ago
He is in Ghost
jaydenn Rodgers
jaydenn Rodgers 8 months ago
Exotic. fnm isn’t he in ghost
Ich bims Emqu
Ich bims Emqu 8 months ago
With wich Controller do you play
Brady Sparks
Brady Sparks 8 months ago
38 kills I only can get 10
Lola _NL
Lola _NL 8 months ago
Pls make a setting video
Lola _NL
Lola _NL 8 months ago
@vehqs sthu he dont
Chris Handsome
Chris Handsome 8 months ago
@vehqs An updated one
vehqs 8 months ago
Junior Rigters he already has one bruh
Nxte -
Nxte - 8 months ago
25 out of 100
Dehtz 8 months ago
Go crazy bro💙✅
The Beammm
The Beammm 8 months ago
Been here since 60k!
VNM_Inferno 8 months ago
Is this the first time with a face cam
JayToBrxzy 8 months ago
@Inferno nah he used it in season 9 before
MintyCup 8 months ago
Good game maybe we can play
Jazmine Lopez
Jazmine Lopez 8 months ago
I can only get 1 so it's fine 😂
Nadji Mohamd
Nadji Mohamd 8 months ago
Please need support to my channel 🖐️😩
Tangerine 8 months ago
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